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Bridget Horton
Bridget Horton - 14 hours ago
who else noticed her channel name is daddy
19Julli85 - Day ago
damn, had to order.
Arifah - 2 days ago
giiiirl I ordered the sponge after watching your video and it just came in the mail, super excited! 💕
Adela Gewang
Adela Gewang - 2 days ago
please, make a daily makeup tutorial for office please
Chloe Filippo
Chloe Filippo - 2 days ago
The shade 420 😂😏
Carol Of Texas
Carol Of Texas - 3 days ago
Got mine yesterday! Just used it now! OMG! Used way less of my Lancôme foundation! Great product! The silicon sponge may cost more.... but it will by far, pay for itself!!! ❤️
Makayla Jordan
Makayla Jordan - 3 days ago
wow did i rly just buy this? yes.. yes i did
Maisy Mae
Maisy Mae - 3 days ago
Thank you Tati ! I needed to laugh !
KAIKAI - 3 days ago
She looks like a goddess omg
Sherrie Miller
Sherrie Miller - 3 days ago
This was cute. Made me giggle.
Madeline Maureen
Madeline Maureen - 4 days ago
so....did it clean easily?
Scereyaha - 4 days ago
I literally almost e-mailed you with this idea and didn't because I thought it was so obvious that the industry was probably just waiting until they'd made the money they could selling worse sponges first... And now I'm mad I didn't.

Also captions would be fantastic.
The Jones Fam
The Jones Fam - 4 days ago
This video is so awesome. Cracked me up but also so entertaining! Love your stuff 👍🏽you always make me want to put a full face of makeup on
Megadeth3911 - 5 days ago
The more you knowwwww 🤣
Ionasku Alexander
Ionasku Alexander - 6 days ago
0:29 world's first silicone butt plug sponge
Billie Jo Hopp
Billie Jo Hopp - 6 days ago
I love that sponge and just cannot wait until we can buy it!
Misty Hardin
Misty Hardin - 7 days ago
Ohhhhhh Tati!!!!! You are my GO-TO!! If you love it, I must buy it!!! You are my holy grail of reviewers!!! You absolutely ROCK!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all your videos!! I just LOOOOVE YOU!!!
Nicci Infante
Nicci Infante - 7 days ago
So mine officially is on its way now I ordered it the day you posted it and just had to have it LOL and it is on its way to Ohio LOL I wish I was on my way to somewhere better though just kidding love you and your videos you’re amazing keep doing what you do
Destiny Godley
Destiny Godley - 7 days ago
Girl I BEEN sent you my silicone sponge GemBlender. We spoke about it and all. LOL.
Love is what is
Love is what is - 8 days ago
So mad it’s sold out for preorder in April! Ugh
Kayla Passatore-Patterson
Kayla Passatore-Patterson
Leave the blister be! It will go away naturally
morgmorg - 8 days ago
you look gorgeous!!!
hooney;; - 8 days ago
can we talk about the irony in Tati saying "don't get jealous, beauty blender", and a few weeks later, beauty blender is jealous and salty
Kaylie Stratz
Kaylie Stratz - 9 days ago
3:50 you have a scrub Daddy sponge omg 😂❤️
Rosario - 9 days ago
Your editor is KILLING IT lately i dont if you tweaked the style or something but i love it!
Bodhi 887
Bodhi 887 - 9 days ago
omg I need this!!! I’d use way less product and still get the coverage I want!
ann black
ann black - 9 days ago
From 100 to 20 in 15 minutes, someone well spent money, and I’m grateful you don’t do lip injections.
Waheeda Deen
Waheeda Deen - 10 days ago
Omg I bought the $6 elf sponge yesterday and I’m in love! It expanded so huge and it’s purple with a flat side. I’m going back to rite aid and clearing the shelf lmao
Lyndsay 415
Lyndsay 415 - 10 days ago
I bought that beauty sponge after watching Tati’s review of it and 3 days later my card was used for fraudulent charges.
If you purchase the sponge from that site, make sure to use PayPal or Apple Pay so you don’t get your card info hacked. A lot of smaller beauty sites sell their info to 3rd party sites or have poor cyber security. BE CAREFUL.
I learned my lesson to always use a protected payment method instead of using my card online.
Wendi Liu
Wendi Liu - 10 days ago
Oh my gosh this look is GORGEOUS i'm obsessed!! I don't have the james charles x morphe palette but seeing this look is REALLY making me consider getting it 😍💖 Loved this video & can't wait for more, x 💖
isa bela
isa bela - 10 days ago
Rachel Porter
Rachel Porter - 11 days ago
I wash my real techniques sponge literally every time I use it. I'm very weird about it
Allison Schuetzler
Allison Schuetzler - 11 days ago
Haha i use the silicone sponges for my primer so it doesn't get absorbed by a sponge or my hands. I would think maybe even for face masks it could be great. Now foundation... nope lol but i really love a good sponge for foundation.
Kenna Elexis
Kenna Elexis - 11 days ago
First thing I said when you had finished your full face of foundation was WOAH.
sassy britches
sassy britches - 12 days ago
Woah, what is the glass mixer palette you are using? I tried pausing it but I can't read the name on it. Years ago I got some little scraps of glass from my work (Lowe's), had the associate cut them down to 2x2 squares, and sanded the edges down and they are awesome (and were free!) but the one you have is luxe as hell!
Christina Dykes
Christina Dykes - 12 days ago
Lip fillers look great 😍
Elise - 12 days ago
Anyone else literally go and order one in the middle of the video?
Eovk - 12 days ago
Sponges coming with K-brand cushion foundations also work like this...? Kind of? They allow you to use so much less product
KJ R - 12 days ago
Casey Tierney
Casey Tierney - 12 days ago
“Oh my god it’s growing! What!.” I’m so sorry, but that’s what she said....... 😏
Moonlit _Shadows
Moonlit _Shadows - 13 days ago
Oh i so wish all my period did was make my acne worse😂😂😂 i have such bad cramps that for the 2nd and 3rd day of mi e im curled up in a ball crying cant move literally cannot do a thing cuz its so bad😭😭 and im starting in like 3 days😢
Moonlit _Shadows
Moonlit _Shadows - 13 days ago
Im not a doctor but i usually take a needle and slowly pick away a tiny hole i to the blood blister to let the blood drain probably not supoosed to do that but oh well ive done that forever im fine
sam's channel 101
sam's channel 101 - 13 days ago
Love you so much Tanya
DominiqueChante42 - 13 days ago
Ordered. Thanks Tati lol
KaitlynOxfordTV - 13 days ago
What lash curler do you use? The gold and pink one.
Linnéa Wester
Linnéa Wester - 13 days ago
I hade this exact idea ever since the silicone applicators came around...
Jessica Gambill
Jessica Gambill - 13 days ago
Omg you are so cute and entertaining. 👍👍
Chloe Blume
Chloe Blume - 13 days ago
Your look is stunning and so natural in this video!! Beautiful. 😊
Heather S.
Heather S. - 14 days ago
you can also put your sponges in the freezer to kill bacteria
cheyanne johnson
cheyanne johnson - 14 days ago
Just ordered mine! 😍
Olivia Wake
Olivia Wake - 14 days ago
Hey Tati! Just wondering what eyelash curler you were using in the video :)
Rebecca Gawne-Mark
Rebecca Gawne-Mark - 14 days ago
I was wondering the same thing. I need one of them. :)
Tey bae
Tey bae - 14 days ago
one sponge for $30? jeez...
The_Painted_Ros3 Hernandez
where have I been!! Im literally in love with your channel AHHHHHHH!!!
Ally Lynn
Ally Lynn - 14 days ago
Crushed that it’s sold out lol
Kristi Kartashev
Kristi Kartashev - 14 days ago
I liked the video for the clip of Dory going: "I shall call him squishy, an he shall be mine" after you squealed: It's squisheeeee! It's so endearing how you're a bit dorky about makeup while being super classy at the same time. :D
Sophie - 14 days ago
Ur lookin B O M B
Tristen Weyer
Tristen Weyer - 15 days ago
I just want to know what she used to “pour” her foundation on 😅
Cassandra Zarco
Cassandra Zarco - 15 days ago
You look so happy and blooming and fresh! Not uploading 5 days a week has done you good. Go girl for taking care of yourself!
Katie Bailey
Katie Bailey - 15 days ago
YAYYYYY for close up for foundation application. Thank you Tati!!
Sammy K
Sammy K - 15 days ago
Damn you Tati for making me buy this!! ;)
Oscar - 15 days ago
tati Ur turtle neck looks like Steve jobs
Carrie Dague
Carrie Dague - 15 days ago
How is it possible for someone to look so perfect.
Shelby P.
Shelby P. - 15 days ago
I found a really good way to use the sili-sponge! Since it’s horrible for makeup, I use it to apply peel off masks or masks that wash off. I hate using my fingers or a brush to apply masks, so the sili-sponge is perfect for that and easy to wash after!
Robin L
Robin L - 15 days ago
Hi, I love the idea of cleaning the silicone beauty sponge right after applying makeup. Nice product Tati. xoxo
Liesbeth De Lille
Liesbeth De Lille - 15 days ago
I have never seen you from so close and I am shocked!! You literally have no wrinkles under your eyes how is this even possible??
Hadley Grace
Hadley Grace - 15 days ago
please enable captions!!
CynVee - 15 days ago
Ok pre-ordered...can't wait ...happy now ??? Lol
CynVee - 14 days ago
+Vick Vkusnyatina I'll be happy to if I remember 😊
Vick Vkusnyatina
Vick Vkusnyatina - 14 days ago
Can you please write back and tell me what you think of it after you review it?? :)
MI Moonstar
MI Moonstar - 16 days ago
Your looking so preety
eurobabe - 16 days ago
Do you prefer this one over the memory foam sponge?
Rand AlKailani
Rand AlKailani - 16 days ago
tati's humor now is the BEST THING IN THE WORLD
simbelsim - 16 days ago
Microwaves don't kill bacteria, heat does! So the only way a microwave can disinfect a sponge is if the microwave heats up the cleaning water hot enough to kill the germs. Tati, it sounds like you've been misinformed and now you just told all your followers that microwaves zap bacteria 🤦
simbelsim - 14 days ago
+Vick Vkusnyatina 30 seconds isn't enough to get the heat high enough to kill bacteria. I know because I went and looked at the scientific studies she mentioned. You need to heat for a minimum of two minutes, and even then the results are inconsistent. In fact, these days the microwave isn't even advised for kitchen sponges because it doesn't work as well as people assume. If anyone is overreacting here, it's definitely not me, lol. I just have facts.
Vick Vkusnyatina
Vick Vkusnyatina - 14 days ago
Oh my goodness stop overreacting, we all knew that's exactly what Tati meant by it zapping the bacteria!
duck - 16 days ago
LOVING a dark brow, hair, and top on you 💕
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles - 16 days ago
Tati is fudgin glowing in this vid!!!!!
Bruno Carvalho
Bruno Carvalho - 16 days ago
That shallow moment was everything!
Violeta Tudor
Violeta Tudor - 16 days ago
I feel the need for a better camera,you are beautiful !!!
Lynette Duong
Lynette Duong - 16 days ago
Lol I actually still use the silicone sponge I love it yet I’m the only one in my circle that likes it😂
Maki F
Maki F - 16 days ago
How about "thank you nature for giving me the opportunity to conceive every month"
Just saying...
Amaranta Pineda
Amaranta Pineda - 16 days ago
What Wrinkles? lol
Eva Wheeler
Eva Wheeler - 17 days ago
Girl, I freaking love when you give PSA's. They kill me.
hajar mekouar
hajar mekouar - 17 days ago
Did you micro-blade your eyebrows or is it just the powDer?
korean gf
korean gf - 17 days ago
Tati this is one of my favorite looks! You look so gorgeous.
Elizabeth Crossley
Elizabeth Crossley - 17 days ago
I dont use sponges but still watched 😂
Tuma El Hassan
Tuma El Hassan - 17 days ago
Love the l'oreal foundation even more than my nars
Veronica M.
Veronica M. - 17 days ago
jennifer williams
jennifer williams - 18 days ago
A man
Bret Thomas
Bret Thomas - 18 days ago
The fornasetti 👌🏼
Barbara Clavelo
Barbara Clavelo - 18 days ago
Would you hate me if I clean my beauty blender but it has a huge hole in it should I toss it 🤣🤣🤣
Barbara Clavelo
Barbara Clavelo - 15 days ago
Oof that’s gross I’m tossing I didn’t know that 🤢🤢🤢
Faith Almaraz
Faith Almaraz - 15 days ago
Yes! That hole is an excellent hiding spot for bacteria and fungi
gets187 - 18 days ago
My dick is better than both , you should try it'll make you feel 20!
Jenny Petros
Jenny Petros - 18 days ago
Talking about covering her lines and wrinkles under her eyes...WHAT LINES AND WRINKLES?? YOU ARE AGELESS
Arielle Soto
Arielle Soto - 18 days ago
I wash my sponge with antibacterial dishwashing soap every time i use it. Once you do, you'll never go back. It literally takes a minute or less to do it. I guess because im very ocd when it comes to cleanliness and you don't even know how much bacteria gets trapped in the sponge. Lol. With brushes, i do it every week, unless i used a foundation brush. Rule of thumb, once i put the brush in something wet, i wont use it till i wash it. Lol.
Missy Michaels
Missy Michaels - 18 days ago
You get a like for the powder all over your black shirt. :P
iDryHumpPeople - 18 days ago
I can't believe her shade number is 420 and she didn't make a weed reference lol
lelechim - 18 days ago
What a wasted opportunity!
Emily Araujo
Emily Araujo - 18 days ago
Can someone tell me what she uses in her hair I wish my hair looked like that 😍
Marianita Bustos
Marianita Bustos - 18 days ago
I don't mean to be hateful but whatever happened to the memory-foam like sponge shaped as a diamond? Tati swore by it but I've only seen her use it once??
Mystique Darkholme
Mystique Darkholme - 17 days ago
Marianita Bustos Hmmm....good point
nirvana x
nirvana x - 18 days ago
omg she looks like jared leto with his long hair
Sam Kim
Sam Kim - 19 days ago
You look absolutely beautiful Tati!!! Love this kind of natural glam makeup look you did!!!
Riss728 - 19 days ago
I discovered u today an I absolutely love your personality five mins into the boy blood for I subbed also all I could think of was a virgin seeing the d for the first time when u wet that sponge lmao sry I know that was inappropriate.
Rachel Modha
Rachel Modha - 19 days ago
Tati you look so glowy and beautiful. I want to look that good when I do my makeup
Rachel Modha
Rachel Modha - 19 days ago
I am loving the Tati infomercials. Anyone else? 😂
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