Good Dad Dancer or Bad Dad Dancer? (GAME)

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Ice_Moonlight - 3 months ago
I love Derek Hough so much I never knew he was in this but I loved it
Chris Sleepsick
Chris Sleepsick - 3 months ago
Whacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man
emily - 4 months ago
anyone know what kind of dance this is? 3:46
Susannah Simpson
Susannah Simpson - 4 months ago
4:47 look at link I can’t believe he ate that
Wolf Walker
Wolf Walker - 4 months ago
So are you gonna sign some rug for me?
Fire Whisperer
Fire Whisperer - 4 months ago
Omg what is that song at 5:10 I can’t find it
genghiskangaroo32 - 4 months ago
"That was admiral!" -Link Neal, 2019
Glazed Donut
Glazed Donut - 4 months ago
When did “dad” become synonymous with “old white dude”? We know these men can’t dance🤦🏽‍♀️
Little Lady 509
Little Lady 509 - 4 months ago
You guys are so cool
Lily Carden
Lily Carden - 4 months ago
I knew it. The "cut the rug" pun. Saw it coming from a mile away
annikennr - 4 months ago
The fist Dad looks like an older Vin Diesel!
Kathleen Graves
Kathleen Graves - 4 months ago
Burger dance
Andrew Vurst
Andrew Vurst - 4 months ago
Josh from Akron OH: (For Rhett) "Pick up your alligator shoe, their ready for you buddy" "And Link you need to pick up your hemorrhoid ointment is ready for you. Special made for you buddy" Good call informing them they receive so-call special delivery! Derek is cracked up.
The Monkeyman channel
The Monkeyman channel - 4 months ago
Is the crew just gonna ignore that link ate the piece of rug at 4:47
Tia Be-Trippin
Tia Be-Trippin - 4 months ago
"We wrong!" 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭
Ery - 4 months ago
For those who didn't get the joke
Definition of cut a rug: old-fashioned slang - to dance in an energetic way
Wewe Mcrhyne
Wewe Mcrhyne - 4 months ago
His hair goes UP!
pey - 4 months ago
mark ruffalo would definitely do that
Trevor McCarron
Trevor McCarron - 4 months ago
derek has such a great personality! loved having him on the show :)
Harrison Jones
Harrison Jones - 4 months ago
Hetal Patel
Hetal Patel - 4 months ago
Can someone please tell what song or remix is playing for second dad dancing @5:01??? Please and thank you!
Baylee S
Baylee S - 4 months ago
listen why would they make this a viable prize for link at any point? the man would have lost his hands.
J Trounce
J Trounce - 4 months ago
Best Dad Dancer is by far the man on the "Lonely Boy" music video by the Black Keys.
Jero Toro
Jero Toro - 4 months ago
I've been a carpet cleaner all my working life.... and the rug cutting was like watching a human being skinned. Horror movie material.
Charlie Brooks
Charlie Brooks - 4 months ago
I had a feeling the 1st guy was a good dancer
Lit Laugh Life
Lit Laugh Life - 4 months ago
ya gotta love a visual pun...
Dizzy - 4 months ago
I digged the burger dance dad. I dance with my food too 😆
i know how to poor a BEAR
i know how to poor a BEAR - 4 months ago
Link talked about Mark Ruffalo.. did he even realize he looks like him????
Liza C
Liza C - 4 months ago
Sometimes Link reminds me of Garth from Waynes world
Kayla Titherington
Kayla Titherington - 4 months ago
This was posted on my birthday!
Carol - 4 months ago
Is no one going to mention Link wearing the Mythical Society pin on the jacket collar? No? Okay.
Arkd Dahbour
Arkd Dahbour - 4 months ago
Is that a sidjad
Tiffany Mac
Tiffany Mac - 4 months ago
So sad that vc was Akron, ohio. A-K-Rowdy!!!!
Jackie S
Jackie S - 4 months ago
I love when you guys react to videos, but it would be even better if there was a screen shot of you reacting to the video in the corner of the screen while the video is playing.
Alissa Gardenhire
Alissa Gardenhire - 4 months ago
Lauriti - 4 months ago
Can Mark Ruffalo be a guest pretty please?
Lauriti - 4 months ago
I was like... "huh... what does cut a rug mean?"
so I googled it and Urban Dictionary greeted me with a NSFW explanation
bubble bath
bubble bath - 4 months ago
I feel like there is a nsfw interpretation to almost any phrase at this point
Matthew Page
Matthew Page - 4 months ago
kyley johnson
kyley johnson - 4 months ago
This video is just all the best vibes 🥰
A K - 4 months ago
Rhett and Link are the best bad dad dancers there are
Dani Weissman
Dani Weissman - 4 months ago
You guys should do a q and a
Dani Weissman
Dani Weissman - 4 months ago
You guys should do a q and a
Chelsie Chambers
Chelsie Chambers - 4 months ago
Serious stupid random question: do concerts have green walls to make it appear that there's more people in post production?
Grace Porter
Grace Porter - 4 months ago
Not surprised gmm is literally cutting a rug 😂
Balala - 4 months ago
Dang, Derek is charismatic
Nadine Vlogs
Nadine Vlogs - 4 months ago
Stephen Shepherd Official
Stephen Shepherd Official - 4 months ago
Ohhhhhhhhhhh I get it
Sara Rut Arnardóttir
Sara Rut Arnardóttir - 4 months ago
If rhett and link had a baby it would be Derek
Orlando Jones
Orlando Jones - 4 months ago
4:54 why link why
Milan Tančik
Milan Tančik - 4 months ago
Link eating carpet at 4:48
Orlando Jones
Orlando Jones - 4 months ago
Rhett no.2 shuffle board player in the world
Glasses&Mouthplates - 4 months ago
First dad is surprisingly smooth for his (apparent) age.
CMShortboy - 4 months ago
They actually... cut... a rug... 😂🤣
N VG - 4 months ago
Ohh the sound of that rug cutting!
Megan Tabatadze
Megan Tabatadze - 4 months ago
April fools prank get people that look like u and just do a episode
Sarah Lucescu
Sarah Lucescu - 4 months ago
He was an awesome guest!
God's Community
God's Community - 4 months ago
Greetings! *Have a lovely day.* 👑👑
Abbie Smith
Abbie Smith - 4 months ago
For you guys wondering, no, Link did not eat rug. He picked it off, put it in front of his mouth and made it look like he ate it and then put it back down on the rug. It's at 4:50 just look *closely* and you'll see
Dat Guy
Dat Guy - 4 months ago
Great episode oh yeah yeah
lamesauce - 4 months ago
i could tell the last dad was bad bc his stance was just like MY dad’s when he’s dancing... lol
Tifalope867 - 4 months ago
Am i the only one who assumed theyd be actually cutting a rug
Jenny McK
Jenny McK - 4 months ago
Derek, the love child of Rhett and Link? Maybe, just maybe. 😜
Maddi Penz
Maddi Penz - 4 months ago
I don’t know what they mean...they were all great
Nevaeh shea
Nevaeh shea - 4 months ago
Please get madalaine pestch on the show
mary keel
mary keel - 4 months ago
Anyone else see link just casually eat the piece of rug off Derek’s shirt?? Just me? Ok
Becca Pindzia
Becca Pindzia - 4 months ago
That rug looks almost exactly like a miniature version of the rug in my dining room.
Alyssa Mck
Alyssa Mck - 4 months ago
U guys should do a thing on ur wheel where I react to funny edits of ur selves
Molly LaBranche
Molly LaBranche - 4 months ago
Really good guest!!! Never heard of him before but he has a great attitude. I enjoyed :)
FrankeyVoodoo - 4 months ago
Im not familiar with Derek, but he seems like an awesome guy! Good guest!
trevor aldrich
trevor aldrich - 4 months ago
Dang.. That rug really tied the room together too..
Sarah Seriah
Sarah Seriah - 4 months ago
I want that first dad to be my new mentor
Katie T
Katie T - 4 months ago
Ok but most of those dads were great....but then I come from a family where most (if not all honestly) of the men are basically logs with legs. Good people but not very loose.
Meredith Sobel
Meredith Sobel - 4 months ago
I called it...they cut the rug
WNxSpectra - Chris M.
WNxSpectra - Chris M. - 4 months ago
Does anyone know the song at 9:04 ?
Nichole Francis
Nichole Francis - 4 months ago
There goes Link, munching rug again. 😏
Lyndon Chlumsky
Lyndon Chlumsky - 4 months ago
Last week Link said nobody eats carpet and then proceeds to eat rug lint today off of Derek's shirt.
ireview - 4 months ago
When they said they were going to "cut a rug", it says a lot about me that I already knew they meant it literally. xD
Privacy Valued
Privacy Valued - 4 months ago
Will It: Stuffed French Toast.
Mahnaz Ashoori
Mahnaz Ashoori - 4 months ago
Their dynamic was so delightful
Minuit Blume
Minuit Blume - 4 months ago
Vicki Miller
Vicki Miller - 4 months ago
One dance lesson with me and I'll destroy his faith in the belief that everybody can dance. I'm 28 years old, but I have all the dancing grace that I did when I was 28 days old
WeirdGuyGames - 4 months ago
It took me till the 2 minute mark to figure out the joke here. I spent that long in confusion wondering what the hell they were doing.
Maria - 4 months ago
My dad tried dancing to darude sandstorm back when I was in middle school 6 years ago and let me tell you it was not okay 😂
Buddhismism - 4 months ago
is the guest wearing a dan henry?
Chaska McJones
Chaska McJones - 4 months ago
When Rhett said "Alleyman" I just kept waiting for him to follow it up with "That was my nickname in highschool" XD
Jack Tucker
Jack Tucker - 4 months ago
Beer name - Old Speckled Hen
Anani Dots
Anani Dots - 4 months ago
I wish they snuck in a video of either Rhett and/or Link dancing
shane Byrne
shane Byrne - 4 months ago
Watching on a small screen, but I think it might be old speckled hen
Elliott Sampson
Elliott Sampson - 4 months ago
Most of these I wouldn't be able to guess if they were good even if I got to see them dance.
Tabletop Jonesy
Tabletop Jonesy - 4 months ago
Link sneaking some carpet crumbs ? 😂😂😂😂
Amanda - 4 months ago
lol cut a rug..totally took me by suprise haha
amandacoverdale - 4 months ago
3 men with beautiful hair
JB JFX - 4 months ago
funny but tired please let me lee[p in this world thx kiss mwah
meme channel
meme channel - 4 months ago
Oh yeah yeah
Tareq Younis
Tareq Younis - 4 months ago
are my comments showing up?
Nepsa96 - 4 months ago
I really like this guest guy. He's so nice and meshes so well
kimaboe - 4 months ago
Last dude is James Spader...
Tareq Younis
Tareq Younis - 4 months ago
Isn't that a praying rug? I swear some people might take the "cutting the rug" personal. I could be wrong, but that rug looks identical to rugs I've seen people pray on...
Edit: I apologize for using the word "rug" so many times in one small sentence...rug, okay sorry ill stop.
Dandylion567 - 4 months ago
I've seen rugs like that as like a welcome mat in people's homes. I don't think they would intentionally try to offend anyone, but I can see what you mean.
Emerald da Sea-Rain wing
Emerald da Sea-Rain wing - 4 months ago
So judge a book by its cover rn they JUDGING
DarK Mega
DarK Mega - 4 months ago
Did master splinter ever eat the cheese trophy?
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