I became Canadian for Vince Carter NBA 2K19

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Axhat Vashista - Beatty Fleming Sr PS (1503)
isnt sweet french vanilla
Cody Hodges
Cody Hodges - 7 hours ago
I am Canadian so this video was blessed
L2 Whiteout
L2 Whiteout - 8 hours ago
you are canadian
Deputy Puma
Deputy Puma - 15 hours ago
TroyDan hates everything most ppl love
Sabeeh Minhas
Sabeeh Minhas - Day ago
16:45 when I drink medicine as a kid
Natalie Davis
Natalie Davis - 2 days ago
I got pink diamond Vince carter in a pink diamond welcome pack
Arielx DexteRz
Arielx DexteRz - 2 days ago
Troydan gained 20 lbs in the making of this video
VoltagerX - 2 days ago
Is Troy in Canada
Derek Gulka
Derek Gulka - 2 days ago
Aren’t you already Canadian?
professor Baller
professor Baller - 2 days ago
Looks like shit on fries
Grande Boy
Grande Boy - 2 days ago
4:46 is the best part
Vincent Melero
Vincent Melero - 3 days ago
Bacon 🥓 mmm
Angel Lemus
Angel Lemus - 3 days ago
Rip Donkey Kong Country
cheesestix24 gaming
cheesestix24 gaming - 3 days ago
Is it just me or did anybody else remember that troy is Canadian
ABC_Bilal HD A
ABC_Bilal HD A - 3 days ago
You are Canadian
Jack Turley
Jack Turley - 5 days ago
16:49 when you try alcohol for the first time lmeo
Harry Lea
Harry Lea - 6 days ago
It's called loaded fries in straya
Maxwell Folise
Maxwell Folise - 6 days ago
Troy u are already Canadian
The Bubba
The Bubba - 6 days ago
16:49 when your mom trys to resist beating your behind
LeoGotRock - 7 days ago
The "Like to undo" fuckers get taint cancer. Never like to undo.
Alex LLC
Alex LLC - 7 days ago
4:40 f u troy
Raccoon_ Anonymous
Raccoon_ Anonymous - 7 days ago
My cousins Chanel Dylan Millard
Evanbd Playz
Evanbd Playz - 8 days ago
Will anybody acknowledge Troy straight up drank maple syrup?
Nicky Shaver
Nicky Shaver - 8 days ago
Vince Carter flies air Canada everyday of the week
Jett Games
Jett Games - 8 days ago
Vince Carter sucks
I break you 1
I break you 1 - 9 days ago
13:28 lol
Randall Marrs' Channel
Randall Marrs' Channel - 11 days ago
Or this 3:40
Randall Marrs' Channel
Randall Marrs' Channel - 11 days ago
yaelitoz YT
yaelitoz YT - 11 days ago
2:22 killed me lmfao😂🤣🤣🤣
WavyGrinds - 10 days ago
TTV yel2345 ikkkkl lol
Cuddle Team Leader
Cuddle Team Leader - 11 days ago
Kyle Broney
Kyle Broney - 11 days ago
isnt troydan canadian
Remi Tincan
Remi Tincan - 11 days ago
lol i got this card in a free PD pack
Bob Ross
Bob Ross - 11 days ago
Why is troys recent search on seat geek 69
SyCo HighFlyer
SyCo HighFlyer - 12 days ago
Look at his searches 1:40
robyn robins
robyn robins - 12 days ago
Diamond ButtFace
Diamond ButtFace - 13 days ago
I’m friends With Me
I’m friends With Me - 13 days ago
TeZ_Xzetsu - 13 days ago
Vulture culture (V.c) 😂
Shane Alcock
Shane Alcock - 13 days ago
Honestly I was going to be at my uncooked bacon
Donna BABE
Donna BABE - 13 days ago
When he tasted the maple syrup that when I tasted Hennessey
Donna BABE
Donna BABE - 13 days ago
For the first time
Evan Howe
Evan Howe - 14 days ago
U forgot to take ur hat off when u prayed
Charlie E
Charlie E - 15 days ago
Charlie E
Charlie E - 15 days ago
Chyphix - 15 days ago
What is the song when vince carter limited was shown
Jack Roberson2
Jack Roberson2 - 15 days ago
I thought he was already Canadian
Cayden Vincent
Cayden Vincent - 16 days ago
What’s like your hair line -~-~
ツneljetski - 16 days ago
how tf u gone say ur a canadian without a leafs jersey
6ixsid3 k1d
6ixsid3 k1d - 15 days ago
How are you watching troydan if you have a hockey image
Gibril McLendon
Gibril McLendon - 16 days ago
When he drunk his 3rd double double, he was acting drunk!!!
Gibril McLendon
Gibril McLendon - 16 days ago
I was dead when he said Maurice booty cheeks
Saturn gaming and more
Saturn gaming and more - 17 days ago
I’m Canadian EH
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