ITZY "ICY" Dance Practice

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Hari Yeo
Hari Yeo - 7 hours ago
Hairstylist: Who is want to do ponytail ?
Itzy: me
Ryujin: oh shit here we go again
Army BTS
Army BTS - 9 hours ago
они классно танцуют
Bruna Melyssa
Bruna Melyssa - 11 hours ago
nosa qe difeciu numca vou concegir. Damsar:((((((
ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ y
ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ y - 7 hours ago
Português mandou um beijo
Canal de tudo e mais um pouco Isabella Martins
Português mandou saudades
ArrZac Gaming
ArrZac Gaming - 12 hours ago
How many times did their hair flipped in the dance?
So satisfying
*飴之 - 15 hours ago
Reyna Santos
Reyna Santos - 16 hours ago
Selling replay button 1:17 costs one like
Carmen Taipe
Carmen Taipe - Day ago
¡tratan de copiar el estilo de BLACKPINK en mi opinion!
Natasha Gomez
Natasha Gomez - Day ago
Broo the one whereing white shoes is the best dancer!!!♡♡♡
jenna marie
jenna marie - Day ago
this is yuna’s song ngl
soully 94
soully 94 - Day ago
that look so perfect
Alright I have a weird question 😂
Please don't laugh at me lol
What do female kpop idols do if they have a live performance but they're on their period .
I am a girl myself and I can barely walk 😂. SO HOW DO THEY FREAKING DANCE????!!!!
AHAfni - Day ago
JEON JUNGKOOK I don’t now lol I can’t barely think😂
ღ Bri games ღ
ღ Bri games ღ - Day ago
Cómo que Lia baila con re malas ganas
이재호 - Day ago
예술적이다 초반만 보고 느낀건데ㅎㅎ
[null] Caridee [null]
I love how they seem to have the same outfits, but they each have a tiny twist. For example, The little red stripe at the bottom of Ryujin's crop top, Chaeryoung's extended sleeves, etc. Apologies for spelling mistakes.
Ki- ja & Nat
Ki- ja & Nat - Day ago
Who is your bias ?
The one in white top
vijay amata
vijay amata - Day ago
chaeryoung goooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
剛毛な寺田心 - Day ago
Rumana Ahmed
Rumana Ahmed - Day ago
My bias are Yeji & Yuna!!! Dont worry I love the other members 2!
Winston C.
Winston C. - 2 days ago
Yuna is amazing )))
MIDZY AHGASE - 2 days ago
Female idol group songs with highest digital in 2019
January: Twice Yes or Yes
April: Blackpink KILL THIS LOVE
May: Twice Fancy
June: Twice Fancy
July: Twice Fancy
Agust: *ITZY ICY*
September: *ITZY ICY*
October: Twice Feel Special
Dashie - 15 hours ago
Oh wait i was wrong sorry
Roumaissa Romy
Roumaissa Romy - 2 days ago
I just can't stop repeating the video ...these girls are amazing !! 😍❤ ...Can anyone tell me the name of their fandom!?
Kewttuh Yt
Kewttuh Yt - Day ago
The fandom names is midzy!💖💖
Narusasu [Naruto x Sasuke]
Dance practice Cherry please
pai paii
pai paii - 3 days ago
stantaeyeon - 3 days ago
let's all put our hair into a ponytail and not tell ryujin
EUR EKA - 3 days ago
thㅡ무스한데 딱 맞아....보는 내가 이상해 어떻게 저리 딱 맞냐
Alexei Roux
Alexei Roux - 3 days ago
CHAERYEONG!!😍💕 you're amazing sweetie~ fighting, i love uuuu💖
Lee Miseong
Lee Miseong - 3 days ago
미쳐버렸다.. 와 속시원해;;;;; 진짜 안무 대박이다
abhinitichaubey - 3 days ago
Slow the playback speed to 0.5x and see yuna's hair at 0:36 🤣🤣
itsy i see only
itsy i see only - 3 days ago
itzy fanclub room!
i want many itzy!
come on midzy!
Jesus Alonso Botello Peña
esta coreografía es una gonorrea, y me la quiero aprender ayuda
sushi :3
sushi :3 - 4 days ago
I heard One member is from 16teen
Aragaki B
Aragaki B - 4 days ago
Love their dance so so so much😍
geo jh
geo jh - 4 days ago
확실히 춤을 잘 추네 한명은 빼고
Ashleigh's Dance Lessons
3/5 have ponytail 1/5 Has Braids 1/5 Has Hair Down I might be wrong like if im right
Kim Tatae
Kim Tatae - 4 days ago
My fav is the one w top 😉
한윤희 - 4 days ago
채령언니,예지언니,핑크색머리 언니!!!~^^넘 예쁘시네여!!!^^~~
MIDZY AHGASE - 5 days ago
ニンディヤ - 5 days ago
It's so satisfying to watch
트롤트롤 - 5 days ago
Grace Jeong
Grace Jeong - 5 days ago
채련이 센터좀 더 주진ㅠㅠ
Maribel Peña
Maribel Peña - 5 days ago
They are equally good and talented but in my opinion, Yuna must be the main dancer. 😍 #Lit ❣️
eh ? kesah pulak aku
eh ? kesah pulak aku - 5 days ago
Im gay
ᄏᄏ - 5 days ago
xdjessicalady - 5 days ago
their synchronization is amazing...
Jacob White
Jacob White - 5 days ago
SM: vocals
YG: rap
JYP: dance
anadeka 19
anadeka 19 - 6 days ago
Este comentario en pars que todas las que escriben en español pues comenten y puedan ver el resto de comentarios en su idioma , comenta lo que quieras 😊😊😊
Alexandra Fong
Alexandra Fong - 6 days ago
0.04-0.20 and 1.46-2.01
mymeenloveมินฮยอน อันยอง พระนคร
มี ท่ารำไทยด้วย #mymeenlove
Frederika Bernkastel
Frederika Bernkastel - 6 days ago
Yeji’s dance is so elegant and accurate
eboybaekhyun - 6 days ago
mrs_ cheesycake
mrs_ cheesycake - 6 days ago
This is one of the most amazing Girlgroup Choreos ever. 😍
Sister Harper
Sister Harper - 6 days ago
This choreo gives me goosebumps, it’s probably the most in sync choreo I’ve seen
_Xyraa_ - 6 days ago
ok so this dance suits hip by mamamoo just great
곰돌이 - 6 days ago
춤이 진짜 이쁘당
Tina Wang
Tina Wang - 6 days ago
Who else just adore the intro?))
Yoongo Boongo
Yoongo Boongo - 7 days ago
Maann I'm learning this choreography it's so hard like jdjjfnsjdjshsnd
Alisha Rehmani
Alisha Rehmani - 7 days ago
It is so satisfying to watch their dance
Trish Marilla
Trish Marilla - 7 days ago
" love the girl who is wearing white top"😍
Lilly Ghost
Lilly Ghost - 7 days ago
Woah,they're amazing dancers
Kamasia Nanny
Kamasia Nanny - 8 days ago
Oe kerea pertama anne
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