YNW BSlime - Slime Dreams (Official Music Video)

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yugies - 7 minutes ago
To all the future fans I’m a an OG
Tyrone Carter
Tyrone Carter - 11 minutes ago
I love this song
xXogdaisy !
xXogdaisy ! - 23 minutes ago
Lil bro makin it up there🔥💯
Noe Sanchez
Noe Sanchez - Hour ago
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - Hour ago
Melly obviously taught him this 1:39
Brandon AzN
Brandon AzN - 4 hours ago
Can’t be the only one hearing faggot at 0:39
Fabi R
Fabi R - 4 hours ago
Fucking lit 🔥🔥
KYRO - 6 hours ago
Isn’t this guy like 9 years old,because he looks like it.
He also looks like he tryin to get popular in school 🏫 so he isn’t like bullied.
He probably will anyway,playing with an alien from Area 51
Supreme Games
Supreme Games - 10 hours ago
Ronald Bitch
Ronald Bitch - 13 hours ago
Go crazy
Jayden Espinosa
Jayden Espinosa - 18 hours ago
Y he sound like Ayo from Ayo & teo
Ethan Korzenowski
Ethan Korzenowski - 19 hours ago
When your lil bro has better music then u 😨
12332110 - 11 hours ago
Black Yasuo
Black Yasuo - 20 hours ago
I make slime
Cameron Newton
Cameron Newton - 23 hours ago
amber lattimore
amber lattimore - 23 hours ago
I like your music
David Watson
David Watson - 23 hours ago
He killed it
vSails - Day ago
2019 wya
CuzoPranks - Day ago
Sq1 vKxp
Sq1 vKxp - Day ago
He Blowing Up In 2024 Ive Been Here Since 2019
Jorichia Jett
Jorichia Jett - Day ago
Hard thats my boy
BraveYT - Day ago
He goes to my school
Dolo Chip
Dolo Chip - Day ago
I love this song
Nicks Spectates
Nicks Spectates - Day ago
We been here in 2019
SaintCherrie 666
SaintCherrie 666 - Day ago
Whoever disliked y’all just mad cause this lil nigga is doing better than you
0:38 When ET says WHERES MY SAUCE
Kane Halverson
Kane Halverson - Day ago
December 🙃
yea ight bruh
yea ight bruh - Day ago
Is this melly's lil brother
coolb122 - Day ago
How old is this nigga
Reyve Lutshaka
Reyve Lutshaka - Day ago
That’s a scary cat
uyi igiebor
uyi igiebor - Day ago
If drew ddnt film it Cole Bennet did
officially skandalous
Ynw bslime is going to be bigger than his brother ‼❤
this is fire 10/10
Woshi GD
Woshi GD - Day ago
I'm here since 2019 so. Turn up 2026 people
Damn Boy*
Damn Boy* - Day ago
I’m the og
Beunio - Day ago
Free melly bro 😭
This song has the same flow as a sing that i know
Forsaken Gaming
Forsaken Gaming - Day ago
he gon be as famous as melly one day, but whoever likes this shit now is the ones that been fuckin wit him since 2019
haxorz - Day ago
Nigga sound like nav/global dan but black but I was here 2019
Yummy - Day ago
You can only like this in 2019 💯🤙🏽
cassidy chance
cassidy chance - Day ago
Ynw melly would've bin happy
Toby Blevins
Toby Blevins - 2 days ago
Here in 2019 and here in 2026
Erik Carlson
Erik Carlson - 2 days ago
This kids got face tattoos lol
me and my best friends dab
How old is he
Kaniz Joshua
Kaniz Joshua - 2 days ago
Respectx Three
Respectx Three - 2 days ago
Dominick B
Dominick B - 2 days ago
He ain't even that good hes just a reminder of melly 🤷‍♂️
Jxliuss k
Jxliuss k - 2 days ago
Kilo Dizzy
Kilo Dizzy - 2 days ago
I beg you dont go to jail
urcloud - 2 days ago
The people who are saying why am i listening to this 6 year old are gonna be like this guys fire when he blows up
Maddest_yt res
Maddest_yt res - 2 days ago
This nigga talm bout Glocks and ak when u 11
ELITE KID - 2 days ago
fy bruh fy
amirvlogsandpranks - 2 days ago
Who reading this keep reaching goals
Emanuel Miranda
Emanuel Miranda - 2 days ago
CJ Shirlee
CJ Shirlee - 2 days ago
F the haters
Irish Curry
Irish Curry - 2 days ago
Trish is the money I will I just wanted I will I love it so far I will send the other to talk with I will I love it so I will send the same I have time for that I have been at my work I miss the money for your lost the email from curry
BCYoungin - 2 days ago
Lil Melly
James Lee
James Lee - 2 days ago
Free melly
VJ EDWARDS - 2 days ago
Free that nigga melly
TakeTheWOnly Barrientez
This is why melly need to be free
Ramon Coe
Ramon Coe - 2 days ago
This song is ass
Ramon Coe
Ramon Coe - 2 days ago
Big facts
Lil Atro
Lil Atro - 2 days ago
Killers dressing all black
AlSyafiq - 2 days ago
This nigga is 12 really making big moves in his life.
When i was fucking 12 i still live in my momma house
Shirley White
Shirley White - 2 days ago
I love you so much to
Shirley White
Shirley White - 2 days ago
123@ in the calling line
Reveng_team Clan
Reveng_team Clan - 2 days ago
That song is 🔥
Pattie Baker
Pattie Baker - 2 days ago
India Phillips
India Phillips - 2 days ago
stunt x rain
stunt x rain - 2 days ago
2019 gang
George Bonsu
George Bonsu - 2 days ago
:12 Year Old rapping

:Me eating cereal for dinner
MaseUltra - 2 days ago
Keep this kid away from the bloods and the crips
I’m realer Than Gucci
Mookii D
Mookii D - 3 days ago
good songs
Your good at singing
Ali Briscoe
Ali Briscoe - 3 days ago
This kid is very very talented
Astro FN
Astro FN - 3 days ago
We the fking ogs bro
Dayle Harper
Dayle Harper - 3 days ago
2019 #ynw #freemelly
Good way to hold it down lil homie. You bout to blow
Mary Deavitt
Mary Deavitt - 3 days ago
Make a no
Bxllout 03
Bxllout 03 - 3 days ago
Dis shit go hard
Jeremiah Binford
Jeremiah Binford - 3 days ago
Bruh your hella good at singing just as good as your older brother 😜🔥
Ryan Vue
Ryan Vue - 3 days ago
Free my nigga melly
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