Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation

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This is why I love Elon
Prod. Bugs
Prod. Bugs - Day ago
so like.. where do I go to sign up to be one of the first to get this?🤷🏼‍♂️
Ano Nymous
Ano Nymous - Day ago
Theyre not talking about why exactly we need this. Just a lack of social intellect? Or a sign that something's off?
Ano Nymous
Ano Nymous - Day ago
10:45 Exploding i- eh, blowing it - uh opening it up a little bit
Limitless Lightworker
The feed come to life 🤭
Toleathel G
Toleathel G - Day ago
Bro sword art online here I come!!!!!!!
Donald trump
Donald trump - Day ago
Imagine a boxing match or MMA match with two people who know how to do every single move perfectly because of neuro link ,who would win?
Dustin Mulligan
Dustin Mulligan - 2 days ago
lol watch Samsung make them and they explode.
ThornyOnMain - 2 days ago
He's so cool.. 😳♥️
lemon 46b
lemon 46b - 2 days ago
possibility this is the Mark of the beast along with the hand chips aswell physically.Spoken in the Holy Bible God's word in Revalation chapter 13.
Foxx - 2 days ago
Mark Of The Beast
Rev 13:15-18
Israel Tseona
Israel Tseona - 3 days ago
Elon musk is the devil himself. 😭
newswars-dotcom - 3 days ago
Revelation 13:16-18
He should just call his little venture "neuralink 666" .... would be more apropos
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas - 3 days ago
Elon acts different because he is from a different universe and was sent to give us all these brilliant things 🤣👽
William Sanderson
William Sanderson - 3 days ago
Evolution is inevitable! 🧬🔬
MikeSpeaks - 3 days ago
no wonder elon seems so robotic
Adinas Henry
Adinas Henry - 3 days ago
I am very excited about Neuralink, it could give us, people with chronic debilitating illnesses, our lives back. Please hurry as am tired of being in pain and being housebound/bedbound. Thank you to all those at Neuralink and Elon as well, who will probably live to 858 years old lol Does not compute ...
Mark Accad
Mark Accad - 4 days ago
Elon sounds like an AI running low on battery.
Toth Richard
Toth Richard - 4 days ago
Elon is the kind of guy who would test this on himself.
LukeXSW - 4 days ago
Impossibilities: ahah it is I, I'm impossible
Elon Musk: who?
Damn Yankee’s Daughter
Clay and steel
From New Age To Jesus Christ
Well at least we now know the actual identity, of one of the primary representations of The Anti Christ.
G Star
G Star - 5 days ago
Elon Musk..? He is a pedo guy!
Karim Aly
Karim Aly - 5 days ago
"You cheated on me!!!"
Honey I got hacked I swear I wasnt in control
Amigo dawn
Amigo dawn - 5 days ago
He's a Robot. He has holes in his head for programming like the actor on Manchurian candidate movie.
Amigo dawn
Amigo dawn - 5 days ago
He's a terrible talker?
Ehrenmann - 5 days ago
What would happen with this if we dream? I'm pretty curious about that.
KashiHD - 5 days ago
*discussing cool sci-fi ideas*
Anyone: that'll never work
Elon: Hold my beer
ReinCloud - 6 days ago
song - a moment apart by ODESZA
IRON MAN - 6 days ago
Bring tesla back in forza please
Just a Regular Otaku
Just a Regular Otaku - 7 days ago
Elon be acting professional but deep down one of his motivations are anime like sao. Maybe not but interesting that such tech is being developed
DeeJay VEVO - 7 days ago
I see how many of you are paranoid of becoming AI beings. I’m going to become the Terminator and destroy you ALL
Eric Gutierrez
Eric Gutierrez - 7 days ago
I knew it, my dream of sword art online being real is gonna come true
Yaku - 7 days ago
yea sure but what do you actually do with this thing in practice?
Random Internet guy
Random Internet guy - 7 days ago
Mom: hits at the back on the head
behnamasid2 - 8 days ago
This is not Elon Musks idea, it's his neurons idea.
MemeSquad2k18 - 8 days ago
cant wait to get trapped in the game irl
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar - 8 days ago
Can't wait to play Sword art online..
Fuckgoogle Googlesucks
Fuckgoogle Googlesucks - 8 days ago
I watched too many sci-fi including Black Mirror. This is making me feel a little uncomfortable. What if one get hacked?
Vic - 8 days ago
There's a TV show that came out in 2014 called "Intelligence" where a guy gets a computer chip implanted in his brain. If Elon Musk's chip is anywhere near as good as the one in the show, I'll take 10 haha
Mo Mo
Mo Mo - 8 days ago
17:30 - 17:43 is the only good thing about this invension
WOLFGANG X - 8 days ago
Derick Shalo
Derick Shalo - 9 days ago
Facebook and Google: we have a platform that can read and predict human behavioral patterns.
Elon Musk: Hold my Tesla and SpaceX and SolarCity.

Space Industry: Forefront
EV Car Industry: Forefront
Future Energy Industry: Forefront
Health Industry: About to hijack the only thing in this world you have sole proprietorship over.

We are becoming specs of sand on Elon Musk's playground.
pincmin - 10 days ago
He already saidmin 2017 in an interview with The Guardian that in order to stay relevant and competitive in the market place, humans will need to become cyborgs.
Tom Riddler
Tom Riddler - 10 days ago
... So that your thoughts can be monitored by the government.
Dj Doolittle
Dj Doolittle - 10 days ago
New Age 😔☝️ Nero
Kloee100 - 11 days ago
Yes Elon is woke. He does a great job warning us about AI. But he’s contradicting himself by supporting the development of AI. The goal of this presentation is about him influencing/encouraging/persuading us to get chipped.
Kurt Rustle
Kurt Rustle - 8 days ago
Nothing about this project has anything to do with development of AI. This is to create an interface in human brains that lets us control AI. To ensure that we stay forever the masters over AI. Nothing contradictory about his goals.
flweep 1
flweep 1 - 11 days ago
But what about that one guy who will hack into his crushes brain?
Ty Casboult
Ty Casboult - 12 days ago
Aldous Huxley was a savant. Read "Brave New World". It will give this context. There is always a power hierarchy to any system.
Double Cherry
Double Cherry - 12 days ago
every since he started on this neuralink his eyes sure look huge black and glassy i suspect he has already been absorbed.
Thomas Busse
Thomas Busse - 12 days ago
L C - 12 days ago
Now we know where all the missing people are going. Scary don't let anyone mess with your Brain or any other part of your body watch out for Newborns make sure there are No marks on there heads. JS......
Antoni Valenzuela
Antoni Valenzuela - 12 days ago
If you actually think about it, we could use this to fix mental disorders (mentally disabled).
Anhilliator1 - 12 days ago
Alright, who wants to be a netrunner?
MusicAnalyst Reactions
MusicAnalyst Reactions - 13 days ago
WHO in their sane mind would EVER implant a COMPUTER to your brain? It basically opens up for your brain to be HIJACKED by an computer or an AI.
MusicAnalyst Reactions
MusicAnalyst Reactions - 13 days ago
Now i get it why Elon is acting like a robot. He got Neurolinked himself years ago.
he likes to eat
he likes to eat - 13 days ago
*Chippin in by Johnny Silverhand intensifies*
Kurrupted Klouds
Kurrupted Klouds - 13 days ago
Everyone in this video has flawed energy. There’s a lot of opportunity & possibility for corruption, especially after seeing companies like Apple & FB violate a lot of people’s privacy by collecting data & analytics, Tracking locations, Ad Targeting, etc. Don’t blink you might miss it 👁
Red or Blue , You choose.
Los copihues
Los copihues - 13 days ago
ted was right
Aurora 0ctane
Aurora 0ctane - 13 days ago

Elon Musk a hypocrite, I'm sorry. I'm not saying he's not a brilliant businessman. He's great at selling innovative ideas but that's his job!!! Just how safe is Neuralink? Well the trials will start at the end of next year. I didn't watch the whole video. Idk if they mentioned, the procedure itself. They're goin to drill holes inside of your brain to release tiny threads that connect to a processor and Bluetooth to use your phone. That sounds okay, but when he mentions that these threads will grow eventually and "take over people's brains" his exact words, not mine. He said it should be benign as far as a full take over, and he's hoping for "symbiosis" of AI and humans. That's not very reassuring if you ask me. I read that he said it could help alot with patients that have paralysis, it might make them to be able to move again, or it can make you telekinetic with people around you, and also the monkies that have it are capable of running computers. Then there is the chip Neuralink currently has and is improving on called the N1 Sensor. The old one doesn't give you much range as it is connected to USB. The other will be completely wireless, it will also clean and amplify your brain signals. Ok so we're going have to WIFI connected to our brains without the possibility of hackers?? As far as the AI implants, what's the guarantee that it won't turn on you at some point and try to enslave you? What if it's whole agenda is to control and make you a slave to whatever is coming? (AI Overlords) I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I believe in the facts and they're there all out there. If they start forcing these chips they're gonna have to kill me man.
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