10 Bic Lighter Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

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mdr modern day rager
mdr modern day rager - 2 days ago
People make fun of how he talks. I make fun of how he thinks everything is so great. And how he struggles to cut the thing and says "it works so great" and how he doesnt take the safety thing off
чёрный паровоз
Бля, а у тебя есть канал на русском?
Niklas Playz
Niklas Playz - 3 days ago
Jason Hill
Jason Hill - 3 days ago
Light your cig light your friends you lost a hand.
jessy martin
jessy martin - 4 days ago
stick it to all the way in
Παναγιωτης 1234
5:08 ορεον
Παναγιωτης 1234
2:57 ορεα θικη
Nicomedes Jr. Martin
Nicomedes Jr. Martin - 6 days ago
How to purchase it
Teckno Rabbi
Teckno Rabbi - 6 days ago
The third one is a hemp wax cord for smoking weed my dude
Not Borgull
Not Borgull - 6 days ago
Fingernagel _XD
Fingernagel _XD - 7 days ago
silent dubbz
silent dubbz - 7 days ago
Smokes hemprope after video
Ben King
Ben King - 7 days ago
7:45 look at the way he opens it
Hitesh Verr
Hitesh Verr - 7 days ago
Civilized people: It works

Tarus: it wooks
FaZe Farquaad
FaZe Farquaad - 8 days ago
J1ck _kenward
J1ck _kenward - 8 days ago
Leo  Moisse
Leo Moisse - 8 days ago
Boom 💥
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf - 9 days ago
ronaldo - 9 days ago
English fluently please 🤣
Danny Darko
Danny Darko - 9 days ago
Bless him he’s easily pleased!
Udai Brar
Udai Brar - 11 days ago
Each one is his favorite
Zoom - 11 days ago
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell - 11 days ago
Gotta love the hemp wick
Monautilus - 20 days ago
thestarsinsideus 83
thestarsinsideus 83 - 21 day ago
Hockeyboi 344
Hockeyboi 344 - 23 days ago
What do you do with all the lighters
Bacon Commander
Bacon Commander - 23 days ago
My favorite was the one with the twine wrapped around it
SkilLful Death
SkilLful Death - 28 days ago
Thats a stoners lighter😂
negative muse
negative muse - Month ago
Eva Sulyok
Eva Sulyok - Month ago
nice but why???
Jose Matias Cordero
Jose Matias Cordero - Month ago
Wow a knife-lighter
Dude you are just BOOOM awesome
Keep like that💪
young Chemist
young Chemist - Month ago
Anthony Panus
Anthony Panus - Month ago
Lol 2:15 perfect for fellow stoners
Kevin Lentz
Kevin Lentz - Month ago
Yilmaz - 2 months ago
Nice Video....
Später Lustig
Später Lustig - 2 months ago
Naiiis gadjik
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips - 2 months ago
I like the first knife one and the one with the hemp wrapped around it very kool as always. Thanks Taras!
waha1979 - 2 months ago
у нас почти ничего не купиш из этого
jacob Jensen
jacob Jensen - 2 months ago
Haha the cord is hem wick lamo
Hank Crandall
Hank Crandall - 2 months ago
You are so helpful to the world.
knives564 - 2 months ago
The last one is also a bottle opener
marco - 2 months ago
I wanna buy the boom lighter
Josh Esparza
Josh Esparza - 2 months ago
Who else is here before 1 million views? I watched this a long time ago but I posted this comment at 999,950.
Mayra  Perez
Mayra Perez - 2 months ago
"So East to cut
Mayra  Perez
Mayra Perez - 2 months ago
Musa Tochi
Musa Tochi - 2 months ago
and boom boom and boom 🤣🤣🤣
chill out
chill out - 2 months ago
How do we get the attachments
the great all mighty G
the great all mighty G - 2 months ago
Juan Silva M. Mayun75.
Juan Silva M. Mayun75. - 2 months ago
Donde y como encargo alguno de estos -???
Nathanie Beams
Nathanie Beams - 2 months ago
He went ham with that knife
Ron Hughley
Ron Hughley - 2 months ago
Bics aren't refillable
Ron Hughley
Ron Hughley - 2 months ago
Hemp is what that 'cord' is
Bushcraft Ridge
Bushcraft Ridge - 2 months ago
The waterproof one and the hemp wick one were my favorites.
Jeremy Francis
Jeremy Francis - 2 months ago
Taras You gotta make a T-shirt that Says BOOM id buy it 🙌💯😁
Evgeniy Mihedov
Evgeniy Mihedov - 2 months ago
Гребаный фрик
Steven-o g
Steven-o g - 2 months ago
Hey hacker, the lighter case with the hemp wick, is for smoking pipes, as a non butane alternative ;)
Leonardo Posada
Leonardo Posada - 3 months ago
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
shoaibZ TorZ
shoaibZ TorZ - 3 months ago
Gary Gonsar
Gary Gonsar - 3 months ago
Charles Michalski
Charles Michalski - 3 months ago
That chord is hemp wick its to smoke weed fool
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