Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ

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Emmi Terez
Emmi Terez - Hour ago
He sounds like he’s talking on half speed
thatsadrien9 - 2 hours ago
Can’t believe you didn’t even review Meechy darkos grills he got the hottest in the game
lucas nobles
lucas nobles - 2 hours ago
Why he ain’t do gates ?
Portland trail blazers
Portland trail blazers - 2 hours ago
Trippi reds hair look like hot cheetos 😂😂😂😂😂
Will McCallister
Will McCallister - 3 hours ago
Every time I see riff raffs grills. “My main goal is to blowup, and act like I don’t know nobody ahhhahhahahah”
Comet Smith
Comet Smith - 3 hours ago
"back in the 90s, jewelry was in it's infancy"
ancient Siam, Egypt, Japan, Indonesia: "am I a joke to you?"
Claire Raub
Claire Raub - 4 hours ago
The grills that he did looked amazing
I Climb Everything
I Climb Everything - 4 hours ago
Where's my man ZOTiYAC
Ssj4 Vegeta goku gogeta
Ssj4 Vegeta goku gogeta - 4 hours ago
Young ma is a girl
Shooter Q
Shooter Q - 5 hours ago
I honestly had no idea people still wore grills in 2019.
error 404
error 404 - 5 hours ago
My mango is to blow up and act like i dont know nobody
CornerStone Unlimited
CornerStone Unlimited - 7 hours ago
People pay stupid money for rocks lol they are literally rocks
prod. by messina
prod. by messina - 7 hours ago
this man said "liTtLe yAcHtY"
Big Ball
Big Ball - 7 hours ago
His jewelry might be fake too! Why he talking
R.A.D Studios
R.A.D Studios - 7 hours ago
I had diamond grillz for like 2 weeks and then I got braces😭😭so I cant wear them anymore
Auto Young
Auto Young - 9 hours ago
My guy, on Quavo's grille, it was done right. Don't question Johnny ok? Just don't...
Olivia Harms
Olivia Harms - 9 hours ago
The only grill I have is Invisalign lmao
Bryan Guzman
Bryan Guzman - 9 hours ago
My main goal
LowLifeDahSplit - 9 hours ago
Y’all should have done zillakami his grillz are crazy
TheBestOfDriss - 9 hours ago
what about dopeboy his grills
Samira Lin
Samira Lin - 9 hours ago
These grillz make airpods look like dirt
RASHTG - 9 hours ago
Why would any sane person do this thou. I mean, why thou?
Restlessnreal107 Xx
Restlessnreal107 Xx - 10 hours ago
Why am I watching this 😩😂
Grinder Man
Grinder Man - 10 hours ago
PrinceHunchoJay - 11 hours ago
Trippie Red with blue diamonds🤨 ain’t he a blood
Caraivan Alexandru
Caraivan Alexandru - 11 hours ago
Dafuq did i just watch?
Mr. UNKNOWN - 11 hours ago
where 6ix9ine tho?
another90skid - 11 hours ago
You can hear the passion in this mans words.
Ashley The Best I Can Do
Ashley The Best I Can Do - 11 hours ago
My teeth too small for grills...
Jhitt Fuego
Jhitt Fuego - 11 hours ago
"Oops I Lost My Diamond" 😭
Maurice Ooms
Maurice Ooms - 11 hours ago
Am I the only one that thinks every one of them looks stupid?
7Sin0City2 - 11 hours ago
Trax needs to critique his mental state when it come's to getting dressed. This foo has a t-shirt under a jacket like Happy Gilmore.
bwithash - 12 hours ago
"Everybody has to have their grills if they are in the hip-hop game."
- Dumbass
mikey - 12 hours ago
aint this the dude who cried that 6ix9ine stole his chain.
Keshawn Brown
Keshawn Brown - 12 hours ago
Fooling a expert
Medz - 13 hours ago
He really didn’t do zillakami
Meklit - 13 hours ago
I feel like when all these people become only they’re gonna replace their dentures (if they have any ) with full on grillz
Suik0n - 13 hours ago
ma main goal is to blow up
M H - 14 hours ago
He keeps saying if they fall out. I’m pretty sure nobody eats food with their 30,000$ grill in.
YoungCJ - 14 hours ago
Didn’t know Tony Ferguson got into the ice game 🥶
the fitness gram pacer test
Quavo's or Quavers
Hobbit2501rules - 14 hours ago
As soon as this man said "a big hit in the 90's" a YouTube notif popped up about 90's X-Men and Marvel
Johnathan Scott
Johnathan Scott - 14 hours ago
These so called rappers think these grill is nice but will make your breath stank
Arctic Wolf Official
Arctic Wolf Official - 15 hours ago
Oh hey I've seen this dude on Instagram
oh YEAH YEAH - 15 hours ago
check out zillakamis grills
Yoda Ydyxz
Yoda Ydyxz - 15 hours ago
Look, how non blacks are living off of blacks. 😂🤣😆😂🤣😆😂🤣😆😂🤣😆
Black men when they make money, they rush to find their slave master to give the money they earned back to their white slave owners white race/Asian race women or businesses.
Negroes have zero confidence in their own success. Low self esteem backward inferiority complex.
zaida rodriguez
zaida rodriguez - 16 hours ago
Lil Wayne got some nice grills but I don't understand how girls used to think you was cute then or now🤣
Noochy - 16 hours ago
No Takashi?
Erroll Brantley
Erroll Brantley - 16 hours ago
Riff raff sucks too
Erroll Brantley
Erroll Brantley - 16 hours ago
Trippy reds is an idiot
Sven Beckers
Sven Beckers - 16 hours ago
Am i the only one who thinks its boring if everything is just good
Olivia - 17 hours ago
Young M.A just looks so amazing with her grills. Omg
Lwandile Dlambulo
Lwandile Dlambulo - 17 hours ago
Only clicked on this video to see Weezy 🐐
Alzir Ceaser
Alzir Ceaser - 17 hours ago
Preferably don't smoke🤔.. I think 95% do smoke. Whether its a cigar, kush, or cigarettes.
👇 Make it blue if u agree.
Xenømorph Enthusiastø
Xenømorph Enthusiastø - 17 hours ago
All you need is airpods.
repsol kb
repsol kb - 17 hours ago
Young m.a probably has the best ones
persistiveRBLX - 17 hours ago
boi oof
patrick Couch
patrick Couch - 17 hours ago
The paste that they use is the same one for braces and mouth thing I remember when I had to get my braces and the paste is sooooo uncomfortable
domingo burrito
domingo burrito - 17 hours ago
Imagine wearing braces to look cool
lauren jauregui is perfect
i don't care what y'all say, grillz are ugly asf.
anoja31 - 18 hours ago
*Cries in poor*
leroy putina
leroy putina - 19 hours ago
Notice how this guy only complements grills that were done by Trax NYC lol every other grill something has to be wrong slightly...
J. T.
J. T. - 19 hours ago
Welcome to another episode of...
“Why is this guy telling me that I am Poor”
xeLa - 19 hours ago
Where is Zillakami?
jeremiah andreis
jeremiah andreis - 19 hours ago
2:13 is what u came for stash those likes pls
Chris pold
Chris pold - 20 hours ago
Young M.A is girl O-O not trying to be sexist
JOHN GR - 21 hour ago
this is surprisingly entertaining
Comrade Ladd
Comrade Ladd - 22 hours ago
they look stoopid
Marlon Moore
Marlon Moore - Day ago
INSTAGRAM 📱📸@bellastellajewelry
Quilivine - Day ago
Did he just say “invisible baguette”
AAA P - Day ago
AAA P - Day ago
AAA P - Day ago
GQ is Cabal owned
Alex Perry
Alex Perry - Day ago
McFlySwatter - Day ago
That's messed up. I thought he was gonna be talking about rappers' George Foreman grillz
JAEGER. BROLY. - Day ago
Yeah I be gettin diamonds everyday!
Just gotta go down to the mineshaft first...
Al Caponey
Al Caponey - Day ago
So the process of a grill does not involve a dentist whatsoever? 🤯
Olivia - 17 hours ago
Al Caponey just when you bite down on a diamond lmao 😂😂
Kaden Sways
Kaden Sways - Day ago
My main goal is to blow up and act like I don't know nobody agagagag
MelonHead1848 - Day ago
1:21 paul wall got some yellow teeth
NULL - Day ago
They mostly just look super uncomfortable to me
Pres Tempest速度
Pres Tempest速度 - Day ago
All I see are shiny rocks and metals...
rbf rbf
rbf rbf - Day ago
very cool amulet maksud
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - Day ago
I just have braces…
Kai Gaming
Kai Gaming - Day ago
A$AP Rocky and Lil Yachty both got some fire grillz
steven spendio
steven spendio - Day ago
Little does he know Wayne's grill don't come out;)
Elleanor Art
Elleanor Art - Day ago
Lil Yachty's hair looks like a 4ocean bracelet lmao
Jack Nowak
Jack Nowak - Day ago
Uncolored Man
Uncolored Man - Day ago
Eventually became more about his opinion.
Leah Abernathy
Leah Abernathy - Day ago
Am I the only one that thought the jeweler guys was kind of cute? 🙆🏼‍♀️
Pyknus - Day ago
Do 6ix9ine's next time.
Phoenox _7
Phoenox _7 - Day ago
Is this betrayal?
Christian - Day ago
I wonder what he would say about my tin foil grills.
Austen Lenihan
Austen Lenihan - Day ago
i really don't understand the appeal of grills but then again i am white
John Smith
John Smith - Day ago
Remember when narcissism was a bad thing?
John Smith
John Smith - Day ago
Grillz are the stupidest thing to come out of the rap game. It's braces for dumb rich people. It genuinely makes people look 50 IQ points less intelligent. These guys make the case that intelligence in rap died with Tupac. RIP.
That OneGuy
That OneGuy - Day ago
Why y'all gotta false flag your thumbnail y'all are the saddest mfs on the face of the earth
Lil' Ballers
Lil' Ballers - Day ago
Young M.A is a girl

Didn’t know that
derrairs - Day ago
Lil Wayne's aren't grills, their his teeth
Hot Issues
Hot Issues - Day ago
Lol those aren’t real blue diamonds. Real blue diamonds cost millions or hundreds of thousands if in poor quality or small those are probably regular diamonds artificially colored
one seven
one seven - Day ago
Didn't know Tony Ferguson was a Jewler and MMA fighter
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