Basically I'm Gay

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Aqua - 10 hours ago
Cats Enthusiast
Cats Enthusiast - 11 hours ago
this video is so important and inspiring and reassuring and emotional - thank you
Neuronaut Alpha-1
Neuronaut Alpha-1 - 13 hours ago
Congratulations, what. Do you want a fucking plaque or something? Who fucking cares?
On the House Gaming
On the House Gaming - 17 hours ago
Post more
Ecaterina Rosu
Ecaterina Rosu - 17 hours ago
"Misery and Melodrama..."
September, arrives: AND MOUSTACHES
On the House Gaming
On the House Gaming - 17 hours ago
So how come you and Phil have separate rooms?
sco chai
sco chai - 19 hours ago
we aren’t surprised ngl
Glitch - 23 hours ago
Hmmmm.....not surprised
Truly_Jess Head
Truly_Jess Head - Day ago
Time stamps
❤️ Chapter one- The Word 2:08
🧡 Chapter two - Feelings 9:35
💛 Chapter three - internalised oppression 16:50
💚 Chapter four - Labels 31:52
💙 Chapter five - Fear 38:57
💜 The End 45:09
Credit to @Laurynn Kraemer
kate - Day ago
Woah, Dan's hands are big. Can relate.
XDCgamerboy .-.
XDCgamerboy .-. - Day ago
K den
The Writing Spider
The Writing Spider - Day ago
I too, am highly flammable.
Melody Scene
Melody Scene - Day ago
Dan, you are such a wonderful person for so many reasons and if I could I would give you a hug. This video will help a lot of people.
Layni? That's me!!
Layni? That's me!! - Day ago
❤❤ at least my 10th time watching this. I cant wait for him to post again
Kimberly - Day ago
Terminator - Day ago
this is dumb
GrellAtTheDisco - Day ago
Jerome McGuinness
Jerome McGuinness - Day ago
Thank you for acknowledging that bisexuals exist, much appreciated! :-P
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 2 days ago
Yeah, we noticed. Proud of you Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
prettyquiche - 2 days ago
i'm also a disgusting pervert.
Around the world fangirls
Ved Lyme it’s a joke from the video
Mylou Hedwig
Mylou Hedwig - Day ago
Ved Lyme theyre saying a line from the video. Literally something Dan said. How does that make them homophobic
Ved Lyme
Ved Lyme - Day ago
Um you’re homophobic?
Samylle Silva
Samylle Silva - 2 days ago
Jocelyn Anderson
Jocelyn Anderson - 2 days ago
ugh so brave I fucking love you I'm so glad you've made it through this journey!!!
Ozzie Aimbot
Ozzie Aimbot - 2 days ago
Plot twist
steph smith
steph smith - 2 days ago
i am lost for words. thank you dan, for everything.
Captain Burrito
Captain Burrito - 2 days ago
Join the near 1million likes club

And that deep dan
LightsCameraKami - 3 days ago
I wish I could like this again
Permanently Exhausted Pidgeon
Thank you.
diana quispe
diana quispe - 3 days ago
Quien habla español ? Pero les encanta daniel howell y amazingphill
sad _sis
sad _sis - 3 days ago
Here’s the timestamp for all of people that didn’t want to watch all 45 minutes (idk why you wouldn’t want to watch all of it but okay)
holohane - 3 days ago
Hey dannnnnnn can u kick the homophobic asses of most my class,🏳️‍🌈
Laura van den Ouden
Laura van den Ouden - 4 days ago
You said that there’s always hope, but I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t want to live. I feel horrible all the time. My mind is always conflicted. You said time changes everything, but even if that’s true it will take me a long time of suffering before I might feel happy again. I don’t have anything to live for. You said one person can make all the difference, but even if someone will eventually love me romantically I won’t be able to love myself. I can’t do it. I don’t want to survive and struggle for a long time before I will finally have something or someone I live for. You’ll probably never see this, but thank you Dan and Phil for distracting me when I felt horrible. I will go to London on holiday around April or May somewhere so I might be able to meet you and Phil, if I’m still alive by then.
Sofia S
Sofia S - 9 hours ago
You're going to be okay. You're going to be safe. It will get so much better. It might seem hard now, but you can do it. Please stay alive, for your future and for everyone who cares about you. You have so much to live for. You have a whole future ahead of you that you can shape however you want to. Live for us. Live for people who love you. Live for Dan. Live for everything you love. WE care about you. We love you. We NEED you. You got this. We're rooting for you, we're in your corner, we know you can make it through. Love, the Phandom ❤💛💚💙💜 (Did I mention we love you a lot)
Henry Banks
Henry Banks - 3 days ago
Please don’t lose hope. Everything will be okay. You will be okay.
chutney chut434
chutney chut434 - 4 days ago
2:12 KILLED ME !!
Chicken Head
Chicken Head - 4 days ago
Petition to get Dan to cover Welcome To The Black Parade
JustAddSprinklz - 4 days ago
What a masterpiece! I'm so proud of you!
Liam Pittman
Liam Pittman - 4 days ago
you did good boo and itll be ok
*FoxLunar* - 4 days ago
123UnicornRose /Abby:3:p
38:34 The whole video you’re welcome
We miss dil
XxMolten WolfxX
XxMolten WolfxX - 4 days ago
I thought you were american
Honor Macdonald
Honor Macdonald - 4 days ago
Agressive pricks with chode ties

Why is that literally every boy at my school
RIP me
Mimi Kitty
Mimi Kitty - 5 days ago
dont worry im lesbian
Taia Olsen
Taia Olsen - Day ago
Garbage Boi 9,000
Garbage Boi 9,000 - 2 days ago
Thought you were american
Joe Cipriano
Joe Cipriano - 5 days ago
You sound like a hypocrite
Sofia S
Sofia S - 9 hours ago
Oh my is this messy... I don't even know how to reply. This literally makes no sense lmao
Taia Olsen
Taia Olsen - Day ago
literally everything you are saying makes no sense
Abril De la rosa
Abril De la rosa - Day ago
@Joe Cipriano I'm not twisting anything. I am quite literally quoting what you said. What do you mean "Dan is whitewashing". ?!
Joe Cipriano
Joe Cipriano - Day ago
@Abril De la rosa idc about my grammar or how your twisting my words around....what if this someone elses moment and Dan is whitewashing it...stop telling me what i mean....i think that anyone that talks about a true to theyre life moment the should call the person out...
C Eastep
C Eastep - 5 days ago
yeah we knew already
jovana :3
jovana :3 - Day ago
@sydfuck you :)
syd - Day ago
@Garbage Boi 9,000 me or them
Garbage Boi 9,000
Garbage Boi 9,000 - 2 days ago
You seem like a very annoying person.
C Eastep
C Eastep - 2 days ago
@syd oh well the vid was 45 min long not gonna watch the whole thing
syd - 2 days ago
@C Eastep well he specifically said that saying you 'knew already' is really disrespectful as it undermines his whole point.
Rae Collin
Rae Collin - 5 days ago
Thank you
Furoki - 5 days ago
Dan i kinda feel yer a pos for hiding this for so long
Around the world fangirls
That’s not how it works my guy 😐
Maya Zulf
Maya Zulf - 5 days ago
Think about what you’ve said for a minute.
Jordan B
Jordan B - 5 days ago
I'm legit so mad you haven't tried to Amazon those Body of Christ cookies.
eryn gresham
eryn gresham - 5 days ago
45 minutes to tell us something we already knew... this is why you are consistently my favorite YouTuber
Garbage Boi 9,000
Garbage Boi 9,000 - 2 days ago
Did you watch the the video? He specifically asked people not to say that, as it undermines his entire point. If you respect him, you should respect his requests.
Djack55 - 5 days ago
it’s been 3 months...
1-800-EW - 5 days ago
Hey it’s been 3 months how we doin Dannies
Spacey Jakey
Spacey Jakey - 5 days ago
Can you tell us about the “sexy emo Halloween costume” story now 😂
Beatriz Basile
Beatriz Basile - 5 days ago
I'm glad for you, Dan! I've been watching your videos for so long, and seeing you accepting yourself is a relief and makes me proud! lots of love!
Ravven Gacha
Ravven Gacha - 5 days ago
Do I love this? Y E S
Did I cry while watching it? Y Y A A S S
Astrid - 5 days ago
Let’s not fuck trolls they don’t deserve that kind of pleasure lmao
theH isntsilent
theH isntsilent - 5 days ago
“Generally, I can handle a lot. I have big hands, with a very wide reach. FOR PLAYING PIANO YOU FUCKIN- *GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER* “
Elena  Silvestri
Elena Silvestri - 6 days ago
24:24 shawn mendes
Morgan Ray
Morgan Ray - 6 days ago
32:08 and they did figure it out lmao
Morgan Ray
Morgan Ray - 6 days ago
10:50 my friend paused the video and started crying at that line. thank you dan for being youtube's mcr as you use your words and stories to help others feel less alone❤
Morgan Ray
Morgan Ray - 6 days ago
been 3 months and here i am trying to watch it for a 3rd time while everyone else is at 30
That Odd Turtle
That Odd Turtle - 6 days ago
This video has helped so much, every time I can’t deal with existence, I watch this video again. This is the most rewatched video I’ve watched on youtube lmao 😂
Alexandra Childers
Alexandra Childers - 6 days ago
3:41-3:58 of the first internet support group
Kaitlyn Coffman
Kaitlyn Coffman - 6 days ago
Whomever disliked this may go kindly fuck themselves. Thank you.
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