How to Make a Filmmaker's Showreel

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Brad Houston
Brad Houston - Month ago
Thanks man. This has been on my 'to do list', and now I actually need it, I'm scrambling to create it!
SportVideoPro - Month ago
The bride head movement😂😂.
Good one!
kevinpleece - 2 months ago
Wow nice vid I really appreciate this as I'm looking to getting into acting/directing/scriptwriting and this will help greatly
Xander Sanbrook
Xander Sanbrook - 4 months ago
Thanks, this info is really thoughtful and helpful!
Dinesh Saini
Dinesh Saini - 4 months ago
young simon
James Jackson Videography
James Jackson Videography - 4 months ago
Videographer & Drone Pilot Showreel!
Tom Bowes
Tom Bowes - 5 months ago
What if you're a Sound Recordist who needs sound to show off your skills?
Quorange Quavacado
Quorange Quavacado - 2 months ago
I recommend just use the sounds that work well for the scenes they are in
Roy Weinstein
Roy Weinstein - 5 months ago
Hey, great video!
I tried to make one, i don't own the music yet but what do you think of this one?
Jan West-Hamilton
Jan West-Hamilton - 6 months ago
Thank you I just got accepted into my dream school and am trying to get in their film production program
Libby Hall
Libby Hall - 9 months ago
Great job, as usual, my dear. Thank you
Huko - 9 months ago
is showreal and demoreal the same thing?
Quorange Quavacado
Quorange Quavacado - 2 months ago
a showreel implies showing the work that you've already done. Whereas a demo reel implies that it demonstrates what you can do.
Krisztián Hübler
Krisztián Hübler - 10 months ago
Thanks for this video :) I watched this video after I maked a showreel, but I will make a shorter version. What is your opinion? Good beginning?
Krisztián Hübler
Krisztián Hübler - 10 months ago
Krisztián Hübler
Krisztián Hübler - 10 months ago
Lars Christopherson
Lars Christopherson - 10 months ago
Hey guys, made my first showreel, check it out tell me what you think.
Gladys Acolentava
Gladys Acolentava - Year ago
This just helped me big time! Thank you
JudgeDredd35 - Year ago
Great video Simon! I recently did a showreel as part of my end of year project at film school! I was wondering if I could get your advice for whenever I need to make my next showreel in regards to music? In this first one I made, I took projects that I did throughout the year and ones outside of school. However a lot of the videos I used already had music in them, so it made it difficult for me to really put a special song into my showreel because it would overlap with the music that's already there. I did think to perhaps remove the audio, but a lot of the videos I made were very dialogue and story heavy, so I couldn't really remove it. I still think my showreel turned out great, I was just wondering about what I should perhaps do the next time around?
Cine Cuts
Cine Cuts - Year ago
How To Make A Filmmaker's Showreel I Top 5 Tips
Disha Khorwal
Disha Khorwal - Year ago
M - Year ago
How do I take parts of YouTube videos from series... Movies ... And episodes I am in? And make it one video?
Dead Epic
Dead Epic - Year ago
Hi Simon, thanks for the tips. I’m starting to make a showreel but just wondering if you use the original footage or do you cut the best parts from your exported videos? I’m concerned about loss of quality doing it the latter way. Thanks.
Chloe Jade
Chloe Jade - Year ago
Thank you so much for this! I'm starting to apply for universities so I seriously need to develop my portfolio
P.N. ARJUN - Year ago
How to I get Music without copy rights?
DeSean Kirkland
DeSean Kirkland - Year ago
I love the way you explain things.
Vishal Bajpai
Vishal Bajpai - Year ago
That's really interesting explanation. Thank you so much. :)
Jack Yeomans
Jack Yeomans - Year ago
talk about fuckin obvious
Name Watcher
Name Watcher - Year ago
Is it no recommended to put your own music in the reel if you're also a musician/composer, if that is something worth showcasing?
Quorange Quavacado
Quorange Quavacado - 2 months ago
You could probably add at the beginning of the reel you that the music was composed by you
Michael Linde
Michael Linde - Year ago
Well done, that really helped me!
TheFi1mGuy - Year ago
Thank you for the tips! :)
Moritz Müller
Moritz Müller - Year ago
Love the Vid! But I have a Question: some people online are saying that you should NOT use copyright music for the Showreel.. What do you think? I got here a very nice piece (CC) but some famous beats would be way better(in my opinion).
Thanos Gallagher
Thanos Gallagher - Year ago
Are showreels for university applications also supposed to be like this? Short and fast-paced I mean.
Ash Amazon
Ash Amazon - Year ago
This was very helpful
Rashaad - Year ago
Really helpful man. Thank you
Rhys Seddon
Rhys Seddon - 2 years ago
your youtube channel has helped me so much !!!
__Grav - 2 years ago
what editing software did u use
Windu Rompiry
Windu Rompiry - 2 years ago
sotoiii lu sob
gigi gigiotto
gigi gigiotto - 2 years ago
RenderMan showreel music are fantastic!
Gunnar Young
Gunnar Young - 2 years ago
If I'm an editor, how do I show off my editing thought about demo reel?
Ambriel Sounds
Ambriel Sounds - 2 years ago
If you'd like send me your tracks and I could fix this is up quickly and make it sound pristine!
Ambriel Sounds
Ambriel Sounds - 2 years ago
The sound of the voice is horrible... it has a constant frequencies that is buzzing in the back as well as the "static noise"
D Starsnz
D Starsnz - 2 years ago
Thank you so much for this
Mihai Bruma
Mihai Bruma - 2 years ago
Hey, at 2:54 that shot with the noise, what noise have you used ? Youtube compression always takes out the noise in my videos, didn't find a way to put it and steel look nice ...
Naomi Ambrose
Naomi Ambrose - 2 years ago
Thanks for this video! Very helpful!
Edwin Bonilla
Edwin Bonilla - 2 years ago
Why does it sound like you are talking right into my ears? What MIC is doing such sorcery?
Morrison Productions
Are you wearing headphones?
Ching Siang
Ching Siang - 2 years ago
Hi, just a question here. What if you have only like 2 short films, in your opinion, is it still able to be edited? Or maybe there are better solutions to this problem on limited works.
whizzard blizzard
whizzard blizzard - 2 years ago
Go out and shoot something with your smartphone and add to the reel
Nawras Ayad
Nawras Ayad - 2 years ago
CraigOfilm - 2 years ago
Thanks for the great tips and thoughts on Reel making. It is definitely a challenging part of getting noticed and you helped give some useful ideas.
Bombay Velvet Ntn Creatividad
which software you use?
Brandyn VFX
Brandyn VFX - 2 years ago
Aloha from Hawaii been watching for some time know, I have a question how would you go around adding PSA/Interviews into a demo reel for some time i was doing allot of editing for a community media network just to learn to work with people and train myself to be a freelance video editor but know most of my work is boring PSA and interviews. My other question is do you know any resources for editor to find quality projects to work on, im not that much of a camera man and me and my famliy live pay check by pay check to buy equipment to be able to do my own work and i rather be editing others work anyway
Kindeya Green
Kindeya Green - 2 years ago
have any book suggestions in filmmaking
Nicki Noodles
Nicki Noodles - 2 years ago
also, what is the outro song?? or did you compose it yourself?
Nicki Noodles
Nicki Noodles - 2 years ago
thanks for the valuable advice. I needed it
Noah Anderson Films
Noah Anderson Films - 2 years ago
I cant find the right music for my reel...... It's so hard!
Toxic Bytes
Toxic Bytes - 3 years ago
Fantastic video! Lot's of great information in a short amount of time! This helps a lot man!
Michael Accorsi
Michael Accorsi - 3 years ago
Exceptional advice... spot on helps greatly!
Delfina Witkowska
Delfina Witkowska - 3 years ago
Thank you
novijanaliz - 3 years ago
Thanks for tips! You're awesome, as always. Tell me,please, should I compose in one reel different kinds of projects, or could they be edited separately to represent different kinds of editing. Because for me it seems that if you connect different styles of editing you ruin impression about your editing craft. What do you think? Appreciate in advance
Barry Block
Barry Block - 3 years ago
Amazing... What mic are you using for this?? sounds crisp:)
Barry Block
Barry Block - 3 years ago
Thanks really appreciate a response:)
DSLRguide - 3 years ago
thanks! it's the rode NTG-2
Vexcite - 3 years ago
What if I'm just a video editor and I never actually filmed anything. What should I do?
Sam van der Poel
Sam van der Poel - 3 years ago
whats your outro song??
Kian Martinus
Kian Martinus - 3 years ago
Glen Elkin
Glen Elkin - 3 years ago
Awesome info man, subbed :)
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