New Nintendo Switch VS Switch Lite

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GoofyDda - 22 minutes ago
I like being able to connect a pro controller, but I just wished it could act more like a pro controller and connect to a switch. Similar to 3ds connecting to the WiiU for games such as Smash.
ItzHyperDreams - 5 hours ago
9 months later: Now introducing the Nintendo switch pro
SILENCE 07 - Day ago
Can somebody tell me the name of background music?
Christopher Baez
Christopher Baez - 2 days ago
Persona 5 music 🔥
Enviro - 4 days ago
I do have to say that the Switch Lite looks really clean compared to the Switch. Mainly because of the Joy-Con being a part of the system.
GoofyDda - 23 minutes ago
Enviro I like being able to connect a pro controller, but I just wished it could act more like a pro controller and connect to a switch. Similar to 3ds connecting to the WiiU for games such as Smash.
L O - 4 days ago
I hate this shit brought a switch this year in march and this shit comes out
BeyLink - 6 days ago
Like Switch V2. Comment Switch Lite
GamerOfCommands - 6 days ago
What background music is that? I’ve been trying to find it forever
Zhadow Storm Gaming
Zhadow Storm Gaming - 4 days ago
There's also rivers in the desert
Yum_CheesyZ - 5 days ago
GamerOfCommands ds theme shop
Rafaela Camargo
Rafaela Camargo - 6 days ago
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oi tudo bom? sou brasileira estou usando o tradutor pra poder falar com voce.. os jogos do switch da no switch lite? ou tem o próprio por switch lite?
Você quis dizer: oi tudo bom? sou brasileira estou usando o tradutor para poder falar com voce.. os jogos do switch da no switch lite? ou tem o próprio por switch lite?
Aprenda a pronunciar
Hi, how are you? I'm brazilian I'm using the translator to talk to you .. the switch games on the switch lite? or have own by lite switch?
That one bop it! kid
That one bop it! kid - 7 days ago
just put a pop socket on it lol
al alex D2
al alex D2 - 7 days ago
I don't own a Switch as yet but if I have to choose it will be the V2 Switch...why? Because I would prefer to play it in table top mode,it already has a kickstand so I won't be spending extra money on 3rd party Accories,also better battery life out of the 3 versions,the Lite is a cool system don't get me wrong but I feel limited to the physical capabilities
Bolt 3887
Bolt 3887 - 6 days ago
al alex D2 kick stand is ass I bought a kickstand case for my switch when I first got it I was thinking about the switch lite and I have the og and I don’t want the lite as the primary console and having a secondary console to connect to internet to play digital games when most of mines is digital I might not get I’m better off trading the old one for the v2 and get a nice case to take it on the go that’s low profile but the lite is dope
Stariceie E
Stariceie E - 8 days ago
Is it just me but I feel like on the switch lites release date we need to rescue it from Area 51
boi boi
boi boi - 9 days ago
the switch lite battery replacement better be 50$
A Random GUY
A Random GUY - 11 days ago
Why are you comparing them isn’t it obvious
Jamie Bui
Jamie Bui - 7 days ago
A Random GUY I sacrificed chromosomes for big brain
A Random GUY
A Random GUY - 7 days ago
Ok it’s big brain time
Jamie Bui
Jamie Bui - 7 days ago
A Random GUY no it’s not obvious. Which is better
moltengaming - 11 days ago
Me:Who wants to play with me with my switch
me:Well ok have fun trying to play 2 players with out that stand
moltengaming - 8 days ago
@Stariceie E ima dislike my comment now
Stariceie E
Stariceie E - 8 days ago
moltengaming I mean it’s not that hard to stand it up you just gotta use the old stacks of books and buy some joycons.
Marvin Menjivar
Marvin Menjivar - 12 days ago
the lite because it has better battery life
jade mulkerrin
jade mulkerrin - 12 days ago
Dose anyone know if the switch lite will play fortnight?. thanks
Peter von Feldt
Peter von Feldt - 12 days ago
Getting the Switch Lite because i play handheld mode anyway and am not thinking that the Switch Lite will have any drifting issues because they're permanently attached.
Brex64z - 13 days ago
I'm still getting the switch lite just because I think it looks awesome plus I wouldn't really play breath of the wild due to me not liking it. Whilst saying that I'll still get the doom version of the switch just because that sounds freaking awesome!
Caz Melton
Caz Melton - 13 days ago
My 5 year old really wants the switch because of the new Pokemon games sword and shield. He is only 5 though so I’m struggling on which one to get as is can be quite heavy handed
DIMITRIS MAA CGD - 14 days ago
Disliked that video because of the 2+ minutes of useless introduction! So boring... Spam!!
Lance Quisquis
Lance Quisquis - 15 days ago
They made lite so that many people can buy due to its price cause its low so that the switch family will grow.
Sam from 1999
Sam from 1999 - 15 days ago
its a big gameboy
Quiet Professional
Quiet Professional - 15 days ago
There's nothing wrong with $200 for the most advanced handheld to ever exist. The 3DS came out 8 years ago at $250 before they lowered to $170. So I'll go off of the $170 price point and say 8 years later you're paying $30 extra dollars for hardware miles better than the original 3DS. It's a more than fair price.
Just Sirrom
Just Sirrom - 15 days ago
Won't decide until they announce the pro version
Alex Waller
Alex Waller - 16 days ago
Im gonna wait to see how it feels in the hands. If it is way more comfortable than the og switch I might get one cus the old switch is very uncomfortable to play in bed or in general as a handheld.
Pink Floyd S Al Attyah
Pink Floyd S Al Attyah - 16 days ago
Can't wait for the Lite. I have the OG Switch and I think the Lite will solve my issues on portability cos I'm always outdoors so an even smaller device will be less of a hassle carrying around. I also don't play dock. I did it only twice i guess. Plus that Turquoise is just dope. And don't get me started to the D-Pad
JC Denton
JC Denton - 18 days ago
Demar Derozan
Demar Derozan - 18 days ago
I'm buying a switch but I don't know wich to get!!!The OG the lite or the new one.Help pls
Kachuluin - 15 days ago
You're welcome 👌
Demar Derozan
Demar Derozan - 15 days ago
@Kachuluin thx man
Kachuluin - 16 days ago
If you prefer handheld, get the lite. If you'll play it both ways, get the new one. If you'll keep it docked, get the old one (or new one, the only difference is battery life)
Sorry I'm Late
Sorry I'm Late - 18 days ago
A comparison, where he didn't show up both actual devices but ... video cut ?
Kirbo Mode
Kirbo Mode - 18 days ago
One word. SPACE.
isozar - 19 days ago
I will buy the new Nintendo switch version on black Friday sales :) the lite is cool too but the no tv status killed it for me
Dusty 34
Dusty 34 - 20 days ago
I'm buying the lite because it's cheaper
• xBeaxts •
• xBeaxts • - 17 days ago
Cheap ass
Andy Trujillo
Andy Trujillo - 20 days ago
You suck
RoboDrags - 21 day ago
new nintendo switch best
i don't care if there is a drift issue because its free to fix it anyways
Tristan Bach
Tristan Bach - 21 day ago
If you already own I switch why buy the lite and spend 200 dollars for a lesser switch but for me a person without a switch I'm fine with the lite because of its price it's a lite it not supposed to be way better than the original it's supposed to be the budget options
James Freeman
James Freeman - 21 day ago
i really like the $299 switch but reality is i might often leave my house at 6am and be home at 8pm on the weekdays. Hardly, anytime to play it docked... Lite for me is going to make more sense. However, both options are good i think... depends on your current situation really.
Richard France
Richard France - 21 day ago
The excitement of nintendo switch lite died for me as soon as it became clear there's literally no way to play on tv. They should have at least used MHL support through the usb c if they didn't want to make a dock. I bought the new switch instead.
Doggo Doge
Doggo Doge - 21 day ago
The Nintendo switch original is the best because u can play handheld table top and the dock
Doggo Doge
Doggo Doge - 19 days ago
Yeah I sucks the new lite and WTF why would Nintendo make this
Inês Batista
Inês Batista - 19 days ago
I agree
Terry DeVeaux
Terry DeVeaux - 23 days ago
Idc care about a pro but the new switch with the battery is all that matters to me. Lite was a possible choice because I know I’ll spend 75% of the time in handheld mode (25 on tv and 0 in tabletop lol) but the better battery life and more options is worth a 100 dollars to me
COW MAN 12733
COW MAN 12733 - 23 days ago
I want a switch lite but it can’t go in a dock and I would like to play on the tv and I don’t know why Nintendo couldn’t make a dock for it but sold separately sooooo I think I will go for the normal one
Fuzzy Ewok
Fuzzy Ewok - 25 days ago
I’m a handheld kind of guy. Used to be hardcore gamer but sadly I just don’t have time anymore. Lite suits me fine since I only average about maybe 9 hours of gaming a week anyway.
I’m only hesitant because I feel they will release a better version of the lite later on.
Fabio Samlalsingh
Fabio Samlalsingh - 25 days ago
Deffo interested in getting a lite. Wanted a switch originally for games like smash. Now with a switch lite I can. Most of the time I'd game on ps4 when I'm home anyway. I wouldn't even play a switch on the TV at all tbh. Time to revive handheld console gaming. Gone dead when 3ds nonsense came out.
Matthew Laurence
Matthew Laurence - 25 days ago
preordering one, which col0or should i get?
@Matthew Laurence I agree. I think Yellow is the one I have decided on too in absorbing all the hands on feedback.
Matthew Laurence
Matthew Laurence - 19 days ago
@HAMMERFOOT HAMMERFOOT yellow looks pretty cool
Matthew Laurence I cannot decide on a color either... Do you have one or two colors that you know you like?
JustAnotherTroll - 25 days ago
Still going for the lite. Gonna hide one away when it comes out
Richard Estalilla
Richard Estalilla - 25 days ago
I'll buy everything!!
I love when you have a switch and Nintendo do me like that
Robert Chelariu
Robert Chelariu - 27 days ago
Can i play it on monitor? The Lite thingy or no?
lewis lambert
lewis lambert - 26 days ago
n3Xus_ - 27 days ago
So the switch lite is basically a hand held only Wii U the analog stick placement is a little different but it’s still better than getting a new Nintendo 3DS. Better graphics, better games and better display
Shou - 27 days ago
I'm a big handheld player and for this reason the old switch is killing my wrist after long sessions I think the old switch is way to heavy... So I will get the Lite and keep the old switch for the tv.
Royce G
Royce G - 27 days ago
Exactly for real, the switch just gets uncomfortable after playing in handheld for to long.
Nathaniel bertoning Qwerty
I liked the video because of how smooth you plugged in the ad
Jordan H
Jordan H - 28 days ago
I'm getting a Lite for the price point alone. The normal Switch is too expensive.
isozar - 19 days ago
Wait for black Friday sales on the 29.11
Tomáš Gonda
Tomáš Gonda - 28 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks old switch is better?
GoofyDda - 32 minutes ago
Tomáš Gonda it is better but now we have a comeback when people say they too broke to get a switch. Just get a switch lite.
J assassin 78
J assassin 78 - Hour ago
I'm almost convinced for the lite so i think yeah
BYT Bad YouTuber
BYT Bad YouTuber - Day ago
i think lite is better... i don't like sharing
SSG4 - 2 days ago
The old version is the cheapest piece of crap hardware I've ever owned. Never have I dropped it once and already after less than 1 year of owning it my right Joycon drifts, the screen is scratched, the kickstand is awful to deal with, and both of my Joycons are loose. I returned that old garbage and preordered the lite.
Erik - 2 days ago
@bort gang i thought be menat the ond version of the real switch
nat2coop - 28 days ago
I'm keeping my old switch why because I don't really like playing games outside my house
Spidey Shady
Spidey Shady - 29 days ago
Because Monster boy has a new feature don't mean to get a lite
Spidey Shady
Spidey Shady - 29 days ago
New Nintendo Switch is better because you can do more things than that Lite
GOKU BLACK - 29 days ago
I definitely understand the concerns that you have for the Lite. But at the same time, I feel that it was made more for the people who don’t already own a Switch. Or they really just want a dedicated hand-held. Would not recommend buying day 1, just to see how it turns out. But If it’s good...I’m gonna pick up one myself.
ShiAtoJuku - 29 days ago
I really don't know what to get I haven't gotten up to date on the latest consoles. I honestly rather play handheld so I'm leaning towards the Lite, but what games will I not be able to play?
rEb - 26 days ago
@CEnow I ain't even getting those games, so i should be good with the Lite. Not gonna get the first production, though.
ShiAtoJuku - 27 days ago
@CEnow Ah okay. Thank you!
CEnow - 27 days ago
"1,2 Switch" and "Super Mario Party" are the only known games seriously affected by the Switch Lite (Joycons needed!). Everything else works or should work properly as long as the game has the "handheld symbol" on the game box description. Right now those are 99% of all the switch games, so no big deal.
Awoken Minds
Awoken Minds - 29 days ago
Give a thumbs up if your joycons are fine and a thumbs down if you have experienced joycon drift
Awoken Minds
Awoken Minds - 29 days ago
Lite Switch plays Switch games, so it’s a Switch
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