How To Meditate For Beginners - A Definitive Guide

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Improvement Pill
Improvement Pill - 2 months ago
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Jyolsna N.R
Jyolsna N.R - Month ago
What are benefits of meditation????
Susan Thakuri
Susan Thakuri - Month ago
while meditating what should i concentrate for?
Tatea - 2 months ago
Are there any alternatives to meditating? I get sooo bored.
Kdot 23
Kdot 23 - 8 hours ago
I don't know where to put my hands
EskeTDreW - Day ago
Today, its my third day of meditating. This video really helped me, cuz everytime I had a thought, I critized myself for thinking about it and not focusing. And when i wrote "about it and not focusing" I had another thought that disrupted me, leaving me thinking like 30 seconds about what I wanted to say, lol. Wish me luck, as I'm extrovert and can't really do 1 thing without it being fun.
Alabaster - 2 days ago
Soo how lonf until I can do the Yoga Flame? I got a Street Fight tournament coming up
Descendum Rocks
Descendum Rocks - 3 days ago
Can I become superhuman by meditation???
NCS Lyrics
NCS Lyrics - 3 days ago
thanks for this
Marta matic
Marta matic - 5 days ago
Its harder for me to keep my body calm and still then my mind haha like i need to shake my legs or do something with my hands
Abdallah VoneX
Abdallah VoneX - 5 days ago
When I don't move my body I feel something strange is happening to my body And I don't comfortable. 5 minutes is harder than I thought.
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper - 2 days ago
just push ur self a bit when you go through it becomes ezr
OjaruFan - 5 days ago
Marinette Arash
Marinette Arash - 6 days ago
In summer breaks, I always meditate at night and sleep in day
Akurami 2213
Akurami 2213 - 6 days ago
But what ARE the benefits of meditation???
thessbest123 - 6 days ago
4:45 Arnold SchwarzeNIGGER 😂 im black btw
CaptinNapkin 02
CaptinNapkin 02 - 5 days ago
FlyHigh - 7 days ago
My mind is killing me
Our Story
Our Story - 7 days ago
Meditation helps you making memes
Pil Lump
Pil Lump - 7 days ago
Spiritual So in da building
Arjun Das
Arjun Das - 8 days ago
When should I meditate can u explain the time which we want to do
Kim Taeyeon is my everything
Omg when he said breathe from ur nose I- 💀 I have sinusitis 😂😂 great vid, though ❤️❤️🙏
Soul Gainz Freendly
Soul Gainz Freendly - 10 days ago
Wait, are you telling me I don't have to be bold, in the mountains with tigers walking around me to meditate?
hi - 11 days ago
After 3 minutes my body got jittery.
Vineeth Ganji
Vineeth Ganji - 11 days ago
Meditation after wake up mean what,
How much time after wake
Because when i do meditate i go back into sleep what to do
Aman Verma
Aman Verma - 11 days ago
Thank you brother you explained it very well
Lxzy King Aesthetical
Lxzy King Aesthetical - 11 days ago
If your like ages 4, 5, 6, and your watching this
Observe means

tAkE cLuEs
Carlos Cardenas
Carlos Cardenas - 12 days ago
Infinite Gamer13
Infinite Gamer13 - 13 days ago
Straight up I just find an empty space in my mind and concentrate
Doge - 13 days ago
Meditate before bed for around 10 - 30 minutes to have lucid dreams
Naruto Kun
Naruto Kun - 13 days ago
Meditating for lucid dreams.
dancidancii - 14 days ago
my knees hurt like hell after few minutes when sitting on the floor like that
Navaneet Rajeevan
Navaneet Rajeevan - 16 days ago
What is the minimum age required for meditation?
Maria Perez
Maria Perez - 16 days ago
u failed the test !
u failed the test ! - 16 days ago
It is possible to listen to music while meditating?
the red Russian kinzer
the red Russian kinzer - 18 days ago
I am here to fall asleep
AdNO - 19 days ago
n word
Daniel Blaha
Daniel Blaha - 19 days ago
I don't fall asleep Lying down while meditating. Meditation is not sleep. I'm still awake while meditating focusing on my breathing being still thinking of nothing... feeling the inner peace. I like meditating while sitting down anyway...
James Donnelly
James Donnelly - 20 days ago
Thank you so much, bless you x
Alisha Nicole
Alisha Nicole - 20 days ago
Meditation is demonic to the core
Don’t open yourself up to this
Niya Bre
Niya Bre - 21 day ago
i literally have the worst health anxiety. i know i’ll die from stress eventually & i’m running out of hope. my heart beats fast all day & i feel it in my chest & neck. when i feel fine i can’t help but to feel my pulse which triggers it all over again. if it kills me i hope it’ll do it soon, i can’t live like this
Niya Bre
Niya Bre - 14 days ago
Cristian perez exactly
Cristian perez
Cristian perez - 20 days ago
Same sometimes i feel like my anxiety will kill me one day
ben 25
ben 25 - 22 days ago
Should I listen to calm music while meditation
Sil van Oosterwijk
Sil van Oosterwijk - 22 days ago
Hope somebody reads this I just meditated for 5 minutes and I had zero thoughts just focused on my breath until the timer went. No thoughts came into my head how do I fix this?
Sil van Oosterwijk
Sil van Oosterwijk - 19 days ago
@エリーちゃん is that how you do it?
エリーちゃん - 19 days ago
you did it!
OnCourtHomicide - 22 days ago
Billy Dickson Brown
Billy Dickson Brown - 11 days ago
angela ortiz
angela ortiz - 23 days ago
Thank you that was very helpful
Luis Guzman Garita
Luis Guzman Garita - 23 days ago
Hello, I have a question, What should I do if I begin to feel bad? That happenned to me several times. The last time I felt that loss the peace. Will you help me?
Najam Mahmood
Najam Mahmood - 23 days ago
faytown tv
faytown tv - 25 days ago
Is it possible to master sage mode
Matthew Guidry
Matthew Guidry - 25 days ago
What if my legs don’t feel comfortable when I’m sitting like that
Rezeen Rai
Rezeen Rai - 25 days ago
Does it help maladaptive daydreaming?
Dirki Dirky
Dirki Dirky - 25 days ago
Is weird that I meditated for the first time in my life and without an alarm I did it for 20 min straight
Sudhesh Sankar KK
Sudhesh Sankar KK - 26 days ago
Thank you thank you thank you for sharing 🙏🙏🙏
Bishal Nath
Bishal Nath - 28 days ago
You can't Meditate.Its a consequence not an act.
Manuel Sandoval
Manuel Sandoval - 28 days ago
My legs tend to fall asleep and feel really uncomfortable when I meditate on the floor. Should I try meditating on a chair or keep trying on the floor?
Naybody_YT - 29 days ago
Lonely so in da building inspirational so In da building??? 🤷🏽‍♂️
kavmanproductions - 29 days ago
Next videos