Childhood Crushes

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Adriana Sanchez
Adriana Sanchez - 43 minutes ago
That thumb that Light Yagami and that guy from Bleach?!!🤣
_Millowen_ - 2 hours ago
i also had a crush on wesley
aRandomNerd - 3 hours ago
"you like em TOO pretty, OK?"
this had me wheezing oml.
Emilee Jimemez
Emilee Jimemez - 3 hours ago
Can we alll just agreeee that kyo sohma is stilll very hot and ahhhh im screaming finale😂😂
Vaida - 4 hours ago
- Toxinic -
- Toxinic - - 4 hours ago
My relatable word.
“Spider noir is snack”
I cont blame you mk. BESIDES THE SNACK PART HE IS 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Marcus Brummell
Marcus Brummell - 4 hours ago
I had a crush on someone because there reaction when I do things... Idk it's weird btw they don't even look attractive in my opinion
Carlos Tapia
Carlos Tapia - 4 hours ago
You guys remind me of danplan
Dëlētér - 5 hours ago
Tom Holland ._.
Seasonborn Mylife
Seasonborn Mylife - 5 hours ago
Also what about, SABASTIAN (from Black Butler)😍😍😍😍😍😆
Seasonborn Mylife
Seasonborn Mylife - 5 hours ago
I admit!! I was in love! with Steven also in blues clues (no shame at all) 😍😏
XENOX - 5 hours ago
Mikasa from Attack on titan is actually hot.
Itz Crystal_gacha0-0
Itz Crystal_gacha0-0 - 6 hours ago
-w- I have watch this show called fairy tale and I’m in love with him and I’m 9-.-
Honey Mist
Honey Mist - 6 hours ago
Antidarkheart I saw u in the fanart u ain't sneaky
Night Rose
Night Rose - 6 hours ago
6:18 No air in me
Amy Garcia
Amy Garcia - 6 hours ago
Almost forgot to watch this today 🌷
divine n.
divine n. - 7 hours ago
Ummm i like kyoya too🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Mai Sato
Mai Sato - 7 hours ago
"Was it the stripes ? The brown hair ?"
"It was the chair"
Melissa - 7 hours ago
No one ever remembers Zatch Bell! 😭
TheWillowjl - 8 hours ago
It was....the chair *wheeze*
TheWillowjl - 8 hours ago
Mine is Elizabeth from seven deadly sins
Simone Burke
Simone Burke - 8 hours ago
me. an asexual: i can’t relate tho.
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0 - 8 hours ago
Spider-Man Noir! Hell yeah!!
Teikoku Anime
Teikoku Anime - 9 hours ago
I know I'm a guy. But can we just talk about how Ryosuke Takahashi is over all of these characters / people?

He's a doctor (at least wants to be one)
He's one of the best racers of Japan (in the anime, ofc)
He's rich
He's handsome
He's intelligent as fuck
He's educated

What more do you want?
Danny Diaz-Felix
Danny Diaz-Felix - 9 hours ago
hey um my anime crush is bakugou and kirishima and yes I am a girl
Iesha Bonner
Iesha Bonner - 10 hours ago
Bruh I’m still in love with Nicholas cage
Do Better Donkey
Do Better Donkey - 11 hours ago
Sucks Steve was a drug user...
Weaboo Nerd
Weaboo Nerd - 12 hours ago
I saw Light Yagami and clicked.
Slippery Penguin3
Slippery Penguin3 - 12 hours ago
Tom Holland is beautiful 😍😍
felinafrenetica :3
felinafrenetica :3 - 13 hours ago
Killua from Hunter x Hunter (the New version)
Sunshine Perez
Sunshine Perez - 13 hours ago
My animated childhood crushes were:
Danny from Danny Phantom
Helia from Winx Club
Tuxedo Mask from Sailir Moon Lelouch from Code Geass
Mori and The Twins from Ouran Syaoran and Fai from Tsubasa Chronicle (I never saw Cardcaptor sadly)
Defs Kyo and Hatori from Fruits Basket
Freakin both Kaito and Gaito
Sunshine Perez
Sunshine Perez - 13 hours ago
The cringe is so high lol
Sushi - 14 hours ago
I thought for sure you guys would say ichigo from bleach
UNA JOHNSON - 14 hours ago
So, I'm 12 now, and right now my favorite guys are Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls, Gajeel Redfox from Fairy Tail, Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom, Karma from Assassination Classroom(Only sometimes), and Izuku from My Hero Academia. And Shiro from No Game No Life.
UNA JOHNSON - 14 hours ago
O, and I know Shiro's a girl but I still really like her.
UNA JOHNSON - 14 hours ago
OMG I love Kyoya!!!
P.U.P.I Girl
P.U.P.I Girl - 14 hours ago
What about Levi Ackerman! C'mon y’all!!!
LilyStorm - 14 hours ago
i like how you put boy with luv at the end. What a true army u are
Grumpymew 2
Grumpymew 2 - 16 hours ago
My biggest childhood crush is and always will be

ガチャFrosted - 17 hours ago’ve entered the kpop hole too much Emily ooh noooo actually no kpop buddies! (Yay) I can now confirm your a kpop can’t not be a kpop stan and put boy with luv in the end card😓💕
David Hergert
David Hergert - 17 hours ago
Do a bloopers video! 😆
Lalaz Way Iero
Lalaz Way Iero - 17 hours ago
Can I just say...
*G E R A R D W A Y*
Moon Light
Moon Light - 19 hours ago
MTG - 19 hours ago
Look let's be 100% we all know that the best anime husband is iskandar from fate zero
lauren elizabeth k
lauren elizabeth k - 20 hours ago
Them: anime
Me: *Tom Holland*
Mimi Kittikunapong
Mimi Kittikunapong - 20 hours ago
Can you do a part two ??
Jordan Wells
Jordan Wells - 20 hours ago
ouran host club yessssssssssssssssssssssssss
where all my fans at ????
and my hero acedemia ???
Izzy Marie Perez
Izzy Marie Perez - 21 hour ago
“They all have FOREHEADS, they’re ELVES!” what the hell are we?
Norah Macedo
Norah Macedo - 21 hour ago
NOT DAZAI???!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!
Wolfi-Chan ANIMATES - 21 hour ago
Now i know someone else watches ouran high school jost club i love that anime more than anythign in the world TwT
Alice the potato lunatic :3
PART 2!!!!! pls :p
XD AGENTR326 - 22 hours ago
You didn't mention terry
Megan Andrews
Megan Andrews - 22 hours ago
4:40 it was the chair
Nexo Davix
Nexo Davix - Day ago
Nice vid. Maked me lick the wall!
Evette Sumner
Evette Sumner - Day ago
ROY MUSTANG YES xD I never hear people talk about fullmetal alchemist
Jonathan Belicario
Jonathan Belicario - Day ago
Actually peterpan grew up when moira wendy's grand daughter and he's real name was peter bannings
Gacha_Angela *
Gacha_Angela * - Day ago
Im in love with...

Naruto! X3
dezz nuts
dezz nuts - Day ago
My crushes
*Natsuki (DDLC)
*Monika (just monika)
*Ayano (she's my senpai)
*my own crush (INRL)
*Maya (ace attorney)
IDragonalpha - Day ago
Ya people how know trigun ya
UnnoticedShadows - Day ago
I started choking on my candy at one part of the video and I'm not complaining XD, so funny and made me have a good laugh!
Maxiboi Da duck
Maxiboi Da duck - Day ago
Selene-y - Day ago
5:10 Did you hear Bathe or Babe?
Anna Girl1394
Anna Girl1394 - Day ago
Lmao Rin did have beautiful hair until Akito stomped in
You see I also have a crush on a Sohma, Akito Sohma. (And sometimes Shigure bc he's dad lmao) Though, OH GOLLY HATORI JUST YESSS!
Tomboy - Day ago
Guuuuurrrrlllllll!!!!!! I was All over Wizard Howl from Howl's Moving Castle
Hurray Pottar
Hurray Pottar - Day ago
that Light Yagami in the thumbnail lol:

Me: wHy DiD yOu KiLl L, I tRuStEd YoU! ( I had a crush on L too)
Steven Tale
Steven Tale - Day ago
God these women, why am i here...
AliPup Love
AliPup Love - Day ago
Mine is the same from Kioya
Keldholi - Day ago
6:40 FBI OPEN UP !
Blayne Bingham
Blayne Bingham - Day ago
I had a crush on Keith Kogane from Voltron and then it ended

But not gonna lie he's still kinda cute

Even though I'm into girls-
ILuvAnime OOF
ILuvAnime OOF - Day ago
Why...why did L have to die....Death note emotional...
Burnt Gay marshmallow is luv
ouran host club was my favorite

but like....

I laughed so hard when I heard Steve from blues clues and now I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂
leon celia
leon celia - Day ago
I feel like they weren't even paying attention to the video...😑🤣
Kevin Martínez
Kevin Martínez - Day ago
Solay liked a horse 😂😂😂
Rafasantos12 - Day ago
6:15 Come on, you could come up with something better haha. Like so: Roy Mustang Tinder Description: I can ignite a fire in your body with just a snap of my fingers 😂
UltraMiles.XD - Day ago
Is this akechi on the left of the thumbnail?
SomeTae withSuga and a Kookie
I love that her outro is boy with love by BTS ft Halsey that is the song of 2019 for me right now so thank you for making my day with your outro.
Gago Moderator
Gago Moderator - Day ago
Well this video was something... XD i dont get girls and their anime crushes. Oh god.
Steven T
Steven T - Day ago
Emirichu: “I loved his long, beautiful hair...”

*Dave from Boyinaband: 😏😏😏*
Abyss_ Fishron
Abyss_ Fishron - Day ago
what in the? Steve from blues clues,BLUES CLUES?!
Woloud Books
Woloud Books - Day ago
The chair!!!?? LOL!!😂😂
UnluckyAmulet - Day ago
Bruh I feel you with Kyo, he was one of my earliest anime crushes too. Him and Hatsuharu.
Hatsuharu is king lmao
simoneevee8 - Day ago
Um, can you guys make more these? This is honestly the quality content I need
Autumn Young
Autumn Young - Day ago
anyone else mad crush on N from Pokémon??
And Tai from Digimon and Maou aka Satan from The Devils a Part Timer
idontlikefries - Day ago
How about genos from one punch man?
ns223 :3
ns223 :3 - Day ago
Omg i luv Tamaki senpai from Oruan high school host club
SailorSweets - Day ago
My anime crushes:
Mamoru/tuxedo mask from sailor moon
Zen from snow white with the red hair
Kakeru from sailor moon
Kaito the vocaloid xD
(I know vocaloids are not anime characters, he just fits in)
One more, Leo/Loki from fairy tail
SailorSweets - 19 hours ago
Omg I remember 6th grade and my Sailor Moon phase and ugh I loved mamoru!
leah Martinez 2008
leah Martinez 2008 - Day ago
Koya is awesome
leah Martinez 2008
leah Martinez 2008 - Day ago
From Ouran Host Club I so watch that so hahaha
Cocosweethearts - Day ago
I had a crush on Tuxedo Mask too ;-;
But it was the SMC Tuxedo Mask cuz mmmmm.....
Jiminieee - Day ago
Omg Jimin on 5:09 I'm choking😂😂😂
Zachary Cohen
Zachary Cohen - Day ago
Who else is a guy and wants to look like one of the people they named
OUTCASTS- - - Day ago
“Steve from blues clues”
“It was the chair”
Me dying:
Quinn Taylor
Quinn Taylor - Day ago
The only way this could be any funnier is if they were INCREDABLY drunk
Alberta Dionny
Alberta Dionny - Day ago
Don't forget Edward too tho
No Name
No Name - Day ago
Kristine is so funny lmao
Young Don The Sauce God
Trigun hell yeah
myles 마율스
myles 마율스 - Day ago
Wesley? Hot
Jimin? "Tall" *cough no he's not*
Steve? T H I C C
Hotel? Trivago
BangTan Otaku
BangTan Otaku - Day ago
I don’t think I have any well-known-people-crushes, but like, most favourite charactersksjsjjsksks
AOT: Armin
Ouran Highschool Host Club: Honey~Senpai
FairyTail: Froch and Rogue—
Boruto: Mitsuki
And a bunch more I cannot remember—
rodropoop - Day ago
I used to have a crush on ryu from street fighter
Maha Yaqoob
Maha Yaqoob - Day ago
Sir. Tea
Sir. Tea - Day ago
Someone noticed the BTS song at the end? (I don‘t know the songs name :|
Even tho I‘m a korean. I am suuuper uninterested in k-pop)
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