Economics of the Green New Deal | Robert P. Murphy

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Peter E
Peter E - 10 days ago
When AOC woke up from her daydream, the coffee was cold and the cookies were gone.
If all Democrats held their breath permanently, it would drastically cut CO2 emissions and negate the need for a Green New Deal. We could call it the Blue New Deal, on account of the colour of their faces.
Bullion Bully B-Clay
Bullion Bully B-Clay - Month ago
Well if u don't wanna deny it on stage I will in the comment section lol
Bullion Bully B-Clay
Bullion Bully B-Clay - Month ago
Global warming is a giant crock. Just another money scheme.
marioamayaflamenco - Month ago
Zero carbon dioxide emissions? People exhale carbon dioxide when they breathe.
Bullion Bully B-Clay
Bullion Bully B-Clay - Month ago
And plants need it to breathe to pass us back oxygen... These people are such idiotic fools it's insane they are in the position they are.
George Bell
George Bell - 2 months ago
Here's my Green New Deal: Quit burning down the damn Rain Forests fer Chris sake!!; they consume CO2 and produce O2. Curtailing other forms of rapacious resource stripping of the third world (Soon to become all third world at this rate) and stop poising the oceans would help. But you wont hear that from The UN, Al Gore, or AOC for some reason.
Stungunwol - 2 months ago
"Why would we need energy efficiency if we're all going 100% green anyway?"
Dumbest thing I've heard. It would LESSEN the need to build more renewables at least in theory. Duh? Sorry, I have to call balls and strikes.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 2 months ago
Today's nuclear technology makes perfect sense. But as usual, Liberals already have an opinion and don't want to be confused by facts.
Correctly Outraged
Correctly Outraged - 3 months ago
"This climate crisis is obviously a pretext to do all the social programs they have been clamoring for over years" lol so true.
Correctly Outraged
Correctly Outraged - 3 months ago
The green new deal is a joke! I'm mean its a funny joke.... unless we actually did any of it....
ecd14u - 3 months ago
Is this guy a democrat?
ecd14u - 3 months ago
There is an Elite conspiracy called Global warming, sorry cooling, warming....I see a lot of BS.
Andrew Erntell
Andrew Erntell - 3 months ago
I love how economists keep telling us they know how economies work and how they have all the answers. None of them saw the great depression ( or the earlier ones) or the GFC coming, and when they hit you could here crickets as economists told us how to fix the problems. Can't see the train wreck coming, can't think of a solution when it crashes, and we as a society are happy to put these charlatans back into the drivers seat once the economic train gets put back on the track to rince and repeat yet again. Will we ever learn?
Sean F
Sean F - 3 months ago
This video is good, but there are a lot of assumptions in a few of the conversation points. This is because there are a lot of assumptions in the data. Most people dont understand the complexities in the over-generalized term "climate change". It isnt likely that a strict economist would understand these. complexities
Keith Plymale
Keith Plymale - 3 months ago
The New Deal of the 1930's did NOT bring the USA out of the Depression. W W II did that. Full employment was reached in 1942. There was great fear that the Great Depression would come back in 1945 because the military was massively demobilizing and the government was massively cutting back on military contracts. So plants would close with huge layoffs. That started to happen but the plants that built the majority of the tanks and trucks and other vehicles were all automobile plants and there had been no domestic vehicle production since 1942. And then there were things like the GI Bill. And then the North Koreans attacked South Korea and military production started again. So that started an economic boom that did not end to the 1970's.
Rob - 3 months ago
Bob -- But it's a Green new unicorn !!
Warren Peece
Warren Peece - 3 months ago
The creator of the GND has already stated that the world is ending in 2031, so the GND has become superfluous.
Robert Brandywine
Robert Brandywine - 3 months ago
Just skip to 7:40.
M998 - 3 months ago
M998 - 3 months ago
Enoch [Tribulation Saints]
Carbon is plant food
No carbon, no plants
kfja1111 - 3 months ago
These cowardly Libertarians will NEVER discuss this: Why do the value producing elite overwhelmingly support the Democrat Party? (ie. Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Ray Dalio, George Soros, etc)
Joshua Carrico
Joshua Carrico - 3 months ago
I bet he gets girls. Not even joking. He's the kind of guy you see and say, "WTF?! Why is she with him?"
Russ Gallagher
Russ Gallagher - 3 months ago
No one knows what the theoretical "cost" of the GND would be. It won't be done anyway. How long would it take to raze and rebuild every residence and commercial structure in the country to make it energy super-efficient? Are you gong to have tens of millions living in tents while their houses are torn down?
Bill Roper
Bill Roper - 3 months ago
As I recall from my public school education, the New Deal was a massive flop and was considered a flop up until these lunatics decided to piggyback on it.
Rick Hart
Rick Hart - 3 months ago
Either these GND people are as close as you can get to pure evil (wolves in sheep's clothing) or they are as nutty as a nutcake on Christmas morning.
Gen Li
Gen Li - 2 months ago
Like all commies...yes.
KDE5FAN MKG - 3 months ago
Thank god for 2x speed!
Michael Perry
Michael Perry - 3 months ago
The Socialists need to be rounded up and publicly executed
Michael Perry
Michael Perry - 3 months ago
CARBON is the building block of all LIFE!!!! The idiots need to learn biology. IT'S ALL ABOUT SOCIALISM and the environment is of no concern!!
Bulk Smash!!!
Bulk Smash!!! - 3 months ago
Heres the Green New Deal explained. It serves a two-fold purpose. 1. It establishes governmemt control on every facet of life. 2. It takes the luxuries of life away from the middle class making the uber rich feel that much more special because only they have jets, cars, can eat certain foods, can afford comfort in inclimate weather, etc.
nimvin - 3 months ago
Excellent and well-reasoned points made by an incredibly sloppy speaker. Very difficult to follow due to his his rapid-fire tangents and dithering style. But if you exercise some patience, Mr. Murphy covers a lot of ground here, and there is very good information to be had from this speech. All in all, well worth the time to listen.
Johnno Villa
Johnno Villa - 3 months ago
The so-called climate experts changed the narrative from Climate Warming to Climate change a few years ago. The is because the latter is a catch-all, if the temperature goes down, they can turn around and say SEE I TOLD YOU SO. if the temperature goes up they will say SEE I TOLD YOU SO, a typical left-wing trick
Johnno Villa
Johnno Villa - 3 months ago
The only reason why AOC is popular is that she is pretty and skinny, she is photogenic and easy on the eye ( perfect for TV and newspapers) If you actually listen to her she comes across as a complete flake. Her previous job was a waitress, she has no expertise in CLIMATE WHATSOEVER and in my opinion clueless, she is your typical Marxist who says one thing and does another, she gets traction because she is pretty period.
Eric Leckey
Eric Leckey - 3 months ago
When you 're as young as AOC, 12 years seems like a lifetime. Either she is speaking of her own experience or speaking to a young generation who have no memories beyond 12 years, or both.
joe Vasquez
joe Vasquez - 3 months ago
The United Nations says tons of nonsense, like they have a right to dismantle our constitution because theirs is better. They teach the United Nations charter to our children in public schools before the constitution.
joe Vasquez
joe Vasquez - 3 months ago
It’s a communist party manifesto. Subscribe t o the “friends of science” yt channel
Temple of Ridicule
Temple of Ridicule - 3 months ago
I love public speakers, particularly Americans because of their undying bravado and self-belief, who thrown around words, in this case caveat (approx 2.10) without the slightest idea as to what the word actually means, and when and where it is should be used. 
This particular balls-up makes for a nice change from the usual disinterested/uninterested fuck-up, and shows that whatever the own views of their abilities, speaking in a loud voice, and deploying a vice-like handshake, are no substitute for a genuine intellect connected to a couple of functioning ears.
Frank Bertola
Frank Bertola - 3 months ago
Buzz if you have the means I will forward detail of this title theft in its raw form. This explains the object of this carbon BS and how it is being applied. You can extrapolate from the documents contained to see as to my deductions.
David Rapalyea
David Rapalyea - 3 months ago
Global warming is a Eurocentric niche hobby. Get a load of this: "China is not alone in constructing coal-fired power plants. "According to Urgewald, about 1,600 coal plants are planned or under construction in 62 countries.."
Coal Plant Construction.
Projected Coal Power Output
CARBON DRAUGHT (curiosity presentation)

Tony Heller on why he considers all this a fraud. He has many presentations that are simple and compelling But this gives his back ground. It is worth just for his involvemenet with development of the Intel I-Platinum computer processor.
Stream of Thought
Stream of Thought - 3 months ago
just an excuse for a few billionaires to control the people, like always
the sane party
the sane party - 3 months ago
What's discouraging is that it someone would think it necessary to explain why what is obviously evil and stupid is stupid and evil.
Ultimately, the fact is that people who vote for these democrats, and of course they themselves, deserve to be treated the way Antifa treats conservatives, and worse. If someone casts a vote in support of a hundred million dead in the 20th century, they're not your friend. Don't treat them as such.
Bonney Dahlquist
Bonney Dahlquist - 3 months ago
Its called mass theft of u.s citizens.
jbyrd655 - 3 months ago
Took 15 minutes to determine that this is at best typical pseudo-conservative smoke and mirrors, which is almost heartening, since it reveals how truly clueless the purveyors of such disingenuousness actually are.
Frank Bertola
Frank Bertola - 3 months ago
Australians in general are asleep I've done emense factual research at ours West Australian land titles and this sleight of hand happened when titles went to electronic registry. This universal event on all Australian titles facilitated the fraud. and what better way to oblige us co2 exhaling monsters. This is a war on human right to own land free
Frank Bertola
Frank Bertola - 3 months ago
of course the biggest target of these leftist globalist is humanity itself. My point here is that it us bad exhaling humans are the target ie apply a study to this plank in their ultimate aims.
Jeff Keil
Jeff Keil - 3 months ago
Democrats are stupid. Lol!
John Boy
John Boy - 3 months ago
I read that the broad money in all of the world. If you turned every currency, gold silver etc into dollars there would only be 80 trillion total dollars. 60 trillion are in world markets. So theres only 20 trillion dollars that is open and used currency in the world.
mechaart - 3 months ago
Green New Deal is communism.
jeffersonianideal - 3 months ago
AOC looks like Señor Wences' sock puppet. Everyone should be able to identify the puppet's energy source and where it gets plugged in.
Turbo Skeleton
Turbo Skeleton - 3 months ago
Topcat Chia Grabardi, AOC's COS said it wasn't about climate, but implementing socialism under the guise of climate. It's memorialized in a Rolling Stones interview, I do believe.
Gail S. McFarland
Gail S. McFarland - 3 months ago
Maurice Strong was the one who decided that what the ground rules were and he skewed them from the start, stating that NO MATTER WHAT THE FINDINGS their report has to say that it is our fault and that the policy makers must go by what the report to IPCC states, which is us useless eaters fault.
Research Maurice Strong. Also on You Tube watchHOW BIG OIL & WHY BIG OIL CHANGED THE WORLD by Corbett Report
Thomas D
Thomas D - 3 months ago
YouTube - Austrian economist with an inaccurate model of how money works and who HATES TAKERS. ESPECIALLY ROBIN THE HOOD TAKERS! With the inaccurate, neoclassical-model of HOW MONEY WORKS, the only two ways a Sovereign government (which issues currency) may pay for public goods & pay for public services are:
1. For that Sovereign govt. to use eminent domain & purchase the private-sector-owned production-means which that Sovereign govt. needs to produce those public goods & produce those public services. Thereby, moving production-means from private sector ownership to government employee ownership.
2. For the Sovereign government to leave ownership of the production-means with a private owner & then to tax money from that private owner. (see ROBIN THE HOOD).
This is an inaccurate understanding of HOW MONEY WORKS when there is a fiat currency issued by a Sovereign government.
This inaccurate understanding of HOW MONEY WORKS does easily explains the confusion which gives rise to resentment from someone who is a HAVE & who does not wish to become a HAVE-NOT or become a TAXED-TO-DEATH-HAVE-LESS.
bigvis497 - 3 months ago
Green Leap Forward
Peter Katow
Peter Katow - 3 months ago
talk about a girl who thinks healthcare saves the costs of funerals
TheCanMan Can Since 1990
TheCanMan Can Since 1990 - 3 months ago
Get a modern monetary theory economist like this guy sure he's a great guybut he's been disemboweled of his bad habits and he still persistent and on a public forum at that
Paul A.
Paul A. - 3 months ago
Aside from the science being bogus, the real tragedy of making things more "green" is that we waste a lot more resources making those "green" things in the first place than we will ever save by switching to them. When we must provide enormous subsidies for them, they are NOT "green".
The ONLY way to judge if something is "greener" is it's total cost in dollars or whatever currency you want to use. If it costs more is is LESS "green" and if it costs less, then it is more "green". The marketplace has been keeping us "green" for centuries now and we should allow it to continue it's good work.
Betty 1966
Betty 1966 - 3 months ago
Paul A. Not buying disposable everything will help.
Thomas. Curl
Thomas. Curl - 3 months ago
Global warming is a hoax.
Aengrod - 3 months ago
Main question is - why anyone would trust UN?
George Bell
George Bell - 2 months ago
Yeah, GND is obvious cover for these grandiose UN social engineering schemes. This eminent catastrophic climate crises exists only in the sick minds of sociopathic bureaucrats who think they should rule the world. We had better go along with them, otherwise we're all gonna die in 12 years. Actually, we might all die within 40 years since Halley's Comet will be returning by then and it's gonna come pretty dang too close for comfort this time. At least in that case it would not only take out us but the UN as well.
Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson - 3 months ago
Yay for F.A Hayek
Thomas Gassett
Thomas Gassett - 3 months ago
We have eight billion people on the planet, and without fossil fuels ... we can't feed one billion people. So, what do we do with the other seven billion?
The reason the Left doesn't talk about a cure for global warming is that the only answer is a lot less people.
Stijn van de Ven
Stijn van de Ven - 3 months ago
The times of Keynes and Marx are gone, they've proven an absolute failure. For the past century government is trying to manipulate the economy and every time it ended into a big failure. Whether we talk about the students Clinton gave to the bankers, the housing market collapse that was caused by the Clinton's revoking Glass-Steagal, the current QE disaster that's going to rock government bonds and has absolutely destroyed pension funds, or we could go further back to the savings and loan crisis, the plaza accord that caused the 1987 crash (and subsequently the 1989 nikkei bubble) and to claim that the new deal got us out of the Great Depression.... no; the economy was already recovering years prior to the great new deal. If we look to government intervention Marxist style then we even get into more drama. Berlin Wall to keep people fleeing poverty from Marxism, the mass starvation under the industrialization of Stalin, the great leap forward of Mao Tse Tung and the great leap back to agriculture from Poll Pot... not to mention Castro's socialism which stopped progression in Cuba entirely, which is why it's now a tourist destination... you can try to feel the time of the '40's as then progress in Cuba came to a grinding hold under socialism; they still plough the land with an ox! Or maybe a more recent example, the Nelson Mandela case that was so applauded by the left; when he came to power SA was the richest country on the world; now one of the poorest, add to that the genocide of white farmers as the black community that migrated to SA want to get back at the last 400 year of supposed slavery. Or we can go to Venezuela; yeah nationalize the oil companies; then the government fucked up with never ever updating them nor repairing any broken parts; even worse; it was it's main economic output and as a consequence of not creating more economic activity people are literally starving and fleeing the place because there is no food or water.... let alone electricity. If we go back to the US, all the government enterprises failed where the private sector succeeded; whether it's railroad, the telegraph, etc. etc. So the record of history is absolutely crystal clear! No government intervention has ever been a succes!
Stijn van de Ven
Stijn van de Ven - 3 months ago
@Thomas D even if they'd had the right model; they'd still fuck up! Because the truth of the matter is; the economy is just the economy. There is a business cycle with good times and bad ones. The only thing a government could do is mitigate the bad ones... but trying to manipulate the economy and trying to knock over the business cycle; creating perpetual growth?... that kind of Keynsianism has led to the disaster that you could predict every coming crisis by the foolish actions of government in an effort to fight the last crisis.
Thomas D
Thomas D - 3 months ago
@Stijn van de Ven - Not even close. But amusing to read.
Thomas D
Thomas D - 3 months ago
No government intervention has ever been a success! No government has yet acted using the accurate model of how money works. Soon they all will.
Stijn van de Ven
Stijn van de Ven - 3 months ago
by the way, I think that 6:48 is just outright wrong. To blame the Great Depression on the '29 Wall Street crash; which was a typical 60% correction we see once every 8.6 years. What caused the Great Depression was Credit Anshalt, which was a Rothschild's bank to go down, this caused the Austrian government not to be able to push their sovereign debts to the future as there were no buyers anymore for them; bond investors were scared. Naturally this led to a contagion in the public sector sweeping the world. Socialists never address this because then they have to admit that the Great Depression was caused on the public side; not the private side.
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