Instagram Phases Out "Like" Feature | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Tricky T
Tricky T - 19 hours ago
"White supremacists"? U serious?
M_16 _
M_16 _ - 7 days ago
110 is nothing...
ZuboyTV - 8 days ago
42 C ?? What , Its Raining in USA ??
yeah , me Asian
Griselda Pereira
Griselda Pereira - 9 days ago
"100°-114° .......Heat wave"
*Laughs in middle eastern*
Sakshi Shinde
Sakshi Shinde - 22 days ago
I looove his little rant about instagram taking out the like feature lol
Victoria Evelyn
Victoria Evelyn - 23 days ago
want INSTAGRAM likes?? don't worry be happy just checkout *(I G R O C K E T D O T C O M)*
Juho Kaartoaho
Juho Kaartoaho - 24 days ago
Obviously this isn't in Finland.
That's how we deal with bears here.
Callmedeeds - 25 days ago
Yet no one cares about how it's 39 degrees today in London..
draganeel yeaa
draganeel yeaa - 26 days ago
Its just 100 degrees right😒😒🙄what so wrong about that
Ben Lamptey
Ben Lamptey - 26 days ago
They're wining about 42 degrees? Babies, y'all need to get outside more. 42 is normal, hot is like 53.
Reyna - 27 days ago
ONLY 42 degress Celsius ?!!!
davo sam
davo sam - 27 days ago
fu travor you don't like it because it affect u we all know all celebrities feel the same but it help people.
James B
James B - 27 days ago
So unfunny
jepunx - 27 days ago
then what's the point of using Instagram if you can't see and compare the number of likes you receive for obnoxious photos you have??
Doctrine Ridge
Doctrine Ridge - 27 days ago
why is the bear black?
Christy Sweet
Christy Sweet - 27 days ago
Fahrenheit is more accurate- as are pounds and that's why we use them. I guess the decimal increments in metric throws us off. Not the greatest thinkers...
Gucci Panda
Gucci Panda - 27 days ago
Christy Sweet accuracy is determined by the instrument, not the unit. what you’re trying to say is that Fahrenheit can display more temperatures using less decimal places. it’s inaccurate to say it’s more accurate. if you want to know the weather, Celsius is more intuitive. you could choose to read the temperature down to the last decimal, but you wouldn’t need to because 41.11 C would feel like 41 C whereas with Fahrenheit, multiple temperatures would feel like same. note that weather fluctuates a lot and I doubt that there’s anyone who has temperature perception enough to discern the difference between degrees in Fahrenheit. so when you check your weather app and it says 106 F, it would’ve already changed moments later. and the only reason one would even assume it’s less accurate is because people who use Fahrenheit see Celsius as a converted unit. if you’re already a metric user, you obviously wouldn’t need to convert. and when it comes to math, Celsius is easily preferable too. one of the reasons being that its reference points are simpler. I could go on but I’ve already said a lot lol
Mohd - 27 days ago
(Heat Wave) = 42 C, and for just a few days? here the summer is 3 months, and the temperature daily is between 45 and 48 C.
itimad borqane
itimad borqane - 27 days ago
a 100 F is only 38 C ,that is just a warm day for me , where i'm from summer is between 40 and 48 c , that is between 104 and 118
Musa Mondoma
Musa Mondoma - 27 days ago
Nobody: Social media isn't about getting likes!
Trevor: Because you don't get likes
Jarron Skerratt
Jarron Skerratt - 27 days ago
Social media isn't about likes. Yeah because you don't get them. Ah ha ha ha gold 🤙
maxcuban - 27 days ago
There goes the "modeling career" of 99% of Instagram "influencers" 🤣🤣
fenhen - 27 days ago
There’s also a heat wave in China, and Europe.
It’s almost as if something was causing the Earth to get warmer.
Kainthemain - 28 days ago
Trevor is such a boring host
Kia Minaya
Kia Minaya - 28 days ago
I live the Caribbeans, 0:54 is how my bf gets me to come over
Sfundo Mabaso
Sfundo Mabaso - 28 days ago
And in Africa we're freezing cold🤐
GNF - 28 days ago
why would Zuckerberg reimburse you loooool
Kassi - 28 days ago
Oh no...above 100... (I live close to death valley)
Ariel M
Ariel M - 28 days ago
100 degrees? eh, normal for texans
The Just Life
The Just Life - 28 days ago
42 degree celsius is just a regular day in the Philippines 😂👌 americans have no chill
du suger
du suger - 28 days ago
I'm rather certain the bears ate Goldielocks in the original story.
maryan Adan
maryan Adan - 28 days ago
45 Celsius is normal in East Africa😉
NiMkoTlaGi - 28 days ago
TL;DW: Climate Change is real
MoreCarStuff - 28 days ago
I stop liking on ig months ago. Lol. Just see and scroll
cassandra - 28 days ago
No likes on photos? Sound familiar...
VSCO pals where ya at 🙋‍♀️
Samantha Xiaotong Chen
Samantha Xiaotong Chen - 28 days ago
Haha. Good points
A S - 28 days ago
Awwww man, no more Saartjie Baartman wannabes getting visible likes... shame...
Radiant Bladez
Radiant Bladez - 28 days ago
Instagram please don't take away my dopamine hits....
magdalene adjei
magdalene adjei - 28 days ago
I'm from Africa...
These aren't heat waves for us. They're a calm, *normal* afternoon in the *cold* season... don't whine, America.
Alex Cottin
Alex Cottin - 28 days ago
Global warming doesn’t exist tho, how is this possible ? 🤷🏼‍♂️
Jonathan Japhet
Jonathan Japhet - 28 days ago
Wait, isn't 100 degrees Fahrenheit like 38 degrees celcius. That's like normal weather in Northern Nigeria!
ihajo - 28 days ago
@2:01 what is the name of the app showing in the footage here? is it instagram?
deks räikkönen
deks räikkönen - 28 days ago
this guy needs to find his own voice
Julia Helton
Julia Helton - 28 days ago
As a Texan, I would like to say the other states are a bunch of babies. 100+ weather is everyday during spring, summer, and fall.
Bluesommers Art
Bluesommers Art - 28 days ago
Welcome to how an average August in Georgia feels.
Daisy Brain
Daisy Brain - 28 days ago
Listen trevor when ur depressed u dont really wanna understand sarcasm and actualy we are not even able to and yes there are ppl who dont get likes cause they are not socialising or are shy or are mentally ill ur words hurt man . Id post more if there was no likes on instagram id even post more about my depression if there where no likes in instagram
Ruslan Masinjila
Ruslan Masinjila - 28 days ago
To all these people trying to compete for the status of living in hotter countries, hello from mercury
Audrian Rafaladhika
Audrian Rafaladhika - 28 days ago
that's hotter than asean countries...
ThemFuzzyMonsters - 28 days ago
Social Media is all about self-validation... if we’re not gonna get Likes then what are we gonna do with our stockpiles of selfies?
Cayden - 28 days ago
I mean we're lucky if it gets to 18°c in England.
mkhululi lunga
mkhululi lunga - 28 days ago
100 degrees Fahrenheit is just 38 degrees Celcious people....thats the average we got in Vic Falls. That is not hot 😡😡😡
Simon Shilo
Simon Shilo - 28 days ago
As a South African, I could totally see that joke about Celcius coming
Mofoka Beej
Mofoka Beej - 28 days ago
thank god i live in a country where summer is only 30°c

oh and did i mention all day every day summer?
brian jobita
brian jobita - 28 days ago
The Rant😅😅
Rumplegirlskin - 28 days ago
😂🤣I’m in Texas and we’ve been hotter than that for the past 3 months! 100 would be welcome 😂🤣What the heck is New York made out of?
santosh senjam
santosh senjam - 28 days ago
Visit New Delhi
Annelya M
Annelya M - 28 days ago
IrElAnD we don’t want it
Steven Maapeya
Steven Maapeya - 28 days ago
"This was mary" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Idk - 29 days ago
A heat wave in America is a completely normal day in the Middle East
helper - 29 days ago
Just.....move to metric system America.
Oscar Voigt
Oscar Voigt - 29 days ago
This is “pretty warm” in Texas too. Hey Aussies!
aron stone
aron stone - 29 days ago
Well all americans are gonna get tans now.
Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle - 29 days ago
i would actually like it if instagram did adopt the "removing" like feature..idk :/
Siddhant Bhoite
Siddhant Bhoite - 29 days ago
Ps :100 'F is 37'C
Preet Sudan
Preet Sudan - 29 days ago
smh summer days here in india are 45°C +
Gamer La-Jiah 13
Gamer La-Jiah 13 - 29 days ago
It was hot I stayed inside I almost died
Neutron Pixie
Neutron Pixie - 29 days ago
Instagram just needs to phase out Instagram. Social media is for Russians, racists, and people that need validation from strangers to give their sad little lives meaning.
Jasmine - 29 days ago
4:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣
less kiss
less kiss - 29 days ago
4:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣
P5ychL - 29 days ago
42 degrees is nothing here in the middle east summers average between 39 and 49-50 I think
dont quote me on that
don iwana
don iwana - 29 days ago
I know it's just a coincidence
But... What a coincidence, so let me wrap it up
Bolsonaro in Brazil
Pipeline wars against natives in Klanada
Pipeline wars by a corrupt government in Astraya
And... They are taking away our overview on what's interesting on those countries??
Wow @instagram that's how low you'll go? Bend a little further...
Kilz Khaniz
Kilz Khaniz - 29 days ago
Grandmas album
less kiss
less kiss - 29 days ago
In Canada. Didn’t even notice that they’d changed Instagram lol.
Rukiyat Gilbert
Rukiyat Gilbert - 29 days ago
I love what you did there at the end Trevor 👌🏿 It’s all fine and good when Goldilocks does it... typical.
i cant splel
i cant splel - 29 days ago
If it was white bear he would’ve got a bottle of coke as a treat
Need you now
Need you now - 29 days ago
Please switch to metric system. 42 degree C is pretty normal in Summers in India.
Samin Yazdi
Samin Yazdi - 29 days ago
During the heat wave please don't forget your pets!!! Keep yourself and them cool! Watch out for their paws!!! the pavement can be so hot it can burn their feet. Not to mention all that fur!!
Im Right U’re Wrong
Im Right U’re Wrong - 29 days ago
Hear wave ? In the Middle East we call that a Tuesday ! The roads and train tracks are buckling?! That’s cheap construction right there.
Also how are the social media influencers going to make their living without the LIKES? I’m digging this new feature - so it means people can start getting read jobs
Rock girl
Rock girl - 29 days ago
I actually don’t agree with you on the social media likes, the person that posts the photos can still see the number of likes
Need you now
Need you now - 29 days ago
Nice looking?
Ruilin Lin
Ruilin Lin - 29 days ago
These shows are like what ray William Johnson did back in the days
sah19 - 29 days ago
The bear may as well become president. It would still do a better job than the rotten orange who's currently president.
hobbicles28 - 29 days ago
White people calling the cops on bears.
Because they are black or brown bears they get put in the zoo or an animal sanctuary. Which is an animal prison.
Now the white bears get adopted and put in Pepsi commercials.
Teehee teehee
Rock girl
Rock girl - 29 days ago
melted plastic garbage cans
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