Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions - Trouble [Official Music Video]

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Larissa Braga
Larissa Braga - 22 дня назад
lana del rey's roots
Padma Kumar
Padma Kumar - 2 месяца назад
நல்ல தரமான. .
Michael Moon - Dreamtime Poet
Michael Moon - Dreamtime Poet - 2 месяца назад
I Hope I'm Not In Real Bad Trouble
Matthew Laing
Matthew Laing - 4 месяца назад
Sacred to me
Dancing Bear
Dancing Bear - 4 месяца назад
There's trouble in me
Louder than words.....the end
Francesco Pinto
Francesco Pinto - 4 месяца назад
the girl of my dreams
Tyler Canary
Tyler Canary - 5 месяцев назад
This song left me hooked and addicted. I was watching an illuminati sacrifice video about Amy Winehouse's death and this song was playing. I played it in the background all night. It's haunting and beautiful.
fastguitar - 6 месяцев назад
Hope and Jeff beck that would be awesome
Retro Fan
Retro Fan - 6 месяцев назад
Imagine being lost some place, say, you're lost in the woods and hear this beautiful voice singing, guding oyu through till you're no longer lost.
Melodie - 11 дней назад
I think that if you're lost in the woods and hear a woman sing to you like this, you should probably run in the opposite direction lol
polsy gerych
polsy gerych - 7 месяцев назад
fuck off with the damn link window, goddammit!
Tyler Canary
Tyler Canary - 7 месяцев назад
This song is so dreadful, sad and beautiful.
Javedur Rahman
Javedur Rahman - Месяц назад
Tyler Canary Dreadful me thinks not..
Pierre Adler
Pierre Adler - 7 месяцев назад
I love that kinda of trouble. This song is total trouble.
Everlastingly grateful for Hope Sandoval's music, and Mazzy Star's.
Of course, I got all the albums.
james patterson
james patterson - 7 месяцев назад
lana del ray is not in her ballpark
Евгений Молчанов
Евгений Молчанов - 8 месяцев назад
тоже от афиши?))
Heather Burrows
Heather Burrows - 8 месяцев назад
Aka Mazzy Starr
Makaveli The Don
Makaveli The Don - 8 месяцев назад
Amy whine house sacrifice video lead me here
Mustafa Enrique Johnson
Mustafa Enrique Johnson - 9 месяцев назад
sounds quite a bit like mazzy star, still good though
Christophe Lamoureux
Christophe Lamoureux - 10 месяцев назад
Me i love the girls and forever i will loved all the girls in this planet because there is nothing else in this world!!!
Jacqueline Esquivel
Jacqueline Esquivel - Год назад
amor eterno
markmatteson - Год назад
My grand daughter LOves this, she wants me to get her boots now, she already has the tutus
Gabriel Renzi
Gabriel Renzi - Год назад
Hope Sandoval is an angel! So great!
Retro Fan
Retro Fan - Год назад
I'm sure Hope hears this a lot but, I love you, be my wife. lol
Im Here From Hollyoaks! Brendan Kills Danny 2010
Javedur Rahman
Javedur Rahman - Год назад
The trouble with the trouble, is the trouble in me.
I might be mistaken, might be forsaken, that sure could be.
That seems like lies to me, I don't know what you think.
The trouble is, that the trouble says, there's trouble in you.
Don't let me say that I just slipped away, that I just took the car and your keys.
The trouble is, the trouble says, its so troubling.
Don't talk to me if you're not on the leave, I'll never get to sleep.
All those things you sent my way, I've never saved a thing.
Don't let me say that I just slipped away, that I took the car and your keys.
'Cause the trouble is the trouble with me.
abel - Год назад
The trouble with the trouble*
Is the trouble in me
I might be mistaken
Might be forsaken
That sure could be
That seems like lies to me
I don't know what you think
The trouble is
That the trouble says
There's trouble in you
Don't let me say
That I just slipped away
That I just took the car 'n threw your keys
The trouble is
The trouble says
It's all troubling
Don't talk to me
If you're not on the lee
I'll never get to sleep
All those things
You sent my way
I've never saved a thing
Don't let me say
That I just slipped away
And I took the car and your keys
'Cause the trouble
Is the trouble with me
bronlokis - Год назад
Instead of fucking like an animal, I learned to refine my love making with Hope's voice singing in the background.
Robby Khullar
Robby Khullar - 11 месяцев назад
We are animals!
Robert Cubinelli
Robert Cubinelli - Год назад
New HOPE for the future of REAL music :)
Anna Brito
Anna Brito - Год назад
So sexy and dark...
Ethereal Catholic
Ethereal Catholic - Год назад
The very ending of this song should've been part of the Chorus.
1967sfoman - Год назад
2017 Tour. Don't miss it.
Sunny Daze
Sunny Daze - Год назад
Chase Nyland
Chase Nyland - Год назад
She sounds like a cross between Victoria Legrand from Beach House and Deb Talan from The Weepies. In the best way possible.
Fehr Carlo
Fehr Carlo - Год назад
Listening to her music is like getting HIGH without smoking..........Love it.
Leonardo Andrade
Leonardo Andrade - Год назад
😍😍😍😍 muito bom foda
Eslam Abdelrahman
Eslam Abdelrahman - Год назад
when you pause it takes you to channel .. cheap channel !!!
Kristýna Hájková
Kristýna Hájková - Год назад
Who is there by Schyzo?
Crystal Ramirez
Crystal Ramirez - Год назад
magical music
purplevoxeater - Год назад
Hope we love you!!!
Hugs from Greece!
Adrian Viera
Adrian Viera - Год назад
Me parece tan dulce como Christa Päffgen, más conocida como Nico, espero que algún día venga a Argentina........
Tim Mitzlaff
Tim Mitzlaff - Год назад
I'll be blessed to dream of her tonight
Jayne Johnson
Jayne Johnson - Год назад
Sean Rae
Sean Rae - Год назад
Ronaldo if you see this call me it's Sean Rae 415-374-6432
Javedur Rahman
Javedur Rahman - 5 месяцев назад
Samantha Kelley This is what Hope's enchanting music does to it's listeners.. It turns us into romantics and lovebirds.. ;)
Samantha Kelley
Samantha Kelley - 8 месяцев назад
Sean Rae LMFAO why are two dudes trying to get ahold of each other listening to Hope Sandoval 😂😂
Makaveli The Don
Makaveli The Don - 8 месяцев назад
CR7 ?
Sean Rae
Sean Rae - Год назад
think about him every day he's the one that got away
WILD BILL JR - 2 года назад
does anyone know what the cords are to this song??
WILD BILL JR - 2 года назад
really???? cool thk u.
DT58103 - 2 года назад
c g b f fmin gmaj7th
fred linne
fred linne - 2 года назад
she is soo crazy hot and talented!
Methadone4Life - Год назад
Yes, she is 50 and looks and sounds the same as she did back in 94...where does time go??
AudreyDurden - 2 года назад
The angelic quality in her vocal ability is simply magnificent. She has the power to take a listener to that place normally reserved for a warm enchanting dreamscape. That's the best way I can describe how I feel when I listen to Hope Sandoval. That experience is incredibly captivating and the tail end of THIS song is indeed so full of allure and charms I don't want it to end. Absolutely extraordinary!! Bravo!!!
Jimi Bush
Jimi Bush - Год назад
YES! Angelic. Enchanting. Everlasting. Love. Love. Love Hope Sandoval!
Pick A Dub
Pick A Dub - 2 года назад
D3adinside 666
D3adinside 666 - 2 года назад
Srdjan Popadic
Srdjan Popadic - 2 года назад
Hani Hani
Hani Hani - 2 года назад
Lana copied her style of singing! Sad to know that I just discovered her after listening massive attack's the spoils
Tatyana Trapilo
Tatyana Trapilo - Год назад
Hani Namirra Abdul Nasir yeah
AudreyDurden - 2 года назад
Hani Namirra Abdul Nasir there is nothing sad about your recent discovery. (I can understand, perhaps what you may mean...in that the music has been out there and available for your enjoyment for some time now...did you feel like you've been missing out?). I remember when I discovered Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval. I heard one of Mazzy Stars songs; Look on Down From the Bridge...I just about fell out of my chair it was that amazing to me. if you are a facebooker you should request to join the group. it is a great place for those of us who have the appreciation for this music. it's called: MAZZY STAR AND HOPE SANDOVAL GROUP this is a closed group so just search for it and submit your request. real people get approved.
Sara - 2 года назад
My bad! The "Lana sounds nothing like Mazzy, Hope has a unique voice" made it sound like 3 different individuals were being mentioned 😉
Kreepy Kelly
Kreepy Kelly - 2 года назад
Nobody said she wasn't the same person
Sara - 2 года назад
Mazzy Star is Hope Sandoval!! She's in both bands.
Gerald Dees
Gerald Dees - 2 года назад
Great song and video !
tkslan00 - 2 года назад
Love her voice and the song but too many open door scenes in the video.
Jeanelle Louis
Jeanelle Louis - 2 года назад
Arctic monkeys & lana combined ? Have I died and gone to Heaven ?
DOSSANO - 2 года назад
Dark Heroine, so magic girl..
ketchup - 2 года назад
Ah that's refreshing....someone who can use the word heroine in its proper context and spelling. Idk why people use the "e" when referring to the "substance". I see it way too often.
AgAgPatatra - 2 года назад
Voice orgasm.
HateHater - 9 месяцев назад
AgAgPatatra eargasm?
INFINITO 1279 - 3 года назад
hola alguien me la puede traducir al español porfavor
Her voice 😍😩
Vegan Buddhist
Vegan Buddhist - 3 года назад
This reminds me so much of mazzy star. The resemblance is striking
Pak Ombak
Pak Ombak - 9 месяцев назад
vegans don't research
WILD BILL JR - 2 года назад
hope Sandoval is mazzy starr thats the name of there band, mazzy starr
dammbleth2 - 2 года назад
That's soo dumb. They're clearly better together.
Matty McMattamus
Matty McMattamus - 2 года назад
I was confused too. haha. glad I found this comment.
Darren G
Darren G - 2 года назад
Hope is Mazzy Star :)) sorry David Roback ;) seriously Hope is one amazing lady
Sidra Mughal
Sidra Mughal - 3 года назад
Hope's voice is so beautiful and angelic
e-kent - 3 года назад
How many times is she gonna open those doors
Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen - 29 дней назад
till she gets to get destination O presume..lol
sonic dreams
sonic dreams - 3 месяца назад
name of her brother?
Rob Cracker
Rob Cracker - Год назад
Until She Finds Her Way Out.
Sean Rae
Sean Rae - Год назад
in 1997.i dated her beautiful green-eyed Latino brother he is just as amazing and talented as she is and beautiful
Craniana - 3 года назад
Magnific 🎧🎧🎧
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather - 3 года назад
I feel this narcotic-erotic sensation when I hear this song. But I miss the trippier and psychedelic edge on Mazzy Stars first album. C'mon guys rocket us out into outer space.
HateHater - 9 месяцев назад
Stormy Weather that fits her vibe perfectly, narcotic-erotic! Much more nuanced than haunting, which is a term I've settled on for years. Greetings!
HateHater - 9 месяцев назад
Kyle Weiss I know, what a jack-ass, right?! I wouldn't even take info from someone acting like that. I'd rather wait a while n find out from someone who is more in line with this musical style, a bit more mellow n non-judgmental.
Kyle Weiss
Kyle Weiss - Год назад
RetroAvangardist Wow...lmao you must be a blast at parties Captain Know it All.
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather - 2 года назад
I have this album but for some unknown reason, I have not listened to it. I know--pure sacrilege. Thanks for the reminder.
RetroAvangardist - 2 года назад
Except that isn't Mazzy Star's first album. But only the first one by them that you had heard, because it had a song that was being played to death by college radio and MTV. That album was their second. The first one was all the way back in 1990, and it had only two trippy/psy songs, whereas the second is the one that was wholly trippy/psy. I bet you've never even listened to Opal, in which Hope had her first big break (having first played in her teen band Going Home) after Kendra Smith left. And what 'guys'? Mazzy Star guys are not the Warm Inventions guys.
Gabriel Glow
Gabriel Glow - 3 года назад
Lana Del Rey took Courtney Love on tour when she could have taken her instead? Damn, would have been a WAY better tour, considering they are totally into the same alternative style :/
acedia. - 2 месяца назад
Gabriel Glow I actually love all 3 artists but yes, I think that could have been a better combo. The similarity in their voices is striking.
acedia. - 2 месяца назад
+Midobecker Gundisalvus my god you are unbelievably stupid. whether someone is a "good" singer is NOT a fact, it is mostly opinion, and no rant you put on here will ever change that. Look up what subjectivity means, and cut the egotistical bullshit that I'm sure you know you're spewing.
alice automatic
alice automatic - 2 месяца назад
hope sandoval notoriously hates doing live shows. and it would be inappropriate for her to open, anyway - like a violin master opening for a student. the whole idea is weird and awkward in every conceivable way.
Nathan Vaughan
Nathan Vaughan - 5 месяцев назад
And considering Lana is a hope wanna-be
LSEH - 9 месяцев назад
Gabriel Gil good lord Lana Del Rey is a fake pop star made by the industry. She changed her name and her sound, it was fabricated. It would be an insult to have Hope Sandoval open for her. Totally different musical integrity and styles.
Brew2365 - 3 года назад
Hope has given me more nights of bliss than any other woman i known. if I've had a bad day all i have to do, is relax and listen to Hopes dreamy tones and the world just seems to get a whole lot better. and i thank you for your music.
Javedur Rahman
Javedur Rahman - 2 месяца назад
Mal Duggan bitch boi
Heather Burrows
Heather Burrows - 9 месяцев назад
Mazzy Starr
Heather Burrows
Heather Burrows - 9 месяцев назад
Aka Mazzy Starr
Abraham Lambert
Abraham Lambert - Год назад
a modern day genius. trapped in the thoughts of a forgotten youth. doomed forever to live it vicariously
Eugenio De Maio
Eugenio De Maio - Год назад
Brew2365 yes Definitely! she is Amazing!
Lucas - 3 года назад
I love this woman....
Xinohardcore Hd
Xinohardcore Hd - 3 года назад
Paula Acosta
Paula Acosta - 3 года назад
Tímea Sopron
Tímea Sopron - 3 года назад
 ♥  ♥  ♥
andyinoregon - 3 года назад
I would love to hear a duet album with Hope Sandoval and Chris Isaak. Musical kindred spirits.
Ashley Lyles
Ashley Lyles - 3 месяца назад
Mmmmm like cigarettes, honey and whiskey..... melodic, tantric I can already hear and feel it. Superb suggestion
David Roberts
David Roberts - 3 месяца назад
That would be a horrible clash.
HateHater - 9 месяцев назад
Oh!!! That would be the very best !!!
Ethereal Catholic
Ethereal Catholic - Год назад
great idea!
Jeff Beach
Jeff Beach - Год назад
Mark Sandman from Morphine, although hes dead, I think it would have been amazing!
ali yiğit
ali yiğit - 4 года назад
Revenge series episodi1 part 21-22
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda - 4 года назад
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda - 4 года назад
b chavez
b chavez - 4 года назад
I like hope. Her singing is other worldly and hallucinogenic. It takes you on a trance
Sarah Monterroso
Sarah Monterroso - 4 года назад
I feel like Lana del Lame has been copying Hope lately. What a fail.
Nathan Vaughan
Nathan Vaughan - 5 месяцев назад
alejandrodink Lana can't hold a candle to Hope on her best day.
alejandrodink - 3 года назад
+sarah monterroso Horrible live? she has been improving (compare from 2011 to 2015) Completly beautiful, her vocals. About Hope, that's what I'm talking about. "People are allowed to have different opinions than you" Yes, but if you want that your opinion "deseves" some respect, at least try to be a little bit polite, you talk like if you are a professional musician, producer and you don't know shit, a lot of producers, celebrities, artists, musician, bands talk good things about her, and you are hating on her like if you know her, is almost the same thing when you are talking about "style" and "the sound of her music" the style is related to the sound of each musician. I'm a chill dude but I don't even like to hear people to talk like that to Lana, she has a beautiful personality, voice. You may don't like her because you are used to hear "musicians" doing playback, auto tuned voices. John Lennon is a legend he was criticized for his live performances, but he was making pure music, Lana has the same problem, Lana born in a born era, she's not made for this world. I'm sorry if I was rude with you, I'm not like that in real life I promise you. Don't worry, I gained respect from people they don't mess up with me anymore.
Sarah Monterroso
Sarah Monterroso - 3 года назад
My bad. Didn't know that. Lana del Lame is still HORRIBLE live... Fail. I was referring to Hope's singing style being copied (for the most part), not the sound of the music. Also, learn that people are allowed to have different opinions than you, ya lil internet warrior. Try talking like that to the wrong person in real life and see how you'd get your teeth knocked out. I'm not "talking shit".. I said "I feel like"... Get it together, man! Thanks for making me laugh at you! :') +Alejandroport99​
alejandrodink - 3 года назад
+sarah monterroso You stupid trash bitch if you can learn the title of the music video of west coast says "Official Audio" not "Official video" , she's not copying her, maybe she doesn't even know Hope Sandoval exists, she feel inspired by Nina Simone and Nancy Sinatra Just because she made an album that has rock it doesn't mean she changer her style, she's releasing a new album this September she says it's similar to Born To Die and Paradise and different from Ultraviolence. she has the same style, you don't even know about her and you star talking shit. Is Del Rey not Del Lame I think that the lame is you. sorry
David Datura
David Datura - 4 года назад
Is this before or after Mazzy Star?
EnosEverything - 4 года назад
It was released after the initial period of the bands existence.... However, Mazzy Star have reformed and released an album in 2013
0 - 4 года назад
She's got a wonderful voice. Loads better than half the female "artists" today that sound like their throats on fire.
Terry Barham
Terry Barham - 4 года назад
love me some reverb, she sings like a cross between Bjork and Billie Holliday. Nice
MaryJaneLouiseBowers - 4 года назад
Martin Adamo
Martin Adamo - 4 года назад
This is Mazzy Star no?
Heather Burrows
Heather Burrows - 8 месяцев назад
Martin Adamo yes
Loro sono umano
Loro sono umano - 4 года назад
Different group, same singer
lou - 4 года назад
it's good
Michael rushoki
Michael rushoki - 4 года назад
nice melancholy song from hope again
Lyne Masson
Lyne Masson - 4 года назад
Cette chanson est envoutante...
Çağlar Polat
Çağlar Polat - 4 года назад
There are some songs that you know you'll love till your life ends from the first seconds, this is one example
jason stanley
jason stanley - Год назад
Behnan Balaban
Behnan Balaban - 4 года назад
her voice and this video so suitable and both of them can you fly so high
now, my mind is high
Christopher Mar
Christopher Mar - 4 года назад
Very cool lyrics and groove.
Bryce Tyson
Bryce Tyson - 4 года назад
love love love this.. the song.. the video... art!
Cynnx7 - 5 лет назад
Yep, just going to sit back. Relax ~ and replay a couple more times.
Erica Scott
Erica Scott - 5 лет назад
Just heard this song in the background of a "Revenge" episode, and had to look up what it was. Haunting!
Rin Jeong
Rin Jeong - 5 лет назад
Ah it had me from the first scene
Elizabeth Jimenez
Elizabeth Jimenez - 5 лет назад
I rarely like songs that I hear for the first time. And quiet frankly, when I heard this song for the first time in a video that was playing as the background music I really, had a heart to heart and it made me feel so weird but I liked it.
Chardee MacDennis
Chardee MacDennis - 4 года назад
+RichyNoir same here. Beautiful song
Elizabeth Jimenez
Elizabeth Jimenez - 4 года назад
+iIovedome123 Yes, it was.
Blake Barrett
Blake Barrett - 4 года назад
Was it an Amy Winehouse video ?
mors ammadey
mors ammadey - 5 лет назад
same. thats what brought me here :) too
alberto gonzales rivera
alberto gonzales rivera - 5 лет назад
like ... love
sleepspace - 5 лет назад
How many times you gonna keep opening that same door?
Yoru No Tori
Yoru No Tori - 4 года назад
wow :O so deep! ... maybe we all have to stop doing it
Prashanth WiLdChiLD
Prashanth WiLdChiLD - 5 лет назад
16 liked this so much that they inverted their screen and clicked on the like button again :D
LGWolfGirl - 5 лет назад
Heard this song for the background of a video. Just thought it sounded so suspenseful and I just love this song.
piero passet
piero passet - 5 лет назад
mcara4281 - 5 лет назад
holy crap, im in live
evilmarius - 5 лет назад
this song softly fucks my heart.
FeverFromDaBronx - 5 лет назад
This Song Rocks
elflingskitten - 5 лет назад
I was exhausted, after all that door opening. Need a nap.
Michael rushoki
Michael rushoki - Год назад
elflingskitten hahahaha
Sarah Munoz
Sarah Munoz - 5 лет назад
This woman is my fashion idol
Danielle Guzman
Danielle Guzman - 5 лет назад
favorite song of 2013
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