You, Me and Fifi | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

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Edie Anderson
Edie Anderson - Hour ago
Mickey gets advice from Pluto with just one bark? Hmm.........,
Elvis Calderon
Elvis Calderon - 2 hours ago
I love dogs
Angelcake Blushes
Angelcake Blushes - 10 hours ago
0:17 could be a meme
Lycan Seijin
Lycan Seijin - 15 hours ago
Wow, I completely forgot about Fifi. First Warner Brothers brings back Gabby Goat, now this. *All* the obscure cartoon lore is coming out!
danny taher
danny taher - 17 hours ago
Can that happen in real life!?😱😱😱
Martin Gonzalez
Martin Gonzalez - 21 hour ago
Poor fifl and Mickey
MetalSonic 457
MetalSonic 457 - Day ago
So all of the Disney dogs are playing poker but WHERE IS BOLT!?
Naomi Sims
Naomi Sims - Day ago
1:44 O my gosh! It Tramp and Pongo!
Дманиси Башкечид
А. я. Думал. Что. Минни. Сказала. Микки
İpek Demir
İpek Demir - Day ago
3:04 AWESOME ! 😍😍😍
İpek Demir
İpek Demir - Day ago
Her hair is so cuteee and her tail is so cuteee ! 😍😍😍
İpek Demir
İpek Demir - Day ago
Ending is so funny ! 😂😂😂
littleberry cake
littleberry cake - Day ago
"I'm just obsessed w you" *chokes on applesauce*
Kids Channel - Show Fingers
✌🏻I like it
VIJAY CHAVHAN - 2 days ago
RIP Mini
stoyannis - 2 days ago
Minne didint want this dog
Bendy And Friends
Bendy And Friends - 2 days ago
This dog is aggressive
doublejace - 2 days ago
0:14-0:18 🤣yeah cause THATS not creepy at all, no siree bob.
Haleyuwu12 3
Haleyuwu12 3 - 3 days ago
0:20 *-C O V E R Y O U R E Y E S K I D S-*
Tanish D'Silva
Tanish D'Silva - 3 days ago
recognize all of the other dogs
Johnny Wilson
Johnny Wilson - 3 days ago
85% I’m just obsessed with you comments
15% Other
Donna Villacis
Donna Villacis - 3 days ago
Fifi is such a jealous and cruel dog!
Ricardo Nuñez
Ricardo Nuñez - 3 days ago
1:44 you look at toby the Hunter dog, bongo dalmatian and my dog (the father of scamp) like and comentary
kamron the dragon
kamron the dragon - 4 days ago
This episode has a lot of funny faces
Azouri - 4 days ago
1:48 Doesn't anybody get the Easter egg from this scene?
Azouri - 3 days ago
No need to be so harsh, I'm just saying :3
DisneyLand Kirtu
DisneyLand Kirtu - 3 days ago
Azouri duh 🙄 so noticeable
Ramiro Cano
Ramiro Cano - 4 days ago
Those credits remember me to Lumpy of Happy Tree Friends with some birds.
DTG Slayer
DTG Slayer - 4 days ago
Now you guys know why Fifi will never be showed again on Disney and that's why Minnie has a Kitten :)
parengaio Cookie
parengaio Cookie - 4 days ago
Fifi likes her now she likes Mickey
Penny K
Penny K - 4 days ago
A hybrid suv
parengaio Cookie
parengaio Cookie - 4 days ago
Fifi is cute
Colin Brooks
Colin Brooks - 4 days ago
Catgirl1234 Gaming world
Oh this where the comic of pitto and pit from this ep came of the idea (kid Icarus comic
Dark Emperor
Dark Emperor - 5 days ago
Mila Hoskin
Mila Hoskin - 5 days ago
"Oh look at that smile!!!"(0^0)
JAVIER TRILLO - 5 days ago
Hiaura Reyes
Hiaura Reyes - 5 days ago
Anyone 2019 June 15?
Sandra Skender
Sandra Skender - 6 days ago
The credit's theme is better
Alisha Unwin
Alisha Unwin - 6 days ago
Boy freind: but your 4hours early
Me: haha i just obsest with you! 0_0
Thanh Phamdinh
Thanh Phamdinh - 6 days ago
Dope 138
Dope 138 - 6 days ago
Micky: "everyone loves me"
Tell that to the dislikers
stephanie lee
stephanie lee - 6 days ago
Did Fifi eat his hat 🤔
Stephanie Kao
Stephanie Kao - 6 days ago
Minnie Is So Cute And The Best Character!!
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober - 6 days ago
It's not like how it used to be at all but it's fine
impe4fect 4
impe4fect 4 - 7 days ago
Me: Mickey, how much trouble can u make?
Mickey: yEs
Ciana Popolizio
Ciana Popolizio - 7 days ago
First Fifi was being obnoxious to Mickey, and now Minnie?
2:09 If Mickey has a grandmother, who is his grandmother?
Galaxy TV
Galaxy TV - 7 days ago
Oh you know..I’m just obsessed with you.
Galaxy Ramen
Galaxy Ramen - 8 days ago
“Oh Mickey but your three hours early!*
“Oh you know...”
*im JuSt Obsessed WiTh YoU ) ( ͡☉⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ͜ʖ̫⁄ ⁄ ͡☉)*
zainudheen keepoyil
zainudheen keepoyil - 8 days ago
Micky is the king of the city
Nihisha Kandeepan - Tony Pontes PS (1497)
2:29, AnD SoOoOoOo sHoUlD YoU!
Jazzy Jazzeroni
Jazzy Jazzeroni - 9 days ago
That face at 0:49 though!! 🤣🤣
Katelyn Duffy
Katelyn Duffy - 9 days ago
99% present of the comments: Mickey saying he’s obsessed with Minnie

*1%- me*
My Singing Monster’s pixolotl
Minnie R.I.P
Felixander Salazar
Felixander Salazar - 9 days ago
Bangtan Boys
Bangtan Boys - 10 days ago
Iam just obsessed with mickey mouse
Anthony Ricci
Anthony Ricci - 10 days ago
These are so bizarre lol
Harrison Clark
Harrison Clark - 10 days ago
Mickey is officially a nonce
Mighty YT
Mighty YT - 10 days ago
0:49 When a baby is trying to be direct with me
Boss - 10 days ago
Fifi is 86 years old
Shannon Davidson
Shannon Davidson - 10 days ago
Lynn Ten Brink
Lynn Ten Brink - 10 days ago
Hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi
juliana i sure
juliana i sure - 10 days ago
Wow what dog I don't have.....
Bendy The Devil
Bendy The Devil - 10 days ago
I'm just obsessed with you
Games Cat
Games Cat - 10 days ago
Peter Pan - Nana (on the far left)
The lady and the hound - Lady and Scamp (next to the far left)
Mickey Mouse - Pluto (Middle)
One hundred and one dalmations - (far right next to Goofy)
The Girl dog from The lady and the Hounde
XxXcookieXxx :p
XxXcookieXxx :p - 11 days ago
I love this
Dae Köhlbach
Dae Köhlbach - 11 days ago
Tis voice is awful
Sweet Fries
Sweet Fries - 11 days ago
You,me and your do fife
devdinie samarakkody
devdinie samarakkody - 11 days ago
Julianna Otusajo
Julianna Otusajo - 11 days ago
Wow he kinda sounds like a narcissist in this video (I hope I spelled that right)
Tucker11111111 - 11 days ago
The dogs are playing poker. Brilliant.
HNefRuizFan543 The TRUE Master Builder
3:30 be like
Jorge Cardenas
Jorge Cardenas - 11 days ago
0:46(next face) cD
Oscar Perez
Oscar Perez - 12 days ago
My favorite part of the show was amazing and I love it so much better than a week
Gabriel Gamer
Gabriel Gamer - 12 days ago
I feel bad for Mickey...
XxXcookieXxx :p
XxXcookieXxx :p - 12 days ago
Sara Tinessi
Sara Tinessi - 12 days ago
2 february 2018
dama cardoso
dama cardoso - 12 days ago
World of Toons
World of Toons - 12 days ago
1:43 Literally almost every dog 🐶 character is at the table 🤣🤣🤣
Broneypony Wolf
Broneypony Wolf - 4 days ago
World of Toons okay, we got Pluto and Goofy obviously, then there's Pongo, Copper, Nana, Tito, Sultan the Foot Cushion and the Tramp. I know the last one from Tramp's movie, sang a song about him and all but I don't actually remember her name.
Kick It
Kick It - 12 days ago
Kick It
Kick It - 12 days ago
Kick It
Kick It - 12 days ago
dissney knows how not make me smile
Desiree Cortez
Desiree Cortez - 12 days ago
SuperOshin - 13 days ago
1:43 of course he’s dog
Ari B
Ari B - 13 days ago
1:45 I love that movie references
Leonardo'sgirl 45
Leonardo'sgirl 45 - 13 days ago
"Im just obsessed with you 😳"
That's accurate considering that their both actually married.
Microgen Company
Microgen Company - 4 days ago
Jomarcenter Media Dude has been in the dating game with the same girl for 90 years THATS CONCERNINGLY IMPRESSIVE
Jomarcenter Media
Jomarcenter Media - 10 days ago
They are not married officially
Neptuno - 14 days ago
They've been dating for 90 years. When are they going to get marry? lol
Ratchet the Rat96
Ratchet the Rat96 - 5 days ago
Maybe when they are 100 years old.
Potato Chip
Potato Chip - 14 days ago
...I don’t remember Mickey being like this...
Princess Cupcake
Princess Cupcake - 14 days ago
Funny funny Draco don’t forget your tail
Yoshiki Haro
Yoshiki Haro - 14 days ago
That's one Yandere dog
Andrew Caldera
Andrew Caldera - 14 days ago
I love how all the dogs at the table are from past Disney films
Yzzami - 14 days ago
“Look at that smile” people who call their pets “fur babies” while they maul some toddler
Tiger Paws Toys
Tiger Paws Toys - 14 days ago
Mickey: "I'm just obsessed with you"
I never knew Mickey was a yandere 😂
Teena Robinson
Teena Robinson - 14 days ago
Fifi is back
Fifi Playz
Fifi Playz - 14 days ago
Love this, by da way my nickname is Fifi! XD
Sara Tinessi
Sara Tinessi - 14 days ago
12 december 2018
Cella4246 - 15 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed they added a titanic reference
Blue The Person
Blue The Person - 15 days ago
When you finally say yes to prom because your crush didn't ask you
Santa Maria
Santa Maria - 15 days ago
Noodle Wolf
Noodle Wolf - 15 days ago
XD not everyone likes mickey
Black Spiral
Black Spiral - 15 days ago
Isn’t goofy a cow?
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