*OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD* Deathrun 3.0 - Hotball1 Speedrun 5:24 (CIZZORZ REACTS)

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FaZe Teeqo
FaZe Teeqo - Month ago
WOW! I love you
KULIT_CREW YT - 11 days ago
U forgot to say NO HOMO
Fortnite Clips
Fortnite Clips - 18 days ago
FaZe Teeqo love you 😘 Your channel faze
Mining Taco6200
Mining Taco6200 - 21 day ago
No homo?
Sindre - 24 days ago
Nohomo tho
Emily robles
Emily robles - 25 days ago
FaZe Teeqo no homo😂😂😂😂
Jaylen Hodge
Jaylen Hodge - 2 hours ago
Loo you can build
PS4 Gamer
PS4 Gamer - 4 days ago
If you hit with your pickaxe while it says starting game it gives you mats
Anni - 6 days ago
Death run 4.0
FF Vexilar
FF Vexilar - 7 days ago
Make a fortnite map...... oh wait ........
Xd UnitedFan
Xd UnitedFan - 7 days ago
A very very very very easy deathrun so you don't make YouTube's hate u more 🤣 (like lazarbram)
Ra1nBowZ_ - 7 days ago
Who else saw cizzorz subbed to sent channels
Bayz Z
Bayz Z - 7 days ago
Nooo the record is by endo
Braden Larsen
Braden Larsen - 7 days ago
Fuck your fun run it’s gay and no fun only toxic
Rogue - 8 days ago
You sound like banks
King Moreno
King Moreno - 8 days ago
Follow me in Instagram king_ball_is_life28
Braylen Parker
Braylen Parker - 9 days ago
Michelle Gassiot
Michelle Gassiot - 9 days ago
Safina Kusar
Safina Kusar - 9 days ago
I want hotball to try my deathrun
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I took an L Hotball 1 won Because Hotball 1 did it in 5 minutes and 24 seconds while I did it in 5 minutes and 26 seconds
Gabie Subscribe to Pewdipie
So Close I ended it in 5 minutes and 26 seconds
Puppy Wuppy
Puppy Wuppy - 10 days ago
If you loved Lazar you wouldn't torture him
Marlon L
Marlon L - 10 days ago
Slide map
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So close dude I endid it in 5 minutes and 26 seconds
Carson Schroding
Carson Schroding - 10 days ago
The fun run sucks
Michael Odom
Michael Odom - 10 days ago
I am a whale Mybutt
I am a whale Mybutt - 10 days ago
I bet you won't like this comment Cizzorz
Yuval Elimelech
Yuval Elimelech - 10 days ago
Slide map
Shae Audet
Shae Audet - 11 days ago
Times off by 5 seconds
poopity poop
poopity poop - 11 days ago
Hahahah the next video was one from lazarbeam LOL
Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos
if you subbed to :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0zlewyKm-kMUAF-h9nNJTA/videos like the comment
Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos
sub to:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0zlewyKm-kMUAF-h9nNJTA/videos
Fortnite Gamer HK
Fortnite Gamer HK - 11 days ago
Your welcome
ELiT3_ FAd3
ELiT3_ FAd3 - 11 days ago
The next video that was on your recommended is the same I had
FaDeD_striker - 11 days ago
Make another deathrun
ケラーニS.K.8. - 12 days ago
bro im an og faze apex fan dude i even bought his limited edition 3 mil club shirt the second it came out
faze details
faze details - 12 days ago
Adrian Nogiec
Adrian Nogiec - 12 days ago
Will you do make deth run 4.0
bailey matthewsswfc
bailey matthewsswfc - 12 days ago
Use code CIZZ
Kaylan King
Kaylan King - 12 days ago
:( It bate it in 4:56 YOUR RUDE
Adam Badinger
Adam Badinger - 12 days ago
Cizzorz, please make a super monkey ball map! That was my childhood!
Jackie Zheng
Jackie Zheng - 13 days ago
sjoerd brink
sjoerd brink - 13 days ago
No checkpoint
RWE Productions
RWE Productions - 13 days ago
Cizzors:makes death run 4.0
Hotball1:hold my caprisun
CallmeSnowyy _
CallmeSnowyy _ - 14 days ago
You sound like faze banks
Lucas Svanem
Lucas Svanem - 14 days ago
Campbell Crombie
Campbell Crombie - 14 days ago
Another death run
Herolucas - 14 days ago
For 4.0 put the checkpoints at the side
Savage 21
Savage 21 - 15 days ago
Isaias Salmeron
Isaias Salmeron - 15 days ago
He said at my!!! house
Kid Gaming487
Kid Gaming487 - 16 days ago
Yousef Mohamed
Yousef Mohamed - 16 days ago
I used to watch hotball since he made geometry dash videos specifically 2017 he is good at the game
Connor Gilbert
Connor Gilbert - 16 days ago
0:45 He is subbed to a bunch of ASMR channels lol
jamil manana
jamil manana - 16 days ago
Hi would you do deathrun but not death but only thinking to finish
Emirhan Alkan
Emirhan Alkan - 16 days ago
I don't care about these world record go fuck your self
Xcel ArcticzZ
Xcel ArcticzZ - 16 days ago
Make a sonic game
Hhhjkuv Gybhkkj
Hhhjkuv Gybhkkj - 16 days ago
Make an death run 4.0
Blazingarrows64 - 16 days ago
make a "liferun". Basically you try to die
Gustav Hancke
Gustav Hancke - 16 days ago
deatrun for people like me. DOnt know how to play fortnite and do deathsruns
Gustav Hancke
Gustav Hancke - 16 days ago
jk got at level 9-10
Staibee 21
Staibee 21 - 16 days ago
Death run 3.0.1
Michael Santana
Michael Santana - 16 days ago
Michael Santana
Michael Santana - 16 days ago
Andrew Fazekas
Andrew Fazekas - 16 days ago
Endo won not hot ball, look at his YouTube channel.
Subscribe To Gamey Track
Subscribe To Gamey Track - 17 days ago
No way cizzorz is still in high school
Logan Pavlovic
Logan Pavlovic - 17 days ago
Reply If u remember lil uzi vert the way life goes
Debbie DeJong
Debbie DeJong - 17 days ago
Rati Chirgadze
Rati Chirgadze - 17 days ago
can you make cizzorz deathrun 4.0
hugh wilson
hugh wilson - 17 days ago
I use to play super monkey ball on my Nintendo ds
ChildishAdino - 17 days ago
Anyone see how many asmrs channel cizzors watches 🤣🤣
gema linney
gema linney - 17 days ago
We want a deathrun 4.0 please oh yeh you can’t make the second jump with Xbox on level 5 with Deathrun 3.0
Grayson Nazworth
Grayson Nazworth - 17 days ago
anyone gonna talk about how much ASMR channels he has in his subscribe box on the left on youtube
Diamond Donut08
Diamond Donut08 - 17 days ago
The level 2 glitch is fixed now but now I have to play with sprint by default because it won’t let me sprint
GabZ Ø
GabZ Ø - 17 days ago
Ecape Map
Rárá - 17 days ago
Yo I Got 4:04 in cizzors deathrun 3.0
Cheap YT
Cheap YT - 17 days ago
why he subscribed to 3 asmr channels 0:50
Vanix - 18 days ago
Hotball needs to be disqualified because he’s winning allllll!!!!! Of the deathruns 😂 lol
Miami dolphins Snag
Miami dolphins Snag - 18 days ago
What if cizzors is hotball 😳
TTV-DannBTW l - 18 days ago
Axel Is a boss
Axel Is a boss - 18 days ago
Make a duo death run
J.J. Dunn
J.J. Dunn - 19 days ago
Aiden Cerpa
Aiden Cerpa - 19 days ago
Sabrina loves you
Kasen Brua
Kasen Brua - 19 days ago
Cizz ur death run made me cry
ronaldo martinez
ronaldo martinez - 19 days ago
subscribes to ASMR btw
xStriker01x - 19 days ago
He killed himself to get rid of the ice
Harrison Cree
Harrison Cree - 19 days ago
TSB Tickla
TSB Tickla - 19 days ago
Who else think ciz sounds like CDN?
SuchStratsYT - 19 days ago
Yo Cizz wanna play my death run? if so just reply to this comment
ani Ulla
ani Ulla - 20 days ago
I’m hotball1
Kelly Long
Kelly Long - 20 days ago
How u do it
Noah Gaming
Noah Gaming - 20 days ago
Please sub to me y’all I love you also cizzorz
Jackimo35 - 20 days ago
Slide map please they are the best
Jackimo35 - 20 days ago
Slide map please
Jackimo35 - 20 days ago
Slide map
Brody Fabian
Brody Fabian - 20 days ago
Aye can you make merch but cheep plz
Storm_ 452
Storm_ 452 - 20 days ago
Super monkey ball pls
N1ghtMar3 - 20 days ago
u can see cizz's subscription and hes subbed to like 5 asmr channels lol
Haribobate - 20 days ago
Easiest dethrone otherwise your the worst
Brayden Bender
Brayden Bender - 20 days ago
Did anyone else stay up till four AM watching him mess around in playground on stream?
Oscar Zamora
Oscar Zamora - 20 days ago
How people get likes 2019

1. James Charles kissed you like to undo

2. Roses are red
Violets are blue
I liked my own comment and so will you
3. What season did u start playing
Like. 1-4
Reply 5-8
Danmurph 4960
Danmurph 4960 - 20 days ago
He has been talking about the slide course for a while I say he should do tgst
Riemer Heijl
Riemer Heijl - 20 days ago
Please react to lazarbeam his video's trying to beat your death run please. Like if I agree
LASKO_ WARRIOR - 20 days ago
Slide coursr
Default Pablo
Default Pablo - 20 days ago
Hotball 1: thank you “cizzorz” for the dono
Hayden Charles
Hayden Charles - 20 days ago
0:48 when ur subscribed to Jojos ASMR
Mussawar Rahman
Mussawar Rahman - 20 days ago
Your a sickhead
1million Problems x
1million Problems x - 20 days ago
Slide map plz
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