Getting out of arguments

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NellyVidz - 3 months ago
I’m telling y’all how to get out of these arguments fellas lol. Y’all think some of these would work? 😂🤔 and don’t forget to watch those bloopers at the end 💪🏽
Quinell Romeo
Quinell Romeo - 16 days ago
And you are cute 😝
jakblitz1 - 17 days ago
Mhm shut up, now lay back
Savage Da Shoota 064Gatfield
@Young Blakk & Ambitious YBA Ain't That Yall Bed Room Secrets Can't Be Telling Everbody Your Business
Richard Bailey
Richard Bailey - Month ago
2:20 that's all she needed
Fortnite and More
Fortnite and More - Month ago
Jordan Davis
pacmane89 - Day ago
That last move is only one u need if u know what u doing to get out of a arguement plz believe I know
Dante Miles
Dante Miles - 3 days ago
My dude lol
belinda fitchett
belinda fitchett - 3 days ago
Part 2 please
Tanneshia Coleman
Tanneshia Coleman - 6 days ago
Aw while Cornell you really had a card you really have to call dumbass
Wattz & Learn
Wattz & Learn - 7 days ago
"I almost caught a damn stroke for real"

I'm dead B!!!
David Robertson
David Robertson - 9 days ago
Best way to end any argument with any woman👍
Urban chicana
Urban chicana - 10 days ago
dumbass i already ate 😂😂
DVoured - 12 days ago
His seizure @the end too funny
nigger lover
nigger lover - 13 days ago
Lmao he was playing fortnite 🤣🤣🤣😂
Ugo - 13 days ago
I will start using this trick.
Fran Smith
Fran Smith - 14 days ago
Khamauri Williams
Khamauri Williams - 14 days ago
1:35 he played fortnite
Mardrique Lewis
Mardrique Lewis - 15 days ago
Lol the head change everything
Yng Sports and hip hop
Yng Sports and hip hop - 16 days ago
LMFAO u want tacos
Matthew Allman
Matthew Allman - 16 days ago
I think EVERY guy up in here wants to kiss up on Ayona like that
Leila Lancaster
Leila Lancaster - 17 days ago
Richard Patterson
Richard Patterson - 18 days ago
Wit yo dumb ass I already ate lol
Scott Arnett
Scott Arnett - 18 days ago
James Dowling
James Dowling - 18 days ago
Aijeba Foli
Aijeba Foli - 19 days ago
I'm use these lol
Candycane Heart
Candycane Heart - 19 days ago
That song is from r kelly
B72 - 19 days ago
"It works Everytime" #InMyBillyDeeVoice
joshua Hamilton
joshua Hamilton - 20 days ago
Lilnaxwilson Ball
Lilnaxwilson Ball - 21 day ago
Wassup comment 759
Jennifer Miles
Jennifer Miles - 23 days ago
What's up Llanelli I am eight years old 8
Duvar Davis
Duvar Davis - 24 days ago
Damn... I want to taste shawty too....
v Cxmboz
v Cxmboz - 24 days ago
Ending had me hard asf I ain’t gon lie🤦🏽‍♂️
dejarvis Pz
dejarvis Pz - 26 days ago
Jaylen smiley really does look better than me when we were together go through
quincy Gardener
quincy Gardener - 26 days ago
It looked like he was kissing her neck fr
Hsvsys Gdghd
Hsvsys Gdghd - 26 days ago
Boyyyyyyyyy I wish that was me oh I wanna give you some sloppy toppy
Ivan Smith
Ivan Smith - 26 days ago
baby tupac
baby tupac - 27 days ago
Shit that's the best way to shut a girl up damn she sexy and can sing
Savage Da Shoota 064Gatfield
Shawty Hit Him With The Baby Boy And She's Not Only Beautiful But Can Sing I 👀 You Beautiful 👑
johnathan Harris
johnathan Harris - 28 days ago
With yo dumb ass I already eat 🤣😂😅😭🔥💯💪🏻💀🤦‍♂️
Andarius Quicksey
Andarius Quicksey - 28 days ago
Very addictive w
Natasha Blount
Natasha Blount - 28 days ago
I want to have sex with you
Tiarjayna Mcgill
Tiarjayna Mcgill - 29 days ago
Gwar Richmond
Gwar Richmond - Month ago
Nice...DEAD SHIRT !!!!
Brandon Washington
Brandon Washington - Month ago
🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂Just too get out
Shamiyah Harbin
Shamiyah Harbin - Month ago
“You no what imma cook and clean u want tacos 🌮 “
FOE DEX - Month ago
Yo dumbass I already ate 😂😂😂
Richard Bailey
Richard Bailey - Month ago
2:20 that's all she needed lol
Eric Dupree
Eric Dupree - Month ago
That last one usually works
The Truth on life an conspiracy theory
She's so beautiful
ERIC Magnus
ERIC Magnus - Month ago
Good shit bro this was sone funny shit....
Sande ge
Sande ge - Month ago
Did he actually kiss her
Fortnite beast I make money
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - Month ago
Thats my song girl I'm about to have a fit
MrPrincessdlow - Month ago
"make some money instead of wasting 💰" 🎙Ayyeeee
Make a song off dat
Pop pop pop it
Pop pop pop it - Month ago
How to get out of arguments
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed - Month ago
2:39 that is how to shut her up.
Tisha Jackson
Tisha Jackson - Month ago
Hey Lil belly
Zoeja Tv
Zoeja Tv - Month ago
paydro_ mivec
paydro_ mivec - Month ago
U want tacos😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
siri dambra
siri dambra - Month ago
You want tacos?
Tafadzwa Rutanhira
Tafadzwa Rutanhira - 2 months ago
"Its my 4th seizure this week, i almost caught a damn stroke" . Niggas is crazy
Richard D.
Richard D. - 2 months ago
Toya Mel
Toya Mel - 2 months ago
“You want tacos” 😂😂💀💀💀
PlayBoy KGballin
PlayBoy KGballin - 2 months ago
🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 😁
Kenya Hastings
Kenya Hastings - 2 months ago
Ima cook ima want tacos😭😂tacos get it every time😂😂good make up food
Amazon Thomas
Amazon Thomas - 2 months ago
Aw shit she can sang sang tho
XanMelloggVevo - 2 months ago
. Cornell. now shut up laid down . Anoya. I don't know I was tripping
Zen Gotti
Zen Gotti - 2 months ago
"Un hun shut up now lay back" *okay zaddy* 🤣🤣🤣🤣
DOMWILLKILL212 - 2 months ago
That's a valid argument 😂 put gas in the car when you finish lmao
drums r us
drums r us - 2 months ago
“Dumbass I already ate”
Tyquan Green
Tyquan Green - 2 months ago
U want tacos 🤣😂🤣
J Real
J Real - 2 months ago
I'll you have to either get a fool of job.
Or keep Watching Nelly Vids, bro 10 more ideas.
Dubstep Prince
Dubstep Prince - 2 months ago
Shit I eat the pussy real good
Kamron Granger
Kamron Granger - 2 months ago
"Umhmm shut up" 😂😂😂
Stay High Stay Humble Podcast
2:18 😜 would shut any woman up especially if you doing it right and she 🤭💦
Annette Arnold
Annette Arnold - 2 months ago
Cool video
Lottie Cole
Lottie Cole - 2 months ago
DeeSmokez Gaming
DeeSmokez Gaming - 2 months ago
So you with her cuz she cute fair enough
Loyal Brand
Loyal Brand - 2 months ago
What was the song playing in the last scene
Lamont Graves
Lamont Graves - 2 months ago
Those breasts though😋💋❤
In54321BOOM - 2 months ago
"with yo dumb ass i already ate"
I am Human
I am Human - 2 months ago
Shut up and lay back💀😂
Joe 5.0
Joe 5.0 - 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂! 1:52
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