Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Andy Samberg

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Jennifer Santillana
Jimmy is so attractive lol
shubhya mutreja
shubhya mutreja - 2 days ago
No one :
Andy Samberg: I thought he'll be bigger!
leigha b
leigha b - 2 days ago
How many times can jimmy make the “do you know this guy?/who’s this guy?” when they take away the animals
SKR M - 3 days ago
Everything with a mouth can bite 😂😂😂 That's why me and animals can't have a relationship
Black out
Black out - 4 days ago
Heißt dass nicht Tierquälerei?
Rajat Baniya
Rajat Baniya - 4 days ago
Imaging that bison going rampage.....😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fabio Gutierrez
Fabio Gutierrez - 5 days ago
KT Kadoosh
KT Kadoosh - 5 days ago
Bison and Buffalo are different... like very clsoely related... both Bovine unglulates... Bison: american, Buffalo: African. I'm sure.... I'm gonna check but I'm like 99% sure
ballad2212 - 6 days ago
Kimmel, STOP booking animal-hosts, you're too bad of an actor to pull off the stupid 'I'm scared' and 'Is it dangerous' bullshit jokes. Your lines are stale and BORING!
Praxis -
Praxis - - 6 days ago
Please keep bringing giant animals on talk shows, one day it will make a great clip.
Eddytahled - 7 days ago
0:00 CRIKEY!!!!
meghan vail
meghan vail - 7 days ago
I'm a animal rights activist. Long as the animal are treated right, that's all I'm concerned about?
Bharath Hariharan
Bharath Hariharan - 7 days ago
What a charm free show
AllViral Reaction
AllViral Reaction - 8 days ago
Realize is that..... .... .....
le pee sea nah dead
le pee sea nah dead - 8 days ago
. Andy waving his hands at the clapping audience so that they wouldn’t startle the eagle, but it was his waving that did
FsTs Bandit
FsTs Bandit - 8 days ago
When the audience started to clap, it looked as if the bison was a bit scared and overwhelmed.
Alex Tumpak
Alex Tumpak - 8 days ago
I have a stuffed animal bison named Jack😂
Don Bobby
Don Bobby - 9 days ago
omggg let him talk!
PinoyToPre Maharlika
PinoyToPre Maharlika - 9 days ago
That was informative. Beautiful animals. Thank you.
23joker - 10 days ago
This person who brought the animals sucks and obviously isn’t that knowledgeable there’s better presenters out there
Joed Staaa
Joed Staaa - 11 days ago
Jake, captain holt is looking for you
Deimantas Barzda
Deimantas Barzda - 11 days ago
jimmy is a pussy
Heat Headquarters
Heat Headquarters - 12 days ago
I’ve pet a kangaroo at the Nashville zoo they are sooooooooooooo much softer than you would think 🦘
Xuân Đào
Xuân Đào - 12 days ago
i've never seen andy so silent 😂
Abdul Azeem
Abdul Azeem - 12 days ago
Kimmel doesn't value other people talk...Huge respect for Dave Salmoni to carry on still...I switched to Jimmy Fellon...Stupid Ass Kimmel
Gatotkaca Top 1
Gatotkaca Top 1 - 13 days ago
Why did you Invite Minotaur there?
Ya'll guys dead when he unleash Minoan Fury 😂😂😂
Jon W
Jon W - 14 days ago
He can bad-mouth the right, but is a PUSSY in "real." lol pud-cakes!!!!
Jon W
Jon W - 14 days ago
Krimmels a LEFTEST PUSS!!!
Actus Reus
Actus Reus - 14 days ago
Jews look like inbreds. God... They're disgusting.
Raul Gascon
Raul Gascon - 14 days ago
Grace Wang
Grace Wang - 15 days ago
Its new for me to see giant and wild animals come to a tv show like dis...
awww the kangaroo is so cute too! esp when he busy licking his yogurt
C Sense
C Sense - 15 days ago
Ok so he sounds like Kermit the frog
Meh Tell
Meh Tell - 15 days ago
Why are celebrities such wimps about animals? Once in a lifetime up close chance to see animals and they squirm like children.
Nghi Hua
Nghi Hua - 15 days ago
Việt Nam hello
siva sai kiran
siva sai kiran - 15 days ago
What the government doing instead of punishing them
Patty Thomas
Patty Thomas - 16 days ago
Why so afraid? I would not be afraid of these animals. You're afraid of a chameleon? Give me a break. Luckiest folks on the earth to be in this position.
jigar dave
jigar dave - 16 days ago
great work guys. spreading awareness!
Better than nothing
Better than nothing - 17 days ago
Yeah it's pretty rude for everyone to clap so loudly after every animal is shown, just do it at the end of the segment.
moneyman295 - 18 days ago
Theres actually a burger place called golden eagle very good food
Memet Çakır
Memet Çakır - 18 days ago
Ohaaaa mkk
imasnnake - 18 days ago
Andy is a puss in this one
Muhamad Nuryana
Muhamad Nuryana - 18 days ago
Ada orang indo kah yang nonton ini???
bayu ariandi
bayu ariandi - 17 days ago
White Jesus
White Jesus - 19 days ago
I would say Jimmy has The Bravery of a little girl but I think that would be an insult to the little girl
PearlsLittleWorld - 19 days ago
The bison is such a gorgeous animal!!
정유진 - 19 days ago
mtnblueskiess - 19 days ago
Hi Andy Samberg, I saw the tweets. Which you read off on "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #4 with Jimmy Kimmel." People can be very cruel. Ignore it . They don't have brains enough to realize you are as human as anyone else in this world and jealousy is not a pretty thing. It is a way to make themselves feel bigger. Only they look very small and don't even realize it. So do their friends that agree with them. SMALL MINDS! Enjoy your day.
TheIcemangoo - 20 days ago
Terry loves yogurt
Luciana Grimaldi
Luciana Grimaldi - 20 days ago
Ma non vi vergognate...
Wendy Mary Swart
Wendy Mary Swart - 21 day ago
Anyone else tired of the “do you know this guy” joke... it was funny the first time but know it’s just played out
robio f ghorba
robio f ghorba - 21 day ago
Alexis Gaona
Alexis Gaona - 21 day ago
is jimmy high all the time on the low
Viki Demos
Viki Demos - 21 day ago
That's so crazy... risky..
NiRus Chanel
NiRus Chanel - 21 day ago
Studio bs ancur kl ngamuk tu kebo
firnanda hanief
firnanda hanief - 21 day ago
Crazy animal
suka suka my day
suka suka my day - 22 days ago
His no reaction with red clothes ? 😄
Obliviate - 22 days ago
I wish we can watch more brave guests that will actually try to get close to the animal whenever Dave allows it
cultfigure 22
cultfigure 22 - 22 days ago
That Bison reminds me of Elum from Abe's Oddysee
tasty 2
tasty 2 - 22 days ago
Sooo lovely
coração da natureza em geral
I Love ANIMALS 🌎 💚 🙏 😢 ♥️
Roman saini
Roman saini - 23 days ago
In India you can see this animal every street
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