Trying NUDE Makeup...But What IS Nude?! | Jackie Aina

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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina - 3 months ago
that nude shoe line I told you about can be found here:
FYI the shoes run small, I would suggest going a size up!
Reni Fasinro
Reni Fasinro - 2 months ago
Randi Austin christian louboutin
aSyMbolden - 16 hours ago
I don't have a spleen lmao
Grady Baby
Grady Baby - Day ago
The YSL looks good with your hair and makeup in this video
Rachel Carter
Rachel Carter - 2 days ago
That's why I like the foundations that are titled with numbers or letters, such as Fenty and some of the other ones with letters indicating their group, undertone, and then the number. Because besides "nude", which is arbitrary, words like, "snow" "cotton" "mocha" "caramel" make me feel uncomfortable.
Madeline Colbert
Madeline Colbert - 2 days ago
Tati Lopez
Tati Lopez - 5 days ago
when you said Tatiana i was shook 😭😭
Ikeena Hardman
Ikeena Hardman - 6 days ago
Love you Jackie! This one was just for me. So glad for the deep girl options. Thank you!
Latisha Harrison
Latisha Harrison - 9 days ago
Your makeup looks great!! What eyeshadow and lipstick did you use for your look at the beginning of the video??
orlando - 9 days ago
the editing of this is 10/10
Paloma M.
Paloma M. - 10 days ago
I am glad you did this video. Some people need to understand that one color fits all is not accurate.
Saskia Buttolph
Saskia Buttolph - 10 days ago
Take a shot every time Jackie says "nude" 😂
JustDontAskIDK - 11 days ago
I have a foundation named "Natural" and its literally the second lightest shade in the range 😑
Claire Cook
Claire Cook - 11 days ago
This is so important!!!!!!!! What a queen
Otowneecee - 12 days ago
Is “Nude” a color concept in the darker complexioned countries of Africa? If so, what’s the standard “Nude” in Nigeria? Ghana? Kenya? What about in South Africa? What about India? What about Brazil? Are people all over the world settling for one color just for the sake of this universal “Nude”?
Temi - 13 days ago
Audrianna Biggers
Audrianna Biggers - 13 days ago
Jackie sees my history tab!?!?!?!??!?
Alba Navarro Santos
Alba Navarro Santos - 15 days ago
In the Physiciand formula cushion foundation I’m in the shade NATURAL. What the hell does that say about other skin tonessssssss
Genevieve Genovefa
Genevieve Genovefa - 16 days ago
Lol this has nothing to do with the makeup but I just had to say it. You are funny!!! You are the only makeup guru I watch where I get makeup education and a comedy show all at the same time.
MaddieV2137 - 16 days ago
okay honestly... can we have lipsticks with numbered nudes? Like it would be great if companies could make a variety of lipstick with the shade nude but number them so there is a wide range...
Martina L
Martina L - 17 days ago
(Let me just say this before I watch the video) You look gorgeous! The hair the makeup the outfit, everything is just perfect for you! 😍♥️
D 3
D 3 - 17 days ago
The only thing that still blows my mind is how some makeup brands still don't get how a dark brown can also be a nude. Like hello?! Do you not see dark women?! Not cause it looks dark and grunge on lighter people means it's not a nude for darker women smh
Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson - 17 days ago
Yeah while those nudes look like they’d be my colour on your skin they’d be probably too dark for me lol. Except that makeup forever concealer. That looks like it’d work for me.
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez - 18 days ago
I wear the peach perfect foundation in nude and even I don’t agree with the idea of calling it nude, this videos is making me subscribe ♥️
Kawanna Hardy
Kawanna Hardy - 18 days ago
Love how you approach serious issues, with a side of humor.
nomfundo mkhize
nomfundo mkhize - 18 days ago
Create a makeup line please I can already see it on a tv advert with your Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie song with a soft voice aaaaaahhhhh YES YES YES please do it
Josué Alonso ddel Rey
Josué Alonso ddel Rey - 19 days ago
I think i should subscribe after you called me out 😒😂
tracy ann johnson
tracy ann johnson - 20 days ago
You have a great mouth!👌🏽
lxn - 20 days ago
Essence created a nude collection for every skintone, check it out
Erin Fennessy
Erin Fennessy - 20 days ago
I friggin LOVE how Jackie deals with the tone deaf issues in the makeup community. There definitely are still issues when it comes to inclusivity especially in skin coloring, but the way she delivers the issues is so calm and mature and nonaccusatory toward any groups in particular and she really frames everything positively and doesn’t let the negativity come through in her attitude or anything and it just is a good way to really make people see the real issues without pissing people off if that makes sense
Nicole H
Nicole H - 21 day ago
What eyeshadow are you wearing? It is gorgeous!
whodrankmy bleach
whodrankmy bleach - 21 day ago
For me personally this video wasn't educational or informative in any way. I mean...noone showed us how to find our nude (if thats a thing) or cool and warm stuff or whatever idk idk but it's just not helpful... It really isn't except for the company for nudes for darker people
And yes I do think it's very important for everyone to be able to find their color. But it still wasn't helpful, it's just 19 mins of bitching..
Marlene Vale
Marlene Vale - 21 day ago
I dont know where you’re from but you’re accent is super cute. Like you don’t just say “on” you say “oWn” and it’s super cute I love it
Allyshia Berger
Allyshia Berger - 22 days ago
"I know this is the 6th video, I see your history tab"
Allyshia Berger
Allyshia Berger - 22 days ago
Why dont they do like "fair nude, fair light nude, light nude, light medium nude, medium nude, medium tan nude, tan nude, tan dark nude, dark nude, dark deep nude, deep nude"
Or something like that?
Rebekah Curl
Rebekah Curl - 22 days ago
i love this. i love how open you are about this race issues in the beauty community. it’s interesting and eye opening to hear you talk about problems in the industry that must gurus tip toe around. i appreciate your honesty
Mariaforever - 23 days ago
Don't even bother with nudes 😂 Even on me that I'm pale as fuck, the lipsticks called "nude" make me look like I'm dead 😂
Margzz Kelsey
Margzz Kelsey - 23 days ago
Yessssss 💜✨🌸💗
Krys Kalima
Krys Kalima - 24 days ago
I die everytime she says that I've watched so many of her videos today.... She's so right!!! I binge her videos 😭😭
Charina Simeon
Charina Simeon - 24 days ago
You are very smart and very beautiful. But, all the over exaggerated faces you make, when talking, are very distracting. I wish you could tone it down a little. I think you're ideas and message were able to shine more, during the less over dramatic moments in the video.
I usually take a long time to come and watch your videos, because of this. Like I said, you're beautiful and smart. You don't need all the extra.
Nina Feder
Nina Feder - 24 days ago
Jackie is the og and I oop user
Melanie Helo
Melanie Helo - 26 days ago
Too bad make-up can't be on a level system like hair color. Collab???
Nakita O.
Nakita O. - 26 days ago
You coughed on Charlotte Tilbury 😂😂😂😂😂
SheeSha - 27 days ago
its free.99 sold me. im now a subscriber
Kenzy Mullins
Kenzy Mullins - 27 days ago
Even as a pasty white boy. When I was getting makeup for theater and stuff I was ALWAYS told the nude is for pale yellow/olive toned skin. I wish there was more equality in the makeup community and I’m so glad you are talking about it. I have all the makeup at my fingertips but I wish people of color could say the same. You’re an inspiration 💖
Kailyn Crandell
Kailyn Crandell - 28 days ago
I love u Jackie you are so funny! And you are absolutely right. There should be a nude shade and products for darker skin tones. Even in the darkest shades. Nude is not just one color!
Monica Faour
Monica Faour - 28 days ago
Watching this after watching the nude lipstick line from jacklyn hill... fitting
Sunset Sunrise
Sunset Sunrise - 29 days ago
CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN and NUBIAN SKIN has a WIDE selection of nude sandals, pumps and flats.
Katy Stephens
Katy Stephens - 29 days ago
This hair 😍 Also, your edits are so hilarious lol
silkesilke100 - 29 days ago
I've always found 'nude' a weird concept. My nude ain't your nude and vice versa so why is my coloring concidered nude and yours not? Wrong on so many levels..
c quad
c quad - Month ago
jackie makes me wish i could like videos more than once
OrianaJasmyne - Month ago
I need the name of this ABH lipstick please and thank you
Reese B
Reese B - Month ago
"You might be running a Fortune 500 company with a nude once you get the right color and the right liner." ☺😂
Mønîkā JVb
Mønîkā JVb - Month ago
Jackie intro song go hard Everytimeeee I sing it along with you 💃💃💃
ceceoo3 - Month ago
It's like band aids called flesh tone and I'm like🙄...flesh tone for who?! It ain't the tone of my flesh!!!
Fikile Nokuthula Gama
Fikile Nokuthula Gama - Month ago
I don't know man, Jackie is looking waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more botox-y than the last time i saw her. Which is probably a year ago.
Anyway...let me carry on watching.
Amber MG
Amber MG - Month ago
I hear you! Never got into makeup because they only ever had 2 to 3 shades of brown.... Neither of which was for me.
Lena Mel
Lena Mel - Month ago
Not when she said gieco lmao matter of fact let me pay the bill now
Marc Manuele
Marc Manuele - Month ago
I honestly never thought about nude in this way.. I always envision a nude as a light beige or something. The foundations being called nude is crazy tho now that u mentioned it. All foundations could be called nude🧐
Sydnie Adkins
Sydnie Adkins - Month ago
Wish I had ur eyelid space
Michaela Vinyard
Michaela Vinyard - Month ago
I am living for that hair color on youuuu!! My lord, what a goddess!! 💕💕💕
yoga cats
yoga cats - Month ago
Bish what? That darkest shade wouldn't even work as a highlight shade for me and I'm actually Caucasian.
musizkaldiva4life - Month ago
Thank you for this video. I live for a real nude
R. Lucas
R. Lucas - Month ago
I'm officially part of the get Jackie past 10 milly crew!!!
Musix & Art
Musix & Art - Month ago
I love the way you talk about ur race without bashing other ones. Bc the main reason i dont really watch alot african amaerican yt-ers is cuz they lowkey make me feel shitty about my race. But you make me understand ur struggles without bringing others down. But i barely started watching u so i hope ur like this all the time.
Mya Philippa Gill
Mya Philippa Gill - Month ago
Why would you call a foundation shade nude, unless that's the name of the foundation. Especially if you make foundation and know that there are bare shades 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mya Philippa Gill
Mya Philippa Gill - Month ago
It slyly looks like she's sitting on the toilet 😂😂😂😂
Hunter Romans
Hunter Romans - Month ago
Aren’t all foundation shades supposed to be nude? If so why they gon name one shade nude when the rest sposed to be nude too?
P03ticJustice - Month ago
Do a line called FLESH and make a range of nudes....and name them after synonyms of the word naked or flesh or skin....
Kristian Singleton
Kristian Singleton - Month ago
this is EVERYTHING! thank you for always sticking to your values
Golden x Diva
Golden x Diva - Month ago
I do the same thing cause I’m PETTY! When i go to Sephora and ask for nude and they give me peachy, beige colors I say “that’s not nude, that’s peach” then i point to a brown shade and say “that’s nude” and they respond “oh you mean the brown?” Then I remind them that that’s MY nude and that nude is subjective!
I’m not the one, lol
Domonique S
Domonique S - Month ago
Hey Jackie - I came back to this video to see what the name of that Anastasia nude lipstick is. I want to go grab it. Can you let me know?
KCB Daily
KCB Daily - Month ago
I have this conversation with people about shoes all the time. Nude for you is not the same nude for me. I was a bridesmaid and i had to clarify with the bride. You said nude so... do you want me to get beige or do you want me to get my color. Because I don’t know what color scheme you’re going for and I don’t want to mess it up. I don’t think she had ever thought about it before that moment. Then she was like oh beige. Cool. Got it.
Youtube binger
Youtube binger - Month ago
I'm OBSESSED with her. As a person of colour, I love that we have people standing up for us and representingggg uggghhh I love her so much
AccordingtoHannah - Month ago
Gurl yes! I'm on the other side of the spectrum with nudes. I'm so pale that they all either look pink or brown on me. Like all makeup companies write of anyone whose skin tone is either darker than beige or lighter than fair.
allie ross
allie ross - Month ago
3lla - Month ago
So by nude they mean white with yellow undertones?
Cherice Washington
Cherice Washington - Month ago
I also love the social message in this video. Thank you Jackie for speaking up with a clear and powerful message.
Cherice Washington
Cherice Washington - Month ago
What color was the liner that you applied with the peachy nude in the beginning of the video. Anybody can chime in! Thanks y'all!
Alisha Zaman
Alisha Zaman - Month ago
I came upon your skin bleaching video and then got automatically hooked
Alisha Zaman
Alisha Zaman - Month ago
I came upon your skin bleaching video and then got automatically hooked
Alisha Zaman
Alisha Zaman - Month ago
I used to think I couldn't do nude makeup since I was a dark skinned. Brown girl
Caitlynn Morrow
Caitlynn Morrow - Month ago
I love you Jackie! I may be a white girl but I feel you when you talk about the pigment of someone's skin. I may be white but I'm extremely lightly complected and finding a shade for me is HORRID. I always have to play mad scientist to make things work and this sucks! Yes there are products that recently have made it easier for me but getting a porcelain/alabaster shade that matches my neutral/more warm tone and doesn't turn my face into a giant peach is hard and I spent years "making it work" they need to start making products that cater to us all and not just what they believe is the normal most used, or purchased shades. Keep on doing you girl don't let anyone stop you
Kay Karma
Kay Karma - Month ago
The concept of “nude” makeup never made sense to me. If nude is everyone’s natural skin colour, isn’t any type of foundation already nude? And concealers etc.
Heather929 - Month ago
Auntie Jackieeeeeee...girl. You told the absolute truth. Love this video!!! In one ear and out the spleen tho, lolololol
Syd Santiaga
Syd Santiaga - Month ago
so informative ND yes I'm tired of going to mac for a decent nude for darkskin
Lyan-Joy Lugay
Lyan-Joy Lugay - Month ago
I love how you posted just what I was looking for!
XO Ta'Chan
XO Ta'Chan - Month ago
I honestly come to this channel for the jokes😂😂😂I love Jackie, she gives me life
PrettyLanae - Month ago
Gorgeous as always,...and this hair is everything!
themmadhatter - Month ago
I feel like "nude streak" is less about skin color and more a nod to streaking... nude... In which case, I find it kinda hilarious that the least offensive name is from a Japanese company since Asian brands tend to be the least diverse and sensitive when it comes to skin products. Mostly, I just want to see a brand where ALL colors are called "nude" with different descriptors 😂 Because I agree -- calling a color "nude" perpetuates ingrained and exclusionary perceptions of what's normative.
Druidess462 - Month ago
Egle Tamulynas- Mendoza
Waitttt she said "quite the pigmented water" lmfao.
kelly Martin
kelly Martin - Month ago
I feel like the definition of nude should be, 'A colour, shade or tone that can appear naturally within someones bare skin.'
Zoe Walker
Zoe Walker - Month ago
As a dark girl, when I was little everyone would have crayons and color in skin with “nude” crayons and I’d be like ....that’s not how my skin looks. “Nude” isn’t just one shade in my opinion.
Angeliki Mourra
Angeliki Mourra - 2 months ago
Some1 should make a line of nude lipsticks. Nude #1 to Nude #100 !
Brands putting nude out there wtf are they thinking? Fckin hell
Latosha Duran
Latosha Duran - 2 months ago
Sis can we get this eye shadow tutorial 🙋🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️
Lora Hennity
Lora Hennity - Month ago
Also want to know what shadow she has on 😍
Akilia Lewis
Akilia Lewis - 2 months ago
watching your videos really brighten my day. Thank you.
Rosaline Nurse
Rosaline Nurse - 2 months ago
Amazing hair
Mad - 2 months ago
I’m a white girl who loves these videos. Spread the awareness bby
Jamila Lawshe
Jamila Lawshe - 2 months ago
My favorite beauty YouTuber!!
champagne - 2 months ago
Jackie don't you stop doing what you doing for Melanie Rich sisters keep it going. What all you do make us sisters listings and find products that are made by us for us
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