Rebuilding (And Heavily Modifying) A 1989 Nissan 240SX Hatchback - (Part 5)

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throtl - 4 months ago
Secure your entries now!
PANTYEATR1 - 3 months ago
CONCAVITY (n) - to concave, the act of dishing in relation to a bad ass wheel. somebody call Webster's dictionary, we have a new word!💪
Josh Reyes
Josh Reyes - 3 months ago
The cool thing about working on cars like this is that they are super clean no need to worry about getting dirty
Donald Campbell
Donald Campbell - 4 months ago
Acetone is always open love the show keep it up
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez - 4 months ago
Best build on yt right now
jacques victor
jacques victor - 4 months ago
You guys are amazing at what you do and the car looks great. I just cringe a bit when you add hardware and drill through the freshly painted panels. Check out some of build videos for Retro Power UK to step up your game. Keep up the good work.
rez runner
rez runner - 4 months ago
love how ricky cleans everything before working on things
noe aguilera
noe aguilera - 4 months ago
I have a 240 for sale needs hood and fender and radiator 2500 PM me
Vincent Wantuck
Vincent Wantuck - 4 months ago
hi I've been watching your YouTube channel for a while now just wondering what kind of sunglasses are those that Ricky be wearing all the time
dragonz79 - 4 months ago
What happen to throtl daily content update?used to look forward to daily update by u guys.
The Backyardigoons
The Backyardigoons - 4 months ago
Who makes their coolant tank?
Chris Mclaughlin
Chris Mclaughlin - 4 months ago
Yall have to let Adam LZ drift it in an actual drift battle before giving it away.
Sac Car Scene
Sac Car Scene - 4 months ago
Such quality in this build. Thanks for sharing all the information. Keep it up!
Havoc FR6S
Havoc FR6S - 4 months ago
Evan- the type of guy that has a car on a lift yet still works on it off his knees and back lol. Cars looking amazing by the way.
A B - 4 months ago
What do you guys do to prevent rusting from freshly drilled holes in painted metal?
Curtis Howell
Curtis Howell - 4 months ago
Are the Brake Discs around the wrong way on the rear?
Elo Murz
Elo Murz - 4 months ago
could yall do me a favor and anyone wanting to replicate this best a possible. Could yall make a forum or post on yall website of a breakdown on the conversions, parts, upgrades , and re-wires like in a guide format because this is by far..... words just cant describes how well this 240sx is coming along!! I want to doing something similar with mine instead on piecing new parts with old parts together or subpar systems THX
Connor Garmonsway
Connor Garmonsway - 4 months ago
can i win if i live overseas?
William Lau
William Lau - 4 months ago
Probably the best build and giveaway yet, the quality of the build is top notch.
dylan hamilton
dylan hamilton - 4 months ago
Hey guys random question but if were to enter would i even be able to win the car? Considering i live in new zealand
BjornFSE - 4 months ago
Crazy how you guys had to redo the rear brakes. Looks good
ssj1jason - 4 months ago
Ricky shrink wrapping with q bic lighter is not mickey spec....
LtCmdrMaximus - 4 months ago
U didn’t link lz’s channel you mfkers
JacobC - 4 months ago
Anxietylol - 4 months ago
What color is this orange my goddd
Corey Hodges
Corey Hodges - 4 months ago
Make sure the rotors aren't on backwards there is a driverside and passenger side I found that out when doing my break kit
Dirtyd23 - 4 months ago
I honestly didn’t like the orange at first but now that it’s getting closer to it all being put back together I think it looks beautiful. I wish they would have went with the same orange for the subframes and suspension parts instead of them being yellow but it’s under the car and won’t be seen for the most part so it’s not a big deal. Whoever wins it is gonna get a beautiful car and I really hope they won’t be stupid and take it out to the track and go drifting in it cause it’s to nice for that.
John S
John S - 4 months ago
how many likes would it take to get Mickey to shave his beard?
フリーザ様 - 4 months ago
Ariel Nadal
Ariel Nadal - 4 months ago
Nice work! Details on point! One thing guys, its better to put the fan switch on the head hot side flange pipe. The temp reference before the thermostat is not the actual engine temp. 👌🏻love the build
Track Record
Track Record - 4 months ago
The only way I can think of why you would give this super modified 240SX is for more publicity & aim for more likes,followers & subscriber's to your channel. As a car like that any normal guy would keep for at least 6 months before giving it away to run it in and give the new owner & your viewers a run down on all the work done & the mechanics behind the car plus video of the cars first street test drive to make any final adjustments to have this 240SX perfect.
Elias1014 - 4 months ago
There's no way I could win that car but meeeeen I would love to work with this guys more than the car 😂😂
Mike Dambowic
Mike Dambowic - 4 months ago
Like your channel,,,do you guys only work on imports?
さんBGM - 4 months ago
Josueee_gee - 4 months ago
are those cosmis going to clear the front calipers???
KoNLaR - 4 months ago
What hood is that?
throtl - 4 months ago
Seibon DVII
Ricky_Harris - 4 months ago
This thing is coming together so nice! Great work!
Doug Cohen
Doug Cohen - 4 months ago
That wheels *concurvatiousness*
Petter Fan
Petter Fan - 4 months ago
O so nice Nissan 240 xs
Phil Melson
Phil Melson - 4 months ago
Well done Team throtl ! outstanding work so far *****
Dante - 4 months ago
Should do the widebody rubber weatherstripping to break up all the orange
GLEN NAVARRO - 4 months ago
Man you guys do great work, wish I could afford to get a ride done up from you guys
Jorge Padilla
Jorge Padilla - 4 months ago
Thanks to Helen, now everything has color 😂
Melvin Rodriguez Diaz
Melvin Rodriguez Diaz - 4 months ago
The Mickeyspec and rickiestylez combine 😱 that 240sx its a masterpiece. Excelente trabajo mi gente 🙌🏻 🇵🇷
_sacred_ - 4 months ago
Pls do not give the 240 away
Junior Espinal
Junior Espinal - 4 months ago
I think why dont spray paint the breaks neon green also it will look awesome😎👍
Sean - 4 months ago
Concavity is a word.
James Cook Jr.
James Cook Jr. - 4 months ago
Throtl ViP squad Good morning Evan and Mickey the giveaway 240 is looking awesome 😊👍
Joe Sciarrino
Joe Sciarrino - 4 months ago
I can't wait to win that 240!
Andrew Reyes
Andrew Reyes - 4 months ago
Did you guys get the z32 2+2 ebrake cables ? Street faction makes a bracket for easy installation. Stock s13 brake cables are too short.
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade - 4 months ago
Andrew Reyes - We did. Brand new!
N&Lj MKD Channel
N&Lj MKD Channel - 4 months ago
Are the rear brakes combo caliper and drum brake
porsche804 - 4 months ago
It's 2sexy cousin
Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno - 4 months ago
I bet if they made this a build of let’s say 20 available cars at $100k or so, they would sell out, idk, think about it, take orders, pretty sure 20 decent 240’s can’t be that hard to find

I want a free entry to the raffle for this suggestion
Ryan O'Brien
Ryan O'Brien - 4 months ago
I never really watched this channel. I would always watch Adam LZ, Evan shanks, TJ etc. This is like this generations version of those TV shows that revive muscle cars.
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade - 4 months ago
Ryan O'Brien - Awesome compliment. 🙌🏼
Grandes Webones
Grandes Webones - 4 months ago
Now everyone knows Mickey is checking on everyone work on this car🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade - 4 months ago
Grandes Webones - Yup!
dirtytrispokes13 - 4 months ago
"drift car"
Grandes Webones
Grandes Webones - 4 months ago
If I win,,,ain’t no way I’m going drifting with this 240. Only car shows and in my garage😁😁😁😁
Angel 123
Angel 123 - 4 months ago
Even shanks copycaters lol jk
Mickey Andrade
Mickey Andrade - 4 months ago
Angel 123 - Evan has never built a car to this level of detail. How did we copy?
Angel 123
Angel 123 - 4 months ago
Im going to say the should of painted the engine bay black so the orange cover can stand out
John Rayben Borongan
John Rayben Borongan - 4 months ago
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