Wild Kratts 🦈 Sharks on the Hunt (Part 1/2) 🌊 Shark Week | Kids Videos

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Ehbu Htoo
Ehbu Htoo - 16 days ago
Bull shark more like Bull s&*^
Sev - Month ago
I remember eacj of these episodes. I miss this show so much
Jaiden Zepeda
Jaiden Zepeda - Month ago

chatrin wijaya
chatrin wijaya - 2 months ago
Michael Carter
Michael Carter - 2 months ago
That's a bull shark
Saturn '
Saturn ' - 2 months ago
Make em go back in time .. TO DINOSUARS!!! Like Jurassic world. I'm srry I'm getting outta hand I just love wild kratts =3
KANYANTA MWANSA - 29 days ago
It's theorized that Season 6 will have a Dinosaur special
You’re Not A Hacker 273 - Shan Banan
The dislikers are all the animal abusers
Josephson Ognita
Josephson Ognita - 2 months ago
Shark week
Annakay Dewar
Annakay Dewar - 2 months ago
My cousin love Avia
mandy keoghan
mandy keoghan - 2 months ago
Ibrahim Alrahahleh
Ibrahim Alrahahleh - 2 months ago
Naiya Arts Studios
Naiya Arts Studios - 3 months ago
Jest sayin’ but the Kratt brothers should be dead by all of the animals that they touched. I mean have they washed there hands lately by all the sickness and stuff animals have. :p
Saturn '
Saturn ' - 2 months ago
They have gloves when they touch the animal NOTICE.
Charles Ramos
Charles Ramos - 3 months ago
I miss this show!,I'm watching this show since i was 7 LOL
Crosley’s Toy Party
Crosley’s Toy Party - 3 months ago
This is the first shark video I’ve seen lately without the Baby Shark song 😜
SARAH SPENCE - 2 months ago
Crosley’s Toy Party 🎈 iiI would is you would
Aisha Mustafa
Aisha Mustafa - 3 months ago
Aisha Mustafa
Aisha Mustafa - 3 months ago
D3L7A Z7R1K3
D3L7A Z7R1K3 - 3 months ago
Still have the same feel from zaboomafu... Love these guys growing up even after all these years. Thanks for the memories
Ritty Alexander
Ritty Alexander - 2 months ago
D3L7A Z7R1K3 C
Muhammad Nyle
Muhammad Nyle - 3 months ago
Is this a new video
LEOPARD GAMING - 3 months ago

yoan sanjaya
yoan sanjaya - 3 months ago
You should do more underwater vids
Cuz i like them
Bryan Perete
Bryan Perete - 3 months ago
Do the African wild dog
Charmaine Calis
Charmaine Calis - 3 months ago
Crosley’s Toy Party
Crosley’s Toy Party - 3 months ago
Crosley is Wild Kratts greatest fan. He makes lots of Wild Kratts parodies.
Kids Fun Facts
Kids Fun Facts - 3 months ago
Chris and Martin riding on top of shark ?! Cool.. 💝💚💗💛❤💙💜❣💟💓💕💖💞
Hela The god of DEATH
Hela The god of DEATH - 3 months ago
I LOVE SHARKS 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈
MichaelAaron 421
MichaelAaron 421 - 3 months ago
Bull shark also the highest Recorded for hunting people
Mallory Ardoin
Mallory Ardoin - 2 months ago
They have the highest testosterone level of any animals in their body
Koda - 3 months ago
I want Jimmy to have a suit...
ravenmv 1150
ravenmv 1150 - 3 months ago
Koda me too.
Charles Buchanan Show
Charles Buchanan Show - 3 months ago
Hello Wild Kratts Part 2 Episode Is Awesome 🐧🐸🐦🐍🐢🐝🐡🐟🐬
Anna Young
Anna Young - 3 months ago
I got a idea for a episode omg if you go back in time and learn about the great Megladon shark 🦈 😀😀
Perma Frost
Perma Frost - Month ago
I remember in a special episode I WATCHED IT becuase I'm og they go back in time to see the dodo bird
Kiran Bal
Kiran Bal - 3 months ago
This is my favorite show ever
ravenmv 1150
ravenmv 1150 - 3 months ago
Hi! I would love to meet the Kratt brothers! But sadly, I live in Mexico City!
ravenmv 1150
ravenmv 1150 - 3 months ago
The GamingWolf what do you mean?
Naiya Arts Studios
Naiya Arts Studios - 3 months ago
I’ve been there and it’s HOT
Asia the great
Asia the great - 3 months ago
hi martin and chris
javier frans
javier frans - 3 months ago
Orion Steele
Orion Steele - 3 months ago
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