Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair

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Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake - 2 hours ago
Wait I thought he was a fake? He was in a middle of a desert supposedly and turns out he was next to a road and stayed at a hotel instead of the desert where he was filming
Mr.Amazing Gaming
Mr.Amazing Gaming - 3 hours ago
"I'm Ted Bear"
blackcatsarenopussies - 3 hours ago
- when in jail i was everyone's darling
- that brings back some good memories
Logan Azrael
Logan Azrael - 3 hours ago
He knows that he got caught staying at the hotel right?
Tre Gresxham
Tre Gresxham - 5 hours ago
Woman: im pregnant its yours
Bear grylls: been there done that a few times*!!
UR D - 5 hours ago
Discovering a new universe
Bear Gryls: I have actually been in this situation
nonya Biznessses
nonya Biznessses - 6 hours ago
We all want to see a video of this guy Bear Grylls answering the DOZENS of critics who say he is a COMPLETE PHONY FAKE FRAUD CON MAN Rip off atrist
Joshua Buch
Joshua Buch - 6 hours ago
Do you guys think Bear Grylls makes these stories up when they're in their hotels while he films his fake show?
Zesty - 7 hours ago
Thanos comes to earth

Bear grylls: I have actually been in this situation before
Flamur Sinani
Flamur Sinani - 7 hours ago
How realistic this movie is ??
Kobe Hachey
Kobe Hachey - 9 hours ago
Someone: *dies*
Bear grylls: I’ve actually been in that situation a couple of times before
NateStevens1992 - 11 hours ago
I suddenly wanna watch Crocodile Dundee again....Jesus that woman was beautiful back then!
Jack Ackkk
Jack Ackkk - 12 hours ago
This man is a joke compared to Les Stroud or Mykel Hawke
Sam Tsai
Sam Tsai - 15 hours ago
Wow he is wearing clothes!
Dereck de Mézquita
Dereck de Mézquita - 15 hours ago
Les Stroud is the best! Go away "bear".
Albi Rendraswara
Albi Rendraswara - 15 hours ago
he looks and sounds like ole gunnar solskjaer
Accidentally Aj
Accidentally Aj - 17 hours ago
How many of y'all think , Bear should write a book
A. Lecky
A. Lecky - 15 hours ago
He already has, about 8 years ago. got my copy signed by him at a book signing.
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones - 17 hours ago
Pro survival tip #623 : always make sure to have your passport and credit cards tucked safely inside your camera crews gear. This dude has more hours in jets and hotel rooms than he does outside...should have gotten les stroud
gtone339 - 21 hour ago
Bear can you Gryll more survival clips?
theMetal973 - Day ago
Fine youtube, I'll watch it. HAPPY!?
iamJay - Day ago
its ted bear 😂😂
gamrage - Day ago
A guy who is notorious for faking his survival videos judges how realistic survival movies are.. Wow..
gamrage - 14 hours ago
@A. Lecky There's videos about it all over RUvideos if you look. Also, he's actually admitted and apologized for being misleading. Also for giving inaccurate and potentially deadly survival advice.
Paul C-C
Paul C-C - Day ago
Bear Grylls seems so fake to me.
Stereo Steve
Stereo Steve - Day ago
1:25 So like that time you forced a sheep to cuddle with you?
Stereo Steve
Stereo Steve - Day ago
Stop watching his stuff. He's rich because of it.
djk - Day ago
Now that was well done! I hate when people do these things and try to dissect movie scenes with such microscopic precision. But this guy made his criticisms but very subtly and even himself pointed out the entertaining points. I seen ones where military veterans criticized certain aspects of a weapon that no civilian and only some gun experts would have even noticed. I understand it might be frustrating to them the select very few weapons experts but that doesn't make it worth criticizing while the rest of us are entertained
Sternchen Stinker
Sternchen Stinker - Day ago
You better have your Mick Dundee with you to be always alright ^^
Joseph Dilascio
Joseph Dilascio - Day ago
why is bear just the coolest dude.
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee - Day ago
Mr. Grylls, please book Keanu Reeves for your next Bear Grylls season. Please.
Fkfkfn Nnrkk
Fkfkfn Nnrkk - Day ago
Bear grylls is a phony TV actor. Phil swift is better
Pentagon of leader
Pentagon of leader - Day ago
ok but why would anyone wanna swim in an icy cold water
joseph Goebbels
joseph Goebbels - Day ago
The intro reminds of when I be watching the series hart warming
H Is my name
H Is my name - Day ago
Alien bursts out chest
Bear grylls: now this brings back good memories
Jesse Hartless
Jesse Hartless - Day ago
Lol he look like liam neeson
John Doe
John Doe - Day ago
Wouldn't it be realistic to tip a boat going down rapids blind folded? I mean that would be the outcome everytime.
The Regent of Greater Hungary
Yes, I’ve survived several ship related disasters in the past.
I_NoSc0pEd_Jfk _
I_NoSc0pEd_Jfk _ - 2 days ago
Situation 1: I’ve experienced this many time
Situation 2: I’ve experienced this many times
Situation 3: I’ve also experienced this one
Situation 4: This is a difficult one, but... I’ve had experienced this many times
Hashir Khan
Hashir Khan - 2 days ago
this is the funniest comment section oml
A Aizner
A Aizner - 2 days ago
I'd rather watch Tom Hanks review how realistic Bear Grylls' tv show was.
A Aizner
A Aizner - 14 hours ago
@A. Lecky /facepalm
A. Lecky
A. Lecky - 15 hours ago
You mean you'd rather watch tom hanks review how realistic a survival scenario show was ?
djsmackz - 2 days ago
He should review his own fictional works “Man vs Wild”.
Highflyer21 - 2 days ago
We had this camel that died.... Because I killed it
Regarding Boi
Regarding Boi - 2 days ago
Bear grylls wouldn’t know he’s fake too lol
Tom Daniel
Tom Daniel - 2 days ago
People in Saw: gets ripped up in traps
Bear grylls: *this brings back memories*
TaliiLars - 2 days ago
"I'm making a YouTube video. Better drink my urine."
OneTrueAsian - 2 days ago
Fun Fact: That's a real dead horse they used in the Revenant
Mr11ESSE111 - 2 days ago
his shows are unrealistic too and semifake !! he have one show for public and other when cameras are shut down
Unhander - 2 days ago
"brings back good memories" smashed me XD
Felicity Laufeyson
Felicity Laufeyson - 2 days ago
he can just say "been there done that"
DerEntscheider - 2 days ago
she has taken the time to add a profile picture, you can immediately see that she only subscribes to women but she does not make any videos.That´s how you can recognize sexist women on RUvideos who pretend to be as same as capable as Men
toma nic
toma nic - 3 days ago
Why would you ask him to judge how realistic they are when hes been called out and proven phoney
Transparent Eclipse
Transparent Eclipse - 3 days ago
What has bear grylls not experienced at this point. By the time he dies he will have transcended human experiences
Miguel M.
Miguel M. - 3 days ago
Why is there a steak on my bug?
Jessie Carlson
Jessie Carlson - 3 days ago
Meanwhile it came out that bear sleeps in luxury hotels when it rains and he’s filming
Jessie Carlson
Jessie Carlson - Day ago
DerEntscheider ok continue
DerEntscheider - 2 days ago
​@Jessie Carlson Do you want to know the real reason? I could tell you
Jessie Carlson
Jessie Carlson - 2 days ago
DerEntscheider probably because it wasn’t entirely historically accurate. Or because Leo admitted it wasn’t his best acting. He did far better playing Gilbert Grape. He said that if he was to ever get an Oscar it would be for that role, not jack.
DerEntscheider - 2 days ago
@Jessie Carlson What is the reason that the movie titanic did not get a single Oscar ? 🤔
Adam Ben Kacem
Adam Ben Kacem - 3 days ago
big bang: **happens**
bear grylls: this gives me good memories
Adam Ben Kacem
Adam Ben Kacem - 3 days ago
it was when i realized he was wearing a moncler jacket, that this guy was not playing games
Thomas Pelzer
Thomas Pelzer - 3 days ago
titanic realistic?
Two people could've fit on that door even sharing bodyheat, so... realism...? ;)
Thomas Pelzer
Thomas Pelzer - 17 hours ago
Don't remember them doin the calculations for that in the movie... If your about to die in Icecold wate and there is a big wooden board - tell me you wouldn't instinctively try to save yourselve on that. Not thinking about buoyancy but pure survival ;)
Hulphaids Stik'ieds
Hulphaids Stik'ieds - 23 hours ago
See there is this is silly thing called buoyancy which with their combined weight would sink the door.
Derrik Barnett
Derrik Barnett - 3 days ago
Biggest fake ever.
Andres Andres
Andres Andres - 3 days ago
the question is, how real are HIS shows?=]
un_holy_ mortal
un_holy_ mortal - 3 days ago
Fun facts dude's an SAS now that's badass
Chris Conaway
Chris Conaway - 3 days ago
How can the guy who stays inside hotels when he's not filming be reviewing survivalists movies? What a joke.
Ange Lova
Ange Lova - 3 days ago
His spirit is wholesome. He seems so positive without having to use words.
Stolen Password
Stolen Password - 3 days ago
Bear Grylls is a fraud you can literally just look up "Re: Man Vs. Wild, Bear Grylls is a Phony
" or "bear Grylls lava bridge" and the first result is literally less than a min long and straight up demolished him also he says the no parachute thing is not realistic? Didn't Seve-o do exactly that in real life? I think its even on youtube.
Blue Shard
Blue Shard - 3 days ago
And and
Bartosz Sz.
Bartosz Sz. - 3 days ago
I need more Bear Gryll's fans. There are a lot of dogs' poos on the lawn around my block of flats, that haven't been collected by the owners. So , do your best ...
89 Jaden
89 Jaden - 3 days ago
hes a legend
Tweenbustet - 4 days ago
Titanic sinks
Yeah I have been in this situation a couple times
Jacob Ishii
Jacob Ishii - 4 days ago
A tv faker that tries to make us believe he is surviving in real conditions is criticizing movies that we know are this epic
Jump2218 - 4 days ago
I think Bear Grylls might be able to stand up to Chuck Norris.
Tracy Jean Shields
Tracy Jean Shields - 4 days ago
This guy looks like my friends dad who’s also my next door neighbor who hosts a barbecue every year
Lil Isaac
Lil Isaac - 4 days ago
Cooper: Survives falling into a black hole and gets inside a physical dimension of time where he is behind his daughters library and literally controls gravity
Bear Grylls: Now this brings back good memories
iMPRE7ed - 4 days ago
Just one is missing, into the wild
Madhu Kumar
Madhu Kumar - 4 days ago
Bear should do a episode with Putin
Bob Dod
Bob Dod - 4 days ago
Bear is my idol
Varkath - 4 days ago
He even speaks narrator mode irl
Jesse James Atencio
Jesse James Atencio - 4 days ago
Interviewer: Let’s run a thought experiment
Bear: Okay
Interviewer: Imagine a situation you’ve never been in
Bear: Ooh, I have really fond memories of that
Downright Dirty
Downright Dirty - 4 days ago
There was room for Jack... just saying
Weird muscle contraction
"GUTTING a dead horse and SLEEPING inside it"
Bear grills: *" This brings back good memories"*
Serix 420
Serix 420 - 4 days ago
But your name isn't even funny to begin with
Weird muscle contraction
Wow okay dude I'm just commenting something so that you'll laugh at my name
Serix 420
Serix 420 - 4 days ago
Unoriginal and lame
#anonymous - 5 days ago
SO I saw this Titanic scene first time would you believe that?
⬇️ Like If you would
unknown robot
unknown robot - 5 days ago
Bear Grylls: i need to go toilet.
Interviewer: sure, shall we take a quick break?
Bear Grylls: no, no, you don't happen to have a plastic bottle around do you?
siemniak - 2 days ago
Or a tube
CemtecUk - 5 days ago
Fake, didn't see one hotel bed in any of those clips.
i love eating ass
i love eating ass - 5 days ago
Ey its mr fake
ayhan kt
ayhan kt - 5 days ago
It's so strange seeing him not eating a bug or other animal body parts for 11 minutes straight
Commentator541 - 5 days ago
He did sleep at hotels though!
عمر خليل
عمر خليل - 5 days ago
B CREATIVE - 5 days ago
The real HERO
DRAKO FOX - 5 days ago
Lmao Michael Scott
tankasaurus rekts
tankasaurus rekts - 6 days ago
Bear is a massive fraud.
Meghan - 6 days ago
9:45 “lack of knowledge” um excuse me it’s Michael we’re talking about the mans a genius
Matthew Jerde
Matthew Jerde - 6 days ago
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
partiid - 6 days ago
I could sit by the campfire with this guy for many many nights and just listen to his stories
theSavageHippie - 7 days ago
How about in the Lord of the Rings when Frodo and Sam venture into Mount Doom to throw the One Ring back into the flames? I would have liked to hear Bear say "I have been in this situation".
ObeyTNA - 7 days ago
Guy is a sham. Wouldn’t go do a real survival situation against Les Stroud without the safety net of camera and production crew.
Poken Siga
Poken Siga - 7 days ago
He is an English man though I can easily understand what he is saying.
Kastmania - 7 days ago
I'm so happy I came across this
MTF: Nine Tailed fox
MTF: Nine Tailed fox - 7 days ago
*"Improvise, Adapt, Overcome"*
Liam Maguire
Liam Maguire - 8 days ago
1.58 thanks Bear Grylls now I cannot unseen the sheer magnitude of the size of your nose
devi dutt Pandey
devi dutt Pandey - 8 days ago
Self proclaimed expert
Hauseof Cards
Hauseof Cards - 8 days ago
Imagine this faker telling us what real survival is after faking scenes for his tv show.
Henry Davis
Henry Davis - 8 days ago
Greatest voice on TV
Jonathan Stiver
Jonathan Stiver - 8 days ago
This man has killed a Croc with Drew. Freaking. Brees. This man is a legend.
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter
Mumbo Jumbo De Runter - 8 days ago
"Never underestimate the power of white water"
Oooh, you mean to say that if it was black water it would rather flow on welfare.
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