How To Meditate For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

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Improvement Pill
Improvement Pill - 5 months ago
I'm Releasing A New Habit Building Program (Sign up here to get on the waiting list!!!)
Tatea - Month ago
@White_Bear what if i have adhd? I don't, but you're still a judgemental prick.
White_Bear - 2 months ago
@Tatea you get bored with five minutes of something? Learn self-control
Meditation at Dawn
Meditation at Dawn - 2 months ago
I feel better already
Jyolsna N.R
Jyolsna N.R - 4 months ago
What are benefits of meditation????
G Amano
G Amano - 11 hours ago
What does it mean when i feel floating/like being on water, relaxed feeling, and seeing purple colors and blue, almost like a tunnel you see in science fiction movies
CharlieTheLefty - 14 hours ago
Great video
anthony jose
anthony jose - Day ago
After my first 8 minute session, I felt really really relaxed, for some seconds afterwards, I liked it a lot, hope I cam make it a habit, wish me luck.
hmu Philly
hmu Philly - Day ago
People just follow thr ways of society now
MoonGoddess46 - Day ago
thats my problem i cannot cross my legs into lotus :/
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray - 2 days ago
I noticed a change in my internal voice from about 3 or 4 meditations of about 45 minutes a piece. I was having a horribly negative voice in my head always telling me there was no hope and things like that, but now its a very rare ocurrance and nearly extinct within my mind.
love bug
love bug - 2 days ago
What if I'm to far to cross my legs like a pretzel... should I lose weight first???
Mikey Hansen
Mikey Hansen - 2 days ago
Had my first session today. It was hard to focus, even harder to breathe as I was paying attention to it, but I’m hopeful!
Jorge Melo
Jorge Melo - 2 days ago
pavan N
pavan N - 3 days ago
Can I meditate after workout...??
LukstrGamr - 3 days ago
The video that started my spiritual awakening. Thank you SO much Improvement Pill.
sandip paul
sandip paul - 5 days ago
hey,right now you're looking into my comment right?
sandip paul
sandip paul - 4 days ago
@Improvement Pill 🤣🤣🤣 Thnx 4 replying.
Improvement Pill
Improvement Pill - 5 days ago
how did you know O.O
Cik Eila Rahilla
Cik Eila Rahilla - 5 days ago
I argue with my friend about my depression. And he keep telling me about meditate. So here I am try to listen to him and help my self. Wish I can do this!
猫我蜜糖 - 6 days ago
When you start to feel nothingness for 5 minute, but real time has passed for 1 minute then you are on the right track.
The hardest barrier is when you come back to senses and realize your mouth is holding on a pool of saliva. That will take about 10 years to overcome.
Nitish Kumar Jurel
Nitish Kumar Jurel - 6 days ago
The girl in the thumbnail looks cute
Tera Mangala Meditation Music
You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.
Liat Miran
Liat Miran - 6 days ago
Amazing, explained great
Eddie Castaner
Eddie Castaner - 7 days ago
Can I meditate focusing on my Farts?!
Shell Lee
Shell Lee - 8 days ago
Thank you
Dimitrije04 - 8 days ago
Lets be honest yall here 'cause no nut novemebr comin' up.
Shisones - 4 days ago
you could literally float after no nut november
Sdm 9137
Sdm 9137 - 10 days ago
very helpful. thank you kindly.
TEDDYPOPQUEEN - 10 days ago
This makes 0 sense
Jpluck09 - 13 days ago
Glad this video wasn’t a man bun speaking calmly to me. Thanks for the facts.
Straight Left
Straight Left - 13 days ago
Serious question, does it matter of you have had alcohol or high on the kush?
Voievodul Titirez Socolescu Yon
the position is not that important. just to stay comfortable and not fall asleep. also remember the technical purpose of meditation, that is to penetrate the essence of meditation, if you just "meditate" without having the end goal in mind, your benefits will be very few. This technical essence of meditation is to discover one's true center, the base of mind, the uncreated space etc.. the "space of being". So just try to detach yourself from the layers of mind which feel, think, imagine, concentrate etc.. and just try to sit in your center even if you don't recognize it. The essential exercise is detachment from the habbit of following automatically the layers of the mind. If you practice detachment you will eventually recognize the center and then you can just stay there directly.
Matthew Schaefer
Matthew Schaefer - 15 days ago
You can even meditate next to the crack head on the bus!
Deepak Jindal
Deepak Jindal - 15 days ago
praxticing 'dhyan' from many years. and can still do without following any of the steps above.
sangmade wira
sangmade wira - 16 days ago
what should i listen to that'll help me meditate, especially if im in a loud area?
GURTEJ SINGH SIDHU - 16 days ago
Lavaloo - 17 days ago
I got so deep into it. It was so weird when I broke it, like I had come out of a coma or something, there was just this rush back into reality for a couple of seconds before I felt normal again. I still feel calm though. Whenever I though of something and needed to push it out I thought of a balloon blowing up then deflating, or I though of squash for some reason, because I thought of some of my breaths resembled a squash??
star_annointed - 18 days ago
What if you meditate more than an hour? what happens or its a legendary level
Tim Johnston
Tim Johnston - 18 days ago
so what if you have a broken nose and have a very hard time breathing with the nose? Yes, I know, then use your mouth. But is it the same??
DUDONG BAGNET - 19 days ago
Instructions not clear
I think my brother us meditating for 1 week now help I need to give him a bath cause he smells
Kashaf Shaikh
Kashaf Shaikh - 20 days ago
4:15 looks like the last page of my books😂😂
Emad Rahimi
Emad Rahimi - 20 days ago
Spiritual SO in the building man, SIMPLE
christopher buckley
christopher buckley - 21 day ago
Should I listen something while meditating?
SparaticSpartan - 22 days ago
I’m here so I can go into the Avatar State
gayatri Sharma
gayatri Sharma - 22 days ago
What is the perfect time to meditate...???
Interitous - 23 days ago
I use the breathing meditation. I can completely stop thinking. But I start to see random stuffs. It's as like in the phase between awake and falling a sleep. You start seeing shapes, scenarios, etc
TheProgrammingJedi - 24 days ago
I can't image my life without meditation
Fahad Ahmed
Fahad Ahmed - 25 days ago
2:42 oh THANKS i was just going to BREATHE FROM MY BUTT
testing games lol
testing games lol - 25 days ago
finally a guy doing a video like this
Avishek Nath
Avishek Nath - 26 days ago
Today’s my first day
Rana Rayya
Rana Rayya - 26 days ago
I love meditation
Giuku Nightz
Giuku Nightz - 28 days ago
Can i swallow my Saliva?
Dianaimd - 28 days ago
Ok, so I shall give this a try. I am willing to do it everyday, just for 5 minutes, to see what benefits it will bring. I’m looking to improve my life, I’m kinda desperate to see a change. I need to be patient though. One day at a time.
فاطمه قهاری
فاطمه قهاری - 28 days ago
Does it affect our anger or stress?
Tiano Gonzales
Tiano Gonzales - 29 days ago
Her to get superpower
DG _
DG _ - 29 days ago
Do I have to do it after I wake up
Maciej Rusiniak
Maciej Rusiniak - Month ago
I was like i wont fall asleep at 3pm, falls asleep 20 seconds in
Blizzard Maelstrom
Blizzard Maelstrom - Month ago
im only here cuz i just wanna be happy.
Bibibi - Month ago
This helped thanks I feel much calmer and my thoughts started telling me I was worth it
Nono Peace
Nono Peace - Month ago
I learned how to control my thoughts thanks
The Emotional Intelligence
Referenced by SOLUMINATI. I'm so glad I got this. Thank you for this amazing video.
Patricia N
Patricia N - Month ago
I had my hip replaced at a young age and cannot sit "buddha" style. I sit with my back straight (leaning up against a pole) with my legs straight out in front of me and hands cupped on my lap. Don't get hung up on not being able to sit the way this video (and most) say you should sit.
Shamma - Month ago
Thank you!
Nirmal Kumar
Nirmal Kumar - Month ago
90% present here are biggest chutiys...they are not understanding what he is trying to say

Mohammed Iqbal
Mohammed Iqbal - Month ago
Plz tell how to avoid sleepy in the class hours
Rohan Reddy
Rohan Reddy - Month ago
I completed my graduation.
And here I am
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