SORONPRFBS "I Love You All" live in New York City

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Cyn Bastercha
Cyn Bastercha - Month ago
You can tell these actors are having fun in a wtf way. Look
at Gleeson's face and Fassbender's moves 😂.
aakkoin - 6 months ago
I can't believe the goddamn actors are playing
Nick Valente
Nick Valente - 10 months ago
Lay an egg for me Ginger bird....lay an egg!
lazo marsh
lazo marsh - 10 months ago
hmmm.. maybe my cover of this song isn't so bad after all
lazo marsh
lazo marsh - 10 months ago
Frank is one of my fav movies.. would have been cool to see that live
erick velazquez
erick velazquez - 10 months ago
michael fassbender rockstar😎🕊
Canal do Akarov
Canal do Akarov - 10 months ago
Kentaur Sheppard
Kentaur Sheppard - 11 months ago
She can really hit those drums
roger morales
roger morales - Year ago
Thats so cool i cant believe theyre really in a band
tago mago
tago mago - Year ago
is Marky Ramone there back in the crowd?
Christopher Brunelle
Sam Harrison
Sam Harrison - Year ago
These guys need to quit the movie industry and just do the band. The world needs more Soronprfbs!!!
James Kaihatu
James Kaihatu - Year ago
I saw this film on the TriBeCa channel last night. I loved it and went ahead and got the soundtrack from iTunes.
I haven't wished for the actuality of a fake band like this since Spinal Tap.
This is a great performance - basically like the film but no one hates Jon.
Lance Gu
Lance Gu - Year ago
Holy shit you got to see Michael, Maggie and Domhnall this close?? How amazing
Luca Palazzi
Luca Palazzi - Year ago
If you are looking for something similar..we founded a band, two years ago inspired by this fantastic Movie. This is our first track:
Dan Munoz
Dan Munoz - Year ago
Hell yea!!
Daavhimself - Year ago
I would've paid more for this than Disney World. Fassbender 4ever
Jake film
Jake film - 2 years ago
put your arms around me fiddley digits
nickdryad - 5 months ago
ニアピートゥングケルシ- itchy britches
Glazin' Ghost
Glazin' Ghost - 2 years ago
Carla is the raddest drumr ever
this Kid
this Kid - 2 years ago
i would've given a kidney to be in that crowd ;__;
Red Guerilla
Red Guerilla - 2 years ago
Was this just before the movie came out? Or a random gig where the audience didn't know who was under the mask and the band were actors? Because that's the only way I can fathom why their acting like their at the local bar with a free band no one wants to see.
Sidronio Teichmann
Sidronio Teichmann - 2 years ago
when and why this gig happened? Thanks for uploading, great video!!!
Hubert Shitmeyer
Hubert Shitmeyer - 2 years ago
what the fuck is wrong with the vocal / music time difference. fassbender sings completely out of rythm there.
Red Guerilla
Red Guerilla - 2 years ago
Hubert Shitmeyer I figured it was just me noticing that seeing as no one else commented, he's singing the chorus while the band are playing the first verse lol
Woori Hwang
Woori Hwang - 3 years ago
It will be a legend
Metaphysical Resonance
Metaphysical Resonance - 3 years ago
It slightly bothers me that Domhnall Gleeson is there. Not to say that this is canon but it kind of messes with the ending of the movie. I mean, obviously this is just a publicity thing and doesn't contribute to the plot but it still just feels kind of wrong.
roger morales
roger morales - Year ago
Relax kylo 😂 lol im jk
RoachDawgJrOfficial - 3 years ago
+Michael the Magician I can dream Micheal!!!
Metaphysical Resonance
Metaphysical Resonance - 3 years ago
@The Tri-Force of Gaming I moreso just think it's not canon because it's just a promotional thing.
RoachDawgJrOfficial - 3 years ago
Besides having the keyboard player there. Why wouldn't it be cannon? It's the same bar, they were drawing attention in at the end of the movie. and Frank has a second head in the band van.
EG 86
EG 86 - 3 years ago
I think The Soronprfbs should keep playing live shows. Cool movie. Really liked it.
joanofarc33 - 3 years ago
Except it would interfere with their acting careers and I'm sure Autolux would notice someone was missing from their band.
Fai Hawthorn
Fai Hawthorn - 3 years ago
gooby - 3 years ago
i would've sold my soul to go see them all do this live
eebbeerrttpp - 2 days ago
gooby Your soul is worth $3 and change maybe 😂😂😂
Adam Akers
Adam Akers - 4 years ago
I feel like no one in the audience watched the movie.
The Gamer
The Gamer - Year ago
Adam Akers I think so too :-D
MaskedCommand3r - 2 years ago
Adam Akers Id put money on the fact that whoever disliked this video either hasnt seen the movie or didnt like it...
Tudor Costina
Tudor Costina - 4 years ago
frank is the movie i would watch any times
Nicolás Israel
Nicolás Israel - 2 years ago
TUDOR COSTINA Yup. me too.
Nicky Anderson
Nicky Anderson - 4 years ago
I like this...
LingTjie Ip
LingTjie Ip - 4 years ago
where was I? :(
Daavhimself - 4 years ago
Love the actual song in the movie, but this is amazing.
DDRandDSLover - 4 years ago
Why's the crowd so dead - come on!
Pete Marr
Pete Marr - 4 years ago
Met the real Frank which the film is kinda very loosely based, so loose that it is flopping about a lot in the loose terms :)
Dear Frank Sidebottom with his paper machie head..  :)
mightlife - 4 years ago
@Pete Marr Sad that a lot of the the people commenting bout how much they know about/ like the film probably don't about him. It's a wicked film though.
Jack Morningstar
Jack Morningstar - 4 years ago
What a fucking shit crowd
The AMV TOP 50
The AMV TOP 50 - 4 years ago
It's too hard to hear him through the frank head.  It's his voice that drives it.
D Wattsie
D Wattsie - 4 years ago
@AMV Top 50 Sure it wasn't just the cell phone mic? Between the people and instruments I'm sure it drowned out his voice. but the mask wouldn't help...wouldn't be the same without the mask though.
Rowan Everglade
Rowan Everglade - 4 years ago
why is ian hecox from smosh the keyboardist????
Ceren b
Ceren b - 4 years ago
Why not xd
DevilMaskMedia - 4 years ago
Isle Of Wight Alternative Attractions
One gig I wish I'd attended...
E Zandman
E Zandman - 4 years ago
on Vimeo is a way better live version...
ryand76 - 4 years ago
Lady in the red coat what you doing with that bag!!!!!!
Nick Valente
Nick Valente - 10 months ago
I love you all....for loving Frank.
GavinJustGavin - Year ago
A bands playing a bands playing in my town they are called soronprfbs.
Tudor Costina
Tudor Costina - 4 years ago
+D Wattsie ladies with babies, that is how it works
D Wattsie
D Wattsie - 4 years ago
@ryand76 Lady in the blue coat do you know the lady in the red coat?!
bunji187 - 4 years ago
Wish I could have been there. 
lisquidsnake2 - 4 years ago
fucking hipsters are too cool for this they like
MissMiia - 4 years ago
What do you think woulda happened if Frank took off his mask. I don't think they know who's under there.
Regan Ryan
Regan Ryan - 4 years ago
This crowd sucks!
Fleagle - 4 years ago
I love way over half of you!
Douglas Costa
Douglas Costa - 4 years ago
i totally bought into this fake band hahaha its awesome,the best music out today is from a fake band hahaha
Carlos Lanz
Carlos Lanz - 4 years ago
Fuck yeah!
Moncayo George
Moncayo George - 4 years ago
The movie frank was funny as shit. The music sounds powerful i can dig it.
JaegerAtreyu - 4 years ago
this crowd sucks 
Natalya S
Natalya S - 2 years ago
Totally sucks!
Fiend S
Fiend S - 2 years ago
A bunch of people who half-watched the movie, that now can say they saw them.
singko childers
singko childers - 3 years ago
+JaegerAtreyu I want to agree, cause I loved the song, the scene,and their creative marketing of the song (on talk shows, etc), but I also have to agree that it mustve confused the hell out of them. it is pretty unusual. wait, no..fuck that crowd. heh
Spock - 4 years ago
+Syed Rahman Bunch of cornball tunnel rat trustafarians maximizing their expenditures to say they lived in NY.
De phazz 19
De phazz 19 - 4 years ago
Yeah, Ney Work aint lookin so new anymore #gentrify #rectify #stupefythemasses
Alasdair MacFearnua
Alasdair MacFearnua - 5 years ago
Gr8! My top fav!
Kieran Tuomey
Kieran Tuomey - 5 years ago
I love the way the movie, not really 'satirized' but poked fun at "deep" indie bands. Like Domnhall Gleason was trying to see if he could read into their creative minds but nope, they're just all crazy people. However this is a legitimately good song.
IDontRememberMan - 2 years ago
I would say that the film's main aim was to shine light on the fact that suffering or otherwise having a difficult life does not make an artist great. Gleason's character spends most of the movie trying to understand what it takes to become a great artist, getting caught up in how Frank's supposed trauma made him the person he is etc. Until that scene wherein he meets Frank's parents and they reveal the problems that Frank had in his childhood and how the mask was a coping mechanism type thing. Here Gleason comes to the conclusion that Frank's hardships that he went through were just a part of his life and that they were actually harmful to his development rather than 'what made him a great musician.' The film makes for a pretty in depth conversation on the misunderstandings of artists and where their art comes from.
Meta Tron
Meta Tron - 3 years ago
proterozoic the movie also shinned light on the question of if no one see's it is it still art and even more important can it be art that is pushing the edge further despite the lack of any social interaction.
113414947311647387684 - 3 years ago
+Kieran Tuomey My takeaway was totally different - yeah, the movie did poke fun at them at first, but part of the pleasure of the movie was watching them act like wackos and sample strange sounds and thinking "lol how pointlessly weird is their music?" Then around minute 40 they play Secure the Galactic Perimeter and you're like "HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING"
mightlife - 4 years ago
@Aptr91 *Sidebottom* ;)
D Wattsie
D Wattsie - 4 years ago
@Kieran Tuomey I think crazy people make the best art honestly....Look at most great art....Most of the artists are slightly mad. brilliantly mad!
Custer - 5 years ago
I'd go crazy to that
David Diogo
David Diogo - 5 years ago
Good live performance.Great movie and soundtrack
Waiting For A Century
Waiting For A Century - 5 years ago
Look at that crowd. Don't these people know how to party on music like this?
Daavhimself - 4 years ago
They're clearly just in awe of Fassbender's slick dance moves.
Cátia Cardoso
Cátia Cardoso - 5 years ago
They remind me of Arcade Fire :)
Juan Catala
Juan Catala - 5 years ago
Where's Don? OH WAIT
spaguettyL - 5 years ago
La peli y la banda son increibles!
rainbowblackout - 5 years ago
Frank Sidebottom would have loved this. RIP Frank/Chris.
Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster
The legend lives on :)
SitiSyuraiza Jamadi
SitiSyuraiza Jamadi - 5 years ago
Damn  really?! they turned up in a real band?!
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