La Strada - Love You All Along

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C Black
C Black - 3 months ago
I got this cd when it first came out from my tutor who is the mother of one of the band members.. that was when I was in middle school and I am 29 now . I just started watching shameless on Netflix and heard this ! I’m loving the show so far and hearing this was a crazy bonus and took me back to my Walkman days
lucy and amelia
lucy and amelia - 6 months ago
wow the song choices in shameless are amazing
Hassan Raef
Hassan Raef - 9 months ago
Man i love shameless
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson - Year ago
Shameless !!!!
monster energy drink personified
this song makes me want to drink an old style and wake up in toronto
Compnerd2525 - 2 years ago
Another Shameless visitor ;P... i love this song
Justin Ilang-Ilang
Justin Ilang-Ilang - 2 years ago
Matteo Ciani
Matteo Ciani - 2 years ago
Shameless rulez
Ja Ja
Ja Ja - 2 years ago
I spent so long trying to find this song from shameless
Andrew Hlibichuk
Andrew Hlibichuk - 9 months ago
You're not alone.
Lindsey Rezachek
Lindsey Rezachek - Year ago
Get the Shazam app. Shameless brought me here as well!
SickBoy - Year ago
Ja Ja I don't care what anyone says. It's about a funny drunk waking up in Canada.
SugarOn Top
SugarOn Top - 2 years ago
Shameless gave me an amazing music collection
Elizabeth - 10 months ago
same ❤
Mc Coy
Mc Coy - 11 months ago
Yes yes yes
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira - 2 years ago
Arnaud S
Arnaud S - 2 years ago
I love this song
TRASH WALKER - 3 years ago
miss shameless so much uh.
dotworld1453 - 3 years ago
Shameless - Frank the plank (Frank wakes up in Canada)
Eli - 9 months ago
dotworld1453 thats whatsup 💯
Nihal Özgenç
Nihal Özgenç - 3 years ago
thanks gallagher!
Davide Buccino
Davide Buccino - 3 years ago
guys!! wtf!! where is the traveler!!!??
daydream x
daydream x - 3 years ago
thanks shameless!!! 😉
Dads Cream
Dads Cream - 3 years ago
Joseph Alessio Benevento
Joseph Alessio Benevento - 3 years ago
bel motivetto
KingdomOfFandoms - 3 years ago
Well, shit. This band must be seriously underrated. Here I am, coming here and thinking I'm the only one who heard this song from Shameless and it turns out that's what brought everyone here. Nobody heard the song from somewhere else? Nobody is a fan of this band and knew the song all along? Man. I wonder how THEY found this song when they were shooting that episode. I feel kinda bad for bands like this, they actually deserve more.
Arlette Hovinga
Arlette Hovinga - 2 years ago
I just ended up here through a RUvideos list. Love the song. Can't seem to find very much else, though. :(
Mooshroom Face
Mooshroom Face - 3 years ago
Can't wait for season 6.
Jorge López
Jorge López - 4 years ago
Jorge López
Jorge López - 4 years ago
Luffy - 4 years ago
Shameless brought me here
Pariolin - 4 years ago
Because of. .. shameless:)
DrippyWave Bulgaria
DrippyWave Bulgaria - 5 years ago
love it
İrem Arsal
İrem Arsal - 5 years ago
shameless severler 
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman - 3 years ago
ellimac - 5 years ago
amr ro
amr ro - 5 years ago
this song amazing i love it :)
HeerderRatten - 5 years ago
Yusuf Coskun
Yusuf Coskun - 6 years ago
And frank opens his eyes in canada...
BobfreemanMr - 6 years ago
Shameless brought me here
DidjeridooGirl - 6 years ago
Wow, what a pleasant surprise! This video was in the "recommended" list of something I was watching - I clicked to hear something new and different. So glad I did - this is great! Thanks for the good music!
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