Lebraa Deville "F*ck Me Pay Me" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Nicole Jackson
Nicole Jackson - 11 hours ago
Her music gone farther than yours is that why you mad . Ppl can rap about anything nobody said it’s a specific thing to talk about
Nicole Jackson
Nicole Jackson - 11 hours ago
Y’all in the comments are fucking losers talking about her , but you on her page getting her still paid by watching an talking shit.... if you don’t like something why tf would you google it
Gevaughn Boutte
Gevaughn Boutte - 11 hours ago
You have the ability to persuade the adolescent mind to be inspired by what they see and wanna be but a hoe is not will mine will be. End the generational curse fathers.
Damien Moret
Damien Moret - Day ago
Hello world, welcome to 2019.
WasanameTV - 2 days ago
The comments 😂
Flaming Red
Flaming Red - 2 days ago
Screw you using fake views it pop at on 123 movie wtf
Dave Garcia
Dave Garcia - 2 days ago
Ohhh myyy GODDDUHHHH 👀👀👀
Take my money
Cabewow - 3 days ago
No no no.. you see, we followed cause of your fake ass. Let's not get carried away by mistaken us dawgs as fans. Let's just settle back down, keep uploading thot shots, and maybe we can pretend this.. this whatever it is, never happened.
Geldy - 3 days ago
Only Fans still my fav track from her
Ray Stowers
Ray Stowers - 4 days ago
I would not pay her $10 dollars all she gets is a blunt and a Happy Meal
DeVille247 - 4 days ago
Cameron Denisse
Cameron Denisse - 4 days ago
i wonder why she got that on her neck.
Smok3InP3ace - 4 days ago
Gretta Chen
Gretta Chen - 4 days ago
what did I just watch???
aryskin1 - 4 days ago
females bout to take over.
Jamarie McCrimmon
Jamarie McCrimmon - 4 days ago
Why tf am I here??😩😤😒😓
jh tyrg
jh tyrg - 4 days ago
yaaaaz b***h.
philippe PARIS
philippe PARIS - 4 days ago
she jus popped out of know where.
Shamar Stephanie
Shamar Stephanie - 4 days ago
I think i found my new favorate girl.
Sharon Angelo
Sharon Angelo - 4 days ago
females are popin Right now
Andrea Jefferson
Andrea Jefferson - 4 days ago
song hard AF
Connie Garner
Connie Garner - 4 days ago
song go dummmie!!!
Colene Espinal
Colene Espinal - 4 days ago
new female anthem.
Samuel Marissa
Samuel Marissa - 4 days ago
anybody see the tat on her neck???
Taryn Linn
Taryn Linn - 4 days ago
watched video couple times.
Hollie Kaler
Hollie Kaler - 4 days ago
fire AF.
Deann Kinzel
Deann Kinzel - 4 days ago
weronika słomka
weronika słomka - 4 days ago
very entertaining.
Blanca Ballard
Blanca Ballard - 4 days ago
feeling the song.
Marcella Cockerham
Marcella Cockerham - 4 days ago
voice kinda deep but I like it.
Alona Zawacki
Alona Zawacki - 4 days ago
so the city girls got y'all talking crazy.
Beatriz Carson
Beatriz Carson - 4 days ago
she bold wit it tho.
Jayden100 - 4 days ago
Officials prostitute anthem
Hugo der Boss
Hugo der Boss - 4 days ago
I Fukk U but i don't pay you Biatch.
Tom kak
Tom kak - 4 days ago
she is sexy as hell yeaaaaaaaaaa bbabyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
chris lucky
chris lucky - 5 days ago
What fuck is this rap?
cee note
cee note - 6 days ago
Yo fuck outta here this shit fireeee yoooooooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥
K D - 6 days ago
This fire
Georgia Mccoy
Georgia Mccoy - 6 days ago
that ass tho!
martin Zacchi
martin Zacchi - 6 days ago
lebraa gang drip 2 different!!! love it!
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