Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Andy Samberg

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robert bock
robert bock - 8 hours ago
Yeah Andy
Bailey Barnard
Bailey Barnard - Day ago
Jimmy says “Do you know this guy?” every single time a person comes to take the animal.
Marc Bolinger
Marc Bolinger - Day ago
No Golden Eagles Or even Harpy’s can pick up a small deer, The weight ratio is way off, Anyone who knows birds knows this, They may knock a young mountain goat off a cliff but not carrying it away
nicole pryor
nicole pryor - 2 days ago
Great I’m a weirdo😂. I love panther chameleons
Jurassic Lion
Jurassic Lion - 2 days ago
That bison is so relaxed.
Donncha Gilley
Donncha Gilley - 2 days ago
"Did you see the nards on that kangaroo?" 😂
Marcin P
Marcin P - 3 days ago
"Bison or buffalo"? He doesnt know what he is talking about?
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That kangeroo is like terry out of Brooklyn 99 he loves yogurt
KD6 - 3.7
KD6 - 3.7 - 4 days ago
This is why Conan is the best. He actually gets up close and personal with the animals and isn’t scared of them. He makes jokes when it’s the right time, and admires the animals and asks genuine questions about them. He actually cares
SAMZIRRA - 4 days ago
Gibbering Kimmel
SAMZIRRA - 4 days ago
Gibbering Kimmel
Rouge Guardian
Rouge Guardian - 4 days ago
Andy saving those idiots. They need to stop clapping
Megan Dear
Megan Dear - 6 days ago
I've never seen a bunch of wussies in my life
I blame Tom green for my weirdness
Caitlin Tracy
Caitlin Tracy - 6 days ago
gummy bear
gummy bear - 6 days ago
"Yeah actually when he puffs his furr up in the back-" "ok lets take a break and when we come back well see another animal" *sad music starts playing* *canadiens will remember this*
Larry The Cable Sniper
Larry The Cable Sniper - 7 days ago
5:34 yes=no
Jesse Stewart
Jesse Stewart - 7 days ago
Jimmy's to cool. 👍
Russel Dela Cruz
Russel Dela Cruz - 7 days ago
Jimmy, great to see you
I am fantastic, this is a red kangaroo
Good rhyming sir
Kamin8r - 8 days ago
Is Kimmel really that much of a wuss. Rude too cause he always interrupts.
Mr Sparta
Mr Sparta - 8 days ago
poor baby deers
Kaiser Isaiah Foo
Kaiser Isaiah Foo - 8 days ago
PETA will say this is animal abuse.
Cartel Samar
Cartel Samar - 8 days ago
Wouldn't that kangaroo feel sticky on his hands after that yogurt squirting?
Kid Buu
Kid Buu - 7 days ago
Dumbass question
Fish Lover
Fish Lover - 8 days ago
That kangaroo is so cute
studio BLOX
studio BLOX - 9 days ago
Buffalo - *Moves head*
Gortex Wrecker
Gortex Wrecker - 9 days ago
If that animal truly tried to escape not even all the people in that room together would be able stop that bison or buffalo whatever
spitslah nta7 nta7
spitslah nta7 nta7 - 9 days ago
hey kimmel stand up i brought you a dinausor
Matches_Malone - 10 days ago
Obviously a Bald Eagle eating a burger would be more American. I'm not the only one who thought that immediately am I?
QuantumBraced - 11 days ago
Poor buffalo got a little spooked when the audience cheered, they need to be more mindful of the animals' psychology.
maya summers
maya summers - 11 days ago
No one could truly be scared of every and any animal. Its ridiculous.
*Dave brings out a pet rock*
*Jimmy* : Ahh get it away from me!
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe - 11 days ago
Liberals and nature like animals don't mix.
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe - 11 days ago
They're Twizzlers.
mohammad ziad
mohammad ziad - 12 days ago
Human is weird animals.
Pia Dylan
Pia Dylan - 12 days ago
bet ya half of these people here and in the show who say these animals are cute eat meat everyday 🤦🏽‍♀️
Pia Dylan
Pia Dylan - 9 days ago
@Scandalous peach I said half. half means 50%
Scandalous peach
Scandalous peach - 9 days ago
Pia Dylan LMAOOO IM A Veggitatian
Shannon Patrick
Shannon Patrick - 12 days ago
So that’s how Ikaros looks in real life. Beautiful.
SOS Please
SOS Please - 12 days ago
Help I’m stuck on talk shows
Camila C
Camila C - 12 days ago
I LOVE Andy for telling the people to stop clapping.
Santiago Comics
Santiago Comics - 13 days ago
I would never stand near the feet of a kangeroo
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - 13 days ago
sam macgowan
sam macgowan - 13 days ago
I wish jimmy would quit interrupting him it doesn’t always have to be about him and making stupid jokes. Dave’s facts are interesting.
Johannes Hockerup
Johannes Hockerup - 14 days ago
"Terry Kangaroo loooves yoghurt."
-Terry 'Terrence' Kangaroo-
Haruka Takahashi
Haruka Takahashi - 14 days ago
I never seen a real life bison in person in my life & I'm 28
Alexei M S Cruz
Alexei M S Cruz - 15 days ago
Why can't Jimmy Kimmel have animal lovers as guest along with Dave Salmoni?
tieran cawley
tieran cawley - 15 days ago
Why are all talk show hosts afraid of animals
bibbity bobbity
bibbity bobbity - 15 days ago
I didn’t know aussies could be pets
Youssef Mohamed
Youssef Mohamed - 15 days ago
1:36 Terry also loves his yogurt! 😂
ward alrashi
ward alrashi - 15 days ago
I freakin love Andy 🥺❤️😭
Kelli Buzzini
Kelli Buzzini - 15 days ago
“Did you see the nards on the kangaroo?” Andy Samberg truly is a 12 year old haha
Suni Glow
Suni Glow - 15 days ago
I want that Buffalo.....that is all
Fayez Alostaz
Fayez Alostaz - 16 days ago
Andy: cool cool cool cool cool
HappyH0ur - 16 days ago
Neither one of these two deserves to interact with these animals!
Life 20
Life 20 - 16 days ago
Poors animals...They must live in the jungle or in the natural wildlife to which they belong
Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho - 16 days ago
did you bring the byson up on the elevator?
Samiya Fatma
Samiya Fatma - 17 days ago
"Everything with a mouth , Will bite ".. Jimmy-😑
Depression Potato
Depression Potato - 17 days ago
The golden eagles noise is the cutest
I want to squeeze him to death ..... i mean hug him
Gordon James edward
Gordon James edward - 17 days ago
I was hoping the bison would poop
wacko User"s DEN
wacko User"s DEN - 17 days ago
Why doesnt Jimmy let David complete what he wants to say.He does this every time.
Msflamingo2008 - 18 days ago
I held a chameleon. Its lil belly is surprisingly soft! I also went to Bonnie Springs. A bison walked towards me...so I picked some wild grass & fed him.Then he let me pet him! His head, like Dave said, was massive & solid. The bison liked my nails softly scratching his head so much, he leaned in & almost knocked me over! 😂 I love animals! 💖
NeZy - 18 days ago
1:34 “He Loves His Yogurt”
Santa Monica Surferxx Zz
Santa Monica Surferxx Zz - 18 days ago
It’s difficult to trust people that are extremely scared of animals. Also, let the guy speak about the amazing animals
bloc noir
bloc noir - 18 days ago
I don't get how they are always negative. Like, "do you want to feed it?" "NOPE!" Jeez, I'd be there I'd be all over the animals petting the and Salmoni would have to push me off for security reason.
invs ink
invs ink - 18 days ago
Three start bison pelt $5
invs ink
invs ink - 18 days ago
I wish in red dead redemption 2 you could have gone to Australia instead of guarma so you could drink fosters and ride kangarozers
Global Citizen
Global Citizen - 19 days ago
Take that f*c*ing leach off of him he belongs in the wild free
miss SG
miss SG - 19 days ago
Thank GoddD bysons don't get mad at Red colour (seemingly) cuz it wuz all over Andy, who is pretty scared of wild beingS! YishhhH 😨
Kid Buu
Kid Buu - 7 days ago
You're actually retarded
Jeremy Hayes
Jeremy Hayes - 19 days ago
Why are most celebs such pussies when someone brings animals on talk shows?
YOU DONT KNOW ME - 20 days ago
Matt3lynn - 20 days ago
I wanna know what Dave was going to say Jimmy!!!!
Samantha Mckeon
Samantha Mckeon - 21 day ago
The kangaroo just wanted to finish his yogurt.
Andrew Boyce
Andrew Boyce - 21 day ago
No joke red vines look like twizzlers. So why is the expert having Jimmy feed it twizzlers?
Ajit Kumar Hembram
Ajit Kumar Hembram - 21 day ago
Why are they so afraid of those animals ??
Moon Striker
Moon Striker - 21 day ago
Jimmy Kimmel: Oh-oh I'm so afraid of even a gerbil.
Nobody: Yes, that's sooo funny even for the 500th time.
Producer: Press the laugh button.
Front Row Dota
Front Row Dota - 22 days ago
I was hoping to see the Bison ram into the "host" guy..
It's Me
It's Me - 22 days ago
Andy aggravated the eagle with his hand movements
Courtney - 22 days ago
Let the man talk and educate people
Tristan Leder
Tristan Leder - 22 days ago
“...his HAIR went up.” Hair on a bird...?
i stan lalisa
i stan lalisa - 22 days ago
God, just let the damn guy talk
Miss Charlie Aurora
Miss Charlie Aurora - 22 days ago
How hard is it to ask the audience not to clap :/
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson - 23 days ago
The red vine thing is straight out of Kangaroo Jack
elyvaliente - 23 days ago
.... why is that guy wearing red in front of a bison
elyvaliente - 23 days ago
I feel bad for the eagle cuz of his feet is tied up
Keliana Rose
Keliana Rose - 24 days ago
My guy
UP - 24 days ago
Ffs let him speak. Jimmy just constantly interrupting Dave annoya me.
Chad Powell
Chad Powell - 24 days ago
Jimmy Kimmel is the most annoying pussy on the face of this earth..
Michael Todd
Michael Todd - 24 days ago
The ending, it cuts away so quick. I feel like the bison panicked a little
James Wohltman
James Wohltman - 25 days ago
look at the fear in dave's face when the eagle's feather's rise
Belle Hebert
Belle Hebert - 26 days ago
I hate that Jimmy always interrupts him. It’s annoying
Jennifer Santillana
Jennifer Santillana - 26 days ago
Kangaroo are cute.
Supreme Leader Snoke
Supreme Leader Snoke - 26 days ago
1:13 wait that’s jake from Brooklyn 99?
Kat Ashken
Kat Ashken - 26 days ago
I can’t stand this, I mean why would you have to bring savage animals out here n your stupid show ? You should leave those precious creatures in their wild territories and keep going with your dork pretentious humans interviewing you douch !!! G !
Xx-Ayden Vick-Xx
Xx-Ayden Vick-Xx - 27 days ago
feven tesfay
feven tesfay - 27 days ago
Let him finish please don't interrupt him while he is talking about the animals
thejaydegarden - 27 days ago
It makes me so frustrated when these animals are on these late night shows and the biologist can never get their point across. What’s the point of having the animals on the show if you’re 1. not learning anything about them 2. not teaching conservation 3. being fearful and not interacting with the animals. It’s just a shame they have to transport these animals for just 60 seconds of screen time.
Gabe Martin
Gabe Martin - 27 days ago
Jack The Bison 🐃 Weighs About 2,00000 Pounds Per Square Inch What A Big Animal
Gabe Martin
Gabe Martin - 27 days ago
Jack The 2,00000 Pound Bison/Buffalo
Gabe Martin
Gabe Martin - 27 days ago
Golden 🦅 Comes From North America I Heard Him Chirp Loudly
Gabe Martin
Gabe Martin - 27 days ago
The 🐆 Chameleon Does Always Changes Colors Of The 🌈
Skittles Taste The 🌈
Gabe Martin
Gabe Martin - 27 days ago
1st Male 🦘 Don’t Have Pouches
2nd Female 🦘 Do Always Have Pouches
Kinq Bulls23
Kinq Bulls23 - 27 days ago
Its Jake from Brooklyn 99
Lisa L
Lisa L - 27 days ago
I'm so glad Andy commented about the kangaroo's gigantic testicles
Rae Couper
Rae Couper - 10 days ago
Want to hear something funny? I raise Kangaroo joeys and because they suck on their mums teat all the time, it means when they're orphaned they find something else to suck on. Can you guess what a lot of males choose to suck on instead? Although they're nowhere near that big when they're joeys 😜
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