Brother & Sister: Conspiracy Theories

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James Charles
James Charles - 10 months ago
I am well aware of the fact that Global Warming is very very real hence why I yelled at Ian literally IN the video for thinking it’s a conspiracy theory 🤨 We both went home and watched a video on it too cause we were curious. It’s just a comedy video, this is not a serious conspiracy video, don’t take it seriously.
The Emo Rat
The Emo Rat - 25 days ago
that was funny that you did lmao
Jerold 125
Jerold 125 - Month ago
ur editor 😂 omg
Johanna Rivera
Johanna Rivera - Month ago
James Charles , PERIODTT SISTER!!! 😍😍😍❤❤❤
SISTER Ronack - 2 months ago
Just imagine aliens which are beauty gurus like james OMFG : morphe x alien pallet! 👽😂😂😂😂😂
Grazer addict
Grazer addict - 2 months ago
Tynisa Huntington
Tynisa Huntington - Day ago
“Social media” Illuminati 🤣😭
forged gamers
forged gamers - 3 days ago
I would love to see james Charles on 60 days in
Sophie Haywood
Sophie Haywood - 5 days ago
My conspiracies-

We r all in an artificial world to see what will happen in 2000000 years

When we are born the doctors are paid to put chips into us so the government can see what is goin on
George Russell
George Russell - 6 days ago
Donled trump in the 👁
Mustafa - 6 days ago
If his brother wasn't his brother he would probably date him. No hate.
Edit: his brothers jawline tho
Schellshock - 6 days ago
um kate yup much?
Renee Sanders
Renee Sanders - 7 days ago
I hateb you how do you not watch Shane
Adam.43 - 12 days ago
Where's the sister?
Rebecca Volness
Rebecca Volness - 12 days ago
No way the aliens can connect to us... they’ll need the WiFi password
• _Basic_Bianca_ •
• _Basic_Bianca_ • - 12 days ago
“Earth, is like.... a planet..”
Kara_wolfiefox _
Kara_wolfiefox _ - 12 days ago
dont you ever just think why is the world a thing like ow do we exist how does space exist how does EVERYTHING exist? Like its wierd to think about..
xX_S?UL LE¿S_Xx - 16 days ago
light in italian....
xX_S?UL LE¿S_Xx - 16 days ago
COSPIRANCY! Janea charels never read a dicthinary.
supersigma - 18 days ago
*why cure someone once when you could treat them for a lifetime?*
Matilda Riley
Matilda Riley - 21 day ago
“I don’t watch Shane Dawson” oh my god Ian, you and I are very different people sweetie 😂
Ghostie - 23 days ago
Astronomers enter the chat:
cali 4nia
cali 4nia - 25 days ago
I love it when Ian is copying and parotting James's expressions. Hahaha lmao. So cute.
Hi - 25 days ago
Great I cant look at ian the same way again lol
Happy Goatz
Happy Goatz - 26 days ago
Has anyone noticed that Ian is wearing pink nailpolish noice
Larry Landry
Larry Landry - 27 days ago
I have a feeling that global warming is being caused from all the technology making the world too hot because technology is everywhere in the world and Technology can overheat and if everything was overheat the world would just be his blob of fire like the sun and like if everybody has technology and they go anywheres with it then what if it starts a fire can melt anything
Adriana Tane
Adriana Tane - Month ago
Yes sister ine
Mackenzie - Month ago
Everyone is talking about Ian yet not the editor🤡
François - Month ago
james is acting dumb for 14 mins lmfaoo
François - Month ago
i love the editing tho lol
Ara Z
Ara Z - Month ago
...........cause it’s my brand
Ara Z
Ara Z - Month ago
Ian has a PROBLEM with the government
Bill Valdez
Bill Valdez - Month ago
JAMES CHARLES, big foot is REAL !!
PabloVogue - Month ago
Hetero 😤
Zach Astakeesic
Zach Astakeesic - Month ago
Janes you are right Ian’s dumb srry
Zach Astakeesic
Zach Astakeesic - Month ago
Holly berry ☹️
Zach Astakeesic
Zach Astakeesic - Month ago
Omg I’m sad this is the next g
Zach Astakeesic
Zach Astakeesic - Month ago
He was some rappppppeeerr😭
Zach Astakeesic
Zach Astakeesic - Month ago
The day you realize your old cuz some kid tries to explain Tupac.
Bridgette Curley
Bridgette Curley - Month ago
I love the editing in this, it's golden
Mr Jones
Mr Jones - Month ago
10:20 and 10:50 are the best parts
Sky - Month ago
James ur logic ... lmaooooooo

No hate
Sky - Month ago
O EM G LMAOOO😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😊😂😂😂
Sky - Month ago
Are the internet gunna connect
Princess calicocritters
Hi. Lar. Iious
Sheya Ford
Sheya Ford - Month ago
Ian: "Why is it getting hotter?"
James: "Because the ice caps are melting."
Me: "I can't, I just can't. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
royaltyaja B
royaltyaja B - Month ago
Sister james better not join ! No
Amber Eldridge
Amber Eldridge - Month ago
lol this video was so funny your better at conspiracy theories than shane dawson his are far to scary yours are more funny and not to serious
Mary Jo Szucs
Mary Jo Szucs - Month ago
Sister James if you want to know if Aliens are real just go to Aera 51
Ellie Monsterwood
Ellie Monsterwood - Month ago
It’s no way brother Ian didn’t watch Shane few of his conspiracy theories are exactly like shanes
Emma Rocks
Emma Rocks - Month ago
Editor: how much editing do you want?
James: yes
Enrika Kundrotaite
Enrika Kundrotaite - Month ago
Enrika Kundrotaite
Enrika Kundrotaite - Month ago
Part two!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enrika Kundrotaite
Enrika Kundrotaite - Month ago
Nitisha Sahu
Nitisha Sahu - Month ago
Ian copying James is making him annoyed. It's cute..the brother sister pack
ashlyn smith
ashlyn smith - 2 months ago
Idocrocy 7:29 Shawshank Redemption 7:32 those are good movies
John Anicete
John Anicete - 2 months ago
Omg sister Ian has his nails painted 1:34
Sky Audrey
Sky Audrey - 2 months ago
I the the smart girl ok Ian it is getting hotter because there are some machines making it hotter to change the weather so ya
Coconut Ducks
Coconut Ducks - 2 months ago
Everyone one is talking about global warming, I just want james charles to join the illuminati.
Itz_Little_ DD
Itz_Little_ DD - 2 months ago
Am I only one searching for smiley face comment who wrote Shane? No just me? Ok

Edit: its 0:41
Nosipho Dlamini
Nosipho Dlamini - 2 months ago
Kevin - 2 months ago
Like si no entendiste ni mierda de lo que hablan:(, y bajaste a los comentarios y tampoco entendiste lo que dicen. .____.
Sanja Pandza
Sanja Pandza - 2 months ago
You are gey😍😍
Alivia Kingston
Alivia Kingston - 2 months ago
There is actually a cure it is a medicine called protania or something like that oh and I loveeeeeeee you James
Kimberly Ramirez Hearts
Kimberly Ramirez Hearts - 2 months ago
Ian is a disgrace... He doesn't watch Shane???????
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