Basically I'm Gay

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kate - 2 minutes ago
Sophie G
Sophie G - 6 minutes ago
What about lizzy :0000
Steven Baker
Steven Baker - 34 minutes ago
Congrats my friend
TaterTot Thot
TaterTot Thot - Hour ago
If that title doesn't describe me, I don't know what does.
Jade Meyrick
Jade Meyrick - Hour ago
All I have to say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
TaeTae CutiePie
TaeTae CutiePie - 2 hours ago
This video makes me really happy
Fanta Lover
Fanta Lover - 3 hours ago
Lady door/female exit/queen cage 🤣😂😂🤣
Red Oxygen
Red Oxygen - 4 hours ago
I'm 15 wtf is bebo?
Jada Byrne
Jada Byrne - 4 hours ago
ive watched this video 8 times and it's still the best video on youtube
I'm a little nuts
I'm a little nuts - 4 hours ago
G-note alert God damnit. What the hell 😡 sorry that triggers my emo
Jezzibolt - 4 hours ago
Thanks! I’m glad you’re doing you, man, and that you’re cool with yourself. Thanks for being you. I hope people are understanding and supportive. I have hope that most will be.
Gabrielle Lewis
Gabrielle Lewis - 4 hours ago
Dan... a tol boi from england
This video is filled with to many jems
hiya_its _Amy_boo
hiya_its _Amy_boo - 5 hours ago
Im crying . Emotional rollercoster
Kristen Yeh
Kristen Yeh - 6 hours ago
dan really needs to do a ted talk, he could help so many more people
ItsBigDaddyShrek - 6 hours ago
I'm so proud of you❤
Leanne Reek
Leanne Reek - 6 hours ago
i love you! I am so proud of you love!
McCall Chambers
McCall Chambers - 7 hours ago
Dan Is Not A Strait Guy
Bethany Chambers
Bethany Chambers - 7 hours ago
Aww this video is so sweet and yet so sad because it's true and real. Hopefully this helps many people that see this while going through the same thing.\(^-^ )/ yay progressive homosapiens and unspontaneously combustible formless blobs!
Oxygen Destoroyah
Oxygen Destoroyah - 9 hours ago
It's gross how people fetishize Dan x Phil and other real life people to fuck each other.
Stop it.
Ella McLaughlin
Ella McLaughlin - 12 hours ago
Dan, please come back. I know it’s probably hard right now but 6.6 MILLION people need u right now
Yacoop Sofe
Yacoop Sofe - 13 hours ago
Tania Laura
Tania Laura - 14 hours ago
this made my day
LordMcSwagTache - sh*tposts
Why on earth does this have 45k dislikes?
Irene C. Abry
Irene C. Abry - 11 hours ago
It’s a damn shame
x Itz Leila x
x Itz Leila x - 16 hours ago
I wasted 45 minutes of my life on this....
kate - 8 minutes ago
Wow, what a bitch. Go be obnoxious somewhere else, no one wants you here or cares about your opinion. 👋
Chloe _07
Chloe _07 - 16 hours ago
A month later I’m still sobbing?...A month after watching He comes back to making me cry 😂 I’m so sorry but I swear to god as if you haven’t had this enough but I am incredibly proud of you and I hope you know there are a lot of people out there that love you. ❤️🌈 can’t wait for the next vid take you time you deserve it after feeding us this masterpiece x
Laurynn Kraemer
Laurynn Kraemer - 19 hours ago
Time Stamps
❤️ Chapter One - The Word 2:08
🧡 Chapter Two - Feelings 9:35
💛 Chapter Three - Internalized Oppression 16:50
💚 Chapter Four - Labels 31:52
💙 Chapter Five - Fear 38:57
💜 The End 45:09
give this weeb some oxiJIN
i'm so sorry on behalf of all those people who made you afraid of being who you are, Dan. Bless you with only the best from here on.
Its a kind of Queen
Its a kind of Queen - 21 hour ago
9:07 literally every wattpad ever
Unknown - 21 hour ago
"Wow that me"
RandomStuff Studios
RandomStuff Studios - 22 hours ago
Thank you for putting into words how I feel when it comes to my gender identity. I always thought the whole "formless blob" thing was dumb, but you made me feel less alone, thanks :)
charlotte - Day ago
I feel like 18:55 was an unintentional book of mormon reference
brenpineapples - Day ago
I’ve watched this shit 6 times omfg I wish I had this when I was 12 😭🏳️‍🌈
Courtland Tapp
Courtland Tapp - Day ago
Wow, love you
Miah Vasquez
Miah Vasquez - Day ago
I can hook you up if you wany
Miah Vasquez
Miah Vasquez - Day ago
Madi Day
Madi Day - Day ago
Thank you
Peyton Saunders
Peyton Saunders - Day ago
Oh my god, serotonin-deficiency wave is my favorite too.
Shawn Flores
Shawn Flores - Day ago
“Peaked at 5 in every way” BITCH ME TOO
suzanna - Day ago
Yes im watching this again
yes i cant help it
and yes im going to laugh/cry through the entire thing
:D - Day ago
My eyes are dry yet??
L!zzy R0se
L!zzy R0se - Day ago
Why would you g note me/ play welcome to the black parade, why my emo heart can't take this T-T
I'm sorry this seems besides the point
victoria - Day ago
I love u biiiitchhh fuck
Elle - Day ago
brilliant video. i loved every second of it
Elle - Day ago
the part about wanting humanity to be eradicated
that me af
Lilac Goldpetal sketch
4:00 literally me 🤣
Tamik - Day ago
I've been waiting so long for u too aploud *i can't spell* and this video made me happier and sad at the same time
Frick - Day ago
Maria Foust
Maria Foust - Day ago
So proud of you❤❤
Undead Gaijin
Undead Gaijin - Day ago
Big shocked face
Fuvy - Day ago
*Fanfiction wants to know your location*
Cinnamon Panda
Cinnamon Panda - Day ago
I knew, and I wanted to date the guy 🐈...but he said he wasnt so.
Cinnamon Panda
Cinnamon Panda - Day ago
Oh so he had this idea and thats why he was in such denial
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