Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair

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The Limbo Chimp
The Limbo Chimp - 3 hours ago
No way he talks like that all the time
SAINT ENDS - 4 hours ago
His voice man
Hanz#1fan - 4 hours ago
Anna Warren
Anna Warren - 5 hours ago
I want him to tickle my pickle
Zachary Sohn
Zachary Sohn - 5 hours ago
we want les stroud here
Joks Pc
Joks Pc - 5 hours ago
Normal person: I slept with a women
Grylls: Did it whit a gorilla
CoffeeSamurai - 6 hours ago
But... What about Swiss Army Man?
gfarrell80 - 7 hours ago
Once an animal is dead, it is no longer creating heat. If temperatures are sub zero, by morning the animal's corpse will be a block of ice. I would not recommend snuggling inside a dead animal's corpse in winter conditions to stay warm. Maybe if it is a sheep or something you could skin it really quickly and use the skin. But you'd be better off in a snow shelter instead of inside an animal corpse.
João Paulo
João Paulo - 8 hours ago
Tô tão acostumado com a voz dele dublada pelo Wendel que parece que em inglês é uma dublagem dele XD ahauau
Nightwing 123
Nightwing 123 - 9 hours ago
A condom breaking.....

Bear grylls:I've actually been in this situation before
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 10 hours ago
Giorgio Cioffi
Giorgio Cioffi - 10 hours ago
He looks the same since I first saw him like 10 yrs ago
Kabegami The Great
Kabegami The Great - 11 hours ago
claims being realistic but hops on lava himself claiming it will save you.
qaywsx583 - 12 hours ago
i love this video
relybigguns bigguns
relybigguns bigguns - 12 hours ago
If you want a real great survivalist look up Matt Graham
relybigguns bigguns
relybigguns bigguns - 12 hours ago
bear grylls SUCKS!!!
Jesse Urban
Jesse Urban - 13 hours ago
YouTube says this was posted “4 weeks ago” uhhh shouldn’t this change to “1 month”?
Cho Cho Win
Cho Cho Win - 14 hours ago
Adnan Cusic
Adnan Cusic - 15 hours ago
Remembers so many things about survival

Can´t remember when he last gave his wife a french kiss.
XVMN - 15 hours ago
This man has experienced every experience there is to experience
DOMESTIC CRUZ - 16 hours ago
This dude is a fake
GERMANY TIGER - 17 hours ago
*Check in to a hotel just for a trip to relatives*

'I could've built a much convinient shelter with better location'
Leons Thomas
Leons Thomas - 17 hours ago
Supporing PewDiePie for likes
Spooky - 17 hours ago
Infinity War: Gets rid of half of the population
Bear Grylls: I've actually been in one of these situations before
an ordinary Indian
an ordinary Indian - 18 hours ago
He literally experienced everything
Brady Campbell
Brady Campbell - 21 hour ago
People making fun of him cause hes been in these situations, but hes living life. All these people joking around are sitting in bed doing nothing
Noah Meredith
Noah Meredith - 21 hour ago
Has Bear Grylls been in every single situation that exists
Kineticwizzy - 23 hours ago
Survivor Man is way more badass
Super BBoT
Super BBoT - Day ago
Bear Grylls bird box this is sketchy
Says earlier I used a camel for a house
Nelson Roy
Nelson Roy - Day ago
Just noticed that in Titanic, Rose still had her high heels shoes even after she climbed on that raft...
vishnu chandran
vishnu chandran - Day ago
7:50 Steve Irwin is not proud of you mate
Ron514 - Day ago
Aliens attack the earth and *nobody* in the entire world has ever seen one:

Bear Grylls: *actually, this happened to me last Saturday*
Roach God
Roach God - Day ago
127 hours?
Cole Callahan
Cole Callahan - Day ago
Joe W.
Joe W. - Day ago
I just heard Bear Grylls say: "So guys, this is an epic moment."
Kingsley Frizzell
Kingsley Frizzell - Day ago
Person"i fiden a unicorn and killed a t-rex" bear grylls"ow year i remember doing that a few times"
aston Quinn
aston Quinn - Day ago
Trust bear grills for survival education like if u agree🤣
Elias Møller
Elias Møller - Day ago
*IVe BeEn iN tHiS SiTuaTioN BefoRE* comments incoming...
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson - Day ago
You should’ve got les stroud. Not the idiot that has a camera crew follow him around.......
green house
green house - Day ago
no the marsian?
Dariyus Kabraji
Dariyus Kabraji - Day ago
Scariest ‘never have I ever’ player, ever
Rebekah Klaver
Rebekah Klaver - Day ago
"She was thinking, 'all is good.' But all ain't good."
Thekillerxzzz - Day ago
I don’t get why people thinks he is lying. Of course he has done it look it up. His an ex army/SAS British special forces veteran. He has survived almost every terrain in this world.
rainbow - Day ago
I trust this guy
Spanielmad 16
Spanielmad 16 - Day ago
The Sun: blows up.
Bear Grylls: I have actually been in this situation before.
N8 - Day ago
Someone: dies
Bear Grylls: pfft already dun dat
LMS LordLuca
LMS LordLuca - Day ago
Goes to heaven
Bear grills:I've been in this situation many times
Sergey Voznyuk
Sergey Voznyuk - Day ago
"Ah yes, I know exactly how to survive this situation"
*checks into nearest Holiday Inn*
Gio Flores
Gio Flores - Day ago
Sergey Voznyuk I loled
yellowgameboy - Day ago
They should rename this video to Bear Grylls has ptsd while watching survival movies
Bubbie Big balls
Bubbie Big balls - Day ago
Bear Grills in the hotel cos he isn’t out there in the wild.
Jong The Jazzer
Jong The Jazzer - Day ago
Please, i want to see season 2 of You vs wild on netflix. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...
E VO - Day ago
Bear Grylls : this is epic
Kartikeya Sarin
Kartikeya Sarin - Day ago
welcome to the land of
"I've been there before"
Ofelia - Day ago
He forgot to mention that what is very unrealistic in Crocodile Dundee is how she is able to have a tug of war with that crocodile when it grabbed her camera. Seriously.
Kyla Sera
Kyla Sera - Day ago
Peeing in a crocodile

Bear grylls iv actually been in this situation before
Kyla Sera
Kyla Sera - Day ago
The sinking of titanic
I’ve actually been iS this situation before
Lorenzo Garza
Lorenzo Garza - Day ago
“Gets shot in the head”
BG: I’ve been in this situation before
Ghost of Television
I’m intimidated by his manliness
Anuj Rajput
Anuj Rajput - Day ago
Why not included127 Hours?
Iris Kroes
Iris Kroes - Day ago
I hoped that they would put 127 hours in there
ChrisXII - Day ago
it's just a mf movie bear grylls XD
S117Thanatos - Day ago
I hope everyone is memeing, but its sad that alot of people dont know that all his stunts on his show are fake and on a set thats been exposed several times.
Matt Bergman
Matt Bergman - Day ago
its not a big deal
Daniel Huddleston
Daniel Huddleston - Day ago
man I love Bear Grylls. I don't care what critics try to say, this man is epic, and inspiring. Also, including the office. Haha is just great.
Otto Hakkarainen
Otto Hakkarainen - Day ago
Why vanity fair put him speaking? Some nerd with science could had done the job...
Isaac - Day ago
*gets impaled and killed*
Now this is actually a situation I've experienced before
Corzappy - Day ago
In my opinion Bird box was realistic because the scene they were given did include them flipping and that is exactly what Bear Grylls said would happen.
Corzappy - Day ago
Bear Grylls definitely has a lot of survival experience but a lot of it is just for the show. Either way I would for sure take his opinion seriously on basically anything.
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - Day ago
*Titanic sinks*
Bear Grylls: "This is a situation I've been in many times before"
Roadslogger - Day ago
............and he's never soiled a single pair of pants.
Watson YT
Watson YT - Day ago
Ive had this before...
Gus Armstrong
Gus Armstrong - Day ago
I had to much fun making this guy die in the Netflix choose your story thing
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez - 2 days ago
Says the guy who's half his show is fake
Chaos: International
Chaos: International - 2 days ago
9:10 just take it off....

everybody take it off
Chaos: International
Chaos: International - 2 days ago
1:25 now he has blood all over him

perfect scent
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares - 2 days ago
This was cool Vanity Fair. Although you could have invited Les Stroud as well. Please make a second survival movies episode with him? Thanks. By the way. Thanks Bear for your service in the British Special Forces and thanks all the military folks for your service. The world is a bit safer thanks to you all:-) . Condolences to the families who lost loved ones serving their country. May all rest in peace :-(
Marko Kos
Marko Kos - 2 days ago
No The Grey ?.hmmm hmm hmm
Mike G
Mike G - 2 days ago
I bet if someone tried to rob Bear Grylls he'd just gut them and use them as shelter for the night
Jesús Ramos
Jesús Ramos - 2 days ago
Watches a documentary about the big bang

Yeah I've been in that situation before
Ashar Awesome
Ashar Awesome - 2 days ago
Big Bang: *Happens*
Bear Grylls: Actually I've been in this situation a couple of times before
Caleb Leidy
Caleb Leidy - 2 days ago
The Everest one is actually very sad.
Theodore Mask
Theodore Mask - 2 days ago
Wait I thought he was dead
D Lo
D Lo - 2 days ago
Bear Grylls is an idiot that advocated eating deer crap in Alabama, then kills a "wild" pig literally tied to a tree, you, sir, are a fraud.
Matt Bergman
Matt Bergman - Day ago
Who cares
Philip Lewis
Philip Lewis - 2 days ago
A Non-Existent Person: (Gets kicked in the testicles by a platypus on Mars)
Bear Grylls: I've been in that exact situation. . . many times before. . .
Cole Cole
Cole Cole - 2 days ago
Me: *Chops my balls off with a machete as a sacrifice only I understand*
Bear Grylls: "I've actually been in this situation many times before, sacrifices are part of survival."
Tim Müller
Tim Müller - 2 days ago
I found it so emotional when he talked about the man frozen to death which he saw, perfectly preserved. Its such an odd imagination i cant believe it.
VortechBand - 2 days ago
Steve1989: "Nice"
姜涵之 - 2 days ago
Christian Bill?
Johan Dreyer
Johan Dreyer - 2 days ago
*gets shown Alien*
Bear Grylls: ive actulli been in this situation before
Jomarzito - 2 days ago
Not a meme yet but let’s wait a couple more years
jeezchillbro - 2 days ago
Bear Grylls lookin' mad scuffed, like he just had a night at the Camel Puss Lodge.
Shaun ONeil
Shaun ONeil - 2 days ago
This fool will get you killed
Rakshit - 2 days ago
Yeah, been there done that.
RAKSHIT KASHYAP - 2 days ago
What is the favourite dish of bear grill
Bear bbq on a grill
Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson - 2 days ago
I had to like once they used the office clip 😅
Guillermo Lara
Guillermo Lara - 2 days ago
*Watches footage of moon landing*
“Yeah, I’ve actually been in this situation before”
Noah Pigott
Noah Pigott - 2 days ago
He is such a liar and his stuff is soo fake
Brewed Awakening
Brewed Awakening - 2 days ago
Bear Grylls once went to a restaurant and complained and yelled "Waiter! There's a soup in my fly!" If I was the camera man when this dude parachutes down to some God forsaken jungle? I'd pray Bear does not run out of food source, or I am the next meal. When he orders a "Caesar's Salad? You better find out if Caesar is working that day coz' he meant he wants the salad AND Caesar. Speaking of cannibalism, if a man who only eats only vegetables is a vegetarian, what do we call a human who eats another human a "Humanitarian?" Is that right? 😀
_-*Izzy Zilla*-_
_-*Izzy Zilla*-_ - 2 days ago
Everyone and nobody and them and us:..
Bear Grills:-IvE BeEn In ThAt SiTUaTioN
Jaqish - 2 days ago
Asteroid: Kills all dinosaurs about 60 million years ago.
Bear Grylls: I've been in this situation before
Duchi - 2 days ago
*I have the heart of a survivor*
I get Chicken Dinner a lot in PUBG
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