Jimmy Kimmel & Floyd Mayweather Analyze Fight Prop Bets

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Jason Rosales
Jason Rosales - 3 days ago
J.M.R Life
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Slipknot Shady
Slipknot Shady - 6 days ago
Kimmel shouldve bet a mil easy if Floyd gon give it back lol
XtentacionX - Month ago
But jimmy walked out with Pacquiao
Trey Black
Trey Black - Month ago
Yo no homo but Floyd has the best teeth I ever seen
Herve Djungu-Sungu
Herve Djungu-Sungu - Month ago
Trey Black when you have money like he does you have the best everything
Caesar Harging
Caesar Harging - Month ago
Roberto M
Roberto M - Month ago
It’s all about August like KSI V LOGAN PAUL was August 25 and Mayweather vs McGregor was August 26th.
Cobra Weave
Cobra Weave - 2 months ago
2:40 jarrod hayne reference 😂
Edgar Cardenas
Edgar Cardenas - 2 months ago
#$#$#$ sb ca 805 nasa
PeaKing Spectrum 692
PeaKing Spectrum 692 - 2 months ago
Floyd is the best
Fiction - 2 months ago
I am a huge Manny fan but I came to respect Floyd, he is pretty much the Best fighter I've ever seen
The Sevilla Show Everyone
The Sevilla Show Everyone - 3 months ago
Be beat his whole show and houses, he won so much cause Mayweather, Floyd.
Lane Ritter
Lane Ritter - 3 months ago
You never put him down Floyd
K P - 3 months ago
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers - 3 months ago
I reckon his hands are smooth as hell
CM T - 3 months ago
Illuminati secret hand shake to end convo
JCNofficial - 3 months ago
no because rugby players are on the whole tougher than nfl players
King Tran
King Tran - 3 months ago
0:32 the goat gave you money how many of you took it?
Majed '
Majed ' - 3 months ago
He look like havoc from mob deep
Jake TV
Jake TV - 3 months ago
What ever you bet it's easy for me to cheat, no one wins against me in decision i paid all. the judges
Virgil Booker III
Virgil Booker III - 3 months ago
I can’t stop looking them diamonds
z9944x -
z9944x - - 3 months ago
LOLLL funny guy....
Hope one day he fight in the octogon
Shivang Yadav
Shivang Yadav - 3 months ago
Time never loses...so does Floyd🙏
Harold Memba
Harold Memba - 3 months ago
Most confident,arrogant ,cocky person ever but he's the only one who actually can he's made most money best boxer tbh ever or close lol
Bongani Mnisi
Bongani Mnisi - 4 months ago
How did Jimmy not bet $10 Million
Nathan Doyle
Nathan Doyle - 4 months ago
this is a great interview
Daily News
Daily News - 4 months ago
Thank goodness Trump is President :)
Joe Mcdonald
Joe Mcdonald - 4 months ago
Look guys I know he got a few slaps to the head and probably isnt the same but he's made his money and ain't got a care in the world you got to respect the man
mujibur rahman
mujibur rahman - 4 months ago
Why people are so dumbThis fake / cheque/ I am working in bank manager I know which one is Real cheque and fake cheque I can see this is clear fake even he not showing his name in this plan cheque book Why chicken Floyd Mayweather so Fake and so dumb plan cheque book Anyone can ride any money amount doesn’t mean this my is he is Then I can write my plane cheque-book hundred million pound doesn’t mean this is my money / fake Floyd chicken Mayweather have fake
neighbourhoodnark - 4 months ago
geez he just looks like money to be honest.
Carmine Maresca
Carmine Maresca - 4 months ago
help other people only then u be a champ
Ajay B
Ajay B - 4 months ago
If i was Jimmy Kimmel i would of bet my whole life savings and my house. He has nothing to lose
Landon's PointOfView
Landon's PointOfView - 4 months ago
He needs a new barber
m g
m g - 4 months ago
You gotta respect mayweather ill never forget canelo fight he made him look average
A A - 4 months ago
At least this interviewer doesn't fake lough lol
KMoney Milly
KMoney Milly - 5 months ago
I think a lot of people is caught up in his allure,. but the man is nice!
TashiX - 5 months ago
Well, if a boxer can make this money and boast about it, imagine a billionaire can hide his whole team with cash money
rnbsoul8 - 5 months ago
Fake persona!!! Ugh
Real Nigga Tv
Real Nigga Tv - 5 months ago
Any smart man bets with themselves.
m to the R
m to the R - 6 months ago
he's a good fighter! FAST! the fastest out there today and accurate , like to watch him! every time i watch him i see a cat , don't know why
Foster Reid
Foster Reid - 6 months ago
He great black respect
Handi Hondo
Handi Hondo - 6 months ago
Maywheather is a very very talented boxer and a very very smart business man at the same time
Unsubscribe Please
Unsubscribe Please - 6 months ago
Floyd mayweather vs Brock
HOT EPIC - 6 months ago
floyd should do some movies👍
J Y - 6 months ago
man I like mayweather.
Abs D
Abs D - 6 months ago
Watching this after the fight, FMJ was right about everything.
Hitman kun
Hitman kun - 6 months ago
Floyd I bet on your confidence . I love you
Tyler McCormick
Tyler McCormick - 6 months ago
Dude his necklace looks like it has blinking ass lights in it. Costs more than my life
Sergio - If he dies, he dies - Ramos
The Curious Case of Floyd Mayweather
1) Canelo was too young for Floyd but not for cotto.
2) Cotto was too old for Floyd at 32 but not to old for Canelo at 34.
3) Floyd ducked Margarito who got koed by Mosley
4) Mosley was good when beating Margarito but too old the very next fight vs Floyd
5) Marquez was too small for Floyd but koed Manny.
6) Floyd dodged Manny until Manny got old when Floyd is 2 years older because Floyd never gets old.
7) Floyd cherry picked and beat an old Oscar while Manny didn't cherry pick an older and weight drained Oscar.
8) Oscar a cherry pick at 34, Cotto is a great fighter at 34 and Floyd is not washed up at 38.
9) Zab was not a great opponent
10) Baldomir beat Zab but Floyd cherrypicked him
11) Maidana gave Floyd a good first fight but Floyd cherry picked the rematch
12) Diego was a good victory but that was a long time ago.
13) Floyd KO'd an undefeated Hatton but manny did it quicker because hatton wasn't a shot fighter by then.
14) Sweat Pea and Ali had great defense but Floyd is a runner.
15) Floyd called out Tzu after 3 straight fights but was ducking him.
16) Gatti wasn't a good fighter
17) Floyd was 152 against a 165 Canelo but Floyd had the weight advantage due to the 152 catch weight that Canelo asked for.
18) Floyd fought 23 world champions and they all weren't good
19) Floyd didn't challenge himself at 38 yrs old because he's fought Berto but his last fight was Manny.
20) Floyd is a different 40 because he has the skill to not take much damage...and that's not a great achievement.
Xeno u.u
Xeno u.u - 6 months ago
who actually read this
Ibro - 6 months ago
August 25th
Grigor Stepanyan
Grigor Stepanyan - 6 months ago
@4:17 maisonhandshake
Asif Arshad
Asif Arshad - 6 months ago
Kimmel is a soulless scum bag
jose fernandez
jose fernandez - 6 months ago
You mean you run hard. ( may weather ) Not work hard.
jose fernandez
jose fernandez - 6 months ago
Only thing I like about this guy is his teeth. And am really jealous of that.
•Viking Wolf•
•Viking Wolf• - 6 months ago
Bet it was hard for Floyd to do this interview so professionally without cussing at all lmao 😂 i give him mad credit for being so smart on his words
Chris R
Chris R - 6 months ago
great athlete respect
Onosai Leota
Onosai Leota - 6 months ago
Wholeness wellness and balanced vibrations to all! Look at you Onosai Leota traveling through time in these comments. Thanks for reading to the end.
That made jimmys day lol bet jimmy bet lol
miike smiith
miike smiith - 7 months ago
Kimmel u should do another interview with Floyd about the mma fight for rematch. See who wins. Floyd won in boxing lets see. How he does Oct agon
Allan Gomez
Allan Gomez - 7 months ago
When Conor lost the fight on the ground
dAY SUM - 7 months ago
Jimmy can bet now
jamey smith
jamey smith - 7 months ago
Floyd is the littest nigga ever to exist
White Dervish
White Dervish - 7 months ago
Mayweather cool ✌👍👊
Jar IB
Jar IB - 7 months ago
Floyd should bet 1 billion that he looses and he will just earn easy 1 billion
traplord 1
traplord 1 - 7 months ago
Make that 4 times
Sudipta Barua
Sudipta Barua - 7 months ago
If u really think u r great ..then fight with khabib .... i want to see ur balls fight with khabib...how much balls u have
Pepe Ramon Rodriguez
Pepe Ramon Rodriguez - 7 months ago
anda a la concha de tu madre floy mayweather
Jim Mon
Jim Mon - 7 months ago
Jesus i love Floyds smile
Uncle kidd
Uncle kidd - 7 months ago
Rugby players could win the superbowl, easy sport
ABT - 7 months ago
imagine if betting was like that.
Dr. Who
Dr. Who - 7 months ago
I bet at work on the Mayweather Marquez fight. I called a UD with a knockdown and got $400 💪
Mom! !!
Mom! !! - 8 months ago
Floyd mayweather vs Kevin Hart would be a good fight.
StormzYLive - 8 months ago
Why Justin Bieber who sold his soul is going to a church,what a bad cover up
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia - 8 months ago
Floyd knew damn well he wasn’t going to step foot in no octagon lmfao
Brendan Mcbride
Brendan Mcbride - 8 months ago
Floyd isn’t as slow as people say he is. Just can’t read
KRz TM - 8 months ago
Such a nice guy with a nice personality, mad respect for him 🔥 .
Mithesh Ballae
Mithesh Ballae - 8 months ago
Ogusst tweny six
Babul Thakur
Babul Thakur - 9 months ago
This is confidence!!!
jhodgepodge - 9 months ago
Answer me one question: what r people so curious about how this black man spends his money?
Junaid Shahid
Junaid Shahid - 9 months ago
@jimmykimmel did you bet on floyd if you did you didn't tell anyone?
For Kids only TV
For Kids only TV - 9 months ago
He’s good in boxing but not great.. that scam will not gonna impressed me with his highlights.. he’s just a draymond green in boxing, “not a two way player”.. top 3’s are aLi, Tyson and pacquiao..truth hurts.,what ever you say highlights will prove it..
Night Eye
Night Eye - 9 months ago
Got a deall
Oisin Sullivan
Oisin Sullivan - 9 months ago
August 25th ksi logan paul august 26th mayweather vs mcgregor illuminati confirmed
Nox Valhalla
Nox Valhalla - 9 months ago
Floyd is a cool cat as a person but im against him in boxing i hate his boxing
Chronic ErA
Chronic ErA - 9 months ago
I’m just going to put this out there rugby people will smash American football players
Al Kindi Abu Yosef
Al Kindi Abu Yosef - 9 months ago
Nice teeth bro.
Iron Man Mk 85
Iron Man Mk 85 - 9 months ago
Yeah im more excited by agust 25th
BoxEntertainment - 9 months ago
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Amir Bahnemiri
Amir Bahnemiri - 9 months ago
Sting ER
Sting ER - 10 months ago
he worth more than a billion now i think
Syed Rahman
Syed Rahman - 2 months ago
Na he's filthy rich but no billion
Don Edouardo
Don Edouardo - 10 months ago
The Journey
The Journey - 10 months ago
ONE ABOVE ALL - 10 months ago
Floyd "Money" Mayweather is a motherfucking G 😂😂🤣🤣 50-0
Bl4ckBull3t1 - 10 months ago
jee he looks like a terry crews minus steroids
tcco94 - 10 months ago
"He's going through a lot right now, I'm praying for him"
Jimmy- "oh that's a prop to bet against. We're all going through a lot, that's great"
Bryan Fox
Bryan Fox - 10 months ago
He's jumping when he's laughing.
gee heych
gee heych - 10 months ago
0:25 odds dropped immediately after that
Mo Nuri
Mo Nuri - 11 months ago
Floyd money mayweather make Conor macroger real threat in all his interviews.. smart move.. that's why they call him money
chrisw .p123
chrisw .p123 - 11 months ago
most dry sense of humour
ch1ngons1mon - 11 months ago
Has Jimmy Kimmel had that loser Pacquiao on the show since he lost to Mayweather?
It’s late too when the time comes
what if jimmy decided to bet one billion dollars
then floyd wouldn't be able to pay that and then he would not be a man of his word
Marin K
Marin K - 11 months ago
Jimmy u are absolute trash for cutting your videos just to get more views and likes.. guess what, here comes the unlike.
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