Shia LaBeouf Sheds a Tear While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - Month ago
Welcome back, spice lords! Who do you want to see Season 10?
Anastasia - 4 days ago
Al Spider-Man Horford
Al Spider-Man Horford - 26 days ago
Kim Jong Un
Paddy's Pub
Paddy's Pub - Month ago
OJ ! ! !
Nick Ancient
Nick Ancient - Month ago
Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Martins Licis. I want to see how well the world's strongest men can handle heat.
Noel Crenshaw
Noel Crenshaw - Month ago
Mart kenyon
Mart kenyon - 10 hours ago
Huh, they must be deleting all the mean comments. Wonder if this one will get deleted too.
Alexander Foy
Alexander Foy - 12 hours ago
he looks so sad right now
Raw Ooo
Raw Ooo - 12 hours ago
Hes become bigger 😐
Janwa Janwa
Janwa Janwa - 13 hours ago
13:25 - what is the word he’s referring to? Seems to mean ‘prolific’ to me but the word eludes me. ‘Opephenate?’
Sami Adcock
Sami Adcock - 14 hours ago
Sean looks like he really did have fun. Shia is way funnier than expected
Phi & Sigma
Phi & Sigma - 14 hours ago
Damn Shia gets a lot of shit and you can tell it has shaped and matured him into the man he is now
Justice Turner
Justice Turner - 15 hours ago
Haven’t seen dis nigga sense transformers
Misses Kingdom
Misses Kingdom - 15 hours ago
“Buddy imma switch to milk because I almost can’t see you anymore” .. Took me out
yamborma - 16 hours ago
Vin Scully is still alive!
Moh Ahmed
Moh Ahmed - 17 hours ago
Shia, In My community Washing someone with Milk is the highest respect you can give to someone, cheers for washing yourself with milk💪💪
cjl corndog
cjl corndog - 17 hours ago
I think Shia is slowly morphing into Tom Hardy.
J.A. Jones
J.A. Jones - 17 hours ago
Another good one. I have mad respect for Shia LaBeouf.
naota3k - 17 hours ago
The Shia Push™ vs. The Whole Fuckaround™.
naota3k - 17 hours ago
Shia is so weird. I love him.
Handled Scandal
Handled Scandal - 18 hours ago
Somebody got Shia Labuff.
cloud90s - 18 hours ago
from the intro i already like it
Lazydabs710 - 18 hours ago
when shia actually breaks sean
Michael Balagna
Michael Balagna - 19 hours ago
This punk is a useless piece of shit I no talent has been
Gurdulu - 20 hours ago
Shia LaBeouf rasing the bar whilst looking totally huggable. Best possible start to the tenth season of Hot Ones!
GrabOverLord - 20 hours ago
I wish I could meet him. Me and my siblings grew up watching Even Steven's and honestly as a teenager that show taught so much about character and how to deal with family dilemmas. I would just love to thank him in person and keep telling him to inspire creation
Miyamoto’s Apprentice Jim Vaughan
_its amazing how you can turn the appeal of a character through some emotional music and non controversial questions_
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas - 21 hour ago
this interview was MUCH NEEDED!
kenanthenanex - 21 hour ago
Best one to date!!
Desire DeCove
Desire DeCove - 21 hour ago
Love my Shia
chansey - 21 hour ago
THAT VOICE UM WHAT. i always expected him to have a high voice.
I had to check myself, the more i watch - the more i fancy him.
Adelyn Tiong
Adelyn Tiong - 21 hour ago
sean is a very good interviewer! like one of the best ones ever. the questions he asks are sooo insightful and he KNOWS what he's talking about. and SHIA holy shit haven't seen him since transformers he's so different in a good way
MrCanman75 - 22 hours ago
Seems the man's grown up and became a great dude
baka baka
baka baka - 22 hours ago
Shia LaBeouf Is a fruit cake who has mental issue's.
JboDiesel - 22 hours ago
Dude, you said the Late Vin Scully, he's still alive bro. Fact check please
Teri Yama
Teri Yama - 22 hours ago
This normalized Shia to a degree. He is creative rather than purely narcissistic. Like a guy who would be fun to hang out with. Very funny person - should write comedies.
Luchador Lewie
Luchador Lewie - 23 hours ago
Shai is the dab king 👑
Juan C
Juan C - 23 hours ago
Shia is starting to look more and more like Gerard Butler
Momma Locke
Momma Locke - Day ago
Pres from barstool sports needs to happen!! Just sayin.
bootypatrol - Day ago
Nothing will ever top this one, here for 32nd time.
Basil Forget
Basil Forget - Day ago
Keanu reeves would be awesome
Wicked Humor
Wicked Humor - Day ago
I've watched this interview about 3 or 4 times now. Top tier questions and guest.
Delishia Hollingsworth
I like his interview, he's personable. Good guy
deee327ify - Day ago
Wow im amazed...He didnt raise any flags
Elton Douglas
Elton Douglas - Day ago
in this case I think the one who asked for water was the pepper
Lydia Rhodes
Lydia Rhodes - Day ago
Shia is a true artist. Love this guy. Oh and sexy AF. Great interviewer. "I Look so sad right now" and "Looks like Doo Doo"-Shia LaBeouf hilarious!
Top Notch Gaming
Top Notch Gaming - Day ago
Shai is still the #1 actor to me. He hits the heart like a love relationship. This man revolutionizes movies
Lydia Santana
Lydia Santana - Day ago
Am i the only 1 that just skips to the eating
Lydia Santana
Lydia Santana - Day ago
Damn shia got 11m views
Cidney Perez
Cidney Perez - Day ago
He a thicc boi
Cidney Perez
Cidney Perez - Day ago
The woman w the Winnie the Pooh laugh
Cidney Perez
Cidney Perez - Day ago
Dough boy giggle
tnc - Day ago
I have loved Shia from the beginning 🥰🥰
Cidney Perez
Cidney Perez - Day ago
It’s been some time since Holes.
simeonfrohm - Day ago
21:45 did they open the door to the control room for a sec where all the fat old dudes watch porn?
Anastasia - Day ago
Who's disliking? Have you even watched the video?!
Chase Williams
Chase Williams - Day ago
I literally couldnt watch this video without laughing.
Best video yet, good job shia
Chase Camozzi
Chase Camozzi - Day ago
shia. what a legend. happy to see him looking steady
Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell - Day ago
He's actually turning into Tom Hardy
jimmy Ryan
jimmy Ryan - Day ago
Is that the even stevens guy?
John M
John M - Day ago
God bless Shia
Brother Broseph Broda Brodin Broski III
Thumbs up for Macaulay Culkin next!!!!
Danny Escobar
Danny Escobar - Day ago
Btw, greatest episode, “this guy”
Danny Escobar
Danny Escobar - Day ago
Kearneu Reeves please.
Demi Perez
Demi Perez - Day ago
All y'all commenting saying he's so 'daddy' or 'oh i thought he was crazy until this, now he's got it together' have no idea that this dude has been humble and cool from day one. He's always been self conscious and humble and nice and always apologizes for things he knows he did wrong, and supportive of his peers. This is not the only time he's talked openly. He's always had an open heart. lol :)
James Perrin
James Perrin - Day ago
Need to see some more Shia 100%
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