Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel | "Rise" TV Spot

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Kishan Rathod
Kishan Rathod - 15 days ago
John Drennan
John Drennan - Month ago
Brie Larson can't even do her own trailers, FIRE HER. Recast captain marvel.
Daniel Patchen
Daniel Patchen - Month ago
Some people are built

But not us

Not us
Tony Gammarota
Tony Gammarota - Month ago
Spot song please?
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson - Month ago
Captain America: *SOME ARE MADE*
Devan Beadle
Devan Beadle - Month ago
I like when they show Iron Man, Captain America and Thor
Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm - 2 months ago
Heathen Coalition Marvel Comics is Anti-Heathen
Susumu Nakoshi
Susumu Nakoshi - 2 months ago
Captain Triggered
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco - 2 months ago
still cant beat thanos with IG never ever logically
Fauxtool - 2 months ago
i cant wait to pirate this mess
Pallab Chakraborty
Pallab Chakraborty - 2 months ago
Iron Man: Some are Built
Capt America: Some are Made
Thor: Some are Born
Rest of Avengers: Some are Sidelined & Ignored.
Dead Avengers: Some are F****d.
Captain Mar-Vell: Some have Oscars.😎
Pallab Chakraborty
Pallab Chakraborty - 2 months ago
*🔥A Captain with Boooooooobs and Boooooooties will cause **_END GAME_** for Mad Titan Thanos😎*
I've watched the captain. Movie already.🙏
Mister Awesome
Mister Awesome - 2 months ago
Not a single sandwich in this entire movie.
Get ya a$$ off the screen and back into the kitchen let's see a movie about that.
César Leonardo Quijaite Andia
Wooow It was amazing.
Michael Kelligan
Michael Kelligan - 2 months ago
Some are built,some are made,and some are born. And then some are brainwashed in leftist socialist universities with weaponized feminism.....dont let Marvel fool you. I was in the theater the day Capt. Marvel came out,i was seeing another movie and popped my head in to see how many people were in the other theatre and out of 180 seats only 20 were filled. Half men and half women and no kids,keep in mind i'm in a college town of 30,000 people
Christopher Farnworth
Christopher Farnworth - 2 months ago
Some are like - nawww
Shakey's Music
Shakey's Music - 2 months ago
BakerDelta King16
BakerDelta King16 - 2 months ago
Nah, I'm good thanx.
Karl Schroeder
Karl Schroeder - 2 months ago
Some are...
.... ...
paid .70c to the dollar? What
Obabo Flabbo
Obabo Flabbo - 2 months ago
This video makes my hair stand up.
Tyrone Koumoundouros
Tyrone Koumoundouros - 2 months ago
Captain marvel is Commiunist AntiAmerican propaganda.
Dimashz - 2 months ago
Hulk : Some are accidently created
Steven Spiel
Steven Spiel - 2 months ago
vid url ends in "suck". is youtube trying to tell us something?
David Smith
David Smith - 2 months ago
Captain Misandrist to the rescue.
The Mary Sue is here is put an end to the make-believe patriarchy.
Feminism is a mental illness.
Tiamat - 2 months ago
There isn't enough special effects in this movie to make it worth watching.
J DJINN - 2 months ago
Can't keep this piece of crap movie trailer off my feed. No desire to see this film whatsoever. Block again
Spider Parker
Spider Parker - 2 months ago
Some Are Built: Iron Man
Some Are Made : Captain America
Some Where Born: Thor
I felt like I was watching The Endgame TV Spot
Darren Bauer
Darren Bauer - 2 months ago
Brie Larson is one eighth African American, like Ronda Rousey.
Walphish - 2 months ago
I’m gonna get flack for this...but doesn’t Captain Marvel kinda look like if an American dude designed Sailor Moon instead of a Japanese lady? 🤔
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - 2 months ago
Nah she's not sexualised like Sailor Moon
Nightbreed - 2 months ago
What? Does the movie not even know why she's a hero? The trailer didn't even answer its own question.
Wizardo - 2 months ago
Mandatory Captain Manhater dislike coming through...
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - 2 months ago
BrickBoy1894 - 2 months ago
To be honest... I'm a bit nervous about this movie, because I've been hearing negative things about it. I love the MCU movies, and it looks awesome! I really, REALLY want to enjoy it!
BeastMode YT
BeastMode YT - 2 months ago
Don't listen to the negative reviews. Most of them are bots or DC fanboys. I watched the movie and it is overall a solid 9.5/10 for me. I don't understand all of the hate everyone is spreading about this movie. In any case, just go watch it. You won't regret it.
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez - 2 months ago
Some are Built
some are made
Some are born
Some will surprise you
Hi Hu
Hi Hu - 2 months ago
Some superheroes are man haters. Brie is one of them. Boycott this show. Boycott hate.
c z
c z - 2 months ago
How is this hate against men?
David Smith
David Smith - 2 months ago
Inspiring little girls around the world to hate males.
Oh, how empowering you lying feminists. Brie Larson hates blokes but has no problem with taking over a franchise built mainly by male characters. What a delusional feminist hypocrite.
Captain Marvel is the end of the MCU.
c z
c z - 2 months ago
Just tell me how this is man hate. It's sad that you think women being powerful makes men any less powerful.
Marvel/DC Woman
Marvel/DC Woman - 2 months ago
finally in the big leagues
Corey Gillespie
Corey Gillespie - 2 months ago
Boycott this movie
C-MC Official
C-MC Official - 2 months ago
Thanks to your "boycott" this movie made over half a billion already... 😂
Lebronsfootpic Cuckzucc
Lebronsfootpic Cuckzucc - 2 months ago
Ryan Kanungo
Ryan Kanungo - 2 months ago
It’s here today!!!!!!
Smerpling Brocker
Smerpling Brocker - 2 months ago
It Realease today!!!!!
Unknown Person
Unknown Person - 2 months ago
watched it today, it was dope!
Sancheezy - 2 months ago
For those who are coming here after seeing Captain Marvel & asking about the whole tesseract situation
Mar-Vell got the tesseract through working her way into shield & while she was working on the project "Pegasus" & then she stole it & hid it into her ship.
Then once Goose threw up the tesseract, Nick Fury just hid it for years until the tesseract became live again in 2012 (Avengers)
REMINDER: The tesseract was dormant after the events of First Avenger
Curious Georgie
Curious Georgie - 2 months ago
This 40 year old white dad isn't taking his kids.
Curious Georgie
Curious Georgie - 2 months ago
+Jaron Talotta I dont support Hollywood trash. I've already seen it and it's horrible. Two hours of my life that I can't get back now. Not subjecting my kids to a poorly made film.
Jaron Talotta
Jaron Talotta - 2 months ago
PhD Football
PhD Football - 2 months ago
Captain Marvel is female?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 2 months ago
You're on the boycotting list
Hazzer - 2 months ago
I thought this was an endgame ad at the start
MountainRain - 2 months ago
Oof no thx
carlosbruthal - 2 months ago
capitan marvel is garbage
Michael Kintobor
Michael Kintobor - 2 months ago
Half of this comment section is toxic.
Jaron Talotta
Jaron Talotta - 2 months ago
I really can't figure out what their deal is. The actress Bree Larson stated some very basic statistics about representation in films, and said that those numbers need to change...and suddenly "white males" are under attack?
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor - 2 months ago
Good trailer.hopefully itll be a good movie
kontraxed - 2 months ago
I was excited about this movie until they got all political and decided to abuse their paying customers. Now, I'll just wait for it to come out on TV.
Swati Jain
Swati Jain - 2 months ago
Evans is best.....😍😍😍
SADAAT STUDIOS - 2 months ago
Some are built = Iron Man, Vision
Some are made = Captain America, Scarlett Witch, Quick Silver
Some are born = Thor , Black Panther
Some Are Accidently Made = Spidey, Hulk

Some Becomed = Captain Marvel
X3 Dominator
X3 Dominator - 2 months ago
I’m just here for the comments. No chance I’m spending any money to see this film. ZERO chance.
omega con4
omega con4 - 2 months ago
This was a stupid tagline.
Monkey Scientist
Monkey Scientist - 2 months ago
Some are built.
Some are made.
Some are born.
Some ruin Rotten Tomatoes.
sasank sahu
sasank sahu - 2 months ago
Captain America part is the only thing I liked in this treaser
XxBruhxX jah
XxBruhxX jah - 2 months ago
Is it wrong that I'm not even excited for this movie
pixar disney
pixar disney - 2 months ago
Iron man : some are built
Cap :some are made
Thor : some are born
Loki : some are adopted to die again and again.And need to get off that planet
Bickus Dickus
Bickus Dickus - 2 months ago
The trailer says "Some are born on march 8th", lol.
Bickus Dickus
Bickus Dickus - 2 months ago
The word for a female hero is heroine.
Patil Vinayak
Patil Vinayak - 2 months ago
All Hail To Captain Marvel......
Artem Gubert
Artem Gubert - 2 months ago
Nick Fury: We need heroes... like you!
A J - 2 months ago
All of them are captain of marvel,
Altitude Magic
Altitude Magic - 2 months ago
ugh she is so awful.
Amp-Hibious - 2 months ago
Some movies can wait 'til netflix...
Nick August
Nick August - 2 months ago
This is a feminist movie. Literally just pushing the envelope arnt you marvel? A woman in a movie is not new or rare anymore. Stop shoehorning this character and at least own up to the sexist comments she made online. Cause that's "her" story not captain marvels.
Lifecoach MK - Official Channel - IM HIDING! 2020
Female Empowerment is getting old...
c z
c z - 2 months ago
Are you that insecure that you think a powerful woman means men cant be powerful?
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald - 2 months ago
I have hate in my heart now that was not their before. I Marvel dropped the ball on the five yard line. Thanks Disney.
Artem Gubert
Artem Gubert - 2 months ago
Iron Man: Some are built
Captain America: Some are made
Thor: Some are born
Spider-Man: Some could return after _Avengers: Endgame_
Stan Lee: Some could return as a cameo
Steel Toe Sneakers
Steel Toe Sneakers - 2 months ago
Lame. Take your family bowling instead.
Mountain Goat Joe
Mountain Goat Joe - 2 months ago
No one I know plus the chain migration concept of people I know through the people i know and who they know, are going to see this movie. I don't know what Mcaptain marvel is, is she non binary, trans in this movie. Looks really bad.. Im a black man, I'm wonders if she cares about my opinion of this terrible looking movie. "Im Ready" her voice is cringe
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson - 2 months ago
Laser Face
Laser Face - 2 months ago
*Iron Man:* some are built
*Captain America:* some are made
*Thor:* some are born

*Captain Marvel:* some punch old ladies in the face
Суртур :/
Суртур :/ - 2 months ago
Тони Старк НАВЕКИ!!!!!
Суртур :/
Суртур :/ - 2 months ago
Tony Stark FOREVER!!!!
James Anthony
James Anthony - 2 months ago
Wanna' see a movie with a strong female lead?
"Alita: Battle Angel" should still be playing when this train wreck comes out.
There ya' go! Enjoy! =)
Gotta' love how the shills are all shouting about how _freakin' great_ the cat is in "Captain Marvel."
If the only thing people remember about your movie is a damned cat, doesn't say much about your story _or_ your star, does it? =/
Subbu NR
Subbu NR - 2 months ago
*What makes her an hero?*
Ans: Rotten tomatoes 🍅🍅
Mikulas Banik
Mikulas Banik - 2 months ago
Ok this tv spor looks super badass. Haters should just stfu, go to cinema and than complain.
Disturbing Disaster
Disturbing Disaster - 2 months ago
Disaster disturbed
Your Welcome
Your Welcome - 2 months ago
I'm going to watch this movie many times to troll the trolls >_
Lamont Cranston INC.
Lamont Cranston INC. - 2 months ago
Captain Marvel or Captain Midol?
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 2 months ago
Iron Man: Heroes aren't made they're Built.
Captain America: Heroes are BORN within you.
Thor: Heroes are WORTHY of existing.
Spider-Man: With GREAT Power, Comes GREAT Responsibility
Captain Marvel: This hero is being FORCED upon ESTABLISHED MCU Characters.
Vincent Lawrence
Vincent Lawrence - 2 months ago
This trailer give me chills. Excellent job marvel.
Mata Pendejos
Mata Pendejos - 2 months ago
Brie Destroyed this movie with her mouth.
Julien Coudray
Julien Coudray - 2 months ago
Loki : Some are made to be ruled...
Will - 2 months ago
Lame and boring
gagnashdiak x
gagnashdiak x - 2 months ago
For an entire week nothing will be in cinemas but this excrement!
Aakash Mandava
Aakash Mandava - 2 months ago
The comment section is absolute gold.
Gopal Krishnan
Gopal Krishnan - 2 months ago
Marvel trying to promote this movie by using many tricks...But I hope this movie going to be flop😊😊😊
John barfneck
John barfneck - 2 months ago
she is not captain marvel and never will be.
Vlql Vlql
Vlql Vlql - 2 months ago
hahaha!.. Captain Marvel is a dumb girly girl....
Timeshark - 2 months ago
Some are built...
Some are made...
Some are born...
Some are ... dull, and only seem to have 2 expressions, meh and grr...
Rhonda Bunch
Rhonda Bunch - 2 months ago
Um, wow. That sucked
Dave Dumas
Dave Dumas - 2 months ago
well brie larson said it was NOT made for me(im a 40 year old white MAN) so im NOT going to go see it
Kaijukid 96
Kaijukid 96 - 2 months ago
Captain Gender Studies
dixler mudflap mudflap
dixler mudflap mudflap - 2 months ago
As long as we are rewriting “ history” I can’t wait for the new Wonder Woman movie casting a man in the lead role with a cameo from a white obama.
Tony Dumay
Tony Dumay - 2 months ago
well I am a straight white Man so I was kinda told that I'm not welcome to see the movie. ok won't see it then. feel better now?
theprododo yt
theprododo yt - 2 months ago
Iron man some ar build
Hulk some are green
Captain america some are made
Thor some have hamers
Captain marvel some are not in theaters yet
Eaglehaslanded75 - 2 months ago
Nothing anymore from Marvel but political correctness
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