Twins Style Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!

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Debbie Fisher
Debbie Fisher - 6 minutes ago
Sorry dude but grayson won that in my opinion but ethan did a good job on matching colours. (but grayson still won)
Pete P
Pete P - 8 hours ago
I would literally buy anything they sell
LARRY FLynn - 10 hours ago
Very nice outfits you guys look great
Uyen Vu
Uyen Vu - 15 hours ago
Greyson won 1 round.
Zub Zero
Zub Zero - 2 days ago
After watching this it makes me fell like I have no money
Pammie - 2 days ago
TaZe Zapp
TaZe Zapp - 3 days ago
Greyson wins round 1
Erica Holt
Erica Holt - 5 days ago
I think Grayson won because I liked Ethans final outfit but hated Graysons
xXcutie _gachaXx
xXcutie _gachaXx - 5 days ago
Me : MOM!! Theres a maniac running with no clothes on in the HALLWAY!!!😂😂😂
Mom : 😐😐😐
Lizzy Robbins
Lizzy Robbins - 5 days ago
when ethan is down for a wife lmk
Jarrod White
Jarrod White - 5 days ago
Round1 Grayson
Jarrod White
Jarrod White - 5 days ago
Well I mean eathan picked out graysons outfit
livelovely livelovely
livelovely livelovely - 6 days ago
Me when I start mario kart 6:38
summer marie
summer marie - 7 days ago
no one:
the dolan twins: *THeSe ShOEs go HARD!*
Mariana Fabian
Mariana Fabian - 7 days ago
17:23 - 17:25 do you guys see the way gray fixes e’s hair🥺
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza - 7 days ago
33:15 lmfao
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza - 7 days ago
16:09 lmfao Ethans face
hailey rainey
hailey rainey - 7 days ago
1- grayson picked the best
Jade Dudley
Jade Dudley - 8 days ago
0:37 Ethan-“Pretty F***** cool !“ Grayson -“Pretty f***** cool !” Ethan-“Pretty sick!”
Rose Amore
Rose Amore - 8 days ago
PrincessLeader Msp
PrincessLeader Msp - 9 days ago
17:49 You kinda looked like
PrincessLeader Msp
PrincessLeader Msp - 9 days ago
Louis Vuitton Ethan: Runs slower than a turtle at the airport
Marie Rose Hilaire
Marie Rose Hilaire - 9 days ago
Bonjour les gars yea i talk french
Stacy Xiong
Stacy Xiong - 10 days ago
I’m dead he plugged graysons nose haha I’m dead
Kate C
Kate C - 10 days ago
Why did 17:49 take my breath away
Isa - 10 days ago
I love how Grayson is mad at Ethan for being late, and then just stop being mad for a sec to check his hair. 8:13
Anastasia Avell
Anastasia Avell - 10 days ago
I like gray's outfit for the fashion show, idk, that just give me Gdragon's vibe
Claudia Villarreal
Claudia Villarreal - 12 days ago
I’ve been trying to figure out what pimple cream Ethan is using for weeks now!😂 does anyone know the name?
harry cooke
harry cooke - 13 days ago
grayson or ethan should box jake and logan
Richijoy Reyes
Richijoy Reyes - 13 days ago
Kristin B
Kristin B - 13 days ago
Louis Vuitton is the best! 🤙🏾 you both killed the fits!
Baileyxgrant Avocado toast
This video makes me feel so poor
Its Anna
Its Anna - 16 days ago
We ate snalles last night 11:43
Holly Gerig
Holly Gerig - 16 days ago
They're so extra about the breakfast I love it haha
MCN STUDIOS - 18 days ago
Me and most likely everyone when they saw all the fans getting pictures and hugs from them: UNFAIR THAT SHOULD BE MEEEEE!!!! LIKE IF YOU WANNA MEET THEM anyone else notice Graysons bathrobe was inside out lol
Tan Yanita
Tan Yanita - 18 days ago
He really walked like a runway model tho
Aaliyah Khan
Aaliyah Khan - 18 days ago
33:34 lmao ethan😂
J. M.
J. M. - 19 days ago
For round 1 I think Ethan won!
MeganOMG Gaming
MeganOMG Gaming - 19 days ago
Grayson won overall
S Robson
S Robson - 21 day ago
Grayson 100% won the last round. I didn't like gray's outfit that Ethan picked tbh
The Amazing Pitbull
The Amazing Pitbull - 21 day ago
Am I the only one who wheezed when Ethan was about to say it will be blow'n your pants too.lmao
ShushOrIWillKissYou - 21 day ago
Wow this is one epic experience guys. Clothes were spot on for each your personalities. And I’d say Grayson won round 1&3 but Ethan really killed it in round 2. My fav outfits were Grayson’s #2 and Ethan’s #3
One in Amelian
One in Amelian - 22 days ago
Ethan’s third outfit is so friggin SNATCHED holy f*. #GraysonTheStylist 💁🏻‍♂️
Mia Field
Mia Field - 22 days ago
Ethan- “I’m like a bag typa...”
Grayson- “He’s like a douche bag”
(34:26) ☝🏼😂
elizabeth4ng - 23 days ago
But what magic pimple cream erases pimples in one night?! Need to know
Maddie Meyer
Maddie Meyer - 25 days ago
I am obsessed with ethan's red pants
Maddie Meyer
Maddie Meyer - 25 days ago
I am obsessed with ethan's red pants
Zephania Carlos
Zephania Carlos - 25 days ago
till this day, i'm still confused on grayson's word choices in this video..
WaRy Or
WaRy Or - 25 days ago
Ethan choice sucks😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rebecca R
Rebecca R - 26 days ago
My beautiful babies do not need makeup😤
Rebecca R
Rebecca R - 26 days ago
Y is Louis Vittoin like their sugar daddy 😂💀
Akron Nefarious
Akron Nefarious - 27 days ago
Eathen did better
Ellie R
Ellie R - 27 days ago
ethan won round one no questions asked
lulu eva
lulu eva - 27 days ago
The seater looks like a person from medeor
garden Dylan wang
heather Ettleman
heather Ettleman - 27 days ago
The hallway runway 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Bellais nooby
Bellais nooby - 28 days ago
Iam a colorista
-Ethan 2019
Lily James
Lily James - 28 days ago
Grayson won
Lilliana Rvra
Lilliana Rvra - 28 days ago
16:09 did he just wanted to say cabrón?
Unit4 1Billyard
Unit4 1Billyard - 28 days ago
Norelie Philips
Norelie Philips - 29 days ago
“It’s all dairy.” 💀💀💀💀😂😂
Cameron Lupton
Cameron Lupton - 29 days ago
I saw them at the airport lounge at LAX on the way to Paris
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