Why Do We Fall - Motivational Video

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CowboysRule_YT - 2 hours ago
The only way to succeed is to believe
Hamid Aziz
Hamid Aziz - 7 hours ago
I think most of the views come from me just of how motivating this is when I’m down lol
sakanablesakanable - 16 hours ago
I am finally going to ask her out!!
XIPH05 XP5 - 19 hours ago
Make sure you know what your fucking goal is. BTW.
E Music
E Music - Day ago
Anything with sylvester i tune out
J Mac
J Mac - Day ago
I’ll come back when in 2025 and I’ll tell if I made it
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - Day ago
Did not make my basketball team kept working now the starting point guard
Z Bear
Z Bear - Day ago
i wacth this ALL THE TIME !!!!!!!
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones - Day ago
I still come back to this video
Mr. Modder
Mr. Modder - Day ago
We got showed this in school.
N0xTer - Day ago
I dont feel like giving up, i just cant find the energy and the force to go forward, i have major problems which i cannot solve, i dont know why
Nomin-Erdene Delgersaikhan
I recommend you to read untethered soul
Slow But Perfect
Slow But Perfect - Day ago
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - 2 days ago
I’m going to get it done tomorrow. I’m going to work hard and do what I need to do to achieve, be proud of myself and for my mum to be proud of me. I’m going to come back to this comment soon and see how far i’ve gone.
T1m I23
T1m I23 - 2 days ago
I read the Title and thougt "To get BACK UP!"
act ING
act ING - 2 days ago
The date is currently October 20th 2019, I am struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts...all the pets that I loved were taken away..my parents are currently going through a divorce, and my siblings hate eatchother....and now the only thing I have left is boxing...every time I punch the punching bag, do a push up, hop over the jump rope I think of Rocky balboas famous line "It doesn't matter how hard you can hit, it matters how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward" every time I want to quit, or rip a muscle, I think of this line...and after that I hit the bag quicker, stronger and I think that after all the pain....it will be worth it...every time I get knocked down....I know that I will always get back up and I will beat this person...I will always get back up...I will never quit...not on life not on nothing...I won't let depression beat me, I'm unstoppable and so is everyone else, you just have to choose wether to be stopped or not,
By October 20th 2029 I will have beat depression, I will graduate high school and college, I will have a girlfriend and I will still be punching a punching bag
Ryan Pensinger
Ryan Pensinger - 2 days ago
Im coming back here in 2020 after a full year of working out, cya then :)
Walker Shetty
Walker Shetty - 2 days ago
Gonna do my homework now
Matthew Capstick
Matthew Capstick - 2 days ago
Andrew Dotson recommended this
Pat Remillard
Pat Remillard - 3 days ago
11000 gave up but the need to get back up and be stronger and come back harder than ever
Anthony Bonifas
Anthony Bonifas - 3 days ago
I didnt feel safe blasting this in my car, but it was needed. I wanna be in the NBA. Not for the fame, not for the money. I want to give back, be an inspiration for another kid out there who might be going through hell. People want to give others advice and direction. People dont get where they are by listening and giving in. Dont let people have guidance and control of your life. Its human nature to fail.
Mark Ryde
Mark Ryde - 3 days ago
Im on my knees thank you for posting this
smart thing
smart thing - 4 days ago
Stop talking!!! Do it now
Viktor Hristov
Viktor Hristov - 4 days ago
Before you start to watch a new motivational video watch this firts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VjQz5774FY
The Film Facility
The Film Facility - 4 days ago
Had to listen to this in school, really inspired me😂
Thea de Marco
Thea de Marco - 5 days ago
remember me because when i come back in 2029 i will be a success
David D
David D - 5 days ago
Used to listen to this speech on my runs during wrestling practice when I was a freshman... for some reason I always return to this speech, it never fails give me goosebumps, one of the best motivational videos ever made definitely gotten me thru a lot
Eat Ham
Eat Ham - 5 days ago
Maybe one day Mateusz will make videos again
Alex R.
Alex R. - 5 days ago
Anywhere on Spotify??
Owning This Life
Owning This Life - 5 days ago
Im starting to take advantage of every opportunity to be everything I was created for and the shift is a marvel to watch.
Kelvin Zambrano
Kelvin Zambrano - 6 days ago
“Ima show you, how great I am!”
Bradley Turner
Bradley Turner - 6 days ago
Highly recommend David Goggins for those who want a role model of what a true savage/never quit mentality looks like.
Nate The Great
Nate The Great - 6 days ago
October 17 2019, this year I struggled the most. In 10 years I will return and see what my success is and I will be glad and help this world improve. Day by day baby steps to success ❤️🙏 may you all achieve a goal and may we all become something great.
Super G
Super G - 6 days ago
The king 9711
The king 9711 - 6 days ago
I will be the best football player in the world
1woksape - 7 days ago
We are in the greatest spiritual warfare and destitution in all of human history. This is a God vs evil war to the death.
*This will change your life forever today. For Christians on youtube: 1woksape super deliverance
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - 7 days ago
I'm definitely going to come here
Right now people think that I'm good for nothing but i will prove everyone wrong.
Today's date 16 Oct 19
Will be back in 3 years to see whether I was able to achieve my goals or not.
cold turds
cold turds - 7 days ago
I fell in love with this girl and she has feelings for this other guy and she texted me all excited one half is happy and one half is sad but IM NOT GIVING UP I will wait for her I'm not gonna give up on her
1woksape - 7 days ago
Find someone who is into you- dont waste your life; make something of yourself and find someone else who is too. For Christians on youtube : 1woksape super deliverance
Account For Aleksi
Account For Aleksi - 7 days ago
The 11,000 Who Disliked This Gave Up On Their Dreams
PETER ZARI - 2 days ago
Account For Aleksi yea
Nitish nageshwara rao
Nitish nageshwara rao - 7 days ago
05:20 Im gonna show you how great I am
toola999 - 8 days ago
You have to know when to quit sometimes..
George Aguilar
George Aguilar - 8 days ago
I will come back in 10 years
Let's see what I do in life!!
I will come over here no matter what!!
Xvzlt YT
Xvzlt YT - 8 days ago
Failure is great failure is the way to succede
FlipSide_ Film bros
FlipSide_ Film bros - 8 days ago
All you can do is try and that proves you are already succeeding. But that’s why they say never give up in every motivational video because they seriously mean it because it is that simple, but you have to go outside of this is me as a creature and you should go to this is me as ME I had to say this so some people understand as well. Finally thought to put it to the simpliest form, you should never ever in all of your life have to worry about the outcome of what you are attempting. You should worry about your part which is living giving and trying with life because once you know that you’ve done your part you should just put everthing aside and say, “this is the easiest and best equation for life and me as a person” That is when you are satisfied with life. Thank you for reading this
PETER ZARI - 8 days ago
I will be a pilot one day

That will be in a long time
Ki Swore
Ki Swore - 8 days ago
i found this video two and half years ago. I had just finished college at age 28, was up over my eyeballs in debt, working 50 hours a week working 16 hours a day, with no future and dead tired. Now, my debt is all but gone, I'm down to ten hour days, published five books, and my work week is almost down to 40 hours a night. One step at a time, one day one breath one step. Thank you, because this video helped get me to this point.

Now for early retirement and another five books published.
Migor - 9 days ago
Gratuluję Ci tak dużej ilości subskrypcji.
Homo Sandwich
Homo Sandwich - 9 days ago
i lost my brother to suicide on july 8th 2019 and i have gone down hill the last 3 months but listening to this i will make myself better i have goals i’ll be back in 2023 by then i will have graduated high school and got better at boxing and be i. shape and be on my way to college to become a counselor and a coach when i’m older! you heard it here first remember me and my name for i am fighting For William 🙏💙
778alexander - 9 days ago
broken - 9 days ago
2019-10-14 I will do it.
m9lle - 9 days ago
I’ll be back in 10 years telling you guys how my life ended up. See you guys.
paranoid5687 - 7 days ago
m9lle Don’t be so preoccupied by results. It’s all based on a mentality. The results will show themselves in time. Life will unfold, you have no control over that. Perspective is all you have. Don’t fold
AllAboutVideoGames - 10 days ago
octobre 2019
I will be back later, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but i'll be back much better than now and greater
Raghunandan Kaushik
Raghunandan Kaushik - 10 days ago
Wow.. I got this video again after many years
the dark knight batman
the dark knight batman - 10 days ago
Garrett Smith
Garrett Smith - 10 days ago
This is my favorite motivational video ever. Always come back to this one when I need a reminder of why to keep going.
George Bushaway
George Bushaway - 10 days ago
Work hard, doesn’t matter what job you do as long as you put in the hours that’s what counts, Stay clean and sober, keep your hygiene hygienic, eat breakfast - lunch and all your dinner. Save money, do something new, start going to the gym. Try not being rude to people... which I struggle with lol 😂 I can’t help it but the way I talk just sounds like I’m being rude but I’m not 👍🏼 Stay away from negative people and negative energy’s.. second think situations and think to yourself what will happen if I do option A or option B, be mature and just do things that make you feel good. 💙
Louisa Clark
Louisa Clark - 10 days ago
I tell you a secret: it's all about "natural selection"
To get here against all odds from the first single cell on Earth till now over 4 bilion years, was it easy? I dont think so.
Olay Okay
Olay Okay - 10 days ago
Been at an all time low for the past two years and I’m only 16.
I’m just now on the grind. 4.0 GPA, working out everyday, and proving all the haters wrong.
You’ll hear my name soon. Just wait.
Lawless - 10 days ago
We are all so divided but we all come together over videos like this... that’s humanity we are meant to stand together
Christian Arena
Christian Arena - 11 days ago
Ali Moscow
Ali Moscow - 11 days ago
Перевод на русский не правильный, нужно понять суть и смысл, а не переводить дословно.
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