How I Plan & Organize My Life to Get Things Done 📒

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Lavendaire - Year ago
✨ The Daily Planner is here and for sale! Check it out in our new shop →
Some answers to FAQ about the Planner:
→ Only undated, daily pages - no monthly/weekly spreads
→ It has ~180 planning pages, so about half a year of daily planning
→ Right now, it's only available in print - no digital version!
KittyDee - 28 days ago
Would you consider doing a daily planner that includes block times? I need that for my work day to divide up the to do list by the hour
Summer Hayes
Summer Hayes - 3 months ago
creative, inspiring and beautiful. Thank you so much :)
Grace Rose
Grace Rose - 3 months ago
yooooo i use trello too!
Lynnice Carter
Lynnice Carter - 5 months ago
I’m old school journaler lol! If that’s word anyways. I love writing on paper that’s why I’m so excited about your workbooks and planners. Digital is fine but some strange way I still don’t feel organized and it’s so much an intimidating at times. My comfort zone is paper💗
Lyna lyna
Lyna lyna - 6 months ago
You inspired me❤️thank u for help me to find my Dreams ,what i really want ,and what can make me confident and satisfied , i truly love you,btw u helped me to improve my English language ...loveeeee u from algeria🇩🇿❤️
Lele Horan
Lele Horan - 7 months ago
I really like the way you plan your day with including self care, gratitude, reflection and also the intended feeling of the day.
I am not good with keeping this things updated (tried gratitude journal and bullet journal several times) but i know they let me feel better. Maybe this could be the way for me how it works. I will try it.
Thanks for the inspiration
Reggie Bryant
Reggie Bryant - 8 months ago
This channel inspires me so much! Keep it up, Aileen!
NMJ - 9 months ago
Your hair color is lovely! You are very brave to go with such a different color. Do they have to bleach it? I ask because I have dark brown/black hair and I'm thinking of a color change.
LoveKeebuu - 10 months ago
You look AMAZING in this video, and your hair!!!! UGH so magical!!!
Tania - 11 months ago
You should try Google keep, it's amazing!
유성민 - 11 months ago
your channel is so aesthetic :3 i just found you a few days ago and i really enjoy your videos :)
Imane Chelioui
Imane Chelioui - Year ago
I love you, and I love what you do. Seriously thank for sharing so much with us. 💕
MyLinamtz - Year ago
omg i just discovered this chanel and i think it will help me sooo much to enter the new phase of my life. THANKS
Yara Tv
Yara Tv - Year ago
99 percent are telling Aileen she is pretty 1 percent are thanking her and about their feelings 😂
kol gadid
kol gadid - Year ago
this little paper looks so good i'd buy a bulk of it
N T E G O - Year ago
Your hair is best
Yara Sayed
Yara Sayed - Year ago
I use wanderlist too

But my problem was ........

I never ever used it
NIHARA KT - Year ago
Hey Aileen,
Firstly,thank you so much for doing this video.
I have been so lazy and messed up for the past couple of months.I haven’t been doing anything but just going to college and coming back home.I used to watch your videos often but recently I couldn’t do that too.
I came across this video today and it hit me that I have to get started.
I am very much impressed by the template you created.
Would you mind telling me using which app you created it?
Lavendaire - Year ago
I make it on Indesign
jam - Year ago
You making me feel happier thank you.
Mariah McIntyre
Mariah McIntyre - Year ago
Do you typically take your planner with you wherever you go? I would love a whats in my bag video. I know it's a trend but I'm so curious how you prioritize items to carry with you. I always have too many things in my purse 😊
Leslie Mcburger
Leslie Mcburger - Year ago
I needed so much!! 😍
Bcaused - Year ago
Oh i would love those little sheets in a notebook! In the meanwhile I am going to do them myself, but I will buy it for sure when it’s available ❤️
Anna - Year ago
This is very helpful! I’ve been kind of off track lately with being productive and organized, so this is just what I needed. Love the part about setting an intention each day!
Ari Goulart
Ari Goulart - Year ago
I love this tips. This is exactly what i need. I came from "Mariana Menezes" channel a brazilian youtuber who follow you. We both use your videos to practice our english.
Thomas McEvoy
Thomas McEvoy - Year ago
WOW...this is great material..thank you! Amazing set design! Excellent presentation! 5 stars on this one!
Makeup Stacy
Makeup Stacy - Year ago
miss you~love your short hair ~~
이세연 - Year ago
Wow, I’m really looking for your 2019 version workbook❣️
Nira Astrid Gress
Nira Astrid Gress - Year ago
I started to see you to learn more English,but I ended up becoming minimalist, you changed my lifestyle, I'm more productive, happy and I have become more interested in issues of personal development and growth. I'm more organized, I thank you for everything, you are a great guide for me. You are my favorite Youtuber, greetings from Mexico. I love you💜
Alise Brillault
Alise Brillault - Year ago
Where is your top from? It's so cute!
Lavendaire - Year ago
it's a dress from getchoosy!
rubi_ m
rubi_ m - Year ago
Love your dress, it looks beautiful on you💕💕
Fauzia Yusuf
Fauzia Yusuf - Year ago
you are like my best youtuber there is i binge watch your video your content is on point and you help your viewers to improve their daily lives
Tabbasum Ali Khan
Tabbasum Ali Khan - Year ago
hey aileen
I am so inspired with your videos i even motivated my students by showing them your videos they found it so useful.
Thnks alot for creating such useful videos..
Love you..
Anne Lu Dumbledore31
I discovered your video by chance and it was really really interesting and useful!! I have subscribed to your channel for the first time and soon I will promote this video to my followers 😊😊❤ have a beautiful day! 😍😍
Georgi Ion
Georgi Ion - Year ago
1. app - trello
2. iCal - macbook
3. planning the day - on paper
#1 "How do I wanna feel to day?"
#2 Pick the three most important tasks to do that day (prioritizing)
#3 3-5 other to-dos
#4 self-care habits
#5 reminders, appointments etc.
#6 "what I'm grateful for" + "today's wins"
- plan the day the night before
Lara Gideon
Lara Gideon - Year ago
I loved this video so much! You are such an inspiration and extremely beautiful on the inside and out! ❤️
Angel Anne Cantano
Angel Anne Cantano - Year ago
Can I ask what is the brand of your phone? I am very curious. BTW, i love your videos very much
Lavendaire - Year ago
it's an iphone x!
trisha minne
trisha minne - Year ago
U look extra beautiful in this video! Ur hair and that dress! 😍
spazvapes - Year ago
it'd literally take me a year to even begin to get this organized. idk how i survived all these years with just my brain. i sometimes put meetings in my iphone :)
ONYX Pages  📚🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹
I really appreciat your planning videos. I'm a booktuber and have a lot of projects on the go. My planning is pretty decentralized and I'm looking to get it all in one place or at least to create cohesion! I'll check out this app, and hopefully pick up your planner! Love the aesthetic of your video. I've been a subscriber for a few years and you've come a long way. Get it, girl!
Lavendaire - Year ago
Thanks dear!
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