How To Fall Asleep FASTER - 3 Sleep LIFE HACKS

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Astral Beings
Astral Beings - 21 hour ago
How about 1 step!
Staying off your phone at night
amine the cool gamer
amine the cool gamer - 3 days ago
Im watching this at 00:17 AM and im steel awake heeeeeelp :c
ButteredToast - 5 days ago
I have work at 8 am
I have school at 6 am
gage dannahower
gage dannahower - 6 days ago
The 3rd tip how can I do that I can’t buy a spific bed and it is winter
Rayna Little
Rayna Little - 8 days ago
I'm inside a building all day...
It's 11:00 pm...
I don't know where I put the fan...
I have an average body weight...
Joy Fenwick
Joy Fenwick - 8 days ago
I do nightwork.. And i find it hard to sleeo during daylight
Jaydon Brookes
Jaydon Brookes - 10 days ago
Didn’t work
0 subscribers with 0 videos challenge
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I can’t sleep,
And neither can u.
Cpt. Obnoxious
Cpt. Obnoxious - 12 days ago
How to lose 5-10% BF until bedtime?
Alex Mandrovey
Alex Mandrovey - 12 days ago
What if you live in England
1 month ago
1 month ago - 7 days ago
Alex Mandrovey ur doomed
Savage Bunny
Savage Bunny - 15 days ago
Dude your talking to much just get to the point man I'm sleepy as. Hecks
SxgarCookie - 16 days ago
Video: Over 18 millions Americans struggle to sleep because of their weight around their neck/throat.
*Laughs and cries in American*
NOAH FIELD - 17 days ago
What about if you need to wake up before the sun comes out??
Loreal Butler-Willis
Loreal Butler-Willis - 19 days ago
guys were i am right now its now 1124 uhg im sooo tierd but dinner is cooking so im soo tierd
Üchīhå Îtåchį
Üchīhå Îtåchį - 20 days ago
I hereby give you a free tip:

Just keep watching such useless boring videos u ll be sleeping eventually
Farid Izzat
Farid Izzat - 20 days ago
I fell asleep while im watching this
GozioG - 20 days ago
Well sh*t I wake up at 5:45 to 6:00 and the sun doesn’t come up till 7:45.
Elijah Alvarez
Elijah Alvarez - 21 day ago
This video put me to sleep
Hhfgdhshs - 23 days ago
Great video and all but what the heck do belts have to do with falling asleep?!
Park Chimchim553
Park Chimchim553 - 24 days ago
#1: Get sunlight in the morning
Im in fucking norway. We don’t have sun in winter😂
Cocoa's Art
Cocoa's Art - 25 days ago
I started to go to bed on time to because i heard that it will sleeping enough will also help me lose weight

But i struggle to fall asleep
But here it says i need to lose weight to fall asleep

I want to sleep to lose weight
But I need to lose weigh to sleep
Stephanie Schneider
Stephanie Schneider - 27 days ago
Oh oh I have one just watch one calming video on YouTube 🙂
Imdiedohno 6969
Imdiedohno 6969 - Month ago
Im trying to sleep and this is making me more awake AAAAA
Joel Sletten
Joel Sletten - Month ago
The sun thing is literally impossible here in Norway
Just another dead meme
*It's fucking 02:45 AM*
Random Person on the Internet
I don’t know why, but-
My friends tell me that listening to ambient music helps them sleep.
And here I am listening to hamilton on loop every night
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I started something that until now really helps a few days ago.
Every night, I close my eyes and just slowly count down from 100.
Like, *breath-100-breath-99-breath-98* so it takes about 5 minutes, and whenever for some reason I get distracted, because of something like a fly, I just start 5 numbers before the one I already had counted to again.
This has worked consistently for the past few days, not once have I finished counting yet.
The reason this works is probably, that like this, I won’t try to find a more comfortable position, which just ends up being really annoying and was a bad habit of mine, and also, I won’t have a lot of deep thought, because I am counting, so my brain will “turn off” way faster.
If you have trouble sleeping, I can only recommend trying this.
Just counting down from 100 slowly.
skullkrusher1999 - 4 months ago
I sleep during the day do to work.
rasen shuriken
rasen shuriken - 5 months ago
I need 45 minutes to fall asleep.
Ashton Hunter
Ashton Hunter - 5 months ago
The first thing my mom used to do was open my curtains to wake me up.
Now I thank her actions because I don't need an alarm clock.
Anonymous71475 - 5 months ago
If I lose weight some more I will be bones though... yet I'm kind of insomniac
Papu Gawas
Papu Gawas - 6 months ago
How come you know our exact problems???
Thorns Artimatic
Thorns Artimatic - 6 months ago
Insomnia is a bitc-
Prínce 7•G
Prínce 7•G - 6 months ago
Where can i buy cooling mats ?
Levi Xx
Levi Xx - 8 months ago
Bro... I live in Canada and in the winter the sun doesn’t “come out” until like 12 lmao
Draconit3 Playz Gamez
Draconit3 Playz Gamez - 3 days ago
I wake up at 6:00 AM my fellow Canadian I feel your pain
Ray Maliki
Ray Maliki - 8 months ago
Keep going Man you're spread a lot of benefits :D
Tessa C
Tessa C - 8 months ago
i wake up at 5:15 for school...... theres no sun lol
That One User
That One User - 8 months ago
I wake up at the exact same time and can confirm :( I kinda like it though, the darkness outside, in the morning, combined with the quietness puts me at a productive/focused state
Wolf Reviewing
Wolf Reviewing - 9 months ago
i just done the opposite, cuz i kept falling asleep in the day
Recruit Lucier
Recruit Lucier - 9 months ago
Don't say diet please, throw out that word If you are overweight you are going to need a commitment. People call this a nutrition plan, and it's actually more effective in getting people to try it if you make them choose the right foods they enjoy to eat. They would stick with it long term, instead of a diet short term. Because let's be honest, they will only go back to their current nutrition plan when they stop said diet. :)
SiFou - 10 months ago
But I Have To Wake Up At 6:00 Am And Sun is Until 8:00 Am
Audible AudioBooks
Audible AudioBooks - 10 months ago
looks like u people gotta check my😁
JCvideos xoxo
JCvideos xoxo - 10 months ago
When I was younger I always slept on the floor for some reason because it helped me fall asleep
JCvideos xoxo
JCvideos xoxo - 10 months ago
OMG I fall asleep at around 3am this explains because I can’t fall asleep till I am tired
pepo Audi
pepo Audi - 10 months ago
Improvment pill You are my light when i am in a bad mood tnx can u do a video on focus i lose my focus on movies study and conversations zooming out
jasmine tea
jasmine tea - 10 months ago
This past year ive noticed how sleepy i have gotten right after eating lunch, i was wondering why i was the only one in class feeling like taking a really long nap right after lunch time. Thanks to this video I have realized that I shouldn't have stopped working out and eat a bunch of junk food, I really want to get my 8 hours of sleep so my new years resolution is to get active!
Alexis Anderson Vlogs
Alexis Anderson Vlogs - 10 months ago
Who else is watching this and needs to sleep and this video is not helping
norma Cervenakova
norma Cervenakova - 10 months ago
I cant slepp its 4:14am plz help someone no Ok?..
Banditen Farsan
Banditen Farsan - 10 months ago
I live in Sweden there’s no sun wtf🥴🥴🥴😪🌞
junaid Tassaduq
junaid Tassaduq - 10 months ago
so what about old peoples who stop breathing during sleep. idont think its realatee with fat person
Knight OfNights
Knight OfNights - 10 months ago
Who else having problems sleeping now and clicked on video expecting a quick solution?
Mimicoco Cocojr
Mimicoco Cocojr - 10 months ago
Tip 1
*The sun gives you cancer and it's snowing*
*I can't....ain't no body got time for dat*
*Homeostasis takes care of that, dont it*
Tip 1
*I can do that*
ZAS ? - 10 months ago
This should have been sponsored by a mantras company
NystektVaffel - 10 months ago
Just in time!
Amir J
Amir J - 10 months ago
Who else is watching this at 3am
exeVividNova - 10 months ago
Wow the fuust tip is worthless already. There is like only 4 hour of foggy sunlight in a day in winter where I live.
Let's Learn Together
Let's Learn Together - 10 months ago
How about UV light from sunlight?
Mini Mochi
Mini Mochi - 10 months ago
Thank you!
hugzy14 - 10 months ago
Hi mate, love your videos, gives a lot of value. Just wondering if you draw all the cartoon stuff yourself? It's a very effective way of teaching I want to adopt it for my students (I teach public speaking). Many thanks!
Zain - 10 months ago
How about for people who work at night?
Dawson Carpenter
Dawson Carpenter - 10 months ago
Its kinda like when it takes sooo long to nut...
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