Modified Cars Leaving a Car Meet - November 2019

Stallzyx - 10 days ago
the drunk commentary and faster editing style made this a delight to watch 😂
Hell N Degenerates
Hell N Degenerates - 11 days ago
Stevie wonder owns a Jimmy.😎
Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly - 13 days ago
Anyone wondering about the mini it’s mine 🙌🏻 @asbo_mini on Instagram 👍🏻
Craig Laurie
Craig Laurie - 13 days ago
A car show wouldn’t be complete without the red lining Honda civics! 😃 and of course many number plate and taillights out 👌🏻🤷🏻‍♂️😃
Daniel Kidgell
Daniel Kidgell - 13 days ago
My favourite AdamC commentary this! "Look at it glitter in the sky...yeah"
X ShockWaveAMG
X ShockWaveAMG - 13 days ago
One things for sure our Ford focus is crap compared to UK focus which is awesome
X ShockWaveAMG
X ShockWaveAMG - 3 days ago
@Joshua Carter looks mint the one in the states would make you cry compared to yours
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter - 3 days ago
X ShockWaveAMG mine is at 7:26 haha
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter - 4 days ago
X ShockWaveAMG I was planning on bringing my mk2 if I moved over to the states haha. Would probably get a LHD model though
X ShockWaveAMG
X ShockWaveAMG - 4 days ago
@Joshua Carter a crappy version that doesn't have five cylinder greatness you bring that to the states and it will be worth some money
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter - 6 days ago
Do you not have the MK2? 😮
X ShockWaveAMG
X ShockWaveAMG - 13 days ago
What In the world is a saxo haha these cars with friendly names are rubbish race cars ha UK mates race all night with some of these gas savers cheers
Derp JJ
Derp JJ - 14 days ago
That gtr launch at 8:30 was awesome
Morten Eriksen
Morten Eriksen - 14 days ago
3:44 I do not understand people actually like that front bumper on the 206, stock looks 1milion times better, that one looks like dog shit tbh.
DBCSgaming - 14 days ago
Even in the dark that civic looks like a lawnmower 😂
louisrobinson4 - 14 days ago
3:12 thats the 350z from the title of the Wilton house video you made quite recently
CPadsSkies - 14 days ago
‘We’ve got the LGBT grilles’ 😂
Ernest Hejno
Ernest Hejno - 14 days ago
I always wandered what kind of a penalty people getting for this little skids or loud exhaust if they got caught by police??
Ben Gilbert
Ben Gilbert - 14 days ago
Adam is pissed 😂 "let's get some revolutions"
twincammike83 16v
twincammike83 16v - 15 days ago
Adam has has a few posh shandys lol
Jobless Gamer
Jobless Gamer - 15 days ago
I love your enthusiasm! Also your cars all sound like shit!
Mein Kampf
Mein Kampf - 11 days ago
@Jobless Gamer hahaahah i dont like england but i dont think ur country is any better
Jobless Gamer
Jobless Gamer - 11 days ago
Australia. Where most out cars are meaty and atcually do good skids
Mein Kampf
Mein Kampf - 12 days ago
@Jobless Gamer where u from then
Jobless Gamer
Jobless Gamer - 14 days ago
@AdamC3046 your country haha. They all be fart boxes lol.
AdamC3046 - 15 days ago
My cars?
matthew autton
matthew autton - 15 days ago
*purchases neons*
byways green lanes Road bikes
I like👊
Pat Bai
Pat Bai - 15 days ago
More proper motors please mate!
Speedworth Marshall
Speedworth Marshall - 15 days ago
Mongoose ADAM
james Hancott
james Hancott - 15 days ago
Did you get my silver vxr vectra
Bit disappointed it wasnt shown :(
Mark C
Mark C - 15 days ago
5:50 Looks like a Greta moment .
How dare you .
O G - 15 days ago
Can I fuck ur misses Adum
AdamC3046 - 15 days ago
She actually saw this comment before I did! We have agreed that if you are female you may join in.
tracey potts
tracey potts - 15 days ago
What the f was he trying to do in the 350z waist of time no power
AdamC3046 - 15 days ago
Kristian Spencer
Kristian Spencer - 15 days ago
Why can’t anybody in Basingstoke fucking indicate.? And so many times Iv been cut up. Lazy crap driving.
trueblu86 - 15 days ago
Are u pished😂😂😂
GOrDoN ReMseY - 15 days ago
Lol Adam is drunk 😂🤣
Taylor Mosley
Taylor Mosley - 15 days ago
4:22 can you really get drunk off them there like 2% 😂
Taylor Mosley
Taylor Mosley - 15 days ago
AdamC3046 oh right fair anough aha but any sick video as usual
AdamC3046 - 15 days ago
Nope, they were the calm-down drinks my gf bought from the petrol station opposite.
Taylor Mosley
Taylor Mosley - 15 days ago
2:35 what is he on about 😂😂
UK PetrolHead
UK PetrolHead - 15 days ago
Neons are actually coming back, what have you done...
Rhys Anderson
Rhys Anderson - 15 days ago
Ayyy, TWO Volvo's in one video?! We are being treated today. Hopefully one day I'll bring mine too
Mein Kampf
Mein Kampf - 12 days ago
Volvo=vår olja läcker väldigt ofta
F Mul
F Mul - 15 days ago
Billy Brown
Billy Brown - 15 days ago
Did you enjoy those shandys Mr,C .
david jones
david jones - 15 days ago
Ure drunk as a skunk on that vid adam
Nat Hiscocks
Nat Hiscocks - 15 days ago
Absolutely hammered
shion - 15 days ago
I wish I had a big Channel:(
Free The plug
Free The plug - 15 days ago
Someone’s had a few too many shandy’s..
Jj Ward
Jj Ward - 15 days ago
LGBT grills 😂😂😂😂
Jack Rankin
Jack Rankin - 15 days ago
Someone has had alot of red bull😂😂😂
Jack Rankin
Jack Rankin - 15 days ago
But yea still love the videos adam
Brett Jago
Brett Jago - 15 days ago
Thanks again!
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