First to Guess the Password Wins - FaZe Clan

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Nicholas Wood
Nicholas Wood - 2 days ago
You dont think it but adapt is pretty smart at sometimes
Miguel gaming
Miguel gaming - 2 days ago
Wheres teeqo
ping Li
ping Li - 3 days ago
For donkey I would of said a**
trav and cor fan
trav and cor fan - 4 days ago
the last one they could of just said flesh like if u agree
coming soon
coming soon - 5 days ago
Quiet or quite which one is british
Iam Nazo
Iam Nazo - 6 days ago
I laugh so hard when Apex said Tomato
Alex: Yes, That it
Aka mark Gaming28
Aka mark Gaming28 - 8 days ago
Is it just me or jacks and Alex are so dump and shit with life
Dito Playz
Dito Playz - 8 days ago
I cringe when i hear kays American accent
Regan Has swag
Regan Has swag - 10 days ago
Pls can I join faze I love you guys should have the right way too long and the first place I have no clue who I want you in my room for a long way toward an amazing and so is my favourite songs and it will take the bus driver in my room for improvement but it doesn't even work and the other day I have a great way to go back and the first half of the day before my birthday
Langston Lewis
Langston Lewis - 11 days ago
Kay talking American is fucking cringe and hilarious
Guillermo Diaz
Guillermo Diaz - 11 days ago
Cizzors looks mad high 🔥💀
FluKe - 12 days ago
Blaze sucks..
Lora O'Bryan
Lora O'Bryan - 12 days ago
Winner takes rugs money
Classy BEACH-BOY - 14 days ago
Orba is than one kid that doesn’t ever come out of his room.
ramp age
ramp age - 15 days ago
There using rug
Wyatt Cartwright
Wyatt Cartwright - 15 days ago
Low key Jarvis and Kay make me mad
Treysyn Beadle
Treysyn Beadle - 15 days ago
Rug: adapt, apex=L
They win.
Rug and orba lose first round.
Rug and orba definite L
Chase Yoder
Chase Yoder - 15 days ago
Jarvis is my favorite in faze
Fortnite Update
Fortnite Update - 15 days ago
Seriously no one is gonna talk about that FaZe Logo on the white board
runes froot loops
runes froot loops - 16 days ago
tell me why banks always disappointed in Alex😂😂
runes froot loops
runes froot loops - 16 days ago
Blaze: i feel bad for apex he has alex
Alex: look at the shape of your head, for the love of god 😂😂
ZLaZeR_SZN - 16 days ago
Asking Adapt to think hard is like asking Jarvis to not get expelled from school
Young Gamer Boi
Young Gamer Boi - 17 days ago
When adapt got called imagine he answered it and said “I am pregnent” and left the call
lil Kieran
lil Kieran - 17 days ago
Faze javis look like he don’t belong
Christina Lehr
Christina Lehr - 18 days ago
What happened to h1sky
Brandon Felix
Brandon Felix - 18 days ago
U mean mrbeast funded it
Trilogycheats - 19 days ago
The easiest word for rotten is cheese... rotten cheese
Ronoboom _Playz
Ronoboom _Playz - 19 days ago
Team 3 forever!!! 💯🥇🥇🏆
NimZeDK - 19 days ago
Jarvis and Kay on the same team
Faze Kay: that’s insane bro
TH3L3G3ND06 YT - 21 day ago
2:54 the music is we won’t be alone
KazB - 21 day ago
I want the ogs back :(
g005ay - 22 days ago
Also why did cizzorz say I hate u after banks said rotten
eagerejum28 - 22 days ago
I tried to make Kay as my password but it said:Is ToO iNsAnE bRoO
rafy ghalayini
rafy ghalayini - 22 days ago
Kylemanu6 101
Kylemanu6 101 - 22 days ago
Hi boi
Ismail_4926 - 23 days ago
Shrek is an ogre but yh
Be Riskyy
Be Riskyy - 24 days ago
What’s the intro song called?
gaming withTony
gaming withTony - 25 days ago
Can u have Jarvis and Kay do like speaking Japanese for the week
All 4DatBag
All 4DatBag - 25 days ago
the trios
the trios - 25 days ago
Why are apex Leander not clipz
Trey Gonzalez
Trey Gonzalez - 25 days ago
Why is Adapt such an a$$hole
Karmelo Perez
Karmelo Perez - 26 days ago
Is Alex part of life is according to Jimmy
g005ay - 26 days ago
7:23 Shrek isn’t even Disney it’s dreamworks 😂
hater 64
hater 64 - 26 days ago
Orba is a dumbass
brocasters126 - 26 days ago
:Jarvis buys a skin

:Kay your insane bro haha
Mandrake echo
Mandrake echo - 26 days ago
Love this series
Dous —-
Dous —- - 26 days ago
7:15 Disney didn’t even make shrek dreamworks did
Jacqueline Sweeney
Jacqueline Sweeney - 28 days ago
Your marce
angel narvaez
angel narvaez - 28 days ago
You guys must be rich
Possessed Panda
Possessed Panda - 29 days ago
Rug probably has a billion dollars though
29ch - Month ago
Banks really won
Box HD
Box HD - Month ago
Is it just me or did adapt get buff
Amanda Parkinson
Amanda Parkinson - Month ago
i guessed jarvis and kay
Jason Vela
Jason Vela - Month ago
Love Oreo
Love Oreo - Month ago
I don’t think jarvis knows what dispose means bc he thinks fish breath air
Elijah Jenkins
Elijah Jenkins - Month ago
That’s what I said
Just Havoc
Just Havoc - Month ago
when jarvis did his american accent he sounded like blaze tbh
KeRmIT the fR0G
KeRmIT the fR0G - Month ago
Kay: Dypa
Apex: Er
Kay: Diaper
I laughed so hard
YoutubeZanii FN
YoutubeZanii FN - Month ago
Kay said I and he didn’t hear
Alpha - Month ago
4:21 did Apex said the N Word!?????LMAO
Mr.Mister - Month ago
Jarvis isn’t making eye contact it’s weird
antjol15 - Month ago
What is the name of the outro music ?
Pïggy Lockz
Pïggy Lockz - Month ago
*make the words shorter so apex can see*
OfficialFranco7 - Month ago
You guys came for 6:16 and 8:26 and 9:48
Sam - Month ago
Apex: Leader
Adapt: Gallon!
For fuck sake Adapt you idiot lmao
Jkills - Month ago
Adapt and apex are best faze members tto watch and i love when they on teams when stuff like this
SupremeRooster 7
SupremeRooster 7 - Month ago
Please do never like your own comments
Matthew Alaniz
Matthew Alaniz - Month ago
Cizzorz is committed he is wearing a sweater in the heat
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo Martinez - Month ago
Adapt the goat
Badboylunatic Ro wrestler
I mean Disney is making Shrek 4 :/
JUANIXS7ON - Month ago
Imagine going to college and being dumber than adapt
Vivid Savage
Vivid Savage - Month ago
@Faze_rug expoesd match better 1:25
u suck dude
Ma man Rug Rich az mafucjer
Poopo Bhai Saab
Poopo Bhai Saab - Month ago
faze ahdapt is legend
Noor Nagra
Noor Nagra - Month ago
Look at the shape of ur head 💀💀💀
Brittany Baker
Brittany Baker - Month ago
Were's highsky
pffo - Month ago
Who here from when Mongraal got in FaZe
ImpulseCOOL- Roblox and More
LOL When Rug thought he was with jarvis
Soak_Night - Month ago
When i popped off and your girl gave me just a little bit of la jaw
Hyper Mouse
Hyper Mouse - Month ago
For rotten they should have said eggs
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