Cleetus Shows Off His Golf Cart Boggin Skills... Ended SO BADLY! (Boostedboiz Shop Visit)

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Califormula - 11 days ago
boycott U-Haul. . . Penske FTW
GodKing804 - 13 days ago
RRR Reptile Ray Raz
RRR Reptile Ray Raz - 14 days ago
Lmao I have a 2019 Toyota Camry rental from Enterprise right now cause my 2013 JK trans went , I just bought the 2020 Gladiator last night and this Camry has been a ripper , I was half tempted to buy the vin for it and tune her up since I had it for 2 weeks lol
Alston 350z
Alston 350z - 14 days ago
Now try again with the 1000cc swapped golf cart
Alex Scott
Alex Scott - 14 days ago
Best video ever
Andy's Auto
Andy's Auto - 15 days ago
Tuc and roll is in our genes
Wright William?
Wright William? - 15 days ago
I thought this was a new bike cart vidoe and i was like oohhh nooo!
Mikel Bogner
Mikel Bogner - 15 days ago
I was like wtf no way hahahaha. Crazy shit all the time haha
IWORKYOUWATCH - 15 days ago
Brents laugh sounds like the joker in the new movie
Dorf Googlesteen
Dorf Googlesteen - 15 days ago
What's up with the apocalyptic chicken farm?
A waist of chicken houses in chicken space
Ozzy Oswald
Ozzy Oswald - 15 days ago
This hits so close to home #lakewood co
Damien Reilly
Damien Reilly - 15 days ago
If they did that to me I would find a way to rent one get the insurance and beat the freaking piss out of it! I would pull up to return it with nothing but 12 inches of the hitch hooked up to my truck! Lmfao!
James Witkowski
James Witkowski - 16 days ago
U haul just sucks they have locked me in their parking lot while I was parking my trailer in a rented parking spot....which was constantly half full of the next guys stuff...”a friend of someone who worked“ ....and they were rude and aggressive always locking me in and then they let someone else always take a 3rd to half of our spot and they didn’t care...also we’re mad that I called to rent a car hauler....treated me like I was dumb Cuzz I didn’t know my 90 Shortwide was too wide for their trailer...even tough it fit!?!?!???? U haul I guess likes running around bullies that don’t like business....had been a u haul guy till they talks to me lol they have lost like 30 customers in Amarillo tx due to their lack of kindness and the total lack care and acted like we were horrible folks just for speaking up when they “bully” folks....anyway they are not gonna be kind or professional....they just don’t get how to treat others with respect or anything. 🤪💩🤯🤯🙄🤨 low class manners and won’t bend rules if it meant saving a life!!! No bueno...better off renting one of Craig’s list or something similar
Jason darby
Jason darby - 16 days ago
Cut 5 months later and they’re putting a cbr1000 in their golf kart. I hope they make it alive.
Paul Henry
Paul Henry - 16 days ago
I really had a laugh when your buddy fell out of the golf cart. Glad he wasn’t hurt 👍🏻❗️
LordShadow - 18 days ago
I could watch Emilio fall a million More times hahah
Milan Božičević
Milan Božičević - Month ago
Dude you guys are the best. Hahaha i laught so hard that my wife threw me from bed and i had to sleep in living room 😂😂
Glockspecific - Month ago
Came back to watch him fall again! Sooooo funny
Cant rent cars u own 3 plua
Colft cart v6 2l swap
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu - 2 months ago
5 dudes 2 beds? 🤐
Llama Cebu
Llama Cebu - 2 months ago
I rewinded that about 9 times. Then on the last time I hear,
"james: to the right! "
Jose Salinas
Jose Salinas - 3 months ago
Riding with Joe
Riding with Joe - 3 months ago
I feel like the same 330 people dislike your every video 😂😂😂
TreyTreyTrey - 4 months ago
Funniest video I've seen!!
AJ Ca - 5 months ago
Super Dave Osborne flashbacks.
Sarah Weber
Sarah Weber - 5 months ago
Pro tip change your play back speed to .5X when Emilio falls out of the cart
bugsy Robinson
bugsy Robinson - 5 months ago
Daniel Roubian
Daniel Roubian - 5 months ago
That’s the lords chicken 😂
randall jr Benoit
randall jr Benoit - 5 months ago
Mike Soda
Mike Soda - 5 months ago
From this experience & others I've witnessed, U-Haul is a pretty shitty company. Next time just build your own trailer, fuck rentals.
J-dawg - 5 months ago
Did...he...just April fools us the beginning????
Alexaoo - 5 months ago
Hahahah you guys are the best!!!!!!
More videos with this crew!! ❤️❤️❤️
Cheers from Mexico 🇲🇽❤️
Roman Zarate
Roman Zarate - 5 months ago
Poor emilio can’t stop laughing 😆
Eric Schreiber
Eric Schreiber - 5 months ago
12:45 I about died laughing!!
kylehondarider - 5 months ago
8:02 coincidence or is Kyle planning twin turbo's on the MR2?
Martin Johann Kloppers
Martin Johann Kloppers - 5 months ago
ha good eye, i missed that... looks that way
Conceded war
Conceded war - 5 months ago
smarter every day has a whole video on how the bike works
ElmoscoBuilt - 5 months ago
12:45 I watched like 10 times and I can’t stop laughing 🤣.
Supra boy03
Supra boy03 - 5 months ago
Poor Emilio lmao
Reaper999 - 5 months ago
I was gonna say, how hard is it to ride a bicycle, but then when he steered it I busted out laughing. How the hell they reverse the steering like that
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