Chomsky BRILLIANTLY Dissects Trump, Democrats & RussiaGate

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Bud Houston
Bud Houston - 5 hours ago
While it's true that Chomsky has a talent for clarity and for framing an argument; I am troubled by his constant pro-Russia / pro-Putin dismissal of the cyber attack on America in 2016. He will have all of his pseudo-intellectual followers and advocates buying the argument foisted on us by William Barr and Mitch McConnell that the Mueller report basically found nothing to alarm us.
You did read the Mueller Report? Right? And you still want to call Chomsky brilliant?
1234 Truthseeker
1234 Truthseeker - 6 hours ago
Hahaha!!! This is soo funny. Wake up ppl
Paula Barrocas
Paula Barrocas - 11 hours ago
I think Joe Biden in a Republican in disguise and he's winning.
siegmund freud
siegmund freud - 12 hours ago
Not true: it is not republicans, who switched right: the dems went extreme left...
You framing the dems being the Party of the people - is a lie!
Come on , bruh!
Racistbat you use is ridiculous...
Robert Dubac
Robert Dubac - 7 hours ago
gee, siegheilmund - afraid to use your real name?
windjamrr - 14 hours ago
Commie Naommie
James Cunningham
James Cunningham - 15 hours ago
Noam, man
Cole Troutman
Cole Troutman - 21 hour ago
Damn Kyle this video really blew up. Well done👏🏻👏🏻
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann - 21 hour ago
This is proof at how well the republican and democrat political parties have infested our democracy! Our government is full of political party treasonous terrorism to our democracy. Who tf wants to vote for either democrats or republicans!? Good news! We don’t have to! In fact, the fact that a political party would even suggest a change to our government is treasonous. We need an anti political party to represent us.. the american people! We need a direct democracy so WE can impeach a president being protected by both political parties while destroying our democracy.
Sceptical Pickle
Sceptical Pickle - Day ago
I've literally watched this video over 10 times.
Randall Mattel
Randall Mattel - Day ago
Drop the distracting graphics please.
kimyoungmi - Day ago
Trump might still start some "endless wars", but so far... nope, got to cut that Bush 2/Obama point out. Trump's the closest thing to a pacifist since Carter.
Dman Nevada
Dman Nevada - Day ago
How can he be brilliant, what is advocated for has been advocated for well over a century in America, and it still never come to pass. Sounds good to me that he believes in something that most people think is moronic in America.
heelFLiP249 - Day ago
Noam's claim that the republican party based their stances on picking up evangelicals has no real evidence. The two examples he mentioned: Reagan and Bush, were undeniably pro-life. I agree that the republican party tends to ubiquitously support establishment corporations, but you cannot claim that republicans being against abortion is something they've changed to only recently.
heelFLiP249 - Day ago
And there is nothing 'skillful' about what Donald Trump is doing. I would describe his actions as more blundering and sometimes aiding the republican position.
ifyoueverfind78 - Day ago
Marmelademeister - 2 days ago
Can you imagine what would have happened if Chomsky wasn't Jewish? People would have called him antisemitic for his legitimate criticism of Netanyahu... Some people might be doing it anyway...
And feel free to call me an Antisemite. Anyway I'm German, I guess that's already sufficient...
(I have no problem with Jews, nor with anyone who believes anything. I do have a problem with conservative, intolerant, nationalistic Jewish supremacists and zionists. It's not tolerable that a nation in the 21st century keeps oppressing another nation on the grounds of claims for a land that they say was promised to them in a millennia-old fake story; yet, that is what Israel is doing in the West Bank, and that behavior should be ostracized and punished by _all_ Western governments)
Jacob Flink
Jacob Flink - 2 days ago
This is a good reminder that we are going to win
Johnny West
Johnny West - 2 days ago
LOL ! Why are the disciples of the Chomsky Cult so possessed by this Messiah of Doom and Gloom ? Everyone can tell you what he is gonna say before he even says it. Because he is no more than a broken record repeating his decades long whine, piss, and moan routine that his un-Holy Trinity of Equality, Diversity, and Tolerance hasn't completely destroyed Western Civilization yet.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 2 days ago
Both sides benefit the rich and corporations and both sides support wars for the military industrial complex. Both sides fuck us financially while using smoke and mirrors tactics like abortion to keep us focused on something else
Alicia Davis
Alicia Davis - 2 days ago
Wow. This entire conversation is about as ridiculous as it gets.
The same tired old “ leftest
Communist” silliness.
Democrats were NEVER for the working man. So when I hear that, right away it’s a big ole eye roll.
You seriously want people to take
Bernie “ The millionaire “ Sanders seriously?
Lol. He, like AOC, and the rest of them
Live by the “ Socialism For you but not for me” mantra. That’s not even up for debate their own actions speak for themselves.
“ Trump panders to the one percenters”
Blah Blah Blah Boo Hoo Hoo
It’s 2019! Please! Can you not even come up with argument that actually makes sense
FYI; Generation Z hates millennials. They are making a point of doing the opposite. They do not want to be associated in any way with this failed generation.
Generation Z questions everything. They will not sit quietly in leftest/Communist
Classes. They will and do challenge
Those ( living in a bubble ) professors.
Generation Z also tends to be
More conservative as well
Actions and results speak louder than words
President Trumps economy via the Jobs Report and leftest NYT. MAY 2019.
Economics 101: “ A rising tide lifts all ships”.
Even liberal rag NYT had to put on their big boy pants,
Suck it up, and admit the President is exceeding expectations especially where our domestic economy is concerned.
I took some notes from the NYT article and the jobs report.
To date we have a president that actually
keeps his campaign promises.
He just started the first quarter with a
Per leftest New York Times
“ this is the economy that wasn’t suppose to happen
Booming Jobs, Low Inflation”.
“ April jobs report. Blowout
263,000 jobs added EXCEEDING ALL EXPECTATIONS “!
That’s a 103 MONTHS IN A ROW!
“Unemployment at a HALF CENTURY LOW! Lowest levels SINCE DECEMBER 1969!
Black unemployment is at NEVER BEFORE SEEN record lows!
Hispanic lowest unemployment levels since 1973!
Unemployment for women is at record lows
Unemployment for those with high school degrees fell to the lowest levels since THE GREAT DEPRESSION
unemployment for those with disabilities
Fell to its lowest levels since 2008.
Wages are up!
Wages for those with the lowest wages rose 6.6% while wages for those at the top were 3.3%.
President Trump has done away with
Many of Obama’s JOB KILLING REGULATIONS! His trade deals are brilliant!
Trump Manufacturing Jobs Boom: 10 Times Obama's Over 21 Months
President Trump is one of the most successful presidents in history!

Consumer spending and confidence is up!
So what workers are benefiting!
According to leftest NYT
“ The recent gains are going to who need it most
Over the past year the low wage workers are experiencing the fastest wage increases
The tightening labor market is forcing employers to raise wages for workers at the bottom of the ladder
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 2 days ago
This entire presidency has been a waste thanks to the dems. We've gone into further national debt while they play a game of dems vs trump. Soon we will see arrests for how the Russiagate thing was initiated and all the dems will look like assclowns for rallying behind it.
Damon Dantin
Damon Dantin - 2 days ago
You don't know what your talking about. Republicans and big corporations.....what business or corporation in all of America does not cowtow to liberal policies of diversity and quotas? Corporations and big business are mostly controlled by the Left yet those of the right do right by wanting tax cuts and tearing down wasteful regulations- we are a republic.
Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter - 2 days ago
who'll take over when he dies? he's like a walking encyclopedia
Karl Schuch
Karl Schuch - 2 days ago
yeah brilliant -- remember this is the guy who praised Hugo Chavez for his brilliance. Maybe chomsky is actually just another sheltered intellectual elite who never has to live with the consequences of his own ideology ( to borrow a line from VDH).
OrionVulcan - 3 days ago
The key word here (and not only covering the political class in the US, but all over the Western world), is the Establishment. This is the group of people the public now, more than ever before, understand how works (or really don't work) for the good of the people. All over the western world, these people only work for their own careers and their corporate and wealthy friends. Republican or Democrat - the Establishment are all the same.
djgynee - 3 days ago
Get off Chomsky nuts bro. He has always had an almost traitorous attitude toward the USA since the 70’s
Greg Miller
Greg Miller - 3 days ago
Total Bullshit
Greg Miller
Greg Miller - 3 days ago
still alive?
MURR DOG - 3 days ago
The reason I voted trump......both times...blexit, blexit DJT20/20...chi
George Booker
George Booker - 3 days ago
This guy's pretty intelligent. But he 's wrong on one thing: Trump isn't out to 'trick' people like the Republicans have been doing. The voters know he's for corporate America AND he's for them. This is why the corporations are angry with him with regard to the tariffs on China (our current and future jobs stealer) and threatened tariffs on Mexico if they don't stop the illegal alien inflow at their borders first (job stealers of the American poor). He's not their Old Boy. He's about stopping the raping of the public by the Democrats and Republicans and still make sure he stays rich -and other rich men stay rich. That's not as impossible as it seems, you just have to be patriotic to do it.
Dennard Bullard
Dennard Bullard - 3 days ago
I'm a big fan of Chomsky but this is pure regurgitated garbage there is one hundred percent demonstrable evidence that the Russians interfered in our elections and are still doing it what the fuck
_ - 2 days ago
Yes those evidence is they bought 200k dollars ad to promote trumps campaign. Thats nothing to the millions trump got from sauid arabia and isreal
OdysseyPrime - 3 days ago
I disagree almost entirely. Noam used to be a lot more lucid. His denial of Russia's efforts to destabilize the West speaks volumes about his grasp of what is happening circa 2019 in U.S. politics. Did he read the Mueller report? Did you read it? I encourage you to be aware of the facts (entire Mueller report audio- for free):
_ - 2 days ago
200k dollars worh of ad waohhhhb OUR DECMOCRACY HAS BEEN DESTROYED
One eyed Curious
One eyed Curious - 3 days ago
Just who comprises this cavalry that's on the way, this new class of young Democrats? Democrats, young and old are consumed with completely irrational Trump derangement to the point of hating Trump much more than they love their country and are willing to do great harm to their country if they feel it will damage Trump in some way.
drew dominguez
drew dominguez - 3 days ago
He's a linguist
cheese chisel
cheese chisel - 3 days ago
thumbnail looks like Gandalf
S Hamster
S Hamster - 3 days ago
Chomsky talks bullshit. Real bull.
Top Ranked
Top Ranked - 3 days ago
Give evidence
Braddon Schulze
Braddon Schulze - 3 days ago
Even if you don't like want he is saying , you have to agree that what he is saying is ture
Ja va
Ja va - 3 days ago
You're ignoring how Trump's tax bill helped the middle class more than Obama and Hillary's tax plan
Top Ranked
Top Ranked - 3 days ago
@Ja va did u know that if you look for a job for 4 weeks you are counted as being employed?
Ja va
Ja va - 3 days ago
@Top Ranked how would you measure that? Economic indexes? Unemployment rates? Average income for the middle class? Maybe look at some numbers before disagreeing.
Top Ranked
Top Ranked - 3 days ago
Yeah ok lol
Ja va
Ja va - 3 days ago
Trump is doing more for the economy than Obama did. And thats not an opinion.
A KNIGHT - 3 days ago
Kyle what the fuck are you talking about, are you sucking up to the Dixie bigoted Democrats, they are controlled by corporations money
and get that bullshit outta your mouth,,,the DEM's have young up and coming, who are you playing for the DEM's ,because that's
PROGRESSIVE elected officials period NOT DEMOCRATS, who successfully systematically falsified lied cheated and stole
1/3 of progressives candidates
and thinking that the citizens are so stupid and dumb,,,a lot is about to take place,,,can't wait
The Long Khan
The Long Khan - 3 days ago
No, Mueller said there’s not enough evidence to charge on criminal conspiracy, but there WAS collusion.
Get your facts straight, bro
Ja va
Ja va - 3 days ago
Lol collusion for what? What did the Russians do with trump?
mojobiel - 4 days ago
I've seen MSNBC/CNN guests with more in-depth analysis than Chomsky. He didn't articulate any new ideas that haven't been articulated by others for the last few years.
Wrong. Both parties are ABSOLUTELY corrupt! They lie to perpetuate their racketeering.
drew dominguez
drew dominguez - 3 days ago
Samuel Cleife
Samuel Cleife - 4 days ago
Trump just speaks common sense, everyone else has gone nuts. Men can be women? Christians are now "Easter worshippers"? everybody's a Russian double agent?
Top Ranked
Top Ranked - 2 days ago
@Samuel Cleife who is claiming that? Most ppl believe in many genders. Even 30% of republicans believe there is more than 2 genders
Samuel Cleife
Samuel Cleife - 2 days ago
Top Ranked They are not claiming men can become transgender they are claiming men can become women with absolutely no differences! Oh and that's another one too... everyone I disagree with is a Russian bot lol. You are the perfect example thank you.
Top Ranked
Top Ranked - 3 days ago
Men can become transgender woman, that's a fact . Obama is out of office You ste the Russian bot
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
Democrats are moving right? What is Chomsky smoking? All I've seen Democrats doing lately is moving hard left! Batshit crazy left, in fact. So far left they forgot any pretense of caring about the workers and instead make up harebrained schemes about rearranging the entire cosmos to their liking. May I remind you of the "New Green Deal" which in one fell swoop promises to get rid of all air travel, tear down every building in the US to rebuild a "green" Utopia, make everyone rich by handing out freshly printed money, and banish meat eating. That's so far left Marx is having an epileptic fit in his grave.
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 3 days ago
@Top Ranked That is certainly true, but calling rabid socialists that are in bed with their wealthy donors "politically right" kind of muddles the issue IMO.
Top Ranked
Top Ranked - 3 days ago
Moving to the right means that they used to be pro wokrwr and now are pro corporation
Giovanni Laurenti
Giovanni Laurenti - 4 days ago
I would rebuttal Chomsky with a question: If the Republicans "needed" the ultra rich to maintain power and votes, Haven't the Democrats done the same thing? Let's look at California.., majority Democrats, 10th in the U.S in the amount of Billionaires in their state and just wealth in general (Movie Industry, Music Industry, Corporate heads).They all donate to the DNC regularly just like the RNC gets donations from let's say Texas businessmen. Of the top Billionaire states in the U.S.. The top 4 vote majority Democratic. Is it any wonder how those things correlate?
Top Ranked
Top Ranked - 3 days ago
Republicans are able to raise massive amounts of money to get their candidates elected. Money predicts who will win the elections
Constantin Stanca
Constantin Stanca - 4 days ago
Constantin Stanca
Constantin Stanca - 4 days ago
This Chomsky is really a danger for humanity , braiwashing ignorant people who don’t know at all real history . This chomsky is just an equivalent of hitler . When idiots wakeup and realize the truth is too too late . He is just a liar , cynical , demagog new hitler . And ignorants listen and beleive him . Those ignorants and their children will pay dearly .
S. Gillespie
S. Gillespie - 4 days ago
But Kyle that's not good marketing that's VILE marketing! That's pushing the "lizard brain" button.
A lot of good people know what's going on and are unwilling to use the same tactics because the tactics are so disgusting and dishonest.
You're being bullied at school. Do you "turn the other cheek?" Or do you land a solid one and thereby end the bullying but succumb to their behavior?
When Michelle Obama says, "When they go low, we go high" she is, in a sense, saying turn that other cheek but then you'll always be kicked to the curb. As a black man in a white house that was probably Obama's ONLY tactic.
Bernie Sanders points out bad behavior but is unable to confront it like Alexandria Ocacio Cortez is willing to do. That's what has the Senate all abuzz.
You can't ignore bullying and ever expect it to stop - meaning WIN!
Trump is nothing more than a master BULLY!
You don't have to live in the mud like a pig but you've got to be willing to roll in the mud every-now-and-then. Of course you may find yourself on a slippery slope.
It's tough when you have a conscious.
If you don't have a conscious (or you're easily manipulated) voting for Trump is a no-brainer! LITERALLY!
j b
j b - 4 days ago
The mega-wealthy like Amazon,Apple,Comcast,Disney,ATT,Google, etc etc. all of those corporate gods have hundreds of billions of worth. The left owns the entire government unions, state and federal. name one company that supports Republicans? Half truth half bubble talk.
Hammy Schwartz
Hammy Schwartz - 4 days ago
Two government agents.
Willie Prather
Willie Prather - 4 days ago
Chomsky says the "Democrats are reluctabtly helping the Republican's." Reluctantly?? I say BULLSHIT! If the Republican's true constituants are the rich and most elected officials to include DEMOCRATS are rich, then they're WILLING benefitting.
B dub
B dub - 4 days ago
Nope, Americans voted for Trump because Democrats had made a drastic swing to the left over the last decade. They voted for Trump because the establishment, media, Hollywood, and other smug people on the left. He didn't invigorate racists. He invigorated the working class in the swing States, and he won! Democrats are far more involved in identify politics than any Republican. Other than attacking Trump, that's their only platform. So I find this description of Trump's success a bit disingenuous.
If you agree RussiaGate/SpyGate was a scam, then you best be a little more concerned about the politicization of Intel and law enforcement agencies in this country over anything that Trump has done.
Balmung014 - 4 days ago
I agree. I do not like trump and am democratic, but the democrats have only themselves to blame for the current state of things. Worse still many voters cry on youtube for them to return to form. Instead they have handed trump certain victory. I too admit that nothing about the russia made sense, around and around to find nothing. Polarization in our country is where our problem lies and it will take who knows what to fix it.
kaunas888 - 4 days ago
While everyone is running around screaming Russia Russia, the threat of China is largely being ignored because business is too invested in China, and the REAL foreign power that controls the US is Israel, which everyone pretends to ignore due to Jewish influence. Do a little research on how much Israel has penetrated and controls the US government and you will be shocked.
Jason Harris
Jason Harris - 4 days ago
Why are we allowing this administration to get away with unadulterated corruption?? Ok he did personally kill someone but everyone knows he is not for the people.yet allow him to DESTROY our government... WTF is wrong with AmeriKKKa???
kaunas888 - 4 days ago
The Democratic Party also has an increasingly difficult balancing act where they like to whip up their radical Leftist base (AOC) to attack the Republicans and the Right, but at the same time the leadership has to please their corporate and wealthy donor class. What happens when the Green New Deal meats corporate America?
doriley13 - 4 days ago
Noam belongs in Venezuela!
Powderfinger07 - 4 days ago
Why is that?
MacontheRock Rampage
MacontheRock Rampage - 4 days ago
Chomsky is a Communist who thinks he is a phenomenon
El Rod
El Rod - 4 days ago
Does this guy understand that the Senate/McConnell refuses to pass the bills from Congress?

Noam Chomsky makess interesting statements, but somewhat skewed.
klo schuessel
klo schuessel - 3 days ago
El Rod yes. Always does. He is a „radical“ socialist. His statements are very „coloured“. Its like msm. You have to know a little something about what hes talking about to see that he sometimes leaves stuff out to make it fit his narrative. He does this about israel. Markets. Especially markets. He really has little knowledge or „respect“ for freedom in trade and business. He cares about free speech - wants state out. Propaganda - points out state influence. Cares about democracy - points out negative state influence by meddlers, politicians. Markets... doesnt mind the state at all :D Wants more. Thats pretty much sums it up, imo. And its probably why socialism always seems to end in less free speech and more state interventions in speech and eventually even abolishment of democracy... Essentially it allows this bcs it welcomes state intervention and control of economies... So the foundation is already there to have the state interfere in other places as well. After all, reasoning is the same.
Kathy Cox
Kathy Cox - 5 days ago
Democrats did support big corporations. They didn't announce the facts, but it did get out. They do the same today.
Promises to voters and talking differently to big business. Dems and repubs had one agenda, gloablism. Americans couldn't see much difference between the two parties.
Change was and is in demand and Trump the only hope.
Stilto Monkey
Stilto Monkey - 5 days ago
Funny Kyle, you named all those 'different' groups. They are one group of voters. They are all the same.
sipboi - 5 days ago
Mr. Chomsky WTF are you talking about?
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
He is talking about Republicans being the party of Big Business. Meanwhile, practically every major corporation out there supports the Democrats. One must therefore conclude that either every CEO in the nation is an idiot, or Chomsky is an idiot, take your pick.
sipboi - 5 days ago
Mr. Chomsky please...
Thomas S
Thomas S - 5 days ago
to the right? wtf?
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
I know right! Most ridiculous claim I've heard in a long while...
Smooth acceleration
Smooth acceleration - 5 days ago
Chomsky = genius.
Chris Hayzlett
Chris Hayzlett - 5 days ago
Mueller couldn't charge conspiracy, but had lots of evidence. That is vastly different from "no collusion". Don't repeat Trump talking points based on the spin given by the AG who has a history of obstruction of justice himself.
Cr Hu
Cr Hu - 5 days ago
True but the corporate, Israeli & Saudi interference was worse.
g - 5 days ago
campain funding is no longer the main thing, it is algorythms on the internet. Chomsky is out of date. Used to like him, still do, but he lags behind by now.
He is right about Trump playing russiagate brilliantly- pretends he has something to hide, and when election day comes close, he´ll open up and: nothing there...byebye evil democrats
i love the trump show, hilarious guy, but then I am not an american...
David Lowell Walch
David Lowell Walch - 5 days ago
Your up and coming young Democrats are just a bunch of totalitarian socialists. You people make me sick
David Lowell Walch
David Lowell Walch - 3 days ago
Lazy Monk LOL, what a bunch of propaganda bs. GREEN NEW DEAL, late term abortion infanticide, 80% tax rates, etc.
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
Democrats have been steadily moving right according to Chomsky. All those totalitarian socialists that have taken over the party lately must be a hallucination! If only that was so...
quinton guidry
quinton guidry - 5 days ago
: Sanders Chompsky 2020!
mrpeabodythethird - 5 days ago
Trump, doing what the voting base (the people who voted for him) wants. How manipulative!
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
Now you see, when the people vote as the overlords want them to, that's called "democracy", and it's a beautiful thing! But when the people vote wrong it's called "populism" and "anti-democratic", and that's like Hitler all over again! ;-)
Patricia Tursi
Patricia Tursi - 5 days ago
I was so disappointed that Chomsky did not mention the election fraud that deprived a true candidate of & for the people, Bernie, the opportunity to defeat Trump. He say that campaign funding determined elections, but that was not true in 2016. Bernie revolutionized campaign funding and he was free to take his message of reform to the people. It was the devious & illegal methods used by the Dems that determined the 2016 election ...not money. Chomsky correctly places Russiagate at the feet of the Dems, but Chomsky failed to say why it was used, to deflect attention from Wikileaks' disastrous (for the Dems) release of emails. Russiagate was very successful in diverting attention, although there were some who saw through the game from the start. So even Chomsky is blacking out Bernie. One bit of truth was on spot. Few people give Trump credit for his manipulation of his voters , Chomsky said Trump was doing it skillfully., which is true. If Trump is impeached and exonerated, you can kiss 2020 a way as a win for the Dems. Trump will play the victim, as he has already.
sir rom
sir rom - 5 days ago
Never trust a man with vocal fry.
Jeff C
Jeff C - 5 days ago
did he say" try to pick up racists in the south", and pretend to be against abortion? wow, this guy is stoned....
JCBs Sailing Into the Sunset
Funny how we think 60 years of govt norms will just change with the election of one of the candidates we support.....maybe we are a bit too hopeful on this???
Olga Rhodes
Olga Rhodes - 5 days ago
Sheer brilliance sir!👏
James Holder
James Holder - 5 days ago
The deep state (demo and repub) is controlled by bribes from rich corporations and rich people. Campaign funding controls ALL. Trump is so rich he cannot be bribed. So they hate him. Deep state (demo and repub) want top down government. We The People and Trump want bottom up government.
Been Microphone
Been Microphone - 3 days ago
mmm... I don't like the msm coverage of him, but I don't like fox's either. sooo.. I dunno man, a dude with a golden toilet who wants to eff his daughter and hangs out with epstein doesn't sound like a man of the people to me 🤷‍♀️
Claudy TheArtist
Claudy TheArtist - 5 days ago
Except Trump lost the vote by millions... But most troubling and never mentioned is ALL the Polls, including the most accurate of Polling Science, the Exit Polls showed Trump lost and did not match his Electoral College "victory"... Wonder why?
D Doc
D Doc - 5 days ago
What a load of drivel. Same old crap
john john
john john - 5 days ago
Okay since he doesn't know shit America is doing what it's doing now with Trump because we're tired of being ripped out by the rest of the world it stops now
Michaela Turner MA
Michaela Turner MA - 5 days ago
Love Noam Chomsky. FYI, @9:57 you forgot one word: the CONGRESSIONAL industrial military complex. That's what Eisenhower called it. Back to watching.
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
Did you know that Trump also called out the industrial military complex lately? He has more in common with Eisenhower than you think.
Elena Timofte
Elena Timofte - 6 days ago
Robert Gelinas
Robert Gelinas - 6 days ago
Chomsky has no clue as to the corruption that Trump is rooting out. This is why the Dems are hell bent on getting him out. All the intel agencies are scared they will lose their power. Chomsky thinks that polls and trends are what is steering today's crazy times. He is blind. Conspiracies are very real and big players won't go down without a fight. Chomsky see's none of this or he pretends not to. The people see. They see a man that keeps his promises and doesn't talk "doublespeak'. I'm losing respect for Chomsky. I once thought very highly of him and his opinions. I now see him as a tool to be used by the left to gently deflect the good the Trump has done and more importantly, WANTS to do. Trump WANTS to see America do well. He is not seeking a lifelong pension and a pocket full of cash from political cronyism. He's a good man, period.
Powderfinger07 - 3 days ago
@Lazy Monk - Oh wow, you are severely brainwashed, I now regret replying to you. Go back to watching your black pigeon and Jordan Peterson videos. Btw, the US created ISIS to overthrow the secular and sovereign government of Syria. Trump giving nuclear technology to al Qaeda is about the dumbest fucking move I've ever seen, but evangelicals were hoping their *chosen one* would bring about Armageddon one way or another.
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
@Powderfinger07 Well, you're not *wrong*, but you're totally missing the point! ;-) Lemme explain: The world is a dirty place. Hold on too hard to your enlightened moral principles, and you'll be swallowed whole by those who have no moral principles to begin with. To make any positive impact on the world, you must therefore be willing and able to compromise with your principles a fair bit. Most "good" people just won't do it, and that's why "good" people keep losing on this planet. But Trump is a different breed! I wouldn't call him "good" exactly, but he does have some things he want to protect which are to our benefit, and he is quite willing and able to dirty his hands a bit to do it. Selling weapons to "head-choppers" (Sauid Arabia) isn't optimal from a moral standpoint, but it does help the US maintain control over the middle east by tying the powerful Saud family closer to the US. Putting sanctions on Iran is about keeping Israel happy, which is necessary because of the vast Jewish influence in the US. Not morally optimal perhaps, but it helps keeping Jewish power on the US side (Trump has done a lot of things to this end!). Meddling with Venezuela may not be morally justified, but Venezuela happens to have vast oil reserves, and it also happens to be falling under Chinese influence unless something is done about it. So Trump does something about it, to defend US hegemony into the future. Keeping Yemen (and a host of other nations) in a war-torn destabilized state is of course morally wrong, but it serves a very real need to keep Islam from becoming a unified political force, as well as keeping Eurasia splintered, which assures continued US hegemony. In short, everything Trump does is NECESSARY in order to make sure the US stays on top. When he says "MAGA", he really means it! And the paradox is, even while the US is a rather brutal global empire to those who gets in its way, it is actually better than any conceivable alternative. Would you prefer the rule of a ruthless Islamic caliphate? Or the rule of a brutal communist China? The US may be deeply flawed, but the world is still in need of a Big Bully to rule it, and the US happens to be the most benign applicant for the job. And Trump is just as hardened as you need to be to make sure the US remains the global empire for a while longer. But none of that has anything whatsoever to do with "the swamp", or the draining thereof! The swamp draining is about CRUSHING corruption that was dangerously close to bring down the US from within. No more, no less.
Powderfinger07 - 4 days ago
@Lazy Monk - Right, selling weapons to head-choppers, putting sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, continuing the genocide in Yemen...."swamp-draining" indeed.
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
@Powderfinger07 Q or not, what Robert Gelinas said is still true. We've seen enough already to know the so-called "swamp draining" is really happening, and more is to come. Get some popcorn and enjoy the show.
Powderfinger07 - 4 days ago
"Q told me..."
Lucky One
Lucky One - 6 days ago
Chomsky over rated as usual .
Lucky One
Lucky One - 6 days ago
Let the States decide ...
Andi Pandi
Andi Pandi - 6 days ago
republicans and democrats will agree to argue about whether or not a demented christian should be forced to bake a gay wedding cake - while both of them will continue to support putting young black men in prison, blowing the legs off brown skinned children abroad and doing whatever the corporations want..
zynzy4u - 6 days ago
What a load! Can you say Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook? Four trillion dollars of income with 90% of donations going to the democratic party. Can you answer who took us into WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and what democratic congress voted to invade Iraq? These were all democrats. Who is the party of Jim Crow, the KKK, apartheid, slavery, and segregation by race? Again the democrats. Democrats tactic has always been to sell what it does not have to offer, to voice support for those they does not support, to claim righteous behavior of the most hedonistic demonic persons, and to tear down progress and growth replaced by obstruction and destruction. This is the liberals which are most of both parties. Chomsky is clearly wrong about what he is stating about the democrats believing the lies of the do as we say and not as we do party.
Lazy Monk
Lazy Monk - 4 days ago
Woke and based.
Georgije2 - 6 days ago
America should change its electoral system to give smaller political parties a chance. But obviously that is not in the interest of the two parties currently in power.
Holly Owens
Holly Owens - 6 days ago
I hate rusty fuck him
Stacy Smith
Stacy Smith - 6 days ago
I don’t agree with his assessment of Russia gate. They gave money to the NRA and GOP. And worked behind Wikileaks and propaganda of social media which is huge.
Danny Brooks
Danny Brooks - 6 days ago
Kyle you are very naive Noam is correct on a lot of things not everything when it comes to the 1% of the 1% to control everything there is absolutely no difference between mainstream Democrats and Republicans your only hope is Progressive Democrats Tulsi gabbard for example
Jason Q
Jason Q - 6 days ago
This is the most boring man on earth. His monotone is snooze inducing. Don’t listen to him. He’ll lull you into sleep. Read his books instead.
Steve Dwyer
Steve Dwyer - 6 days ago
Don't make me puke...these Democrats are a JOKE
David Brown
David Brown - 6 days ago
When Netanyahu addressed Congress that was a Blatant Insult targeted against our President and against the American people.
And this is why we have no need for Centrists.
87rapha - 6 days ago
Don't throw stones in a glass house..
Moreton77 Mansley
Moreton77 Mansley - 6 days ago
New Labour under the leasdership of war criminal Tony Blair, did exactly the same thing to the Labour Party, here in the U.K. He continued what Thatcher started in the 80's, totaly going after the unions. I rember saying to my dad when I was 17 and Blair was just made leader of the the then opposition, Labour Party when he asked me what I thought about him. I said, He comes accross well and has a few good ideas but you can hide a lot behind a smile." And sure enough, he grinned and lied his way through 13 years of illegal wars, attacks on the working class and supporting big buisness, continuing the privatisition of goverment jobs and basically giving us what turned into 15 years of Tory light governing. There members of the Conservative Party today that are more moderate that Tony Blair. Once Bush got into power in the U.S, he really upped his Right Wing game. Clinton allegedly warned Blair about Bush. But he stepped in line and allowed himself to be pushed arround by Bush.
Sokar Rostau
Sokar Rostau - 6 days ago
Russiagate is a distraction from something much bigger, much more important, and thoroughly bipartisan.
I'm disappointed that I haven't seen Chomsky mention this because he is a linguist and 'political dissident' that really should have noticed this by now.
Foreign interference isn't about Russia, it's about the British-owned and American-funded Cambridge Analytica influencing elections around the world, from Kenya, the Philippines, and Ukraine, to Britain, Australia, and the US. It is about foreign lobby groups like, but certainly not limited to, AIPAC running political campaigns for their chosen candidates.
Based on Alexander Nyx's own words, there is a very high probability that the "Russians" who "interfered" with the 2016 election were actually employees of Cambridge Analytica formerly employed to influence the Ukrainian elections (you know, the one where literal-fucking-Nazis played a prominent role).
Steve Bannon is a DIRECT LINK from Trump to Citizens United (as is David Bossie, CU's president), Cambridge Analytica, Breitbart News, and billionaire 'donor' Robert Mercer. THIS is the collusion that "wasn't".
"No Collusion" isn't about Putin, it's about breaches of the Citizens United decision... something both sides are guilty of.
waxed link
waxed link - 4 days ago
"Foreign interference" is what the US does to other country's with impunity. When it happens to the US it goes into a self righteous meltdown. It's hard to fathom.
CNN is Fake News
CNN is Fake News - 6 days ago
The so-called 'Southern strategy' has been debunked as yet another leftist fantasy rather like the fictional 'switch' which never happened. As for the supposed Republican constituency of the 'rich and corporations' - the truth is that they fund the Demonrats. The Demonrat Party had a far, far larger donor budget than Trump.
Eoin - 6 days ago
Very good, thanks for the video...
Trump's presidency will be up in January, his 4 years are up soon yet I don't see any Wall around Mexico !!
My point ? They say one thing then once they're elected they turn their backs on you the voter and do the opposite. Obama was a prime example, he never had one policie (literally) running for president he was just a gifted orator (mouthpiece) and put the US $30 " TRILLION" In debt !
They all work for the Jews who own the Fed (private bank) which illegally prints US money (that's the job of the US Treasury) and who control "All" banks and these same Jews (Zionists) brought about the greatest bank heist in history in 2008 that basically bankrupt the world, not one of them went to jail and it's people like Obama, Trump and other politicians and leaders in our world who's job it is to protect them from not going to jail and do what they're told basically. In Ireland recently we'd a case in court of a woman (50s unemployed) who didn't pay her TV (state) licence of €160 so the judge gave her 30 days in jail, yet, these bankers stole trillions and never appear in court,
is that justice ?????????????????????????????????
How strange it is that out of a population of 300 million (US) people that only "2 candidates" battle it out to be president
"and" they just happen to be very wealthy and rich people.
Look, a ressecion in the late 80s hit the US and Trump was called in by the banks because they demanded the billions he owed them but mysteriously they let the fish go on his merry way which is inconceivable in the banking world (he was bankrupt) but back then I knew one they they'd call on him to return the favour and that came in 2016 when the banks elected him president (through powerful media campaigns to brainwashing you into thinking he's your man).
But one day soon you'll pay, what you sow is what you reap, the silence of the US people has brought corruption and mass poverty and suicide (especially since 2008) on the masses.
There's an old saying "when the US sneezes the rest of the world gets a cold."
Now Trump is actually talking about invading Iran (innocent people) and it's nothing got to do with bringing democracy to to Iran it's about there oil and region (like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya etc...) if you want facts..
These are political prostitutes (selling your body and country).
Mass immigration into Europe (cheap labour), Abortion (murder), Equality (equality takes your freedom), Wars everywhere, masses in debt, woman demanding everything for free (they've women marches every day for what I don't know because for the first time in history women have more rights in law than men and that's unconstitutional when a person has more rights than you it's 'called equal rights' - pronouns, love animals kill your baby, group identity (very dangerous), threat of our first nuclear war in history, children bringing their parents to court, and men going to prison for complementing a women (recent new French law). This is the world you've created for the next generation of our young to live in because you say nothing because of "fear" and I personally don't know how you people sleep at night especially men who mysteriously let women control them for the first time in history (in Ireland we call that being a girl).
What you see on TV for example Trump on Russia, China (he's friends with Russia but an enemy of China), Iran, The so called Wall, Brexit (what ?), Mueller, CNN fake news (people fell for that one too), North Korea - all this is just a veil to keep you amused but behi d the veil is what's really going on that the top brass don't want you to seeeeeeeee......
I see people as Zombies now, especially our young who are brain dead by watching porn and playing video games. I've been arrested more times protesting and demonstrating (peacefully) but I've given it up because there's only a few of us now who care about our children's future and protecting our Constitution that my ancestors died for while the communist EU is ripping it up, we can't compete with the billions who just don't care about these important issues who'd prefer to destroy them.
May God have mercy on us all for what's coming...
R S - 6 days ago
You say "Establishment Democrats" as if there are any other type.
R S - 6 days ago
@Timothy W Oh. You mean the same Bernie Sanders who voted for war on Socialist Yugoslavia? The same Bernie who continually voted to fund what the "progressive" Democrats once termed "Bush's illegal wars" (at least until NobelWarIsPeacePrez assumed ownership of those wars)? Bernie Sanders is a phony who plays a "left" role in the democrats just so that when someone points out the corporatist nature of that party, some commentor can come along and point to them. Bernie has done nothing to represent a "progressive' tendency - when faced with the fact that the party he flirts with worked behind the scenes to sabotage his campaign he meekly threw his support behind Clinton just as those who called him a #Sheepdog told everyone that he would do. And as for Tulsi Gabbard - if you think that racist Hare Krishna cultists represent "progressive" tendencies, then you should have no problem at all with the sort of racism exemplified by the so called "alt" right. Chris Butler is only the tip of that iceberg.
Timothy W
Timothy W - 6 days ago
There are actual progressives (like Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard), but they're being actively undermined by the centrist Democrats who run the party and the nomination process.
doc roc
doc roc - 7 days ago
this country is gonna fall in the very near future
Jon Hipkins
Jon Hipkins - 21 hour ago
cue the economic recession in 2021
alphatrion100 - 6 days ago
I hope so
Natty Bumppo
Natty Bumppo - 7 days ago
yes he must know he is a liberal socialist , from the bowels of accademia.
we must must listen to him,he knows all and he will tell you so.
we the unwashed masses need to listen to him.
Bunne Rabb
Bunne Rabb - 7 days ago
Ah dunno, Noam, I think you overlooked a few perhaps not so high-minded, plain as the balls on a tall dog aspects.
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