My Dream Car is Finished!! (REVEAL)

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Cindy Morley
Cindy Morley - Month ago
Try toothpaste it works wonders. Not gel toothpaste.
tjsilvius1 - 2 months ago
Check out Alsa paints they have a soft feel paint that goes on flat and is un scratchable
TrollMaster300 - 3 months ago
Blackout Outlaw... No chrome!! Lol
BIG DADDY D - 3 months ago
Soooo dam ugly
Phoenix Jacks
Phoenix Jacks - 3 months ago
Brandon Schuler (Student)
Brandon Schuler (Student) - 3 months ago
Awesome car
Justin Time
Justin Time - 3 months ago
So did outlaw almost get killed by exhaust or did he make his wife do that scene lol
CrazyJoe Wurst
CrazyJoe Wurst - 3 months ago
Outlaw the car looks amazing
Kyle Walck
Kyle Walck - 3 months ago
I think all that needs to be done is smoke out the light lenses
Cylan Darll
Cylan Darll - 3 months ago
The phantom of Dixie
Cylan Darll
Cylan Darll - 3 months ago
I know that’s a church song
XB1swagger2123 - 3 months ago
Who would that Outlaw's dream car is an el Camino lmao
rental580 uncle
rental580 uncle - 3 months ago
Nice car
Tristin Lascelle
Tristin Lascelle - 3 months ago
It may be a pain to clean but matte black is real nice on them cars
Tristan Vick
Tristan Vick - 3 months ago
El camino look insane
Jon Deeb
Jon Deeb - 3 months ago
The car would look better with the original red and black stripes
Jared Lopez
Jared Lopez - 3 months ago
Ok I hate to be that negative guy , but not impressed at all, quality of paint job looks decent , but wrong color scheme for this make and model , am I the only one who thinks that the 68 and 69 were the only good looking body style Caminos. Anyway way , glad he likes it.
shelby harris
shelby harris - 3 months ago
White paint marker for the tires lol
Bro Gainz
Bro Gainz - 3 months ago
It would probably be the only diesel el camino in this world owned by the one and only outlaw
Bro Gainz
Bro Gainz - 3 months ago
Pretty please dispel swap it it would be so much more bad ass if it rolled coal
Brodie Hoard
Brodie Hoard - 3 months ago
Would clear coat help to contain finger prints
Tyler Malloni
Tyler Malloni - 3 months ago
Clear bra
Cameron Nalley
Cameron Nalley - 3 months ago
Watch the burnouts. You’ll get rubber sticking all on the back, wheel wells, etc. might fuck the paint idk
Brady Claar
Brady Claar - 3 months ago
Is it a 383 stroker
Supreme Cichlids
Supreme Cichlids - 3 months ago
Gloss dark gray
Chris Merritt
Chris Merritt - 3 months ago
Id say do the chrome pieces in a brushed gun metal.
Winston Jones
Winston Jones - 3 months ago
Ive always used bleach white, with a 8 inch long stiff brush to clean my white lettering and it works great. I think you can find it at Wally World too🙌🏼
ron jeremy
ron jeremy - 3 months ago
Black magic bleach white takes the yellow right off...keep the matte and use a matte clear coat and you wont have that problem with keeping it clean i just painted my zx9r matte black with 3 coats of matte clear and it stays clean
nick martin
nick martin - 3 months ago
Do semi gloss
landin davis
landin davis - 3 months ago
You and Lunkers need to race when it gets finished
Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed - 3 months ago
Needs sum chrome muscle car style wheels
FatGuyTV - 3 months ago
love the car man but i gotta say i hate the wheels but to each is own and long as its what u like all that matters lol
o iSlay
o iSlay - 3 months ago
Black out the turn signals
Neel 1851
Neel 1851 - 3 months ago
why don't the stripes go over the roof and tailgate ??
Adam Sealey
Adam Sealey - 3 months ago
Am I the only one that noticed that the damn has a different flat black than the rest😂
Rex Parker
Rex Parker - 3 months ago
Put stripes on the tailgate it looks off
HC TipZ - 3 months ago
Beautiful car!!!!!! I’m more into molars but I can say I love the way how that turned out it and also peep the 55 through 57 chevys in the back😍
James Adams vlogs
James Adams vlogs - 3 months ago
Tint the lights
STREETRACEN4U - 3 months ago
Car looks sweet! 5% tint is the only way to go, I have 40% on my windshield and its perfect.
banga8080 - 3 months ago
Bro 1st time on your channel the elcamino is cool af
I wouldn't even tint it
You got to let ppl see you driving this beast
Tom Tom
Tom Tom - 3 months ago
leave it. i love that car
J. Scott Caudill
J. Scott Caudill - 3 months ago
I personally don't care for Caminos (except the view from the front) but *Congrats* bro!! That thing looks *Tits*!
Bryce Knows Sports
Bryce Knows Sports - 3 months ago
The mic pops are annoying
Kiley Keener
Kiley Keener - 3 months ago
A true masterpiece. She mint
klo Ann
klo Ann - 3 months ago
Whats goin on with the k20 build???
cooper sullivan
cooper sullivan - 3 months ago
Bleach mixed with dawn dish soap
death rat
death rat - 3 months ago
Putt a clear coat of clear pant
Christian's Adventures
Christian's Adventures - 3 months ago
I love it Outlaw looks soooooo Sick I’m so impressed with the results much love outlaw
Yillb Sonmme
Yillb Sonmme - 4 months ago
I would have done Silver with a heavy metal flake with Black stripes in the middle just like you have them but either way it's a nice vehicle.
Slosh Bassin
Slosh Bassin - 4 months ago
Super charge it
Scott Bumby
Scott Bumby - 4 months ago
I think you should keep the car the way it is looks awesome 👍
megachef04 - 4 months ago
You should modify your engine
van boat 3
van boat 3 - 4 months ago
Amber the headlights
van boat 3
van boat 3 - 4 months ago
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams - 4 months ago
They have pens you can buy for tire lettering.
Neil Wright
Neil Wright - 4 months ago
don't change it looks mint......if u want the trim doing I can give u a price but im in the uk so shiping might come into play?
Josh McConkey
Josh McConkey - 4 months ago
So when are you gonna go race lunkerstv Camero
Adam Barnhart
Adam Barnhart - 4 months ago
Monte Carlo SS bumper would bolt right up to that and look way better
Damiean Herdenberg
Damiean Herdenberg - 4 months ago
Ur ss badge is upside down
New Boot Goofin
New Boot Goofin - 4 months ago
The hood either looks like it's Semi Gloss with Gloss black stripes or they cleared over the flat and Gloss. The proper way to have a flat black car that you plan to drive would've been a black base coat with either a flat or semi gloss clear coat. This looks like SEM hot rod black, which is just a base of super flat black and it's going to show everything and be hard to get stains out of, it's actually worse with stains than high build primer and sealer are. The satin/semi gloss would look great but however you get it redone, make sure you use a clear coat on the entire car and the flattening agent is in the clear coat, for longevity's sake and for ease of maintenance. Also purple power, simple green or any degreaser should clean the white letters up although they do make a BleechWhite specifically for that, I prefer simple green because it won't damage paints or Chrome or other coatings. Also classic cars and window tint don't really look right together but if you get them re tinted, get someone to wet sand your door glass to remove the scratches, otherwise it'll look like it does now. The bodywork is amazing, flat black is even harder than gloss to make look good and this is straight as an aarow. Dude does amazing work
anthony glantz
anthony glantz - 4 months ago
That is a beautiful car
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