Trump Lashes Out After Pelosi Accuses Him of a "Cover-Up": A Closer Look

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Sinner Stephen
Sinner Stephen - Day ago
Impeach da Slump
Ms Taylor
Ms Taylor - 2 days ago
What's wrong with Donald's teeth 9:52
Peter Ruiz
Peter Ruiz - 10 days ago
All politicians are lier's
Don Mac
Don Mac - 14 days ago
salas7146 - 19 days ago
Donald Trump is a big fat liar only his supporters Will agree whatever he say's
Jan Schlossar
Jan Schlossar - 21 day ago
truth be told: there are literary thousands of people who would be a better president - but common people dont know about them - judges, doctors, inventors, scientists and other very accomplished people with great knowledge how world works and sheer life experience in wide range of fields..
Trump is simply a populist candidate - he won through literary "pleb" vote.. and I dont meant it negatively..
But hey - in Ukraine, the actor has become the president too!
The sad thing is that these silent heroes at the background simply dont have time nor mental energy left to spend propagating themselves to the masses.. - so we get clap trap blabbering dorons like Rump..
Its a destiny people! :D
Jan Schlossar
Jan Schlossar - 21 day ago
did he lashed out dressed only in skimpy ballerina skirt swinging whip around under tempo disco music in particular side-step dance motion?? :D just picture it in your imagination and you will get the joke!
at the end he says that being a dresident is suuuch a hard jowb! :D
Just Human
Just Human - 23 days ago
Look at donnie's ugly face! Ugh, he is disgusting to look at!
Just Human
Just Human - 23 days ago
The sickest narcissistic piece of dog dung that ever decorated the pavement. Dumpf in a watermelon shell. Nuts are too small to hold his 300 lbs gut!
Drake Koefoed
Drake Koefoed - 24 days ago
the democrats should meet trump like Patton met the Wehrmacht.
o - 28 days ago
I dislike Trump's actions very much. HOwever, Presidents are not required by law to divulge their tax returns. next topic.
Sherry Osinga
Sherry Osinga - 28 days ago
Bringing the Constitution back... the same way he brought Christmas back?
Argumemnon - Month ago
"If it would've happened to the other side..."
It did. It was called Benghazi.
Adrian Quilantan
Adrian Quilantan - Month ago
Take those tiki torch carrying fools out with you in 2020. This is the guy they want to follow.
Stanimir Ivanov
Stanimir Ivanov - Month ago
Seth got it wrong at the end.
It's $2000 for taking a look. The oil costs extra.
Jimbo JDM
Jimbo JDM - Month ago
Republicans gave us him. Democrats will give us someone equally terrible. And so it goes
Cameron washington
Cameron washington - Month ago
Trump is bad
Scott Hilliard
Scott Hilliard - Month ago
Hey! 5 more years of trying to undermine OUR president! Yep, 5 more years, when president Trump, easily defeats this pitiful bunch of Democrats. Biden....c'mon. Beto, or whatever his name is, please. That light haired, blue eyed native American, what's her face....or crazy Bernie? Jesus Christ, do we really have to miss work on election day? We all know who is going to win.🇺🇸
Darren Brittain
Darren Brittain - Month ago
0:45 why does nancy pelosi look like shes melting?
Joseph De la torre
Joseph De la torre - Month ago
Steve got that wrong, Trump said he would release his taxes after the audit which he's never been under. so mucci needs to clarify that.
Joseph De la torre
Joseph De la torre - Month ago
I guarantee you Dlimp has never read the Constitution, I have when I was in school that would be junior high and high school. This idiot has no idea what the Constitution actually says He's a flat out liar. P.S. and a slob ...
Spiritdove - Month ago
why arent you updating is he not making them? this is old
olliemad - Month ago
Has he not done anything in 2 weeks?
Molly M
Molly M - Month ago
Anyone know why there haven’t been any more of these segments uploaded in the past couple weeks?
Mr Reviews it all
Mr Reviews it all - Month ago
Lowest audio level on YouTube
V Denton
V Denton - Month ago
While we watch the Trump psych ward SCOTUS quietly destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights
Titan - Month ago
Meyers another wanker who is not funny
Brian Tyson
Brian Tyson - Month ago
I hope speaking truth to power is real.
Nevuah Gallery
Nevuah Gallery - Month ago
Regrettably, we’ve got Archie Bunker in the Oval Office and that orange meat head thinks he can turn Nancy Pelosi into Edith Bunker.
Impeach, Handcuff and Incarcerate the Tangerine Tyrant!
Deborah Lawson
Deborah Lawson - Month ago
Amash doesn't come across as someone who'd care what the cretin-in-chief calls him! My guess is that he was prepared, for all this backlash, once he took the action to go public on his determination that trump should be impeached, for obstruction of justice, after having read the Mueller Report!
RyanInLA - Month ago
Seth, your entire career, your entire life is TRUMP. How does that feel? A corporate lackey and teleprompter junkie whose dissatisfaction with his own career becomes more and more evident each night (errr morning). You do realize that when Trump leaves office your shift will be OVER.
MyKeyHull - Month ago
Seth, your as funny as a fart in the face. If I could punch your head repeatedly, I’d try to reshape your hook nose, tap those teeth till they cave-in, and then doodle on your forehead a little message that said, I’m a comedian. Give me money.
Matthew Gervese
Matthew Gervese - Month ago
Remember when late night was funny? Seth should thank God every night Trump was elected. If not, he'd have nothing to talk about.
German Camacho
German Camacho - Month ago
Trump is the GODFATHER get it ?
Declan-Danon Acosta
Declan-Danon Acosta - Month ago
O Canada the land of the actually free! 🇨🇦
alvin307 - Month ago
Republicans pounce
Frederico Düvel
Frederico Düvel - Month ago
Crazy Nancy
Brian Gaston
Brian Gaston - Month ago
omfg, the drivers license(@ 10:36)...I'm dying..lmao
Khaleesi - Month ago
Trump is dump !
Karen Eshed
Karen Eshed - Month ago
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Kid Vegas
Kid Vegas - Month ago
Frank Buii
Frank Buii - Month ago
Seth Meyers was born to shame his family ! This is one of the dumbest and nastiest liberal midnight talk show host.
Jerry Mays
Jerry Mays - Month ago
Obstruct a crooked investigation.You people need the Lord Jesus Christ, Repent or burn.Rev.20:15 cast "ballo" thrown with force not caring where it lands!!!
Jerry Mays
Jerry Mays - Month ago
Cover up an investigation that started with Hillary's Russian paid for dossier, bought by Hillary and the dems.from Steele after he was exposed as an unreliable contact by his own people.(Crooked investigation from the start!) By the way,how much money do you make??? Tell everyone!!!
Retro Man
Retro Man - Month ago
I wonder what Donald's middle name...wait I know Donald "Duck" Trump...with his party huey...luey and hit the nail on the head about trump. 😅
Ric Kor
Ric Kor - Month ago
"Just say no to DRUGS" might have been even less effective (or counterproductive) ^^
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan - Month ago
This guy is a comedian? I thought he was a partisan democratic hack 😣
Nico - Month ago
Sounds like you’re full of crap... they spent 2 years investigating the guy... found nothing... then they wanted to look into his taxes and found out he did pay them... from a “leak”... then there was the stormy Daniels thing that she ended up paying his lawyer fees and avinatti is in jail.... and then the garbage about the wall not being built and people have ended up paying for it privately because you dumbasses aren’t allowing it to be funded by government that was voted in for that purpose... this whole episode like every other just has some dudes high-pitched voice whining about how he dislikes trump because he’s orange and mean. I’m not a trump fan btw... not even American... but this is seriously annoying... I even saw videos of those cnn reporters privately talking about how they know the Russia stuff is all garbage. I mean god, if I was that guy, I would have imprisoned those assholes for defamation. Btw - Obama supported the wall before trump started building it and the “Muslim” ban was drafted by the Obama administration. I don’t think trump is a nice guy, but he’s definitely smarter than the other side that is shouting for socialism and literally tries to win votes by claiming that trump is a racist because he doesn’t like illegal immigrants and publicly inciting violence in public officials then claiming that they are victims of “hate speech”. If you really want to criticize trump, then look at the economic policies he is trying to implement... not his personal life and matters. Did you have any idea that he is pushing for quantitative easing, even though the economy is “at its highest point in history”? You guys are in a bubble that Obama never let deflate from 2008... and trump is looking to grow it bigger until he’s out of office so that it will be the next guys problem.... the issue is that when it bursts... it will be the biggest recession in history.
Dan Dagerman
Dan Dagerman - Month ago
I got a hundred buck that says this show is canceled within 6 months after Trump leaves office. Any takers? If you think about it the odds are highly against me making such a blind bet, this comedy is so dry though I think I can win.
DaFiresMen - Month ago
Republicans "Democrats are baby killers!"
(Another Mass Shooting happens)
Also Republicans "We cannot infringe on these Americans rights to own Military style weapons. Thoughts and prayers for all the victims."
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