10 Bic Lighter Gadgets You Didn't Know Existed

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Steven-o g
Steven-o g - 3 hours ago
Hey hacker, the lighter case with the hemp wick, is for smoking pipes, as a non butane alternative ;)
Leonardo Posada
Leonardo Posada - Day ago
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
shoaib mohammed
shoaib mohammed - 2 days ago
Gary Gonsar
Gary Gonsar - 3 days ago
Charles Michalski
Charles Michalski - 12 days ago
That chord is hemp wick its to smoke weed fool
Unnerving MAN
Unnerving MAN - 21 day ago
Isaac Legg
Isaac Legg - 27 days ago
Hole for refill😂
Isaac Legg
Isaac Legg - 27 days ago
Wonder if he knows the hemp wicks for smoking weed tehe
bigbowlowrong - 29 days ago
Wait until this guy finds out about Swiss Army Knives
Haz . Boz
Haz . Boz - Month ago
And “boom itsa becomesa vwartpoof”
Wolfie - Month ago
i watch your video before i sleep it make me sleep
California Guy
California Guy - Month ago
...ever review a product you didn't like?
SPIRIT DOT - 2 months ago
Why does your hand shake so much?
Theodore Eckhart
Theodore Eckhart - 2 months ago
Lighterbro is cool
Otabek Shukurov
Otabek Shukurov - 2 months ago
Bluegrass EAS
Bluegrass EAS - 2 months ago
Bic lighters are my favorite
Jack Norris
Jack Norris - 3 months ago
murders all the nazis BOOM🤯
Jack 2
Jack 2 - 3 months ago
0:52 that just makes it harder to smoke weed
Burnt Hills Laser
Burnt Hills Laser - 3 months ago
Wait can you do some more Russian words
Burnt Hills Laser
Burnt Hills Laser - 3 months ago
I love you 😘
LARSONHD - 3 months ago
nothing against you but that is the most unnecessary
Paticu S
Paticu S - 3 months ago
Chris Holt
Chris Holt - 3 months ago
I have the one at 8:40 it's I like it
Tony YT
Tony YT - 3 months ago
Its hempwick for natural combustion without the taste of lighter fluid
Codtimes85 - 3 months ago
Taras is very kul, i really like his channels . Great work Taras i love it!
El payo Largo
El payo Largo - 3 months ago
Disculpe cavallero..... tiene fuego?
DerUnrasierte - 3 months ago
Bic lighter doesnt need protection
dan dandan
dan dandan - 3 months ago
Why are bic lighters so popular in america? Do you get clippers over there? Thats a better lighter.
ADICTTOS X7 - 3 months ago
#Fuzzy 4 Life
#Fuzzy 4 Life - 3 months ago
He looks like Vladimir Putin 😂😂😂
DV5TIN - 3 months ago
That wasn’t a fire starter that was a hemp wick for smoking pot more efficiently
Kara Bassett
Kara Bassett - 3 months ago
Called a wick
Dorf Gamer
Dorf Gamer - 3 months ago
why should i clip a light on my backpack when i can put it inside?
KarmyArmy - 3 months ago
Dorf Gamer easy access
Mr. Liquid Turtle 97
Mr. Liquid Turtle 97 - 3 months ago
Bic (Lighter) Lasagna
andrejoslavengo 66
andrejoslavengo 66 - 3 months ago
make lighters with GPS

Great fort parties exactly .
Benzino Cantu
Benzino Cantu - 3 months ago
4reals the realest comment
Kornis Funny
Kornis Funny - 3 months ago
5:24 Look how its easy :D
Conner Arledge
Conner Arledge - 3 months ago
2:25 that’s for pot
TheDamnDuke - 3 months ago
should be called Crazy Russian Accent
TheDamnDuke - 3 months ago
I only click on Taras video to read comments
As i was browsing the comments i see hempwick after hempwick and even people joking about taras's accent.
How has nobody realized he said you fould refill a bic lighter 😂
Taco Ratte
Taco Ratte - 27 days ago
"It becomes wodapoof lighta"
Mario Almada
Mario Almada - 4 months ago
Knife sucked.your too nice.We are in America. You are free now.Speak whats on your mind.
Ernesto García
Ernesto García - 4 months ago
Tony Imotuva
Tony Imotuva - 4 months ago
Taras Kul, are there any gadgets for Clipper Lighters?
Theodore Eckhart
Theodore Eckhart - 2 months ago
Tony Imotuva the lighterbro fits clipper lighters also. They have a great website. Cheers
Best Of Football
Best Of Football - 4 months ago
Prayekti 03
Prayekti 03 - 4 months ago
Nice lighters you have
Gerhard Birki
Gerhard Birki - 4 months ago
And boom 🙏
Mario Ivanov Mitkov
Mario Ivanov Mitkov - 4 months ago
Andrea Triglia
Andrea Triglia - 4 months ago
2:15 yeah... Starting a fire, sure 😏

Stoner will relate.
Niko KovaC
Niko KovaC - 4 months ago
Do Clipper lighters
Netyro Sage
Netyro Sage - 4 months ago
You forgot the poker/mini Philips screwdriver on the lighter bro
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