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Donut Media
Donut Media - Month ago
Remember it's Moo-Gen, not Mew-Jen.
BufferHater - 13 days ago
The pronunciation of Masao, though..
sadhbh34 - 18 days ago
Will do
Secret AgentMan
Secret AgentMan - 25 days ago
Tiny Diablø
Tiny Diablø - 26 days ago
Donut Media Do TRD, Cosworth, Suzuki Cappuccino
Steve Drake
Steve Drake - 2 hours ago
im here for motorcycles too !!!!!!
Célia Silva
Célia Silva - 18 hours ago
MF - means mother fuck**** motor 10:22
Giancarlo Velandrez
MF stands for Mo Fowwa!!
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - Day ago
That thumbnail says it all. ....FAGS
Connor Quinn
Connor Quinn - 2 days ago
Would love to see a ferrari, maybach and a KTM episode!!!!
Connor Quinn
Connor Quinn - 2 days ago
You can buy a ktm factory 450 and Husqvarna... and they sell their dakar rally bike
DannyThe MaverickHunter
Mf stands for MOTHER FUCKING
Owen Chua
Owen Chua - 3 days ago
I kept pronouncing as Mew gen
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 3 days ago
Nissan frontier?!?!?
Alpana Saxena
Alpana Saxena - 4 days ago
We need up to speed on-
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez - 5 days ago
MF= Mugen Formula?
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez - 5 days ago
About time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake - 5 days ago
maybe mf stands for mugen fabricated
Darrian Weathington
Darrian Weathington - 5 days ago
MUGEN? you mean the 2D fighting engine that salty bet uses!?
Robert Button
Robert Button - 7 days ago
Mother Fuckin 308
Rabid Gearboy
Rabid Gearboy - 9 days ago
Johnny O!
ThatKidSON - 9 days ago
I was hoping they brought up the financial scandal that hitoshi honda was caught up in which allowed employees to buy enough shares of mugen after they formed m-tec
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 9 days ago
SPOON vs Mugen, who’s better?
Jonathan Cannon
Jonathan Cannon - 9 days ago
Just a guess, MF maybe Mugen Formula?
WisconsinEric - 9 days ago
King Motorsports here in Wisconsin was the sole North American distributer of Mugen parts when I first visited their shop in 1998. In the parking lot was an Acura NSX with California plates. Yes California guys with NSX's drove their cars to Wisconsin to have them worked on by the best Honda mechanics outside of Japan. King Motorsports build my '01 spec B18C5 w/ Mugen Gymkahna spec manifold in 2004.
Luis Arellano
Luis Arellano - 10 days ago
Yeah James could u please give us a Yamaha video please
Luis Arellano
Luis Arellano - 10 days ago
F/R right James
Nav Shergill
Nav Shergill - 10 days ago
Please make a video on NINJA ZX10R
Sir N3cr0
Sir N3cr0 - 10 days ago
I realise this is near imposible butttttttttt. Could you guys try get hold of an MC8 MR2 and do a bumper to bumper??? Pleaseèeeeeeeeee love u long time :D
Tokustar33 __
Tokustar33 __ - 12 days ago
Unlimited poooowaaaaaah!
Leonardo Lo
Leonardo Lo - 12 days ago
TRD next please. Mo Powa Babeh. I Love You!
DJ Kelley
DJ Kelley - 13 days ago
I love this type of content, but I hate the obnoxious style.
Alvonne Franklin
Alvonne Franklin - 13 days ago
4:57 wasn't expecting an Xbox Trophy icon pop up 😂😂😂
Brody Thomas
Brody Thomas - 13 days ago
Dick chappy
Dick chappy - 13 days ago
BufferHater - 13 days ago
I appreciated your effort to say Mugen correctly....

Until you stumbled horribly at Masao. It should be MUH-SAO as in Sao Paulo
kevin davis
kevin davis - 13 days ago
Up to speed on 2002 camaro
feedyourspeakers - 14 days ago
College Penetration
College Penetration - 14 days ago
Mugen Formula
Mike Hannigan
Mike Hannigan - 14 days ago
MF Mugen Formula
Minutes Of Wisdom
Minutes Of Wisdom - 15 days ago
Mo Powa Babeh !!
Newy M
Newy M - 15 days ago
No one is going to talk about the avatar last air bender reference ?
FREZAR A.K - 15 days ago
MF...classic 308 motherf*cker😂😂😂
C Sbastianygaumnitz
C Sbastianygaumnitz - 16 days ago
Oh yeah. By the way. Fuck post malone.
C Sbastianygaumnitz
C Sbastianygaumnitz - 16 days ago
Fuck post malone. Stop bringing whatever that is up.
Hustleworx - 16 days ago
Mugen factory lol. Morgan Freeman race motors would be sick
Darkwinx - 17 days ago
Pontiac Bandit
Pontiac Bandit - 17 days ago
Is he going to go over the Castrol Mugen NSX JGTC??
Gaming Grim
Gaming Grim - 18 days ago
My best guess for MF is “MUGEN FACTORIES”😂honestly I have no fricken clue😂
gingerails - 18 days ago
People are already watching your videos, thanking us doesn't do anything nobody has not watched the next video because the host didn't thank them, we are already watching the video, although I'm sure it's subconsciously appreciated it takes away from the goofiness that your videos portray
Buchholz - 18 days ago
His newly formed company was his baby and he wasn't going to abandon it, unlike your dad?
Lance4Life - 18 days ago
Chevy 350 motor when?
Daniel - 18 days ago
Still waiting for the remake of the fast and precious TOYOTA FUCKING SUPRA
Edgar Sigales
Edgar Sigales - 18 days ago
Muegen formula 🤷‍♂️
Kevin chu
Kevin chu - 18 days ago
MF means "More Fower" Bheybe!
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia - 19 days ago
Litassa - 19 days ago
12:22 Damn! That's a very sexy NSX :PPP
jonathan lopez
jonathan lopez - 19 days ago
MF : Moore Fast prelude RR
cisco lopez
cisco lopez - 19 days ago
Do G35!!!!!
Lucifer335 - 19 days ago
I hate the pop up head lights song. I was riding my bike and passed a miata and then for the 15 minute ride home all i could hear in my head was "Pop up up and down headlights"

*not serious*
Hugo Schruoffeneger
Hugo Schruoffeneger - 20 days ago
Not a single word about mugen mf204 engine ? B20A F3 engine.
From what I know, MF mean Mugen Formula.
MF308 = 3.0 V8
MF204 = 2.0 L4
Παναγιώτης Παπαδημητρίου
We need up to speed for Alfa Romeo and the racing heritage
David Tellez
David Tellez - 20 days ago
I know more about pumphrey’s father then I know of my own
OneSlowFK8 - 21 day ago
I love when he talks to himself in the "audience." 😂😂😂
FX KD - 20 days ago
JB Cepeda
JB Cepeda - 21 day ago
SPOON VS MUGEN????? Who would win?
Angel Bank's Lopez
Angel Bank's Lopez - 21 day ago
Favorite movie car called The wrath Charlie Sheen.
Angel Bank's Lopez
Angel Bank's Lopez - 21 day ago
Why they never threw that 3.5 V10 motor in any car Honda. Closest LFA V10.
Gicus94 - 21 day ago
It's racing engine, it needs a lot of service work. It wouldn't be a good idea to put this engine in a car and spend a lot of money on maintaing it every let's say 1000 miles or so :)
Angel Bank's Lopez
Angel Bank's Lopez - 21 day ago
Gran Turismo sports needs to sponsor you James Humphrey.
Remignton Clough
Remignton Clough - 21 day ago
MF srands for Mutha Fuckin
Hayai-san - 21 day ago
Its in Ci🅱️ics
John Herold
John Herold - 22 days ago
We gotta get a CLK up to speed. Please
elias winters
elias winters - 22 days ago
(MS) master sgt
Dmitriy Usmanov
Dmitriy Usmanov - 22 days ago
At first it was fun. But now this screaming and screaming feed has already bored you. It seems there is no deaf, why shout again. I'm tired! We pass by.🤷‍♂️
American Muscle
American Muscle - 23 days ago
James, if u ever decide that you want to be a weirdo who talks about cars to his friends, then hmu
Rodrigo Gutierrez Reyes
Rodrigo Gutierrez Reyes - 23 days ago
Waited so much for this video! Definitely one of my favorite!!!
Willy Q
Willy Q - 23 days ago
مقبرة الغزاة
مقبرة الغزاة - 23 days ago
@Donut Media
MF308 could mean "MugenFormula308" idk...... If u guys would shout me out for this genius thinking I would very much be honored. Like a wise man once said: "Life is like a toilet, things could get real messy in it, but if you keep your shit together, things will go down correctly"
PabloSimeon Beats
PabloSimeon Beats - 23 days ago
WooP - 23 days ago
MF stands for Mugen Farts, the particles that they spew out of the exhaust.
Yep pure work of art.
HangarFour - 24 days ago
8:30 No, I am here for all the moto smoke that you got!
mchawk315 - 24 days ago
I can only assume from what I know about Pumphrey and what I know about the three British car hosts I assume he is referencing, that he is insinuating Clarkson.
hamasaki kenji
hamasaki kenji - 24 days ago
Love that mugen accord
Logan Yang
Logan Yang - 24 days ago
Steinking NA
Steinking NA - 24 days ago
Just talking abouyt MUGEEENN makes this man sweat 14:02 LOL
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