13 Cute Life Hacks For School / School Pranks

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German_plat gamer
German_plat gamer - Day ago
HMU hola
German_plat gamer
German_plat gamer - Day ago
I like bts
German_plat gamer
German_plat gamer - Day ago
I like bots
Clara Seibel
Clara Seibel - Day ago
Use pretzels instead of toothoicks
Justin Borgen
Justin Borgen - 3 days ago
U guys should do cornstarch and dish soap
Javier Navarro
Javier Navarro - 3 days ago
Layer Fat
Layer Fat - 3 days ago
EᐯEᖇY ᒪIKE I ᔕEE TᕼEᖇE ᗯIᒪᒪ ᗷE ᗩᒪᒪ ᗪIᗩᗰOᑎᗪᔕ
kalpana Kaparthi
kalpana Kaparthi - 4 days ago
Is it complsory to use primer ?
Is is compulsory to use parchment paper 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😄🧐🧐🧐🧐🤨🤪😆🤨🤪😥😥😥😥😥😍😍😘😍🤩😨😜😅🧐🙄👏☹️😗😨
BRISA ORLANDO - 6 days ago
Breezy Rojas
Breezy Rojas - 8 days ago
Or you can laminate it
Thadi bhavani
Thadi bhavani - 12 days ago
Back to small age to school hacks
Nightcore Fan
Nightcore Fan - 16 days ago
Wht a radical change....
Nightcore Fan
Nightcore Fan - 16 days ago
Gimmie a pencil I just only have 30 on my own desk sksksksksk
Nightcore Fan
Nightcore Fan - 16 days ago
5:12 bro why did u need to make them cant u buy them???
Nightcore Fan
Nightcore Fan - 16 days ago
*Shows the phone * Its just a note book WHT DID U IS MISS SMITH BLIND?!?!?!?!
Nightcore Fan
Nightcore Fan - 16 days ago
Oh no the pencil case is black.......who died
Shirin Ahmed
Shirin Ahmed - 17 days ago
Who else heard ‘like if you heard it ‘
Louise Schum
Louise Schum - 21 day ago
I really want to use the relaxing hand sharpener, but who has that liquid stuff just lying around?
Aprils Diamond
Aprils Diamond - 22 days ago
How about buy the gummy bears instead of *wasting ur whole billinare money* (did I spell it wrong??)
Cenobia Weuneka
Cenobia Weuneka - 22 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue
Alisa Llanos
Alisa Llanos - 24 days ago
Bella Michael
Bella Michael - 25 days ago
Does anyone think that they keep on changing names
The Queen
The Queen - Month ago
If she gets that stressed over a pencil sharpener I can’t wait to see what happens during finals
Anukriti Dhandhania
Anukriti Dhandhania - Month ago
Which school has only two students and one teacher????
Lewis Thompson
Lewis Thompson - Month ago
this f...ing chanle needs to stop just stop ur killing me scruby is best and he hates you ur wors than five minute crafts ''drowns in sea of stupid ideas'' ''scruby pulls me out of sea'' ur yesterday

plz reply if u hate this chanle and like my comment
Rachana Bajpai
Rachana Bajpai - Month ago
Tree in one sharpener are selled here.
Roel reyes
Roel reyes - Month ago
I have a question why do u make a gummy bear instead buy it from store 4:27😐😐😐😐🤔
Chris Brown.
Chris Brown. - Month ago
Troom troom: use a pipette to put the jelly in
Me: *dumps all of it on*
Tara Pope-Chellew
Tara Pope-Chellew - Month ago
Can you please make sugar free snink food in class
Colleen A. Houtz
Colleen A. Houtz - Month ago
"It's just an ordinary notebook!"
Yeah, you still can't sleep on it. Duh.
Xxunicornpop MilcaXx
Xxunicornpop MilcaXx - 2 months ago
I’m going to school in 7 days
indrė bakstytė
indrė bakstytė - 2 months ago
badpanda1613 oof
badpanda1613 oof - 2 months ago
Dude some of them stupid ig u use the rainbow one u will dum the gilter out and get in trouble cause it is liquid
Lay Cox
Lay Cox - 2 months ago
Back to school?

....don’t know her
onesiecorn - 2 months ago
Is a regular sharpener not working put rainbows on it and it will automatically work
Johnston Steiner
Johnston Steiner - 2 months ago
Ordinary thumbtacks: visibility level low
Designer tacks: not low
Effort used vs effect lots
Johnston Steiner
Johnston Steiner - 2 months ago
Yknow. It might be easier for kids to do alla these projects if they could actually download the templates and such
love ronaldomg hello neighbor NEWSOME
Mia Meulen
Mia Meulen - 2 months ago
I loved the hair hacks used them during crazy hair day everyone loved my hair
Totie Wong
Totie Wong - 2 months ago
btsmemes - 2 months ago
Who is nervous about the first day of school??
Kimberlee Harris
Kimberlee Harris - 2 months ago
Y not just buy a pack of gummy bears it’s probably cheaper then buying a mould and the ingredients and you get more in the pack 😂
Me Ah
Me Ah - 2 months ago
9:02 or you can just buy one off ROMWE for 0.99$ that works great
Vanessa Swiderski
Vanessa Swiderski - 2 months ago
Why not just buy gummy bears 🐻 instead of making them from scratch??
Ella P.
Ella P. - 2 months ago
RCLbeauty101 did it first
aleisha cecilia
aleisha cecilia - 2 months ago
Ayla Rookes
Ayla Rookes - 2 months ago
Did you know that Jessica has been put onto an ad about like what would you would look like as a girl lol
the prankers
the prankers - 2 months ago
Jessica isn't beautiful like others. Like if you agree 👍
GIVDIY - 2 months ago
not really
Kaylee Zahariuk
Kaylee Zahariuk - 2 months ago
Li Gao
Li Gao - 3 months ago
Can you make a Fairy Vs Mermaid hair style VIDEO!!!!!
Ruby Gervais
Ruby Gervais - 3 months ago

isabella grace
isabella grace - 3 months ago
I'm going to use the last have the key chain one!
Kristen Stillwell
Kristen Stillwell - 3 months ago
4:19 she spelled close one wrong she put close won🤦🏻‍♀️
Brooklyn Queen
Brooklyn Queen - 3 months ago
Rose's are red
Apples are too
I liked my own comment
Wait why is it blue
Isaac Stanley
Isaac Stanley - 3 months ago
Juraj Skalina
Juraj Skalina - 3 months ago
When her friend sees her blowing up her book this is what she's thinking WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
sol assy
sol assy - 3 months ago
Who else watched these school videos in there summer vacation😂
*No one I guess it's just me* !!
Rough Sketch
Rough Sketch - 3 months ago
aren't magnets dangerous for phones?
Aesthetic.Exe-Any type of vids you guys want!
Who else thought at 0:10 she was a child?
Rachel Golubiewski
Rachel Golubiewski - 3 months ago
7:28 is she lesbian or something? Also you love your teacher who's way older than you... Okay totally not weird
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