Basically I'm Gay

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LinusFoamTips - 4 hours ago
Dan, the only thing I'm confused about is how you look half your age.
Charlie Finch
Charlie Finch - 12 hours ago
Oh really?
にたい私は死 - 16 hours ago
i identify as a giraffe being thrown into a river, limp and lifeless
Davita Designs
Davita Designs - 20 hours ago
Jesus loves you follow him, it is against God to like the same gender please follow Christ❤️🙏
lol - 9 hours ago
you're sick
Aino Elina
Aino Elina - 10 hours ago
Please tell me you’re joking🤦🏼‍♀️
lila's life 0890
lila's life 0890 - 20 hours ago
Dan it's ok you are not alone we all support you and I will always support you because I have been made fun of by my friends about being apart of the lgbtq+ community but we all love you
Captain Meliodas
Captain Meliodas - 22 hours ago
Dan! You should come back soon! We miss you and your content, especially with Phil. DanandPhilGames are also the best content out there! :)
maja edvik
maja edvik - 23 hours ago
i like that jacket friendo
Adaria Butcher
Adaria Butcher - Day ago
I am di
Jude - Day ago
Oh geez that was five months ago already.
Preston Ford
Preston Ford - Day ago
I rellllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Star Gourd
Star Gourd - Day ago
The real tea is that Daniel is basically a boomer who communicates w his family via email.
14MINIMAN - Day ago
formless's blob lets rise up.
Rusty Kerr
Rusty Kerr - 2 days ago
Give me your jacket
Anthony PH
Anthony PH - 2 days ago
I missed when this channels name is Dan and Phil
Tiffany Pierce
Tiffany Pierce - 2 days ago
As much as I'd like to make a long heart-felt comment saying how much we love you and appreciate you, I know that this makes this easier on everyone: we're proud of you!
Bri Jordan
Bri Jordan - 3 days ago
Dan is the shame wizard. *Change my mind.*
Ella Blackburn
Ella Blackburn - 3 days ago
:O wow...
James Charles
James Charles - 3 days ago
We all knew
c H o C o
c H o C o - 3 days ago
We stan a king that rocks in glitters
Bohemian Bogart
Bohemian Bogart - 3 days ago
Dan, about the last comments labels come from a process of thinking. I don't agree with labels as a form of discrimination but s a way of identifying someone and understanding how they feel it can be useful :P
Shadow1Yaz - 3 days ago
Are you ok 1990’s?
1990’s: clearly not. I’m very distressed.
Justin PageSlayer
Justin PageSlayer - 3 days ago
Confused, sad and horny. Me, all the time
Neala Ernswa
Neala Ernswa - 3 days ago
Does this video make dan the biggest lefttuber now or
frangipaniapples - 3 days ago
Come back to YouTube !!!!
Skye Krista
Skye Krista - 3 days ago
You’re a beautiful soul, I’m so happy and proud of you ♥️
Grey Eskridge
Grey Eskridge - 3 days ago
who the fuck disliked this video? i will fight all 46,000 of them
Destinee Weidman
Destinee Weidman - 3 days ago
recommended to me again but I’m not complaining
Corey valentin
Corey valentin - 3 days ago
I miss you dan
SadisticSarcasm - 3 days ago
_If you aren't in youtube rewind 2019 I swear to god_
Erin Bray
Erin Bray - 4 days ago
BE WITH PHIL no rush though we all know you going to be with Phil but uh if you don't get with him I'm fine
Saphire Anabeth
Saphire Anabeth - 4 days ago
YouTube: I know you've watched this video 30 times already, but here I recommend it again
Elliot Worman
Elliot Worman - 4 days ago
Headwick - 4 days ago
Which 46k homophobic retards disliked this video ima kill them
Alexis Evatt
Alexis Evatt - 4 days ago
I LOVE HIMM AND THIS IS WHAT GOT ME BACK INTO THEM..he’s literally so powerful
H R D - 4 days ago
Dan: in almost every way, I peaked at age 5
Me: *laughs* I peaked age 6
ItzKatie_girl 27
ItzKatie_girl 27 - 4 days ago
DAN! we miss you!
Caoimhe’s Voice
Caoimhe’s Voice - 5 days ago

Khalil Cooper
Khalil Cooper - 5 days ago
It's strange that somehow everything you said was relatable to me and i feel like most of the lgbt community can. Props to you dan I hope you're in a good place right now
A Lonley Ramen Noodle
A Lonley Ramen Noodle - 5 days ago
Everyone gets a hug whether you like it or not
manuel dominguez
manuel dominguez - 5 days ago
Spark Girl
Spark Girl - 5 days ago
Does dan realize there is non binary so there is actually formless blobs
AMC - 5 days ago
“Our YouTuber Dan died, sometimes I can still here his voice”
Gøthbøy summer
Gøthbøy summer - 5 days ago
Phil: *breathing intensely*
Samuel Mingo
Samuel Mingo - 5 days ago
Jeez Dan is not on fire, I started watching you way back in the day. Watched the side channels too. Totally crushed on you too. So happy to see this! Best wishes to you, and hope you start making lots more vids!
Floopy Doggo YT
Floopy Doggo YT - 5 days ago
i feel like you are talking about my secondary school
UselessGacha !
UselessGacha ! - 5 days ago
Ooooooooh 😏😏😏
Lps MoonLight Plus
Lps MoonLight Plus - 5 days ago
Its alright were here for you
Karli Duncan
Karli Duncan - 6 days ago
Talking about how the internet pushing to get information about his personal life and how that made him feel like he did when he was bullied as a child made me so sad.
Karli Duncan
Karli Duncan - 6 days ago
I actually bawled my eyes out watching the first half of this.
Rachel Eyler
Rachel Eyler - 6 days ago
This October my mom found out I'm asexual and I've never been happier, thanks dan 💞
Rachel Eyler
Rachel Eyler - 4 days ago
@OwO Yeet You too bro, be happy with yourself and enjoy your life 💛
OwO Yeet
OwO Yeet - 4 days ago
@Rachel Eyler live ur best life bro you got this
Rachel Eyler
Rachel Eyler - 4 days ago
@OwO Yeet Thanks so much my dude
OwO Yeet
OwO Yeet - 4 days ago
I'm glad its gone well homeslice 👌
Hannah Bruno
Hannah Bruno - 6 days ago
If I could like a video one thousand times, I would.
Eren Pastel
Eren Pastel - 6 days ago
I've watched this about 50 times already and each time I cry.
Brookelynn Skinner
Brookelynn Skinner - 6 days ago
We all been knew and we all live for it.
Hunter Meek
Hunter Meek - 6 days ago
dan's on the right track, baby, and he was born this way
in all seriousness, I could watch this eternally
so proud of you, dan
also!!!! the queers are here for dan
Nalani loves dogs
Nalani loves dogs - 6 days ago
12:26 a literal mood
Louisa Glen
Louisa Glen - 6 days ago
I keep going back to this video because it has so many positive messages that arises from the negative situations and honestly we can all learn so many important lessons from this. Lots of people who have ever felt like this in the past can relate and it means future generations can be helped too.
Thank you Dan for making this video
MaRcO tUrZo
MaRcO tUrZo - 6 days ago
He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly dan is bacc
Jjj Irrij
Jjj Irrij - 6 days ago
Duuude this is so relatable
sara comerford
sara comerford - 6 days ago
What kind of sadistic person dislikes this video?!
Casey & Katy Marsh
Casey & Katy Marsh - 6 days ago
I ain't gunna do the soppy thank you but I love you Dan!
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