You, Me and Fifi | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

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Nelly Oj
Nelly Oj - 4 hours ago
I really love that ending when minnie was beated up by fifi it was at 3:30 when they did the end credits
Sm0lzCorner -
Sm0lzCorner - - 7 hours ago
“ *Screaming Hysterically* “
KM P - 14 hours ago
I love how the screams continue until the credits.
Hunter Young
Hunter Young - 17 hours ago
Today, Mickey will become overcome in his own hubris
Hunter Young
Hunter Young - 17 hours ago
In today’s cartoon, Mickey Mouse will be revealed to be a completely unlikeable
Blake Paris
Blake Paris - 21 hour ago
Emre James Ates
Emre James Ates - Day ago
This is Fifi
She has no friends
1like =1 friend
BJ ReN - Day ago
2:43 mickey's face is very funny.
Maya Alvarez
Maya Alvarez - Day ago
Actually i'm a new fan
Maya Alvarez
Maya Alvarez - Day ago
Fifi is so cute
MrMegas2 - Day ago
Bugs never said THAT to Lola
Family Girl
Family Girl - Day ago
3:02. WHAT JUH, GUH!
Family Girl
Family Girl - Day ago
3:04. What??? face face - Day ago

Anyone else feel bad for Minnie ?
starguy 320
starguy 320 - Day ago
And the dogs.
starguy 320
starguy 320 - Day ago
With goofy.
starguy 320
starguy 320 - Day ago
Pluto playing poker.
starguy 320
starguy 320 - Day ago
Goofy and the dogs playing poker🐶♠️♥️♦️♣️.
Donte Clough
Donte Clough - Day ago
Lol fifi was going crazy with minnie
Dendo Chinchira
Dendo Chinchira - Day ago
This is why I prefer figaro
Vivi Virli
Vivi Virli - Day ago
She is not one man dog, yet so adorable 😍💐
Sunny Jones
Sunny Jones - Day ago
And pause on Pluto's face with the teeth.
Sunny Jones
Sunny Jones - Day ago
your dog is a monster, literally. "look at that smile" *BITE* "how can you not love me I'm mickey Mouse???"
ROBLOX ROBLOX - 3 days ago
This was so funny
li'l bunch channel happy toy channel day
I hate fifi anyway😡😡😡😡😡
Gabriel Callahan
Gabriel Callahan - 4 days ago
3:31 I CAN STILL HEAR THE ATTACK!!!!!!!!! Plus Fifi was mad at Minnie because she didn't save her
Joanna Forbes
Joanna Forbes - 4 days ago
What happened to her cat Figaro? Why a dog?
BlueDragon992 - 4 days ago
Okay... So Mickey's basically a stalker... XD
Joshua Will
Joshua Will - 4 days ago
1:43 Must be Disney Dog Card Night
Arieliz Santiago
Arieliz Santiago - 4 days ago
Tamilselvan Govindasamy
N n.
nattkarn pinyukar
nattkarn pinyukar - 5 days ago
อีหมาบ้า อีดอก
TIAN SLAIN - 5 days ago
Is something wrong with Mickey
Abdelplay1d abdelplay1d
Fifl is mean
Daniel Creed
Daniel Creed - 6 days ago
Bad Fifi! Bad!
Lonly_Plays Roblox
Lonly_Plays Roblox - 6 days ago
Im just obsessed with u
Minnie and mickys relationship: (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )
Aaron Chen
Aaron Chen - 6 days ago
0:18 that face when I met Ariana Grande at chocalle 3 hours early
FighterX 98
FighterX 98 - 6 days ago
"Well, look at that Smile." Lol
NiGHTS4life - 6 days ago
What breed is Fifi?
Octimus _45
Octimus _45 - 6 days ago
Logic: rats gots all deceases and that dog could die from them
sonic423 - 6 days ago
And this is why Fifi no longer with Minnie, and I’m sorry to say this but, she been so cranky and Minnie replace with Figaro.
The YouTube Judge
The YouTube Judge - 6 days ago
Well I s’pose I’m like all of the other comments at 0:16! 😂😏😐
ديما الثعلبة الخطيرة
Nyrele Gandecila
Nyrele Gandecila - 7 days ago
C’est Moi
C’est Moi - 7 days ago
These are absolutely amazing and they are screaming for a Blu Ray boxset.
-changkyun's- - 7 days ago
*iM juSt obseSseD wiTh yOu*
Lazbro Brony
Lazbro Brony - 7 days ago
Reminds me of Hounded.
Mystery Ezekude
Mystery Ezekude - 7 days ago
I think there were quite a few dog-related horror movies like this in the 80's.
Alan Gam3er576
Alan Gam3er576 - 7 days ago
Im just obsesed with you, I thought they were doing the other choice. (If you know what mean) ;)
Alan Gam3er576
Alan Gam3er576 - 7 days ago
Fifi do you hate me.
Pam C
Pam C - 7 days ago
I like how there is a dog game night with all the dogs in Disney movies there. Glad Pluto & Goofy did something together. LOL
Memper - 7 days ago
I love these shorts
Leigh Widjeskog
Leigh Widjeskog - 7 days ago
M. A.
Aaron Rielly
Aaron Rielly - 7 days ago
0:17 it is just amazing
Amogh Gaming
Amogh Gaming - 7 days ago
I think that dog can only love one person at a time
jealiany ocampo. perea
jealiany ocampo. perea - 7 days ago
Me. Incamta. Miki.
Winona Murray
Winona Murray - 7 days ago
Two dogs from Lady and the Tramp but you won't show the one from Oliver & Company...who i am 90% sure is the host of that poker game... is it because he is racially insensitive
Winona Murray
Winona Murray - 7 days ago
Im like...95% sure his name was tito... I honestly can't remember
ChillyPepper Productions
"I'm just obsessed with you"
Me when my senpai ask a question
リリカマカロニ - 8 days ago
sorry I hate this dog
Katty Kay
Katty Kay - 8 days ago
Mickey:lemme see your squishy face!!
Me:I am dying with laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂
salim boukherbache
salim boukherbache - 8 days ago
Micky c'est pour toute la vie ,!!!
garcia adrian
garcia adrian - 8 days ago
I do miss Disney animateds movies
catnip sleep
catnip sleep - 9 days ago
(minnie's cat)
Throathead - 9 days ago
Priscila Matos
Priscila Matos - 9 days ago
Eta que cão bravo
Ice wolf
Ice wolf - 9 days ago
Goofy is a dog.
Helena Moura
Helena Moura - 9 days ago
Wait dosent minnie already have a cat?
Shaukat ali shah
Shaukat ali shah - 10 days ago
Who let the dogs out
Ariel Cruz
Ariel Cruz - 10 days ago
fifi is an absolute savage like super super duper duper wild and savage that i never seen before
208disneygirl - 10 days ago
That was...interesting. It's good to see Fifi return, I haven't seen her in a while. I never knew she was Minnie's dog, I thought she was just a random neighborhood dog that Pluto fell in love with. On the other hand, I thought this short was random and kinda unrealistic. Real dogs wouldn't just turn on their owner like that. At least from my experience (I've had dogs almost my whole life) once a dog has established a trusting relationship with his/her owner, the dog will remain loyal to the owner unless the owner does something the dog really doesn't like. If Fifi were a real dog, she'd probably have some serious behavioral issues. Maybe I'm just overanalyzing it, though.
yaboibryan velez
yaboibryan velez - 10 days ago
Wow I love this video of Mickey
Fitnat Hedges
Fitnat Hedges - 11 days ago
Mickey Mouse 2019
Lehcar2401 & Mimi410
Lehcar2401 & Mimi410 - 11 days ago
0:17 Mickey is a yandere confirmed
gaming typhlosion
gaming typhlosion - 11 days ago
1:01 mans got bit so hard he pulled a Gooby.
Manuel Monroy
Manuel Monroy - 11 days ago
FilmmakeroftheFuture - 11 days ago
I haven't seen Fifi since the books! It's so good to see her in one of these. 😊🐕🐶🐩🐺
Pira Piranha
Pira Piranha - 11 days ago
these shorts are really something
LiJon Kaneko
LiJon Kaneko - 11 days ago
Mickey minney married
Jhope And suga
Jhope And suga - 12 days ago
Nohemi Loya
Nohemi Loya - 12 days ago
I’m JuSt ObsEsSeD WiTh YoU!!!!
Rociosoria Soria
Rociosoria Soria - 12 days ago
Deadwolf - 12 days ago
And then they put Fifi down
Bryan Knapper
Bryan Knapper - 12 days ago
She says that he’s three hours early but it’s past midnight
Bryan Knapper
Bryan Knapper - 12 days ago
Well would u look at that smile
Ronni Satterwhite
Ronni Satterwhite - 12 days ago
Fifi *only loves one*
123Yellowberry123 - 13 days ago
Fifi turning on Minnie makes this short. XD
SnowBlueSage the bird and wolf girl
Fifi is my friend’s nickname XD
Susie Hochmuth
Susie Hochmuth - 13 days ago
I'm just OBSESSED with you 😰uh that was dark
Princess Gercel Isidro
Princess Gercel Isidro - 13 days ago
Jinny Diaz
Jinny Diaz - 14 days ago
What a end
Imarhiagbe Keith
Imarhiagbe Keith - 14 days ago
I love Mickey mouse
Rogue Films
Rogue Films - 14 days ago
This ones one of my top 5 favorites! So good! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sharon Ballard
Sharon Ballard - 14 days ago
I love you
Lonly_Plays Roblox
Lonly_Plays Roblox - 14 days ago
Fifi only has to love one person
Suki Lanakoro -nanbaka oc-
Who else loves that dog poker face part? 🐶😂
Elaina Ramirez
Elaina Ramirez - 14 days ago
Never thought I'd want so badly to hear Mickey Mouse say "Hybrid SUV"
Anonima97 - 15 days ago
3:31 😂😂😂😂😂
Tea - 15 days ago
Chris RJ
Chris RJ - 15 days ago
My darker side really wants to make a "female-dog" joke here................................ pleasedontbanme
Uriel Novelo - La Refineria
1:25 Minnie’s tail looks like a heart
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