Can You Buy Happiness?

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Improvement Pill
Improvement Pill - 2 years ago
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Improvement Pill
Improvement Pill - 2 years ago
yes of course that's possible. there's always exceptions, but if you looked at the population as a whole there is a very clear correlation of a decrease in happiness from 75,000$ downwards.
reader88888888 - 2 years ago
Improvement Pill With all due respect, I think that a poorer individual can EVEN be 'happier' than a $75000 income earning individual as long as he feels in control of life *AND* feels like (his) life has purpose (Maslow's hierarchy of needs; self actualization). This is just my two cents on the topic provided.
Holy Fire
Holy Fire - Year ago
How can a monk be happy?
Sixsentzh - Year ago
what animation programm does he use?
Jess - Year ago
I knew it!
Kick Ass and Be A Man
Mo money... No Problems. Of course... if you can manage your money effectively and not pander to the dopamine highs of buying new things all the time... Or drugs... Or alcohol. All depends on self control and discipline.
LONG LA - Year ago
Thank you for making this video
kbeestube - 2 years ago
great video clip ... clear and concise... it's awesome - I appreciate the clarity!
Alphfirm - 2 years ago
Much better video than I expected from the title, thanks!
Austin D
Austin D - 2 years ago
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Lucas vi Britannia
Lucas vi Britannia - 2 years ago
Those problems (student loans, health expenses) are common in highly capitalist countries like USA but not in most of Europe :)
F N - 2 years ago
I like doing chores, it keeps me 'hard working' and motivates me to do more work
harvey dent
harvey dent - 2 years ago
thank you for being honest it means a lot
Marshall xv
Marshall xv - 2 years ago
What should i do if i have nothing i am passionate about?
The Nunez
The Nunez - 2 years ago
Money can buy happiness but not fulfillment
omar barrie
omar barrie - 2 years ago
Cool but still
A V - 2 years ago
Hey Improvement Pill, (a totally out-of-place comment here -- feel free to ignore).
Can you make a video on handling a bully? (If you already have one, please drop the link :)) Your videos are so great, I've followed all your tips and trust me I have seen drastic changes in my day-to-day life. You seem awesome too. If you make a video on handling a bully, I don't about others, but I'll surely follow your tips. Yeah, I'll share it too. But, that's not important. Please make one, if you have time.
Lalit Chand
Lalit Chand - 2 years ago
You can buy joy but you can't buy happiness. It all comes to individual the way they perform their rituals the way they have relationship with the family and the loved ones.
Bodhiboy91 - 2 years ago
You cant but you can achieve it. True happiness is complete freedom and you can't buy complete freedom.
SanyFox123 Lapsa
SanyFox123 Lapsa - 2 years ago
You explained everything very logically. So it comes down to, how smart we love our lives. Thanks for education.
Anh Tu David
Anh Tu David - 2 years ago
Money cant buy happiness but it can buy wine,which is kind of the same thing :))
FACT5 - 2 years ago
I think Money can buy you happiness, but it isn't the only thing in the world which can.
Shannen Canton
Shannen Canton - 2 years ago
When people ask me that question I always say "you need to pay to adopt a child you know"
ayman morsy
ayman morsy - 2 years ago
We wait you
Alejandro Padilla Smith
Alejandro Padilla Smith - 2 years ago
I was getting used to having a video every Tuesday
Jay Jones
Jay Jones - 2 years ago
In my opinion you have to look at the world for happiness and money relationship because you are looking at a materialistic society which distorts the truth...
Sędziwój - 2 years ago
Income per hour, including travel time to job.
I use it to define if job is better or worst then current. So best is calculate income which should pay all bill, food, stuff we like to do and have some extra, and aim to it. But after be at it, you may prefer get same money for less time you spend in job.
Guitar tricks in 59 seconds
Everybody read "the power of now" by Tolle.
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
second this!
Paula Fernández Ángel
Paula Fernández Ángel - 2 years ago
Money is not happiness, it is FREEDOM. Depending how you use your freedom, you'll be happier or not ;)
U WOT M8 - 2 years ago
Spirituality is for rich people
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
second this!
APEX ALERT - 2 years ago
I feel stuck. I'm in school doing a course that im not interested in for a job that I do not want. Everyone told me do well in school, get a well paying job and you will be happy. I feel it's too late for me to drop out I will have to stick through 2.5 years of it and figure out my next move.
Katrina S
Katrina S - 2 years ago
Please do a video on how to get guys
Ben - 2 years ago
Here's some ideas. Talk to us, be nice to us, invite us to stuff, take interest in what we're interested in. Smile, flirt a little, do little things for us like offer to get us a drink or take our dishes at a party. (Hospitality) Don't do too many of these things during each time you are around us. Just do a couple of these that naturally fit the situation. Men need to chase you so give a little and invite him into your life by being available to him a little at a time. Give him a chance to initiate conversation, invites, etc back. Be open to a few guys at a time instead of focussing too much on one guy. Be outgoing but don't take all the attention. Give other men and women the chance to talk to the same guys too. If you are a guy's favorite or even have his interest then some of them will know to come after you and will do it. They'll ask you out. Find someone to talk to about dating and getting guy's attention as you keep trying to snag a guy and as you date them. I like the book called How to get a Date Worth Keeping.
GreaterGood510 - 2 years ago
It sure can
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
second this!
STUNTS - 2 years ago
Yes, do you ever see a sad man riding a jet ski?
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
SoFaKinG Co_OL
SoFaKinG Co_OL - 2 years ago
So true I stress out about bills all the time
Freedom Kingdom
Freedom Kingdom - 2 years ago
When I spend my money on traveling it makes me happy :)
Buy more experiences than material things...
Yahya Selim
Yahya Selim - 2 years ago
can i buy one pound of happiness for 20$
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
Arpan Singhal
Arpan Singhal - 2 years ago
Well it depends on how rich you are...
Urban Dropper
Urban Dropper - 2 years ago
Being famous on YouTube can buy you happiness cuz u don't have to work a 9 to 5
Ceroncia - 2 years ago
Yes you can. Last time I checked GTX 1080 TI didn't cost happy meals.
Maman Simplifiée
Maman Simplifiée - 2 years ago
75k by person .. or by household?
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
person i think
Loupman2 - 2 years ago
I think most of this video is innacurate, let me explain. First off, happiness is state of mind that is stimulated by deep feelings not simple emotions created by money. Sure, having money is fun and can lead to really attractive things but these things will do nothing more than stimulate your brain to create hormones that make you feel like you're happy, but you're just momentarally enjoying pleasure. This pleasure will fade and only become a memory since you get used and develop a resistance to anything that your body secrates. Basically, there is no difference between depending on materialistic things to be happy and to be a drug addict. Secondly, it is true that money can make you have less problems, but it's not true that it makes you instantly not happy to have problems. You can manage your emotions related to problems like stress or anxiety and still remain happy while you manage them.
Daniel Bottom
Daniel Bottom - 2 years ago
My dude each and every single one of my problems can be solved with money and hobestly?? It would make me more than happy
Cellar Door
Cellar Door - 2 years ago
You can buy PS4
Enderson D.
Enderson D. - 2 years ago
Great video!
Mattias Jensen
Mattias Jensen - 2 years ago
You my man, are telling the truth :)!
Supercool guy Gamer
Supercool guy Gamer - 2 years ago
You can buy a Lamborghini, which is pretty much the same thing
Supercool guy Gamer
Supercool guy Gamer - 2 years ago
you'd better not argue with a car guy regarding this
Andrew - 2 years ago
they dont suck, its just overated
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
haha this!
Isaax - 2 years ago
I've recently started to go to an economy school and it made me realize the immense focus on moneymaking that honestly every company has. It's disgusting.
J*ker - 2 years ago
Off course you can. I have been both poor and rich and let me tell I've never been happier since I started making a lot of money
Itzak - 2 years ago
i hope this is true for engineers. might go to college next year
Road to Empowerment
Road to Empowerment - 2 years ago
my thoughts before watching this video,
does money buy happiness?
depends on 2 factors
1. how you spend it
2. how you make it
Joey - 2 years ago
I guess this is a reason why Dentistry is the number 1 job in America. They make great money and work short work weeks.
Malik Ubaid Ali
Malik Ubaid Ali - 2 years ago
You dont have to rich to be happy, happiness is free
simplyInvent - 2 years ago
Great video!
Thanongrit Suriyarungka
Thanongrit Suriyarungka - 2 years ago
Money is overrated when it comes to the search for happiness. Your mindset, attitude and values of life or priorities, these things, which are free but often need to be elaborated and worked on, play much bigger role than wealth on our ability to be happy.
Betterment Boss
Betterment Boss - 2 years ago
money is only part of the equation
Thanongrit Suriyarungka
Thanongrit Suriyarungka - 2 years ago
The way we socialize and how people feel about us.
Theodorul - 2 years ago
Carefully consider that this does NOT in any way mean that you are instantly depressed if you dont have money neither it means money=happiness. It's just a way of doing things.
Nice vid :D
Matthew Vee
Matthew Vee - 2 years ago
I work at Albertsons doing produce. I’m a vegan I love learning more about fruit and the free time I get to do my own thing to build my own life but damn do I hate going to work 😂
farkhat matelin
farkhat matelin - 2 years ago
love u
Adam Barker
Adam Barker - 2 years ago
Salman - 2 years ago
Yes. money DOES buy happiness. get over it.
Hiba M. Hammoud
Hiba M. Hammoud - 2 years ago
One of my favorite videos💜
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