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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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TomeOfBattle - 7 days ago
The world is cruel, people are nothing special and the universe is indifferent. I don't care for people. I can respect the better traits of the species, or the achievements of societies and individual geniuses, but that's it. The only thing that matters is one's struggle to overcome your limitations and to spite a hostile world by trying to live the best life that you can. Others don't like me, so I don't like them back.
Scooters Videos
Scooters Videos - 17 days ago
Love your videos.
Scooters Videos
Scooters Videos - 17 days ago
They don't seem lonely at all. They both have a friend there reading book with them. :D
Adx.m - 23 days ago
300th reply
Coolwoobyër - 26 days ago
Animation_moment: $12,99
Taikamuna - Hour ago
*_The expert_*
NikoAdiAdinolfi - 2 hours ago
A masochist like me loves the pain that comes from being alone
i mean
i mean - 2 hours ago
some people may feel lonely longer than others.
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys - 3 hours ago
In Europe loneliness is real easy, you claim disability because depression and get to chill on welfare for 90 years. I spend days reading, exercising, watching movies or shows and playing videogames.
Loik Steininger
Loik Steininger - 49 minutes ago
Geert Matthys Do you live in Europe? That is a very dishonest caricature of how mental illness is seen and treated in Europe. Not to mention a fundamental lack of understanding of what depression is. Depression must be clinically diagnosed, most people use the term “depression” as a synonym of “sad”, which is incorrect. There is no point in “claiming depression” since it requires medical professionals to diagnose it. And most countries do not offer welfare for 90 years, where the hell did you get that?? You have no sources and very little understanding of the issue I’m afraid.
Mini Mixers
Mini Mixers - 3 hours ago
I feel the only one who wants to be alone by choice
Marius x
Marius x - 4 hours ago
This video takes a very scientific approach... how can 6.6k people dislike it? It's disturbing.
Lukeland - 5 hours ago
zeth zety
zeth zety - 8 hours ago
Amazing video, many things hit me hard. Never expected to relate to so many things without knowing i was causing them. I send a very special hug to anyone who reads this!
The travel of time
The travel of time - 9 hours ago
No one wants to talk on the phone anymore. Everyone just wants to text.
Anon - 9 hours ago
I have 1 friend. I’m 24. It’s ok. Don’t focus on the bad.
Spellbound Angel
Spellbound Angel - 11 hours ago
Richie Hyacinth
Richie Hyacinth - 11 hours ago
Can't even prove one's loneliness if poeple wouldn't approach them from the get-go.
Springlock Gamer
Springlock Gamer - 11 hours ago
This was recommended for me.
This makes too much sense...
Cursed Dolphin 78
Cursed Dolphin 78 - 11 hours ago
Ok I know no one cares but I feel it’s important so ima say it anyway. So not so long ago I had a crush who I knew I had no chance with but I kept trying anyway and she kept leaving me on read so I started to doubt myself and thought I wasn’t good enough for anything and I felt really lonely and sad but not long ago let’s say about afew months ago I met a girl through a friend and we started talking a lot(cringe alert) and now I think there’s something between us and I don’t know where it’s gunna go but anyway she makes me feel like I’m not worthless and like I’m important so my point is never say your not good enough or ugly or worthless because your not it’s only the people your involved with who make you who you are so if you feel like that then you should try talking to others for a change because this girl has near enough changed who I am
Have a good day and everyone is special in there own was and your all beautiful and amazing :)
Fabián López
Fabián López - 14 hours ago
Ethan - 14 hours ago
I'm fucked
Eric F
Eric F - 15 hours ago
“OMG it’s me” - the comments section
engrtun - 16 hours ago
I can’t relate 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ranga - 16 hours ago
I didn't expect to relate to so many of these things...i related to everything. I always avoid social interactions and i hate it if i have to go somewhere new where i have to meet a lot of new people or where there is a lot of people. I remember this one time where i had to attend a tour at a university on a school day where the students would be there and where i didn't know any of the others on the tour. I remember how i cried the day before i had to go because i felt so anxious and scared since i felt like i shouldn't be there. I'm starting 10th grade after summer vacation and i'm already really scared about making new friends. I've been doing my own thing for the last couple of years and i still do, but i have met people that has been very negative towards my choice of colorful clothing and interests. I don't want to open up to people anymore. It's really scary to do that when you've been around toxic people for the majority of your life that has treated you like you don't matter and that everything you're interested in and like is stupid or just plain weird. People have nagged on the fact that I don't drink, and i just don't feel like meeting new people anymore since the ones i've met so far has given me weird looks or just been really rude when it comes to my interests and stuff. I'm really afraid of not making any friends at all in 10th grade since i know how quiet i'll be and that i won't be open about a lot of things at first. Even if i do meet people that has the same interests as me i'm scared that they'll not like me.
НИКИТА - 17 hours ago
Surprisingly, I can relate to every thesis of this speech. I think I even understand what dropped me in this state. But I'm fine down here, don't worry (oh fuck, I can't escape this, please help).
Lilei Ma
Lilei Ma - 18 hours ago
Summing it up: loneliness is a symptom that makes the victim want something whilst avoiding it.
ZungleIF - 18 hours ago
I think someone is spying on me. What the video says is literally me.
Nuno Moto
Nuno Moto - 20 hours ago
this only makes me feel more lonely than I already am
zene - 20 hours ago
oof relatable
Marilynd-Elainette Aghten
Marilynd-Elainette Aghten - 22 hours ago
I just hate people humans disgust me
MaxRuffles321 - Day ago
When YouTube recommends a video that you can relate to
[anxiety noise]
bagelangel - Day ago
I recently went to a different school and my best friend and I are now separated. We don’t hang out as much anymore and I kinda hate it ;-; plus, she got a s/o and has tons of other people she gets along with and I sit by my locker to have lunch and the kids I hang out with arent really good people. So yay woohoo wonderful 🤠✨✨
Cellardoor - Day ago
I ran away from all of my ex friends, they were sinking me down with all of their bullshit, i felt so disgusted and i've decided to stay alone for a while, just to focus on myself and my capacities. I started a very heavy training at the gym, I've been a better son, using my spare time to help my parents, I started writing again (which was one of the things that I was lefting behind).
And I tell you one thing, loneliness is like a cure for cancer, it destroys you socially, but if you survive, minding your stuff, giving yourself attention and dedition, you will be stronger and better then anyone else. Don't listen to your friend's bullshit and critics, fuck'em. Start to think about yourself and go smack some pussy.
Jack Hwang
Jack Hwang - Day ago
I have been lonely my whole life
-FUN MEMES- - Day ago
Are u an addict or what?
TheEdition100 - Day ago
Alex Sharp
Alex Sharp - Day ago
was not expecting to cry at a kurzgesagt video tonight. who am i kidding though, the crying is a regularity these days. hopes and respect out to everyone else out there dealing with lonelyness on the daily.
Gabriel Ocasio
Gabriel Ocasio - Day ago
Honestly. Thank you for this video. Helped me put things into perspective.
Jiya Patel
Jiya Patel - Day ago
This video helped
Lelani Brown
Lelani Brown - Day ago
This video is to real ( .'_'.)
kim k
kim k - Day ago
Ahh yes, my memoir.
Lano M
Lano M - Day ago
This was very necessary for me. I often feel like I have a shield around me when it comes to socializing with others but now I’m paying more attention to it.
Shooketh - Day ago
this man kinda sound like the sub reddit guy
AE AE FILMS - Day ago
Phhhhh I’m not lonely.........
Christopher Byun
Christopher Byun - Day ago
thank you for this informative video
:D - Day ago
Anyone ever feel bad about themselves rn
cipher - Day ago
thats what killed avicii so to say...
Hussein omar
Hussein omar - Day ago
*Read the first 3 words* 😂
abcdefg higklmnop
abcdefg higklmnop - Day ago
That's funny particularly because it's of the video
Bartek XD
Bartek XD - Day ago
Kn3sL - Day ago
I'm here because a few weeks ago, one friend that I loved a lot dumped me after 4 years and for people she knows only this year. Yeah it sucks
Hulvik - Day ago
Personally i don't feel the need to have social interactions, i prefer being lonely, plus i don't need problems in my life, because let's be honest it's what defines social life.
Relationships are based on hypocrisy.
Lano M
Lano M - Day ago
I agree but the fact is that we need social interactions. I say that for myself because I also love to be alone and I prefer not to stay around people for as much as possible just because I feel good that way but I’m starting to realize that it makes me very awkward when it comes to socialize when I really have to do so. I feel bad when I have to be with people because I feel that I’m not acting naturally and most of the times I even mess up sciences like if I almost forgot how to speak properly at all. I think the best thing we can do is trying to find a balance, enjoying our company (that is something really special these days) but also learn how to deal with other people and pay attention to things that are not helping in the process of social interactions.
Jason Wang
Jason Wang - Day ago
I can’t believe that this video took over a year to make. I love all this!
Name's OMEGA
Name's OMEGA - Day ago
Loneliness got me into trying LSD
Dead Morose
Dead Morose - Day ago
Loneliness is surely bad but it much better than shitty-toxic company
Baka World
Baka World - 2 days ago
jherico viovicente
jherico viovicente - 2 days ago
Yang's Arm
Yang's Arm - 2 days ago
"Decline when friends call"
But I'm lonely. I have no friends.
Yang's Arm
Yang's Arm - 2 days ago
I'm lonely when chicken nuggets leave me.
ViciousKoala 216
ViciousKoala 216 - 2 days ago
All Right!! I'll stop avoiding the Gym and ask My Friend out on a date
taylor chudler
taylor chudler - 2 days ago
my life is a joke
taylor chudler
taylor chudler - 2 days ago
Thomas Potts
Thomas Potts - 2 days ago
I'm not lonely! I just prefer to be alone! Less bullshit!
Osc1llate W1ldly
Osc1llate W1ldly - 2 days ago
"if you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company" Jean-Paul Sartre
Weeb Wizard
Weeb Wizard - 2 days ago
"Mental state that prevents connections even if you yearn for them"
I think I'm at this stage. This video was one scary ass wake up call.
principal things on da pic
im loneliness
Its_Skydive7 - 2 days ago
Yeah I’m pretty lonely
Bryce Ashcom
Bryce Ashcom - 2 days ago
anyone watching this who is depressed/sad or you doubt yourself and look down upon your self then forget about everything for a few seconds and think about what you need ,all those friends you don’t have ,do you need them anyway ,nah. ai stay strong
Indie Fury
Indie Fury - 2 days ago
Therapist will only put you on pills screwing up your libido maybe permanently or tell you to join a club. What a bunch of clowns.
Emmanuel R.
Emmanuel R. - 2 days ago
saying you're lonely only makes you even more lonelier leading lonely vibes, making your self lonely even though you are not lonely.
Ryan NikeShoes
Ryan NikeShoes - 2 days ago
Watching this because I'm in the Navy and I literally have nothing else better to do.. *update - 10 minutes later still buffering and waiting for it to load x)
Ajinkya Mahajan
Ajinkya Mahajan - 2 days ago
Thanks a lot for sharing a great content it a total true context 👌👌✨❤😇
Luka - 2 days ago
As an immigrant of 1.5 years so far it does feel lonely sometimes even if you have a lot of new friends and are extroverted. Or even if you stay in touch with a lot of old friends. I see great potential in VR for helping with loneliness with it we're approaching similar experiences as to being physically in the vicinity of people + we have a vast array of people to choose from with whom we want to socialize on different levels. And I can see it to be way easier for people to be vulnerable and comfortable.

Sadly I don't own one and never tried using it for the sake of social interaction so I can't tell for sure but if you check youtube videos (mainly VRchat) I think you will have similar opinion.
Additionally if anyone owns a VR please share your experience with it.
foxlias_ griffin
foxlias_ griffin - 2 days ago
Im a lonely bean
Pedro Lanna
Pedro Lanna - 2 days ago
"D&D Event" . . . Cheap Shot.
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
D&D is a great way to make new friends.
Aswal play
Aswal play - 2 days ago
serbian meme man
serbian meme man - 2 days ago
Lest be honest wehen you finde a real true friend that does dump shit and Is pretty funny you only need one.
Enio Oliveira
Enio Oliveira - Day ago
like Chloe Price
David Shevchenko
David Shevchenko - 2 days ago
am i the only one who actually went to description, and checked out their soundcloud for music? AMAZING music choice @Kurzgesagt!!!
Nameless Legend
Nameless Legend - 2 days ago
The moment I understood the weakness of my flesh... It disgusted me. I crave for the strength and certainty of steel. I aspire to the purity of the blessed machine. We all cling to our flesh as if it will not decay and fail us. One day the crude biomass that we call a "temple" WILL wither and you will pay the machine to save you. But they are already saved, for the machine is immortal.
paige sy
paige sy - 2 days ago
OMG😭😭😭 I can relate so much! I've always made 'being an introvert' as an excuse for my behavior.. But I'm actually just LONELY 😭
Od3stroyer - 2 days ago
I'm never lonely.
KoNeX - 2 days ago
Feels bad when i am in a differendt class than my friends are xD
Sandra Skender
Sandra Skender - 3 days ago
This video took like a year and the half
Myuhyuh Hyuhyuh
Myuhyuh Hyuhyuh - 3 days ago
Shit is there something in this goddamned universe not threatening to kill me.
MotardMotorist - 3 days ago
Excuse me but I love being alone
Fnord Fnordington
Fnord Fnordington - 3 days ago
"loneliness is twice as deadly as obesity..and as deadly as smoking"...So why hasnt government banned loneliness yet? Theyd at least tried banning everything else.
Reaper stalker
Reaper stalker - 3 days ago
last time I do open to those people
it fucking hurt
they don't even give a fuck about how I feel. they being totally asshole
Botyal Totertutal
Botyal Totertutal - 3 days ago
Thanks now I understand why my friend is so depressed.
Topminator - 3 days ago
It's nice to be alone, it's not to be lonely... Try getting a cat!
Ayomipe Bamikole
Ayomipe Bamikole - 3 days ago
AI The Cat
AI The Cat - 3 days ago
Something relevant: A video on misanthropy would be great.
shapiroepic 9
shapiroepic 9 - 3 days ago
9:20 fuck you for litteraly describing me
God Speed 2
God Speed 2 - 3 days ago
I have depression. This helped me
Mondane_CH. - 3 days ago
The worst pain ever
The Amazing Goldfish
The Amazing Goldfish - 3 days ago
I have no friends and haven't been on an date in over 10 years.
DutchDuke - 3 days ago
This kinda feels like Introvert vs extrovert?
Enchanted_Hydrated Lit
Enchanted_Hydrated Lit - 3 days ago
Why know what’s lonely?

This comment
Andres Fernando Ghinaglia Delgado
You are an amazing channel...
Marx - 3 days ago
Me: dies of lonelyness
Mom: video games
Smoove J
Smoove J - 3 days ago
“And if the world refused to square with his version of reality then it was necessarily an uncaring world, a sour and sickening world, a penal colony, and he was doomed to be violently lonely in it. He bowed his head at the thought of how much strength a man would need to survive an entire life so lonely.”
Franzen really understood loneliness. I think about this quote all the time.
Wolffzy T
Wolffzy T - 3 days ago
no need to attack me so personally :(
Myles Fe
Myles Fe - 3 days ago
Kurzgesagt bro why you calling me out
Virgin1008 - 3 days ago
Aw the little character in this animation is so adorable. I feel so sorry and relatable to him/her. I assumed a her for some reason. Kind of hard to tell, probably an intentional design.
Enio Oliveira
Enio Oliveira - Day ago
purple girl
Hamlet Jr
Hamlet Jr - 3 days ago
The science behind tsunderes and dense MCs

misunderstanding everything
blue eagle
blue eagle - 3 days ago
🎼"All the lonely people, where do they all belong?"🎼
Mashiro Ichijo
Mashiro Ichijo - 2 days ago
Aaaaah look at all the lonely people (nanananana) Aaaaah look at all the lonely people (nananana) Eleanor Rigby, died in the church and was buried along with here name, nobody came… wait, don´t make me cry, please
Lazy Playz
Lazy Playz - 3 days ago
Altough i agree with this a lot of it is also found in introverts
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