Ujda Chaman Official Trailer | Sunny Singh, Maanvi Gagroo | Abhishek Pathak | Releasing 1st November

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Illya Roberts
Illya Roberts - 8 hours ago
What is the name of that song please
Mail Karo
Mail Karo - 13 hours ago
Bala or ye film dono same hai copy hai
Ajit Verma
Ajit Verma - 17 hours ago
Ajit Verma
Ajit Verma - 17 hours ago
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I love u Allah
I love u Allah - Day ago
Kope chor bala ka kope kiya hai
Farah Ansari
Farah Ansari - Day ago
Ek hi time pr do same story movie..idiot hain bilkul
Shahnaj Akhter
Shahnaj Akhter - Day ago
Ir is like bala.
Last Soviet
Last Soviet - Day ago
Ujda Chaman Is the Best Film ..... and That Testosterone scene man thats lit
Abdul Ahad Noor
Abdul Ahad Noor - 2 days ago
Way better than Bala jbh
Aman Chaudhary
Aman Chaudhary - 2 days ago
0:39 clearly its the joke of standup comedian vinay sharma in his video "marriage"
M.S.K Mahesh
M.S.K Mahesh - 2 days ago
Bala best
Bhaumik Dave
Bhaumik Dave - 2 days ago
Appreciate this trailer than bala
Ashwin M
Ashwin M - 2 days ago
This is the pure copy of 'Ondu Motteya Kathe' kannada movie. ;D ;D
Sahiba Siddique
Sahiba Siddique - 2 days ago
Same meri story mera b bf tklu nikla mujhe poore 1 saal bad pta chla meri to shadi b lg gai thi usse last tym mujhe pta chla uske nkli baal h😂bch gai m
zashen scarlett
zashen scarlett - 2 days ago
This movie seems like remake of malayalam movie 'tamasha', some scenes are ditto!
Ps:donno whether tamasha was also a remake,but the movie was good one.
Pardeep Kumar
Pardeep Kumar - 2 days ago
Sunil Pawar
Sunil Pawar - 2 days ago
THis is dubbing of kannada movie ondu motteya kathe... bollywood is dubbing factory
Shobika Hegde
Shobika Hegde - 2 days ago
There is a touch of innocence in Ondu Motteya Kathe, which is missing here.
IFTESAM KHAN - 2 days ago
Keya yr......Bala jesa hi to hai cinema
Sandesh Motey Vines
Sandesh Motey Vines - 2 days ago
Like = Ujda chaman
Comment = Bala
heavenspleasure - 2 days ago
Ab movies mein lehrate zulfein, spikes, colored hair - ye sab dikhayega, to... Sabko wahi pasand aayega. Baldness is not a problem, people and society have made it a problem.
Harsha H
Harsha H - 3 days ago
abhe yehe tho kannada film ki dubbing hai... Vondu motte ya kathe 🤣🤣🤣
Harsha H
Harsha H - 3 days ago
i mean remake 🤪🤣🤣🤣
Lelin Kumar Mahanta
Lelin Kumar Mahanta - 3 days ago
Mujhe chaman ki mommy ki acting mast laga.
Baljinder singh
Baljinder singh - 3 days ago
Anybody watching trailer after watching movie press like button
Asaduzzaman Emon
Asaduzzaman Emon - 3 days ago
Nitin CR
Nitin CR - 4 days ago
This movie ujda chaman was way too funnier than Bala. watch ujda chaman over Bala if u just want comedy ,it have great message at end too. Bala just showed that social issue thing in much better way.
vineet upadhyay
vineet upadhyay - 4 days ago
Bollywood in 2019 is BALDYWOOD
kranti shukla
kranti shukla - 4 days ago
Ujda chaman aur bala lagbhag same
rino y alexander
rino y alexander - 4 days ago
Remake of malayalam movie THAMASHA
Pravin Maske
Pravin Maske - 4 days ago
Hahaha nice movie 😂😂😂
A S Gaming
A S Gaming - 4 days ago
Bala 2.0
Gyan Gali
Gyan Gali - 4 days ago
क्या मूवी बनाया है उजड़े चामनो के ऊपर, हसते हसते आंसू आ गए थे
Sunny Hussain
Sunny Hussain - 5 days ago
Are bc bagga bhi hai
Samina Saleem
Samina Saleem - 5 days ago
Super line bina shadi ke baad bhi khush reh sakte hai. Father bolta hai koi naam le. Son bolta hai Salman Khan. 😍😘😚
ItIsFullyFaltu - 5 days ago
watched ujda chaman and bala both movie.. found that ujda chaman is far better and full of comedy.. bala i only laughed 1 time during whole movie
Thor star
Thor star - 5 days ago
I am watching ujda Chaman I love this movie
Nitesh Kumar
Nitesh Kumar - 5 days ago
Not ❌❌
Raja Vishnuvardhana
Raja Vishnuvardhana - 5 days ago
Kannada ka remake hai yeh
Mayank Ayush
Mayank Ayush - 5 days ago
Very nice
izna khan
izna khan - 5 days ago
Is this movie or Net Flix series
nakul singh
nakul singh - 5 days ago
Johnny Sins ka guest appearance hona chaiye super duper hit hogi
Bakasur - 6 days ago
we will see both
unbelievable things
unbelievable things - 6 days ago
Best movie hai bhai kadak
Anas Anu
Anas Anu - 6 days ago
Remake of Malayalam movie thamasha
Faiza Javed
Faiza Javed - 6 days ago
Kon kon yha Gagan(Bagga) k liye aya hai,😄😄
Augustine Ainikkal
Augustine Ainikkal - 6 days ago
Tamasha malayalam movie remake
abhishek kamal
abhishek kamal - 6 days ago
In the end looks doesnt matter.
What matters is the holy sarkari naukri 😂😂🤣🤣
Abhijith Ram M R
Abhijith Ram M R - 6 days ago
The guy playing the astrologer is Bala's dad in Bala😁😁
Garvit Garg
Garvit Garg - 6 days ago
Ajkal ganjepan pe kuch jyada hi filme banne lgi h🤣🤣
Umesh Pubg Vlog
Umesh Pubg Vlog - 6 days ago
Kon si movie hit hogi
Ujda chaman (like)
imtiyaz ahmad
imtiyaz ahmad - Day ago
Ujda chaman
Devendra - 6 days ago
Nice movie
Jack Smith
Jack Smith - 6 days ago
Ye toh tu he h mast line h yar
deshmukh p. n
deshmukh p. n - 6 days ago
Kon kon ye movie time nikal kar khas watch karne jayega😂😂😂😂
Raj Shukla
Raj Shukla - 6 days ago
Ek number ki movie hai bhai log dek hai
Firstly stop stereotyping people . Who told you that all Bald men are ugly? Who told you that all fat and average or ugly women are good, true and honest , given a chance fat and ugly women will be first person jump into hands of much younger men even their own husbands brother or cousin brother's . Do you want proofs I have many examples to show and the irony is that the society would continue to call and even portray these kind of women as God sent even if they have given birth to their own husbands brother child. Kaliyug hai bhai.
Heem Chhetri
Heem Chhetri - 7 days ago
This movie copied from Kannada movie ondu motteya kathe https://r5-----sn-p5qs7ned.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?expire=1573536472&ei=eO7JXYemBdHbgwO-_baYDQ&ip=2601%3A548%3A4203%3A9d50%3Adcf2%3Ae136%3A8f98%3Abcab&id=o-ADd41__syg8u30gpuw4PUWx7WmeMBf05VUTtl3oEUhCW&itag=18&source=youtube&requiressl=yes&mm=31%2C26&mn=sn-p5qs7ned%2Csn-ab5szn7e&ms=au%2Conr&mv=m&mvi=4&pl=26&ctier=A&pfa=5&initcwndbps=2076250&hightc=yes&mime=video%2Fmp4&gir=yes&clen=5947575&ratebypass=yes&dur=130.101&lmt=1569920437084139&mt=1573514735&fvip=5&fexp=23842630&c=MWEB&txp=5531432&sparams=expire%2Cei%2Cip%2Cid%2Citag%2Csource%2Crequiressl%2Cctier%2Cpfa%2Chightc%2Cmime%2Cgir%2Cclen%2Cratebypass%2Cdur%2Clmt&sig=ALgxI2wwRQIhAO_tA-QCbPUhO7oJEpJhaSrMZYrcIfvqQYlVAHeK0arwAiAeTf5ZY6HYniqI5PEK2gpHJOWsqVhdLimx3qRv-s1Hxw%3D%3D&lsparams=mm%2Cmn%2Cms%2Cmv%2Cmvi%2Cpl%2Cinitcwndbps&lsig=AHylml4wRQIhANA8dyT78CI_ZwxPucPrsPfJRFmil7TLIhysdpnA6bKFAiAhxo4KzMG1sSLVJAseRouFaB9JaqYY-q7CTZnsfhlSWw%3D%3D&cpn=aEVJaFKlurodxO4U&cver=2.20191109.08.00&ptk=youtube_single&oid=2CRP8AkPsViM0fz90TZTRw&ptchn=EnQD0cw2W76te93TS12pkA&pltype=content
Rafi Ahmad
Rafi Ahmad - 7 days ago
Remake of malayalam movie thamasha !
Thambu Christy
Thambu Christy - 7 days ago
Karthave Malayalam movie Thamasha💪💪💪
shwetank chaudhary
shwetank chaudhary - 7 days ago
I Know some guys are ignoring movies like ujdaa chaman and bala just becaused they have faced this problem and don't want to hurt themselves. Tum log ye pain kabhi nahi samjhoge ..
parth limbachiya
parth limbachiya - 7 days ago
Testo tron tron 😂😂
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