My Dream Car is Finished!! (REVEAL)

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Cindy Morley
Cindy Morley - 3 months ago
Try toothpaste it works wonders. Not gel toothpaste.
tjsilvius1 - 4 months ago
Check out Alsa paints they have a soft feel paint that goes on flat and is un scratchable
TrollMaster300 - 4 months ago
Blackout Outlaw... No chrome!! Lol
BIG DADDY D - 4 months ago
Soooo dam ugly
Phoenix Jacks
Phoenix Jacks - 5 months ago
Brandon Schuler (Student)
Brandon Schuler (Student) - 5 months ago
Awesome car
Justin Time
Justin Time - 5 months ago
So did outlaw almost get killed by exhaust or did he make his wife do that scene lol
CrazyJoe Wurst
CrazyJoe Wurst - 5 months ago
Outlaw the car looks amazing
Kyle Walck
Kyle Walck - 5 months ago
I think all that needs to be done is smoke out the light lenses
Cylan Darll
Cylan Darll - 5 months ago
The phantom of Dixie
Cylan Darll
Cylan Darll - 5 months ago
I know that’s a church song
XB1swagger2123 - 5 months ago
Who would that Outlaw's dream car is an el Camino lmao
rental580 uncle
rental580 uncle - 5 months ago
Nice car
Tristin Lascelle
Tristin Lascelle - 5 months ago
It may be a pain to clean but matte black is real nice on them cars
Tristan Vick
Tristan Vick - 5 months ago
El camino look insane
Jon Deeb
Jon Deeb - 5 months ago
The car would look better with the original red and black stripes
Jared Lopez
Jared Lopez - 5 months ago
Ok I hate to be that negative guy , but not impressed at all, quality of paint job looks decent , but wrong color scheme for this make and model , am I the only one who thinks that the 68 and 69 were the only good looking body style Caminos. Anyway way , glad he likes it.
shelby harris
shelby harris - 5 months ago
White paint marker for the tires lol
Bro Gainz
Bro Gainz - 5 months ago
It would probably be the only diesel el camino in this world owned by the one and only outlaw
Bro Gainz
Bro Gainz - 5 months ago
Pretty please dispel swap it it would be so much more bad ass if it rolled coal
Brodie Hoard
Brodie Hoard - 5 months ago
Would clear coat help to contain finger prints
Tyler Malloni
Tyler Malloni - 5 months ago
Clear bra
Cameron Nalley
Cameron Nalley - 5 months ago
Watch the burnouts. You’ll get rubber sticking all on the back, wheel wells, etc. might fuck the paint idk
Brady Claar
Brady Claar - 5 months ago
Is it a 383 stroker
Supreme Cichlids
Supreme Cichlids - 5 months ago
Gloss dark gray
Chris Merritt
Chris Merritt - 5 months ago
Id say do the chrome pieces in a brushed gun metal.
Winston Jones
Winston Jones - 5 months ago
Ive always used bleach white, with a 8 inch long stiff brush to clean my white lettering and it works great. I think you can find it at Wally World too🙌🏼
ron jeremy
ron jeremy - 5 months ago
Black magic bleach white takes the yellow right off...keep the matte and use a matte clear coat and you wont have that problem with keeping it clean i just painted my zx9r matte black with 3 coats of matte clear and it stays clean
nick martin
nick martin - 5 months ago
Do semi gloss
landin davis
landin davis - 5 months ago
You and Lunkers need to race when it gets finished
Matthew Reed
Matthew Reed - 5 months ago
Needs sum chrome muscle car style wheels
FatGuyTV - 5 months ago
love the car man but i gotta say i hate the wheels but to each is own and long as its what u like all that matters lol
o iSlay
o iSlay - 5 months ago
Black out the turn signals
Neel 1851
Neel 1851 - 5 months ago
why don't the stripes go over the roof and tailgate ??
Adam Sealey
Adam Sealey - 5 months ago
Am I the only one that noticed that the damn has a different flat black than the rest😂
Rex Parker
Rex Parker - 5 months ago
Put stripes on the tailgate it looks off
HC TipZ - 5 months ago
Beautiful car!!!!!! I’m more into molars but I can say I love the way how that turned out it and also peep the 55 through 57 chevys in the back😍
James Adams vlogs
James Adams vlogs - 5 months ago
Tint the lights
STREETRACEN4U - 5 months ago
Car looks sweet! 5% tint is the only way to go, I have 40% on my windshield and its perfect.
banga8080 - 5 months ago
Bro 1st time on your channel the elcamino is cool af
I wouldn't even tint it
You got to let ppl see you driving this beast
Texas Tommy
Texas Tommy - 5 months ago
leave it. i love that car
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