Double CHEESE BALL BARREL Challenge!! (ft. Morgan)

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Olli - Hour ago
Jyrho Arcardea
Jyrho Arcardea - Hour ago
1big bowl of ramen
Jyrho Arcardea
Jyrho Arcardea - Hour ago
Matt stonie Ramen plsss
QEWKUNG gagagh
QEWKUNG gagagh - 2 hours ago
Céline wozniak
Céline wozniak - 3 hours ago
Cecilia Zarco
Cecilia Zarco - 9 hours ago
Morgan is probably stoned 😂
ÆWAYNE NO LIMITSÆ - 10 hours ago
I can eat that in just two hours😂yeah its true i can eat that in just 2 hours without water
NJSM 28-17-1
NJSM 28-17-1 - 10 hours ago
Morgan should run a dick sucking contest 10000000% 1st place
EvilP 1
EvilP 1 - 13 hours ago
Yo man can I use your controller?
Friends hand: 5:22
عبدالرحمن الحوري
Only the challenge of Iraqi dolma it is delicious 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶
Reagan Barnes
Reagan Barnes - 17 hours ago
Do takis
Reagan Barnes
Reagan Barnes - 17 hours ago
Hans Pro Gamingg
Hans Pro Gamingg - 17 hours ago
HKelland 11
HKelland 11 - 21 hour ago
Stop ✋ swearing
Sevinc Sahin
Sevinc Sahin - 21 hour ago
I a turkis
minişler lps ayçiçeği
minişler lps ayçiçeği - 22 hours ago
Fırat 😂😂
team rubix
team rubix - Day ago
Morgan is definitely high
ram mahila
ram mahila - Day ago
I love morgan
Random Fun
Random Fun - Day ago
Big fan from palistan
Mikey Soriano
Mikey Soriano - Day ago
Dude on the right looks stoned out of his mind
fried IT
fried IT - Day ago
rip gums
Brandon Dunn
Brandon Dunn - Day ago
You should each do a box of pizza
Laughs - Day ago
Tortoise and heir
Franco - Day ago
Léo pão ;-; num sei
3:57 kkkk
laura chavez
laura chavez - Day ago
How haven’t u had a hard attack???
Radeon - Day ago
Matt Stonie: I eat 70 cheese balls in one bite
Other guy:
Mc4wiwy - Day ago
I love how throughout the whole video matt just stared into the camera through the screen and into my soul
There was only 8 times where he didn't make an attempt to posess me
And also am i the only one who tried to do an eye ball staring contest with matt?
friday thirteen
friday thirteen - Day ago
get a whole roast turkey, lets see if you can finish it
Laura Films
Laura Films - Day ago
The way Matt looked at Morgan tho 4:29
ساره الحربي
والله الدللخه
DjNxnsndj Djdjfjdjdjxj
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes - Day ago
I’ve never tried cheese balls
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes - Day ago
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes - Day ago
Quavers are the best cheese snack
Daagii Bataa
Daagii Bataa - 2 days ago
hey you are a students
KSTXCKZ Jackson - 2 days ago
their too cute
MH GAMER - 2 days ago
You are eating so much food and it is rich in calories but yo didn't get fat that is impossible
Garion Prak
Garion Prak - 2 days ago
I call this Saturday
Kayden Jones
Kayden Jones - 2 days ago
somedays I feel like Matt, other days I feel like Morgan
yeah im riding through the area
My dude high as fuck
Mia Beasley
Mia Beasley - 2 days ago
Morgan: *eats one cheese ball* "They taste better than they smell."
Matt: *shoves huge handfuls in mouth*
Diego Vidal
Diego Vidal - 2 days ago
how he didn’t bite his tongue
Sophia Kostanian Urvik
Sophia Kostanian Urvik - 2 days ago
1like =100 prayers for his toilet (edit) don't take beautiful toilets for granted :))
peggy wen
peggy wen - 2 days ago
Matt eats a whole barrier, he’s fine... eats cheese dust, gets kidney stones😂
Marshmallow Ice cream
Marshmallow Ice cream - 2 days ago
But are you still hungry?
Balkan Albin
Balkan Albin - 2 days ago
Wouldnt it be sick to SEE a colab between matt and mrbeast
Like a video each calorie matt consoumes under a day = 1$ MRbeast gives him
My english sucks i hope you understand
Pink Poison
Pink Poison - 2 days ago
they should sponsor you cause I just bought the exact same one from Walmart and my family eating them all in the kitchen now lol
anonymous lol
anonymous lol - 3 days ago
"I'll get a kidney stone if I eat that"
- Matt stonie
Ahmed Affiliate
Ahmed Affiliate - 3 days ago
He didn’t lick his fingerrrs
ToxicGunblade - 3 days ago
Me looking at my brother defeating the final boss while i enjoy eating my cheese balls behind him
Iulian Giros
Iulian Giros - 3 days ago
4:28 matt are o fata gen:fututi mortii eu l-am platit
HAMZA SAIF - 3 days ago
I’m hungry right now
DurrMain - 3 days ago
I know its Matt Stonie and Morgan but after watching this it looks like Morgan is the stonied one.
misael luna05
misael luna05 - 3 days ago
Morgan is eating the same way he was eating the hot Cheetos challenge one by by one lol 😂
Kee and Cal Entertainment
Morgan should never be in another video with you
Allen Brown
Allen Brown - 3 days ago
Matt's crunches sounds like the Chuck E Cheese ticket chomper😂😂😂
Braelon Smith
Braelon Smith - 3 days ago
My sister downs those in her sleep
Powerful Pudding
Powerful Pudding - 3 days ago
every time i have something by UTZ i think it probably made in the 90's and they keep changing the label because they made too many "BARRELS" of them
Tomas Roberts
Tomas Roberts - 3 days ago
Easy peasy cheeto cheesy.
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