Mom Still Unsure of What Creature Was in Her Driveway

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fitjavi - 3 hours ago
They keep calling the creature “he” how do they know “it” is a he?
SouthTexasPrepper - 8 hours ago
Quite frankly, I think it's a fraud. It looks like a kid in a suit.
Jamie Wicher
Jamie Wicher - 9 hours ago
Anybody watching November 2019?
Imodium GT
Imodium GT - 12 hours ago
hie kha
hie kha - 13 hours ago
Who knows maybe he is still out there, now thats sound scary
Macy Abridge
Macy Abridge - 15 hours ago
Dobby is free
Deen Cooper
Deen Cooper - 21 hour ago
JoJo Link
JoJo Link - Day ago
1:25 I saw it and said, is that and alien? *Huhuhuhuhuh*
JoJo Link
JoJo Link - Day ago
Who TF makes another video of the same thing?
WinTheLottery Music
It’s an alien
Victor Jerome
Victor Jerome - Day ago
That’s her son in his Halloween costume
Yvette Jones
Yvette Jones - Day ago
looks like an alien demon to me. Its no angel.
Jordan Mchale
Jordan Mchale - 2 days ago
Chicken dance
Lpskitty functv
Lpskitty functv - 2 days ago
When the creature from Harry Potter came on at 45 seconds at first I forgot it was from Harry Pottee!!! LOL!!!
Adrian Joseph
Adrian Joseph - 2 days ago
Maybe it is et
Looks like an Alien wanted to Show some Moves....maybe !
Joel H
Joel H - 2 days ago
The best alien evidence!
Lakshmi - 2 days ago
Why do humans assume that aliens will be similar to humans 😂. They might just be something like a bacteria . And why is US so obsessed with aliens all the time 😄.
pink girl
pink girl - 3 days ago
Did they see the aliens feet?. No one walks like that lol
Jake The pro
Jake The pro - 3 days ago
I’m happy Dobby is doing good
Mr Spook
Mr Spook - 3 days ago
How does it poop and pee it doesn't have a butthole or a ding ding...
That Guy
That Guy - 3 days ago
Homunculus artificial human created by a base like s4 or area 51,
Demetrius Wedge
Demetrius Wedge - 3 days ago
Low key viben
Taytum Johnson
Taytum Johnson - 3 days ago
What the heck that's so creepy
Lillian Babyak
Lillian Babyak - 3 days ago
If that’s Donnie then Bobby is going to Hogwarts 😀
Shathiskumar Selvaraju
Shathiskumar Selvaraju - 3 days ago
I am from third world country and its very hard intensive manual labor required for make this costume, at least feel great that you guys can have fun.
Puthik Lau
Puthik Lau - 4 days ago
James Turner
James Turner - 4 days ago
It looks like a kid
julissa shields
julissa shields - 4 days ago
That look likes an alien
Pazora - 4 days ago
It's a child... That's it, plain and simple. Smh
Grace Sango
Grace Sango - 4 days ago
Who is that is it Bobby
car jar
car jar - 4 days ago
OMG it's a boy with wig on gosh
:Chrissy G
:Chrissy G - 4 days ago
1:26 me when some one in my math class farts
Dafini Dafini
Dafini Dafini - 5 days ago
it was a ghost... 😁
Corinn Ellis
Corinn Ellis - 5 days ago
The strap is bouncing around on his head from his jock strap.
Free World
Free World - 5 days ago
Kelsey seems so cool and laid back
coffee - 5 days ago
its dobby
Lonie Cross
Lonie Cross - 5 days ago
Please attempt to do a recreation of that with your son. This will with solve or widen the mystery.
Zachary Travers
Zachary Travers - 5 days ago
Looks like the kelly hopkinsville ky aliens from 1955
Opal Jennings
Opal Jennings - 5 days ago
Wow! Waste of time
cobyveron - 6 days ago
Its that alien from DAME TUCOSITA
GLADYS SMILLIE - 6 days ago
Its a girl lol
gabe 1244
gabe 1244 - 6 days ago
Dobby is that you?
Bakersfield Real Report
DennisTheMenace - 6 days ago
What ever it was, it needed a sandwich 🥪
Epic Tiger
Epic Tiger - 6 days ago
1:52 illumanti confirmed
BAT-TALK! - 6 days ago
Yeaaa bo ghost or alien
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody - 7 days ago
Genius: Crackamus Headumus
Ante Kevo
Ante Kevo - 7 days ago
I didn't go to the field its going to area 51 😂😂😂
Stevens Donnelly
Stevens Donnelly - 7 days ago
We need the Scooby gang
Stevens Donnelly
Stevens Donnelly - 7 days ago
No not not all the kids it has be real
Stevens Donnelly
Stevens Donnelly - 7 days ago
Feel Good
Feel Good - 7 days ago
When girl friend breakup without a reason this may be the reaction.
Ctb 281
Ctb 281 - 8 days ago
It’s Bobby
Dobby - 8 days ago
Dobby was looking for Harry Potter! Dobby loves Harry Potter.
WhiteWool tries 1,000 subsirbs with no videos
I like how he walks out, flaps his arms and walks away like he needs to take a dump
chalinoahuesoduro - 8 days ago
Kelsey eddie next door neighbor looks baked.
Anthony Alvarado
Anthony Alvarado - 8 days ago
It looks like a little white kid
OneDeep - 8 days ago
Nice cans
Saifullah Fitri
Saifullah Fitri - 8 days ago
I want to see the footage uncut. Can i?
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