Conan Forces Jordan Schlansky To Clean His Filthy Office

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Retrro - Hour ago
So no one noticed, "one cranky fake Italian" sign? lmaoo
Danijel - 20 hours ago
After few hours i started to like Jordan a lot. I think the guy had to do too much work and that was the reason for the mess. Dude got huge brain and that brain could not work just for Conan. Respect for Jordan and i know its just the show, but i feel bad for Jordan
The Truth
The Truth - Day ago
They should have let it run until she actually cleaned and organised the offuce
The Truth
The Truth - Day ago
Conan is a legend
Chris Innis
Chris Innis - 2 days ago
Admittedly, while I know Conan, I’m fairly new to all the crazy that is Jordan. That said, can someone tell me, is this just a schtick he’s doing, or is this Jordan fella off a little for real?? Lol, I’m legit curious.
Dillion McGee
Dillion McGee - 2 days ago
1:09 his title is fake Italian
Slaughter Bot
Slaughter Bot - 4 days ago
*Conan , Stop Bullying Jordan*
Aidan Chapman
Aidan Chapman - 5 days ago
Poor Jordan
hola - 5 days ago
Jatin Goverdhan
Jatin Goverdhan - 5 days ago
4:00 Conan was like "here we go "
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore - 5 days ago
Funny stuff
SwollenRhino - 6 days ago
This guys a tool, should of worked at Home Depot!
jmizzle5 !
jmizzle5 ! - 7 days ago
I can't get enough of these clips.
Fireheart - 7 days ago
I think jordan writes the scripts for conan. Thats my guess as to what he does
Samuel Vieira
Samuel Vieira - 7 days ago
I keep coming back to this video.
Jinjun Vonphilliys
Jinjun Vonphilliys - 8 days ago
Is Jordan a real person?
ReLaTiViTy! - 8 days ago
I like how she took her time organizing things in her head while Conan was messing up with Jordan.
Cesar Mendonca
Cesar Mendonca - 8 days ago
When she realizes that the boss is the real dush bag
losttribel - 8 days ago
I love this character
Nikola Kuridza
Nikola Kuridza - 8 days ago
A professional office organizer???
Zetsuke4 - 9 days ago
Rewatch this masterpiece so many times
Lady Peace
Lady Peace - 9 days ago
I'm new to Conan.. why is he so mean to this guy?? 😂😂😂😭
Arnulfo Ledezma
Arnulfo Ledezma - 9 days ago
Is it me or does the organizer lady look like a female Ted Cruz
Dohn Joe
Dohn Joe - 9 days ago
Well done, Julie. Professional.
Tree dk
Tree dk - 10 days ago
That sandwitch look good
Ryo Oda
Ryo Oda - 10 days ago
So the organizer leaves more knowledgeable?😂
Ridzuan Rizal
Ridzuan Rizal - 12 days ago
His soul flew away when he saw the camera cuz before he saw the camera he ask conan "how are you"
Robert Riku
Robert Riku - 12 days ago
Jordan is not like that in Real life, right ???
Balinux - 12 days ago
He can't wait to retire to Italy.
Rosh Lepz
Rosh Lepz - 13 days ago
2:55 he is so serious
Rosh Lepz
Rosh Lepz - 13 days ago
This is the one beheaded by a taekwondo master
C L - 13 days ago
No matter how small the setting, these two are Titans
Alex Christo
Alex Christo - 13 days ago
I do not believe that Jordan is a real person... he is the definition of a lizard person
Rosh Lepz
Rosh Lepz - 13 days ago
Like a robot
Gacha teens
Gacha teens - 13 days ago
Wis Dom
Wis Dom - 13 days ago
You just know Jordan's the type of person to talk so much crap behind his bosses back with his friend. lol
Stephen Ragsdale
Stephen Ragsdale - 11 days ago
Wis Dom if he ever finds one
Chris Heckert
Chris Heckert - 14 days ago
This is possibly the most unscripted scripted skit ever aired on TV. He is either an amazing actor, or they played off the truth. That's true reality TV guys.
Rosh Lepz
Rosh Lepz - 13 days ago
I believe he is serious
fat matt
fat matt - 14 days ago
Jordan rambles like a cokehead
Youri Verstraete
Youri Verstraete - 16 days ago
Kiran Muni Hembram
Kiran Muni Hembram - 16 days ago
Conan binge!!!
Dab Hacks2
Dab Hacks2 - 17 days ago
Am I the only one who feels like they would get along with Jordan?
YouTube Customer Support
YouTube Customer Support - 18 days ago
*you heard me*
Abil Benny
Abil Benny - 18 days ago
He’s like Dwight Schrute
Laurelindo - 18 days ago
Everything about Jordan Schlansky is bound to make him boring as all hell, and yet for some reason he ends up being incredibly funny instead.
GameWave - 19 days ago
OK, he really is abusing Jordan.
V Walt
V Walt - 16 days ago
GameWave it’s an act, don’t stress, unless you were being sarcastic :)
Lost Art
Lost Art - 20 days ago
Why in Jordan's picture, he looks like he should be on master chef
Katherine DiDona
Katherine DiDona - 20 days ago
I find you TDS LMFAO 🤣🤣😂😂
DrDapper DrDapper
DrDapper DrDapper - 20 days ago
Im no milfer but damn she such a sweet lady !
刘宇龙 - 20 days ago
MarVal 911
MarVal 911 - 20 days ago
Since Conan hasn't uploaded any new videos with Jordan in it, I started to watch all the ones I''ve already watched! We need more videos with Jordan!!!
MemeLordMart - 21 day ago
This Guy knows to much useless shit..............I LOVE IT !!!
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche - 21 day ago
I don't get it, the guy is so anal retentive and his office is such a mess??
Official Ziggy Channel
Official Ziggy Channel - 22 days ago
umm the whole thing was about the office and they never showed it finished. ?????
MemeLordMart - 21 day ago
Official Ziggy Channel They did........?.???
High lonesome Bluegrass
High lonesome Bluegrass - 22 days ago
Julie is so mmmmm mmmmmm yep
cj West
cj West - 23 days ago
can you imagine if Jordan had his own show...
paul steven Lockley
paul steven Lockley - 23 days ago
Scene runcorn custody suite 😂😂😂😂😂
EJ'S GARAGE - 23 days ago
Conan looks like he needs more gutts flora
Chicken Nugget Scoon
Chicken Nugget Scoon - 23 days ago
Is it just me or was she crushing on Jordan?
X-Tech Gam!nG
X-Tech Gam!nG - 24 days ago
Holy crabs, that lady must be 19 feet tall!!
Shallex - 23 days ago
what do you mean, she's still at least 5-6 inches shorter than conan, who is 6'4.
Unjust Win
Unjust Win - 24 days ago
What happend to his hand
Hard Worker
Hard Worker - 24 days ago
Conan.. bro he Hates you .. Deeply.. love your skits man
zargug - 24 days ago
He is insecure
Zhongyu Cao
Zhongyu Cao - 25 days ago
Still got that espresso machine
sameer mishra
sameer mishra - 26 days ago
I bet this lady will be quitting her job given a chance to clean my hostel room.
Melania Osorio
Melania Osorio - 26 days ago
Omg! Is 1am and im laughing so much. I love this
Aaerk Xaiedrschtaufenbach Aaerkhaezxahaenlock-e
I feel like Jordan and Conan are the closest friends to ever exist
Aditya Bahali
Aditya Bahali - 26 days ago
conan is a manspreder as a feminist i am offeneded
Futuristictpa Yt
Futuristictpa Yt - 26 days ago
its like Toby and Michael
Tommy Escalante
Tommy Escalante - 27 days ago
We need to see a “then and now “episode!!!
chin ho bae
chin ho bae - 27 days ago
i think he is advertising
mmsmith1777 - 27 days ago
Jordan is so perfect in his deadpan expression.
Ali al-matawa
Ali al-matawa - 27 days ago
Dont do that to food CONAN.. a lot of people hope that food you throw
DummyDaren - 27 days ago
i remember being 18/19 first watching this. now im 24 and I dont think this will ever not be funny.
New Thought
New Thought - 28 days ago
Jordan is now Jason from the Friday films....
HEY YO STFU - 28 days ago
Why is there almost two thousand dislikes though?
Max Dixon
Max Dixon - 28 days ago
Jay Robb looks like Julian from TPBs 5:00
Vineet Honkan
Vineet Honkan - 27 days ago
Who is Jay Robb?
Zac Lebeau
Zac Lebeau - 28 days ago
I love Jordan
inhale dd t
inhale dd t - 28 days ago
*different waters* 😂
Qortex - 29 days ago
You can see Jordan physically dying when Conan ate his sandwich
Nikka Kaye
Nikka Kaye - 29 days ago
Normal office of smart people...
Only Death Decides
Only Death Decides - 29 days ago
A well dressed and well spoken man is extremly attractive :D
Vered Cookie
Vered Cookie - 29 days ago
sitting in sweatpants, on my comfy bed, with organic chai tea with fresh honey and listening to Conan O Bryan..
*these are the days to live for*
Xenina In California
Xenina In California - Month ago
How do people not like this skit? It's hilarious. Jordan is brilliant.
Patty St
Patty St - Month ago
binge watching all jordan videos again....
in the end it looked like he was planning their murders in his head
yellooh - Month ago
Things don't add up making it hilarious
brice cate
brice cate - Month ago
@4:40 that was damn clever
stuckonautomatic - Month ago
His pin board looks exactly the same than half a year earlier when Conan caught him coming late.
Joanne Cohen
Joanne Cohen - Month ago
You need to fix Jordan to fix Jordan with a female psychologist on a Date.
holdmybeer - Month ago
Thumbs up for trashing NBC. too bad they could add Leno's face to it.
Mugiwara Luffy
Mugiwara Luffy - Month ago
Is this a real thing?
European spasticity
European spasticity - Month ago
Owen Benjamin is right. this clip proves it.

That's all i'm saying
Jessica Charles
Jessica Charles - Month ago
We NEED more Jordan!
Freddy Nieto
Freddy Nieto - Month ago
For a dude that carries himself like the classiest of all humans, he can't even stand to greet a female
Shawn&Inna Barrett
Shawn&Inna Barrett - Month ago
ot t o p o t a k o p y t p y l p o p o l y letit
Tom Bryant
Tom Bryant - Month ago
These are so so funny to me haha
5:52 love jordan just holding in his "anger" 😂
Chris - Month ago
was that really how his office was?
Josh Widmer
Josh Widmer - Month ago
I find you TDS is the. greatest. Joke. Ever.
YourDayHasEnded - Month ago
Hostile Work Environment Much Conan?
jingqh - Month ago
Didn't Jordan say he likes his surroundings to be stylish? This is definitely "stylish" lol
A Turk's Documentary
A Turk's Documentary - Month ago
The bit that Conan did about the Italian restaurant when he saw the wine boxes was so funny lol.
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