Conan Forces Jordan Schlansky To Clean His Filthy Office

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ahtan2000 - Minute ago
Great chemistry btw conan n jordan. Love it
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - 8 hours ago
Is this guy acting?
FistOfFury Ng
FistOfFury Ng - 15 hours ago
Jordan, you are Awesome!!! From:Malaysia
CLuv - Day ago
We always joke, but now I DO want to know what Jordan does for the show
Matthew Chufong-Sprague
Paulina Rzepka
Paulina Rzepka - 2 days ago
Jordan’s eyes came to live when the wine got near his lips 👄
Ruhan Slater
Ruhan Slater - 2 days ago
Jordan jerks off too much
Mohan Tandon
Mohan Tandon - 2 days ago
Micheal and Toby
T P - 2 days ago
She looks a little like Patty Spivot.... She looks good.
song amanda
song amanda - 3 days ago
He still has the coffee machine hahahaha
Sarah Sarah
Sarah Sarah - 4 days ago
I think he’s the nicest boss ever
Laforce Dave
Laforce Dave - 4 days ago
wanne go for a snack , oh sure 7th door second floor
Kyla Nyatlo
Kyla Nyatlo - 4 days ago
My Man. I love Jordan
Donald Pesavento Jr
Donald Pesavento Jr - 4 days ago
Wow she’s so good at that
joey Thans
joey Thans - 6 days ago
im probably the only one who sees it but hes got hydrating gel and paper towels. what does jordan do when hes alone?
Hassan Asif
Hassan Asif - 5 days ago
Conan installed a camera to monitor him so I highly doubt that some kinky stuff is happening there....
Johnny Fernandez
Johnny Fernandez - 6 days ago
Julie cute
Essential Wellness
Essential Wellness - 6 days ago
he seems to know quite a lot about gut flora, yet eats processed meats and whey protein bars... just a little contradictory
Zenon Ingalunda
Zenon Ingalunda - 6 days ago
He was on a good mood before the Conan Storm hit him. 😂. I love the Conan-Jordan duo.
Thraxous Syrbane
Thraxous Syrbane - 6 days ago
This reminds me of my relationship with my boss, lol.
Rahmann Voloso
Rahmann Voloso - 7 days ago
The office brought me here
first/m /last
first/m /last - 7 days ago
I love coco. He definitely doesn't have TDS like the other worthless no talent LN hosts.
CulichorHimself - 7 days ago
Jordan Schlansky the perfect TDS
Ben G
Ben G - 7 days ago
Jordan is as classic ocd science nerd case. He can’t help it. He even know the TDS (total dissolved Solids) appropriate for better coffee. ;)
mohammad ali sadeghi
mohammad ali sadeghi - 7 days ago
Monica Geller
SneakPeek TV
SneakPeek TV - 8 days ago
jordan: "this has a TDS of let's say 400 and this has a TDS of probably reverse osmasi is not perfect..."
conan : "you know what, I find you tedious."
Arkadeep Mukherjee
Arkadeep Mukherjee - 8 days ago
God! Why did I choose to watch this show while having coffee.. now there's a lot of cleaning to do!!!!
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson - 8 days ago
straight beat people for food
Keri Booth
Keri Booth - 9 days ago
Is he really so lazy and egotistical that he doesn't stand to welcome a lady?
He needs etiquette lessons. I know children with better manners.
Who's going to listen to him talk about ANYthing anyway?
Jerminator 356
Jerminator 356 - 9 days ago
I too find jordan TDS
Chris Vang
Chris Vang - 10 days ago
Lol she's trying her best not to laugh 🤣
giO jarvis
giO jarvis - 10 days ago
Jordan is the Karl Pilkington to Conan's Ricky Jervais.
MsLewcee - 11 days ago
Meanwhile in 2019 as I watch, I've flatlined at least twice. 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna - 11 days ago
Conan is so mean.
Andrea Kossio 안드레아
Is this guy real? HAHAHAHA
Sean - 11 days ago
I’d like to see Jordan’s search history
JabberCT - 11 days ago
This is kinda proof that Jordan plays a character. When they 1st entered his office he was all cheery and then when he saw the cameras he went deadpan. Funny as hell though.
Stone S
Stone S - 11 days ago
You can tell that Conan and Jordan are actually really good friends, otherwise Jordan 99% surely likely wouldn't do this stuff.
ryan - 11 days ago
Is the way jordan is an act for the show or is he really just that embarassing in real life
Shine Sebastian
Shine Sebastian - 8 days ago
He's just acting
Paul GT40
Paul GT40 - 11 days ago
Gutflora hahahah
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow - 11 days ago
rip on jordan all you want but the guy is 46 years old and is super cut and looks much younger than his age
mangiomongye - 12 days ago
Has anyone noticed the sign for his office @ 1:08 😂😂😂😂
impractical smoker
impractical smoker - 12 days ago
Dudes a NPC
Angelo Alires
Angelo Alires - 12 days ago
I feel like if Jordon wasn't a successful television producer, I'm pretty sure he'd be a serial killer.
gabriel Rivera
gabriel Rivera - 12 days ago
Dude this gotta be scripted
Mister Refraction
Mister Refraction - 13 days ago
How does it ROT leach minerals? Any one who uses a brita water filter is an idiot. Send him back to the jungle where he belongs
Em Dash
Em Dash - 13 days ago
Did anyone else know there was a couch in his office????
T. Swafford
T. Swafford - 14 days ago
Dude...I can watch your videos over and over as long, that you have Jordan Schlansky in it. You guys are off the chain!
Kristen Baker
Kristen Baker - 14 days ago
I find myself on a Jordan Schlansky binge XD
Matthew Novak
Matthew Novak - 14 days ago
I think Jordan is just a vastly intelligent guy, who is surrounded by...."normal"... people.
securedigit - 14 days ago
Despite of what Conan does to Jordan on these videos he still knocks his door before entering 1:06.
Shubhajit Raha
Shubhajit Raha - 14 days ago
The way Jordan controls his laugh. Man he should get some medal for that 🤣😋
Luke Daniell
Luke Daniell - 14 days ago
1:07 "One cranky fake Italian" LOL
doel89 - 14 days ago
he has a nespresso machine
SlavicGirl BG
SlavicGirl BG - 15 days ago
I just love how European Jordan is.
teipkep - 15 days ago
why they didnt make more of these?
Katherine Z
Katherine Z - 15 days ago
I want to protection for Jordan mess Office
alumbo - 15 days ago
@7:07 Because he's autistic.
Zenpai - 15 days ago
He enjoys being a genius while we enjoy being stupid. I mean being stupid takes less effort but the world needs more smart people like Jordan and less that use the time to laugh about smart people like us.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones - 16 days ago
A stab from the NBC envelope lol
Mine Calos
Mine Calos - 16 days ago
I'm I the only who feels like Conan is being rly mean to Jordan.
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