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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - День назад
We designed a poster on this topic as well. You can find it here: https://standard.tv/collections/in-a-nutshell/products/in-a-nutshell-loneliness-poster
snowman12345ism - 41 минуту назад
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell you guys didn’t mention meditation at all
Ling Ling The puppy
Ling Ling The puppy - 45 минут назад
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell YOU REALLY DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT “loneliness” IS... YOU REALLY DONT 🙄🙄🙄
Akinkunmi Atanda
Akinkunmi Atanda - 46 минут назад
where did you get your research please?
KemCloud King
KemCloud King - 49 минут назад
Maybe you need the son of man?... Maybe you need a dog?.. Maybe you've been lied to about everything?
Sandra Garza
Sandra Garza - 51 минуту назад
Bobby’s Vlogs Search him up Subscribe
Scott D_049
Scott D_049 - 39 минут назад
#1 on trending well done Kurzgesagt! Great video as always
Larbor 260
Larbor 260 - 40 минут назад
*Im litterly watching this in my bed wile felling lonely*
Philip Luu
Philip Luu - 40 минут назад
I’m cool with going to the movies by myself, DO I WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIES BY MYSELF???? FUCK NOO
Mateusz Siemaszko
Mateusz Siemaszko - 40 минут назад
it's way too accurate...
snowman12345ism - 40 минут назад
Another thing that really helps with loneliness is meditation.
Mario Somniabunt
Mario Somniabunt - 40 минут назад
Seeking professional is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of determination to better yourself. Don't be ashamed, be proud.
DixieNormous561 - 40 минут назад
Tfw still no gf
Mackenzie Yarish
Mackenzie Yarish - 41 минуту назад
This is a great video! And an honest and realistic counter to a serious issue going around the globe right now! Thank you Kursgesagt!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 41 минуту назад
Beautifully explained and conveyed.
Mohit Patil
Mohit Patil - 42 минуты назад
Great work. I can see people suffering this, video is going to help them for sure.
Frank Hong
Frank Hong - 42 минуты назад
OMG, this is more scary than a horror film.
Kelpo Krunch
Kelpo Krunch - 42 минуты назад
I mostly don’t socialize because I have had major anxiety my entire life and always feel like someone I started to talk to will talk about me behind my back and it triggers my anxiety so I’m always scared to talk to someone
Michael Schuhler
Michael Schuhler - 42 минуты назад
Kurzgesagt is #1 trending, let's gooooo!
The Nomadic Barbie
The Nomadic Barbie - 43 минуты назад
_Why am I crying right now_
Vulgarizingcivic - 43 минуты назад
Y'all ain't sad stfu
Jason Dennis
Jason Dennis - 43 минуты назад
The internet isn't human interaction.
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 43 минуты назад
This video was too LOUD
idontcarrotall - 43 минуты назад
I feel attacked.
The Universal
The Universal - 44 минуты назад
3 Most Difficult Things to do in the world
1. You Can't Count Your Hair
2. You Can't wash your eyes With Soap
3. You Can't breathe when your tongue is out.
Now Please Take your tongue back inside
You look like a dog
Fanty -
Fanty - - 44 минуты назад
Lauro Diaz
Lauro Diaz - 44 минуты назад
Representa prednisona para que sitv
Luke Laterza
Luke Laterza - 44 минуты назад
0:00 is that Kumatora from mother 3?
AWOLPSYCHO - 44 минуты назад
Finally, a video about me on the trending page
qwertyuiop9060 - 44 минуты назад
This video just told me all the things I feel regularly these days. Thank you kurzgesagt. I hope I come out of this.
πένε - 44 минуты назад
The part about worrying about people more but understanding them less really resonated with me! I used to be super lonely in high school and though I thought about my daily interactions everyday I couldn't make sense of them at all, and worried about their meaning. Now in uni I've become a lot more open and I worry a lot less about what other people, because I feel like I understand them more and have come to know that the world isn't as hostile as I once thought and, deep down everyone just wants to be friends.
Marshall Ericksen
Marshall Ericksen - 44 минуты назад
Thank you for this video. I happened to find it in my sub box at the right time in my life
William Wang
William Wang - 45 минут назад
#1 on trending
Enes Sozen
Enes Sozen - 45 минут назад
Sau 13
Sau 13 - 45 минут назад
Venezuela in a nutshell. Too many robers and bad thigh's over here some guys here to be paranoid's and distrust full
m1c3k - 45 минут назад
Just listen to true metal and everything's gonna be alright. Trust me :)
broken soul
broken soul - 45 минут назад
Now I know why this is on the trending page :oo
Cuz most people are lonely even if they have multiple friends or fame.
Zakarya Gafar
Zakarya Gafar - 46 минут назад
No Arabic translate
Ethan Styles
Ethan Styles - 46 минут назад
Was the thumbnail like a reference to “Bleach” with the hole in the center
bryan Rojas
bryan Rojas - 46 минут назад
You're not the only one
TheBattleNetWork - 46 минут назад
Im not lonely I have fortnite
Federico T.
Federico T. - 47 минут назад
I always thought that I was between cynical and optimist, but now I see that I'm just a loner... A fat, ugly, incredibly annoying loner bastard.
Feels weird :/
Killer bean army
Killer bean army - 47 минут назад
Shisterdepress Depression
Shisterdepress Depression - 47 минут назад
At least I’m not the only one who is alone…
Ling Ling The puppy
Ling Ling The puppy - 47 минут назад
SAMBA - 47 минут назад
People generally see loneliness as a bad thing and they are terrified to even thing about it. They thing that when you're lonely, you have a sad life. Nobody likes you. You have no friends, no girlfriend or boyfriend, and you just look miserable and depressed.
And when you say that you're lonely, they are sorry for you, and that's THE BIGGEST PROBLEM.
There is nothing wrong with loneliness, it just depends on your perspective, the way you see and think about it.
It will certainly hurts your feelings, your mood, if you believe that it's a bad thing. And it's due to your interactions with people, the society and the influences that are with.
But I can tell you that the society is wrong.
I think that loneliness can be a good thing, if you take it as an advantage.
In fact when you are lonely, you have more time to think about yourself, what you did good or wrong and how to improve it.
You can analyze your behavior, your brain, to make things clear.
You can re-organized your thoughts.
You also have the time to think more and effectively. You can have a general idea on how people behave with you and each other, be more open-minded and control your feelings.
You have more time to read, learn more, develop good habits and skills that people generally don't have.
The best piece of advice I can give to someone is to spend time with your family, believe it or not, family is IMPORTANT, even if you have shitty brothers or sisters. And I'm not talking about blood, but people you love, because whatever the situation, your family will be there and support you.
(I know some people can't support that, but your first enemy is social media, so if you can stop it, you are half saved)
I wrote it by myself haha I hope it's not too long😅.If you have any questions you can ask me no problem! Thanks for reading! 😁
vicente antonorsi
vicente antonorsi - 48 минут назад
So glad Kurzgesagt creates videos like these to shine a light on topics that are often misunderstood and private to most people.
oscar p
oscar p - 48 минут назад
Doc Vega
Doc Vega - 48 минут назад
The problem is with our society and our self centeredness! Political correctness, entitlement, no one owes us anything no one can guarantee anything nothing is for free and if they tell you any different you are being tricked into giving up something like your freedom! Think! Are you healthy? Give thanks! Do you have a roof over your head and food to eat? Be thankful many don't! Loneliness is an optional feeling. Life can get worse but there's never any insurance that it will get better. Try prayer. Do not use anti-depressants! They will kill you or turn you into a zombie.
Phoenix - 48 минут назад
I love being alone, FUCK FRIENDS
Hafez Elmhallawy
Hafez Elmhallawy - 48 минут назад
I'm always lonely and I'm still
The Golden Eye plays
The Golden Eye plays - 48 минут назад
Isolation is the worst thing
Daniel Maldonado
Daniel Maldonado - 49 минут назад
One good ass video
Larbor 260
Larbor 260 - 49 минут назад
*And Netflix*

тнєяєѕ ʝυѕт иσ єиσυgн тιмє!
Ronny BOY
Ronny BOY - 49 минут назад
This make me want to kill meself.
InfiniteAwesome - 49 минут назад
I’m switching schools after this year. I’m leaving behind a friend group I’ve had for 5 years. This video was a good heads up.
The Stars
The Stars - 49 минут назад
“It’s because you’re on that phone all the damn time”
Jack Middleton
Jack Middleton - 49 минут назад
My thing is that I wouldn't care if I thought that everyone had good intentions and I was extremely proud of myself I still wouldn't want a bunch of friends because I just don't like the obligation. I don't want people calling me or asking me to go to places. Because of the whole obligation factor I have always liked things like sports or clubs because it is a scheduled time for socializing where when the scheduled time is over it is over. (Of course there is always the risk that someone wants to hang out outside of the event.) Also if you don't show up to something like a sports practice it is not a big deal because other people were there for each other. Having something to do like a game is also less open ended which I like. The last thing I want to do is go to a bar or party where you literally just want to grill me on my life.
Tejas Gajra
Tejas Gajra - 49 минут назад
I dont like humans..the more i meet them ..the more i hate them!
Ben C
Ben C - 49 минут назад
Lets fell less lonely together! Post your town and see if someone can hang out!
Ryusheen :3
Ryusheen :3 - 49 минут назад
I like *some* people around me but not other *some* people

Which is why I prefer to be alone and not alone ;p
Noah Hysi
Noah Hysi - 49 минут назад
HilariousTNM - 49 минут назад
im lonely
Zobdigi - 49 минут назад
I wonder why people disliked. There’s probably a good reason behind it but I still wonder..
MRHOUNDEYEcz - 50 минут назад
4,6 dislikes, because they were lonely
isa saenz
isa saenz - 50 минут назад
*laughs in social anxiety*
L.B.M - 50 минут назад
Loneliness Bla, Bla, Bla... We'll know even a rock cant not be lonely if it's rated at 24 carat.. Loneliness directly correlate with your financial ratings....lol. anyone telling you otherwise is trying to tranquilize you with a false perspective, so that you dont activate the Beast Mode, deriving nuclear type unlimited energy from that Loniness & Pain that you have amassed.
John Doe
John Doe - 51 минуту назад
I'm depressed because I am lonely. I'm ashamed to admit I am lonely. My heart aches for
human companionship. I feel it's a sign of weakness. I have had these feelings my entire adult life and I am 56 years old. It never goes away. I would like to have a woman in my life, but
I can tell they don't want to have anything to do with me. I'm too ugly, poor, old and boring.
It's times like this that I feel so bad that death becomes a feeling of relief.
Umakant Vashishtha
Umakant Vashishtha - 51 минуту назад
Does living with only a dog help?
Daniel P
Daniel P - 51 минуту назад
I am defense i dont really enjoy talking to others. When they think i do enjoy its just one of the many masks i use to hide behind. I dont want them to know the real me because the real me is a wasteland and nothing to go for. My brain is telling me to get under people and talk but my mind says otherwise. I mostly am by myself except in school obviously. In class or in breaks nobody really talks to me except when they need something which only i can solve but when i need something i feel like as if i am invisible or a transparent shell of wasted biological disposable waste which has no use to anyone. I never told anyone of my real thaughts and feelings because i figuered people wouldn't care but i don't want to burden my family with that issue of mine. Its much easier for me to hide behind the internet nobody knows who i am. I sometimes think of ending it this nightmare called life. A gift for many but for me it is punishment for just beeing alive and breathing someone elses air. The reason as to why i prefer to stay alone is because i have enough of people in general. I dont want help from others because i dont want them to know of the real me.
Loner - 51 минуту назад
Łukasz Byjoś
Łukasz Byjoś - 51 минуту назад
As always great ep!
Lila X
Lila X - 51 минуту назад
I love that this is #1 on trending meanwhile everybody instagram looking like they're having the time of their lives. Let's start being real y'all. Much luv to everyone.
Laura Muñoz Baena
Laura Muñoz Baena - 52 минуты назад
You are everything that it's good in this world! Thanks.
Dormamu Ive Come To Bargain
Dormamu Ive Come To Bargain - 52 минуты назад
Cut the loose ends.
No new friends.
So I’m always lonely.
jamil islam
jamil islam - 52 минуты назад
This just hit me..spiritually...
Mark Silla
Mark Silla - 52 минуты назад
They should have played Akons Lonely in the background
Geo Joshi
Geo Joshi - 52 минуты назад
What I figured out from my experiences is that at the end of the day, you are the only one who can help yourself. It’s up to us to decide whether we want to stay in that cycle of unhappiness. Nobody can read our thoughts and magically reach out to us. We have to reach out too. We keep waiting for that moment where people magically reach out to us and notice us. I know it seem incredibly hard but small steps can eventually cover long distances.
ben galeana
ben galeana - 52 минуты назад
Me in a nutshell
Luc Frechette
Luc Frechette - 53 минуты назад
Nuvam Mavun
Nuvam Mavun - 53 минуты назад
So true
llTRaGiik - 53 минуты назад
Of course this is number 1 in trending you bunch of 13 year olds with your fake ass depression
Angel Blossom
Angel Blossom - 53 минуты назад
10:56 top right
Patches - 53 минуты назад
I really do appreciate this video. I hit another mental block and started to spiral again over the weekend. I was slowly getting out of one that I had a couple months ago and just as soon as I felt I was taking a step forward, I instantly spiraled two steps back. I’ve always had to deal with depression and anxiety for my entire life but I hit moments like these. Moments where my loneliness reaches its peak. Most people feel that being alone and being lonely are the same, but I’m glad you cleared it up for people and even incorporated ways of reaching out or ways to self reflect. This gives me some hope through this rough time and I appreciate all the support you give during topics like these. Thank you🙏🏼
insert text here
insert text here - 53 минуты назад
im alone too :(
but i learn to smile everytime
jk i hate myself help
Machina_Dom - 54 минуты назад
People need to stop being lonely
Connor Le
Connor Le - 54 минуты назад
Cherry Lei
Cherry Lei - 54 минуты назад
muggshot - 54 минуты назад
Isolation sucks Im almost 22 and I dont know how to interact in social situations. I just sit there and say awkward shit
Carles Bolart
Carles Bolart - 54 минуты назад
So well explained and animated! as always! thank you :) I really believe your videos are doing good to people's lives.
lenard playz
lenard playz - 54 минуты назад
for the 1% of people seeing this hopefully your dreams come true and not asking for much but I’m trying to hit 3000 subs
Antigua Magic
Antigua Magic - 54 минуты назад
Jivraj Sandhu
Jivraj Sandhu - 54 минуты назад
Who saw MJO advertisement before video?
KL - 54 минуты назад
Wow.. The level of scientism and fysicalism is surprising.. well... I guess it isn't. Its just sad.
Goku Black
Goku Black - 54 минуты назад
I’m depressed as fuck I’m going to kill myself
octavio Jaramillo
octavio Jaramillo - 54 минуты назад
Everything gots a reason
Drell90 - 55 минут назад
I actually like being alone or "going my own way". I am an introvert but have good social skills and at times I am an extrovert. BUT, being around people for a long period of time is draining. I run like a battery; once I'm drained, I need to recharge (be alone). *Being alone has its perks though.* ... I feel like it all comes down to, finding the "right" people that you can relate to and putting your trust in them because, many people are "fake" (want somebody to entertain them or want to use you for their own selfish needs.)
Now, Loneliness is just a "void" *(emotion)* that you want filled. But you can solve that by picking up hobbies, getting a pet, getting into a relationship with others or yourself (if you don't trust others), simple.
TREEZLOWKEY - 55 минут назад
I don't even know if I'm lonely anymore.....but i am changing shit sad...my heart is so cold
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 55 минут назад
Thoughtful, positive, encouraging. What a great video. Thanks Kurzgesagt!
Jam - Man
Jam - Man - 55 минут назад
Congrats on #2 trending, interesting video
Moose - 55 минут назад
This video just made me realize how Lonely I am
SplitChannel - 56 минут назад
Really good video, thank you
sauce •
sauce • - 56 минут назад
no u
Aden's sketchy
Aden's sketchy - 56 минут назад
Me: *locks my room doesn’t come outside and socialize
Me: man I’m so lonely
Hannah Gutierrez
Hannah Gutierrez - 56 минут назад
#1 trending
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