Cleetus Shows Off His Golf Cart Boggin Skills... Ended SO BADLY! (Boostedboiz Shop Visit)

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Riding with Joe
Riding with Joe - 7 days ago
I feel like the same 330 people dislike your every video 😂😂😂
TreyTreyTrey - Month ago
Funniest video I've seen!!
AJ Ca - Month ago
Super Dave Osborne flashbacks.
Sarah Weber
Sarah Weber - Month ago
Pro tip change your play back speed to .5X when Emilio falls out of the cart
bugsy Robinson
bugsy Robinson - Month ago
Daniel Roubian
Daniel Roubian - Month ago
That’s the lords chicken 😂
Mike Soda
Mike Soda - Month ago
From this experience & others I've witnessed, U-Haul is a pretty shitty company. Next time just build your own trailer, fuck rentals.
J-dawg - Month ago
Did...he...just April fools us the beginning????
Alexaoo - Month ago
Hahahah you guys are the best!!!!!!
More videos with this crew!! ❤️❤️❤️
Cheers from Mexico 🇲🇽❤️
Roman Zarate
Roman Zarate - 2 months ago
Poor emilio can’t stop laughing 😆
Eric Schreiber
Eric Schreiber - 2 months ago
12:45 I about died laughing!!
kylehondarider - 2 months ago
8:02 coincidence or is Kyle planning twin turbo's on the MR2?
Martin Johann Kloppers
ha good eye, i missed that... looks that way
Aaron Cowley
Aaron Cowley - 2 months ago
smarter every day has a whole video on how the bike works
ElmoscoBuilt - 2 months ago
12:45 I watched like 10 times and I can’t stop laughing 🤣.
Supra boy03
Supra boy03 - 2 months ago
Poor Emilio lmao
Reaper999 - 2 months ago
I was gonna say, how hard is it to ride a bicycle, but then when he steered it I busted out laughing. How the hell they reverse the steering like that
rob Guajardo
rob Guajardo - 2 months ago
I was expecting a bold eagle sound effect when emilio flew off the golf cart lol
KEI Fabrication
KEI Fabrication - 2 months ago
Too funny! I have the same golf cart!
rmdaggett - 2 months ago For the luls
RACE-ALOT- GARAGE - 2 months ago
Do a shooting star for emilioooooooooooo
RACE-ALOT- GARAGE - 2 months ago
Or tell kylee lol
RACE-ALOT- GARAGE - 2 months ago
You know the boiz from colorado with the munchies 😂😂😂😂420 nahhh
NVEDC - 2 months ago
I didnt know giraffes could fly!
B Los
B Los - 2 months ago
"Ejecto seato cuz"
vlaktorbb - 2 months ago
That tuck and roll was awesome. It made me laugh pretty hard.
Robert Ramirez
Robert Ramirez - 2 months ago
Hell yeah brother
Speed Racer
Speed Racer - 2 months ago
12:44 lmfao had me dead
OTAlucard - 2 months ago
Lol that Carryall can take anything Gators suck
Parenting from a 70's born Dad. it's just Dad.
Best laugh I've had in a while. Thanks for all the awsome content!
Stephen Stuart
Stephen Stuart - 2 months ago
You guys r Crazy HE LARIOUS!!!!!
RaZe Tez
RaZe Tez - 2 months ago
Yo he was chilling so hard with his feet up @12:39 then the ole Cleetus came through 🤣💀
Gabriel Galvan
Gabriel Galvan - 2 months ago
Talk about tuck n roll lol I can't stop laughing ...ive played it over and over good vid made my night
Lalos Jammz
Lalos Jammz - 2 months ago
best vid out rn 🤣🤣
Spencer Enyart
Spencer Enyart - 2 months ago
New shirt design,"that's the lord's chicken"
Daniel Lara
Daniel Lara - 2 months ago
DADVids - 2 months ago
“I’ve got one setting and it’s wide open” T SHIRT IT!
Dalton Ress
Dalton Ress - 2 months ago
Bunch of Jennie-O wanna be Turkey barns if I ever seen 'em. Praise Dale and raise hell
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2 - 2 months ago
They where owned by Butterball, until their Colorado branch went out of business.
Erik Karlonas
Erik Karlonas - 2 months ago
I was practically crying from laughter from this video. Boggin deep is serious business!!!
Chief GreanLeaf
Chief GreanLeaf - 2 months ago
"That's the Lords chicken."
.. I'm still laughing
zector - 2 months ago
Well, those kids are contatigious so now you will probably forget how to shift manual again.
Jeff Purdy
Jeff Purdy - 2 months ago
Should’ve rented it under Holley’s name 🐶👍🏻
Sam Lopez
Sam Lopez - 2 months ago
Toritos all over dam bet that hurt! Fun times
Hammy _J
Hammy _J - 2 months ago
Really don't know who you "abused" the other U Haul. The fuel leak didn't even hit it and you didn't even do a burnout.
Mark French
Mark French - 2 months ago
Put some tape on the U so it’s a Jhaul.
myc auom
myc auom - 2 months ago
hahahaha.. best episode ever!
little john
little john - 2 months ago
That was one of the funniest videos ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Owen Arsenault
Owen Arsenault - 2 months ago
We built one of those backwards steering bikes at the shop I work at. It's a mind fu#$ to try to ride.
Yama Popal
Yama Popal - 2 months ago
Son of a biscuit lol man
04 Racer Kid
04 Racer Kid - 2 months ago
Joe Wrenches
Joe Wrenches - 2 months ago
"Saved him six bucks" James proud face.
Steven Bettez
Steven Bettez - 2 months ago
Why no filter for ruby?
TubeNicho - 2 months ago
12:44 at 0.5 speed. You're welcome
Raymond Rios
Raymond Rios - 2 months ago
Emilio let go of the o shit handle right before you hit that hill 😂 he was tryin to grab it but was halfway out already 😂
Stowney - 2 months ago
*clears throat and sings*
If your gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough
When you get knocked down you gotta get back up,
I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer but I know enough, to know,
If your gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough
That_E36_ Duuddee
That_E36_ Duuddee - 2 months ago
12:48 “Ohhh sheeeitt, that came out of no where”
-Cleetus 2k19
JesseFpv - 2 months ago
Lol cleetus had to get Emilio back for leaving the shop dirty haha
Scott Trepanosky
Scott Trepanosky - 2 months ago
Tis steering is fast on this pedal bike cleetus is like ya dumb ass it's one to one.
iwannabeahippy iwannabeahippy
twin turbo on the mr2??
Ryan - 2 months ago
lmao cant believe U haul gonna do that to you. Guess its penski from now on
Korupt Tactics
Korupt Tactics - 2 months ago
@12:45 ejecto-seato cuz
Bryan Bybee
Bryan Bybee - 2 months ago
I love u all, this is amazing, it would be fun to hang with you all.
LoneStar Punishers
LoneStar Punishers - 2 months ago
Who else watched that fall like 10 times
kevin vu
kevin vu - 2 months ago
Nogainsnodames - 2 months ago
dayum, how big was that mess?!
N Hodgson
N Hodgson - 2 months ago
One of the most hilarious videos ever! You guys would be in serious trouble if you all lived closer and shared shop space! lol
TNELSON1324 - 2 months ago
Turn right!
Nima Nadervand
Nima Nadervand - 2 months ago
Cletus showed off his fetus
Justin Avignone
Justin Avignone - 2 months ago
Watching this at work is not a good idea. I'm crying
Floyd Avila
Floyd Avila - 2 months ago
That's too mutch fun
GRAA - 2 months ago
New camera? looks good.
High Velocity
High Velocity - 2 months ago
"I'm a U-Haul Gold member"   I spit out my drink...LOL
I8A4R3 - 2 months ago
A BIG F U-Haul from AUS 👊😎👎
BW Jones
BW Jones - 2 months ago
OMG! Emilo almost died! LMAO! Seems like he has been in a situation like that before. He had perfect tuck and roll skills! 🤣
daniel bernier
daniel bernier - 2 months ago
You guys really drink that much Mtn dew your all going have diabetes and James going need more boost in ruby Cuz he going to be 350lbs lol
vw Jetta
vw Jetta - 2 months ago
Emilio goes to grab the roof and there's nothing there lmfao this is beautiful
Goony Tunes
Goony Tunes - 2 months ago
I got scared at first saying you guys wouldn't be gooning together anymore
PtaRiStyle - 2 months ago
12:44 is also hilarious in half speed.. Im crying over here Lmaooooo
Bike Life_93
Bike Life_93 - 2 months ago
Kinda sounds like the engine on that gulf cart is working too hard😢 might need to change the gearing.👍
John Hilton
John Hilton - 2 months ago
Hahahahahahahaha the golf cart!🤣🤣🤣
Drew Gberg
Drew Gberg - 2 months ago
So excited for the next video
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