Brother & Sister: Conspiracy Theories

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James Charles
James Charles - 7 months ago
I am well aware of the fact that Global Warming is very very real hence why I yelled at Ian literally IN the video for thinking it’s a conspiracy theory 🤨 We both went home and watched a video on it too cause we were curious. It’s just a comedy video, this is not a serious conspiracy video, don’t take it seriously.
Ocean Sim
Ocean Sim - 14 days ago
Global warming is caused of like cars and tuff so then methane and harmful gases go flyin into the sky then ice caps melt causing floods
Magicbuddy AJ
Magicbuddy AJ - Month ago
Oml at 11:05 The reason the POLAR ICE CAPS ARE MELTING IS BECAUSE!... There is polution... The sun's heat waves are getting trapped in the poluted gasses which is causing global warming, sorta like a green house. SO, WHEN THE HEAT WAVES ARE TRAPPED IN THE GASSES. IT MAKES THE WHOLE EARTH REALLY REALLY WARM... That's your answer :p
Gizelle Durowoju
Gizelle Durowoju - 3 months ago
Hasley Calderon
Hasley Calderon - 4 months ago
Ok thx sister😁😁
3lazeitkat ree
3lazeitkat ree - 6 months ago
Where can I find you
hehehehehe eeeoowww •_•
Oooh she coming for Shane's gig 👁️👄👁️
Kazayra Gamer
Kazayra Gamer - Day ago
I miss this series!!
Chloe Harrington
Chloe Harrington - Day ago
Athena Lamarre-Clifton
Global warming is a sicle its gonna start getting colder soon
Athena Lamarre-Clifton
Big foot is real it lives around north carolina and thats were i live
carolina m.
carolina m. - 3 days ago
Why is Ian the sister?
wanna forget you
wanna forget you - 3 days ago
james: hey what’s up you guys!
also james :that’s how shane starts his conspiracies
ian: i don’t watch shane dawson!!
caption: tHe DiSreSpeCt
Ellie_chocolatefam - 4 days ago
I saw UFO in sky changing colours
Crystal Meza
Crystal Meza - 4 days ago
love that for you guys
KITANA LAY - 4 days ago
james: the world is 70 percent water
me: um noooo its 71 percent :)
james: ...I hate u
me: :0
Shane is QWEEN
Shane is QWEEN - 5 days ago
I love Shane 🥰 I stan him
Shelby Gaming PUP
Shelby Gaming PUP - 5 days ago
Ok when you two were talking about global warming, when sister Ian was talking I was dying
meme my life
meme my life - 5 days ago
you do realize that you are brother and brother no matter what, right?
Emma Klinger
Emma Klinger - 5 days ago
what's in area 51??????
Ariel Diaz Brenes
Ariel Diaz Brenes - 7 days ago
7:00 actually faking your death is ilegal soo....

Plan B I guess?
xxxCamila Playz
xxxCamila Playz - 7 days ago
Alien version of james charels
Mary Jacob
Mary Jacob - 7 days ago
I love the edits thooo
So good James I need more!!
MLX Studios
MLX Studios - 7 days ago
Heyyy Aliens are real ;) there just microscopic and on Mars!
Nina Levan
Nina Levan - 8 days ago
Did any one else see Ian’s painted nails?

Only me..ok
23Fatema Abdulaziz
23Fatema Abdulaziz - 8 days ago
Ian is all about the government lmaoooooooo😂😂😂
Karla Barreto
Karla Barreto - 8 days ago
Chrissss the editss tho bro love them boiiii cooooooll
Tommy Prather
Tommy Prather - 8 days ago
I LOVED the Beavis and Butthead reference when they were laughing. Love you the most ❤
Fire Ruby Playz
Fire Ruby Playz - 8 days ago
It’s called global warming!!!!
It’s when lots of pollution happens and then it creates a blanket around earth and the sun’s heat gets trapped inside earth and it’s creating more hurricanes because the cold places ice are melting like in the north pole the south pole and mostly cold places whit frozen water 🐒💦💦💦 🌏
ShinyShadowPlayz ツ
ShinyShadowPlayz ツ - 8 days ago
Why Are Ians nails dyed
Skincare Mwah
Skincare Mwah - 8 days ago
Yo JAmes is . So . Ancestry
Isis-Anne Carruth
Isis-Anne Carruth - 10 days ago
i legit started crying no one no one literally no one has ever told me they dont watch shane or dont know who he is
I don't Know
I don't Know - 10 days ago
the editing is *EVERYTHING*
LORD PEWDIEPIE - 11 days ago
What if aliens are just humans but even less advanced
Brooklyn Escobar
Brooklyn Escobar - 11 days ago
Y’all should make a channel named Brother and Sister
Theresa tomashaski
Theresa tomashaski - 11 days ago
Did anybody else notice that Ian's nails were painted
Cameron Leubner
Cameron Leubner - 11 days ago
I hope they didn’t put George w. Bush in that one edit because of a joke to 9/11. I don’t think they meant it that way, but probably should have put another president.
Nirvana Fan
Nirvana Fan - 11 days ago
Boiiiiii I watch Shane’s conspiracies they are super fucking scary (sorry for cussing sorry)
Shadow-Star Animations
Shadow-Star Animations - 11 days ago
Proof of global warming:
Feb 2018: My area of England was between 0°C and 5°C daily - the usual
Feb 2019: My area of England was between 23°C and 30°C daily - ya know, hotter than summers of previous years.
Less than a month in, summer 2019 is already hotter than Feb 19.
Amaya Johnson
Amaya Johnson - 12 days ago
8:17 pause right face when i know my sibling took something of mine and they try to keep it a secret

Yeah please excuse my cringe, I don’t even have a sibling lol
AMurph97 - 13 days ago
Global warming facts: the greenhouse gases produced by humans deteriorate the protective ozone layer between earth and the UV rays of the sunlight. Thus the rays are warming the planet and more greenhouse gases are in turn produced. It then melts the ice caps etc!
Wellplay SD
Wellplay SD - 13 days ago
Sister James is a flat earther confirmed
Hannah Demaris
Hannah Demaris - 13 days ago
Me literally getting dumber by the second, "earth is LIKE A planet" :,)
Vanessa Zolić
Vanessa Zolić - 14 days ago
Who else laughs when James says “oh my god”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
angie afre
angie afre - 14 days ago
conspiracy theory listen to 5:25 sounds like shane dawson .Shane dawson is james charles
Tempest Fortnite
Tempest Fortnite - 14 days ago
James what if every human beings are robots and your the only human
Crosscutflyer 25
Crosscutflyer 25 - 15 days ago
Shane Dawson who ? Never heard of him
natalia Melendz
natalia Melendz - 15 days ago
So the Illuminati works with a double right and he takes money from you because he wants to rule the world that's what the Illuminati does and if you want to be part of the devil you just joined the Illuminati
0010rainee - 16 days ago
holly barry? 💀
Wolf Gamer 2018
Wolf Gamer 2018 - 16 days ago
I have like 3 brain cells in total I have no idea 😂
Welcome To the weird side of YT
8:25 says “what” really high pitched as if he was lying*
Maria..k - 16 days ago
Ok I just finished environmental science and James explaination on global warming had me🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂.
Gabriel Animad
Gabriel Animad - 16 days ago
Ian: I don’t watch Shane Dawson
James: “shook”
Me: also shook
Ian what are you doing with your life?😂
moon child
moon child - 16 days ago
ian is the sweetest
Artistic Blue
Artistic Blue - 17 days ago
I love how James told Ian to not me rude and then went “Shut up!” 😂
Love your channel James!
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